Can He Be Stopped?

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Let us not delude ourselves and pretend that the scenario plotted here is merely a species of exotic hyperbole, a doomsayer’s extravaganza. America is disintegrating fragment by fragment across the entire map of its existence, and the decline is accelerating under the worst possible president at the worst possible time. Its enemies are rejoicing and growing ever bolder in their calculations, convinced that they can challenge residual American power with relative impunity. Meanwhile, the American leadership, following the example of the president, has persuaded itself that political ineptness and blind arrogance are nothing of the sort, but farsighted acuity and strategic intelligence. On the contrary, there is not an iota of analytical sobriety to be detected anywhere on the presidential docket.

It should be mentioned, however, that some observers believe the president’s actions are by no means as clueless as they appear but are quite deliberate, that he is actually intent on subverting the nation to render it more amenable to a statist power grab and increased government control. This is the Overton Window syndrome that Glenn Beck has based his new novel upon, a tactic that promotes national crises and invokes maximal states of emergency to prepare the public to accept extreme procedures and enactments, and so to concede subsequent changes in customary cultural paradigms, in the interests of centralized authority. The Overton Window is a manifestation and restatement of the famous, or infamous, Alinsky-inspired Cloward-Piven doctrine that recommends orchestrating crises to further the ulterior purpose of the state, or in the words of James Simpson, it is a “malevolent overarching strategy” envisaging the collapse of the staple political and economic order and its replacement by a socialist regime.

Whether or not this is the case—and who can really say?—the fact remains that the United States, to quote Pajamas Media Chicago editor Rick Moran, is becoming “unmoored…from the basic principles found in the Constitution that defines our nationhood.” And when the definition of nationhood grows problematic and the sense of historical continuity is disrupted or attenuated, the scourge of communal erosion invariably sets in. This condition is materially advanced by honoring what is deceitfully called the “Living Constitution” rather than the original document hospitable to amendments. For the Living Constitution is a dead letter.

Perhaps what we are ultimately witnessing is a historical narrative whose denouement is inevitable in the natural course of events. Perhaps America’s time has come, now that it has installed a president and a party with a destructive agenda and the desire to push it through at all costs, even as the world is in its most volatile state since the 1930s and America’s enemies gather strength by the day. It doesn’t help either that this president, whatever his intentions are, happens to be intellectually frivolous and self-enamored, relying on an ingratiating smile and a supplicant media to work his will upon a partisan or credulous public. The air of supercilious folly is pervasive. Perhaps this is the way an empire ends, not with a bang but a simper.

And yet, the desolate verdict of history may still be delayed and a not-unhappy ending to the current drama come to pass, should the American people rouse itself from its torpor, find a way to purge itself of its parasitical and treasonable elements before it is too late, and unite around the inherent virtues of the country: a noble Constitution, legitimate pride in accomplishment, a potent military which functions as it is supposed to, entrepreneurial and innovative vigor, sensible economic policies, melting-pot immigration as opposed to multicultural infiltration, Emersonian self-reliance and, most crucially, limited government. Once again, quite a list, but a beneficial one, expressing the real meaning of “hope and change.”

2010 is the place to start. Only then may the inevitable be deferred, a movie remain a movie and the mythic timetable prevented from entering the realm of national history. Only then may 2012 avoid the upheavals of 2012.

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  • suzanne

    Every single person who voted for this guy should be ashamed of themselves. You could have seen all this coming from a milliion miles away.

    • trickyblain

      What do you mean, "this"? Be specific – no silly platitudes like "socialist," "communist," etc. How has Obama, policy-wise, fundimentally changed America more than his predecessor?

      • davarino

        You know what he means, you snake. Its obvious as the nose on your face. The slippery slope to disregard the constitution because of expediancy. Its only a matter of time and you the coward will hide in fear when you realize the folly of your idiocy, not even willing to fight for your freedom.

        Good luck with your new world

    • ajnn

      It is amazing that we rolerate actual treason (disclosing legal and secret terror investigation programs – see NYTimes) and from elescted representatives (Congressman Murtha 'our soldiers are all war-criminals and the war is lost anyway').

      We have abandoned legitmate and legal tools for managing our civil society.

  • Robert Laity


    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381
    Also see Clinton V. Jones,SCOTUS,(1997)

  • logdon

    We were well on the way to the nightmare until our recent election. Under Brown our state grew like topsy, swallowing jobs, resources and power like a newly reformed anorexic.

    The level of infiltration is now being exposed by our new government and the results of this fresh openness are simply shocking.

    Old expelled socialists are still in denial, bleating and wailing about reduced public services, state employees being thrown on the scrapheap, pensions cut, numbers whittled.

    They just do not get it. There is no more money! Yet these never never land idiots were once, not too long ago at the helm.

    Similar scenario's are replicated across Europe and yet Obama the wise chastises and castigates.

    He, like the rest does not get it. The dream is over. Reality, as they say bites and those fat pampered socialist arses will be ripped to shreds before this is over.

    The first stage of anything is identifying. At least America is awakening.

    What next?

  • cedarhill

    If the majority assert their will beginning in 2010, Obama will be held somewhat in check. However, the ability of the GOP leaders to block and parry the Left is not good. The best hope is that a true revolutionary change will occur in 2012 so the path back will be less severe than another Left Presidency.

  • JB – France

    I'm still wondering if he was eligible at all to start with. Did he show his birth certificate?
    If not, is there any way to force him to display it ?
    It braks our hearts to see America destroyed from within, according to the secret plan of the muslim brotherhood.

    • watchful

      we must demand that everything about anyone running for any high office in this country should be completely open to the voters. No more sealed files.

      I suspect that money for the costliest campaign on record in the history of this country came from outside this country, namely Saudi Arabia. We must demand accountability before they even think of running. What about all the nominees for offices that were found to have neglected to pay taxes. No one should be allowed to run for garbage collector if they haven't paid their taxes. Paying taxes are like paying dues. When you are a member of an entity that requires you to pay dues all of your member privileges are suspended.

      It seems we don't ask enough, as a people, of our governors. Even a Miss America want to be wouldn't make it, with much less scandal.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Our country is sitting on a Cloward-Piven powder keg of real crisis after manufactured crisis, orchestrated by an unconstitutionally-elected President and the other protagonists for evil that he dragged in with him. It has been proved that Obama stole the primary from Hillary Clinton — could he not do the same in 2012 with the help of the New Black Panther Party, the reconstituted ACORN, SEIU thugs, and sundry Marxists wedded to a failed ideology? In my naïvete, I thought we had checks and balances for just such an eventuality. Where are the Armed Forces who were sworn to protect the Constitution? We can no longer count on the Fourth Estate that became a Fifth Column — the criminals with ink-stained, treasonous fingers. Congress is a sewer of corruption. As the summer heat rises to the '90's throughout the lower 48, could the powder keg be ignited by a spark of outcry from We the People who said "Give me liberty, or give me death!"?

    • John

      I truly hope so!

    • Lorenzo Bouchard







      ALSO CHECK THE “Ban Islam “ petition on Google.


      Lorenzo Bouchard “GUARDIANS OF DEMOCRACY” PH. 250 995-1760

  • Al Barrs

    First, "All" Americans did not vote and put Obama in the Whitehouse. Millions of us knew what he was before he was elected and held our noses and voted for McCain. But, his Marxist (Communist) organization founded in the 1960 by the Weather Underground of William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn had figured out how to steal elections and did so at the primary and general election level. Our challeng is stopping election stealing dead in its tracks in 2010 and 2012! Then by voting out all Democrats in Congress this November 2nd we can check mate his blitz of our national treasures by cutting off funding for his and his Marxist Congress and then impeach him and his Congressional enablers. We can also investigate his real compliance or lack of with our Constitution's requirement of natural born citizen. Then when impeached we can bring criminal and treason charges against him and his co-conspirator revolutionaries and domestic terrorists to put them away in prison for the rest of their lives for their planned revolution to transform our Republican form of government into a Communist nation. Vote November 2nd…

    • John

      Love your passion and grasp of what is truly going on. I would only add one thing, vote out all incumbents. Break the chains that binds the corruption, sure a few good ones may get lost, they can regroup and recover. We must break the chains of corruption, they all are aware of, connected to, know of or involved with some form of underhanded, corrupt or unconstitutional behavior.
      Restore – or comment Freedom"suide" Thanks

    • watchful

      We need a complete overhaul of the rules who allow people to vote. There is the saying that if we rob Peter to pay Paul then we can always rely on Paul's vote. Perhaps the people on welfare should not be allowed to vote. Felons, for obvious reasons lose their privilege to vote. Unions represent both Republicans and Democrats among their workers. Why then is it okay to take Republicans dues and apply them to Democrats campaigns? No dues paying, no job.

      I'd even go so far as making voters take a basic test. I watched a program on the out-polling in the last election. It seems to me that many people who had just voted for Obama had no clue what he was about. The emcee asked questions like who said what; Palin, Obama, Biden or McCain. Palins quotes were attributed to Obama, if you can believe that. Most people don't even understand how our capitalistic society runs or what collectivism is or how many times it has failed, etc. Unfortunately most of those people seem to be Democrats. Other people voted for him so that we would appear tolerant to other countries.

      Maybe I'm out in left field, or too radical but what I see around me saddens me beyond belief. Young people are not learning the same things I learned in school. Even journalism isn't what I learned. Who, what, where, when, why and how and no personal opinion or you'll be marked down on your grade. That's what I learned. Personal opinions were for op-ed, not news.

    • kathy

      Yes, there was a time in this country when Communists and their like were disapproved of and kicked out of positions of national security. But today, being a Communist or a Marxist doesn't seem to be a big deal, as Obama details in his book about the friends he deliberately chose for himself in college.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well,they don't call him Barokeydoke Hubris Obozo for nothing.

  • dgene

    It is vital that small government conservatives get control of the GOP apparatus which normally brings in big govt snakes like Lindsay Graham or John McCain, and put in limited govt persons like a Reagan Demint or a Palin, starting in November.

    God bless America, because without that blessing we are all going down the tubes.

  • guest

    Can he be stopped? Not without cities burning, blood in the streets along with screams of racism ! It appears he may actually want a race war to get even more control with martial law. I hope we can last as a nation until 2012 but I am not taking any bets.

  • Zan

    He must be stopped, we have no option. If you are not a member of a Tea Party or conservative organization that is dedicated to Restoring Our Republic – WHAT are YOU waiting for. If there is not a group in your area START one. You are the last best hope, We the People, You the Individual – yes you can make a difference. Stand up and be vocal, be proud to support your US Constitution. It is your duty to save your country from the government – it is reality – you are the citizen of the greatest God Given Freedoms on earth – act like it!
    RainyDayPatriots (.org)

  • ramalforIsrael

    Here is the problem – Each of you (whom I agree with) are preaching to the choir. The generation that placed Obama in office do not care about any of these statements; and I know many of them and have conversations with them regularly. There is "no fear" (remember the famous T-shirt) with those voters. They do not believe decisions made by the president are first dangeriously wrong. This is especially true in foreign policy ( backing thugs, terrorist and snubbing allies). They don't believe American could ever fall because I quote them ("We always recover). They don't believe we really have enemies because they really believe 9-1-1 was a conservative conspiracy with a purpose to go to war. Lastly and most importantly, There is no fear of God in this nation. Yes, I have dialouged with no avail. Don't throw pearls before swine

    • Tom

      You are so right about those who voted Obama is. They have drunk the coolaid and have been taught in our school system that our country in essence is bad. They no little or nothing about the Constitution of the United States and what the founders truely believed when writting it, because they have had never been taught that. So, when I talk with these young people, they are arrogant and refuse to listen and want to argue on every point, because my belief system and their progressive belief, just cannot live next to one another. Yet, I still try to sway just one if I can to what the founding fathers set up for the following generations, and how this liberal/progressive political system will lead us to destruction. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says,"If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." Hear is our answer rather than depending entirely on men to solve our problems.

  • Jerusha

    We have a wicked, corrupt government because we are a wicked, sinful nation. Read the Bible. God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if He didn't judge us in some way; we're lucky He hasn't destroyed us! We've killed millions of babies, we think nothing of homosexuality, we're the biggest worldwide exporters of pornography, we've legalized euthanasia and marijuana, and now Mr. Obama has cut Israel off, the apple of God's eye. This is not good. God has promised to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. The day after Mr. Obama announced he would no more be backing Israel up in the U.N., the oil spill happened.

    • trickyblain

      Obama never said that he would no longer back Israel. Israel still receives the most foreign aid of any other nation – hardly cut off.

      Where does it condemn marijauna use in the Bible?

      • Jerusha

        Drunkenness is condemned throughout the Bible; inebriation is inebriation no matter the substance. Also our bodies are meant to be the temple of the Holy Spirit; thus to be kept clean from anything polluting, intoxicating or addicting. Temples are holy. God is holy.

        Euthanasia is legal in Washington state and I believe Oregon. Marijuana is legal in California and Washington.

        Although the U.S. may still send financial aid to Israel, this administration has withdrawn all other support. Every other administration has stood with Israel in the U.N representing the two forces for good in the world, also protecting Israel from the unceasing deluge of antisemitic garbage that emanates from them such as the Goldstone report. The U.S. has now sided with Israel's enemies.

        America was blessed because we protected Israel, took in Jewish people during WWII when they were trying to escape the Holocaust and because we once had so many Christians who shared the gospel and supported missionaries. If you're interested, read Eye to Eye by William Koenig and go to John McTernan's

        • trickyblain

          Why did Jesus turn water into wine? Why not just keep the water?

    • Chiggles

      Legalized euthanasia and marijuana? Stop lying.

    • Doggwood

      God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah had there been ten righteous men. Those places had sunk to such depths of depravity that they fell below even the most minimal threshold of righteousness. They were beyond redemption. American cities haven't reached that point yet. There are yet beacons of light amongst us. But we shouldn't push our luck.

  • darkmorrow

    True Evil walks this land, and controls the offices and halls of power. It may well be too late for a peaceful return to our freedoms under the Constitution. The Marxists and thier allies will not go willingly nor peacefully. Everywhere they have held power, the bodies piled up, and chaos ruled. God help us in this our darkest hour.

    • trickyblain

      Darkest hour? WTF?

      What freedoms have you been stripped of? What will you say when, in 2016 (after winning a second term because the Retardicans are dumb enough to throw Palin out there), Obama steps down like every other president?

      You'll say nothing and move on the the next looney tune.

      • coyote3

        He has his way of saying it, but each time the government exercises a power that is not specifically delegated to it, by the constitution, a freedom is lost.

  • Richard

    Buy law impeachment is in order

    They take an oath to uphold the Constitution-Then they turn their backs on it

  • USMCSniper

    If the Republicans put forth another dead man walking candidate for the Presidency in 2012 like they did in 1996 with Bob Dole and in 2008 with John McCain then it is likely that Hillary Clinton will be the next President in 2013 and that is not a change for the better by a long shot. Republicans must win both the Senate and the House in 2010 first and worry about 2012 after!

    • The Munz

      That was the problem in and of itself. The republicans did not put up anyone nor support anyone who was a true republican. We would not even be in this mess had the RNC been in it to win.
      Look at NY now, the Republicans are doing NOTHING to defeat Gillibrand or Schummer, two socialists. And the Governor who will not run again will be replaced by another democrat .. why? because the RNC does NOTHING to promote the values we want.

      • USMCSniper

        And right now Republicans have a lightweight black just to be PC as RNC chairman, Michael Steele who can't control his mouth do he might as well be "The War Is Lost" Harry Reid with his comments on Afghanistan with the troops at risk Every Republican should know it is always America's war once the shooting has started no matter how it got started and alot of RINOs seem to be closer to anti-war Democrats on this issue. Most of them never served either.

        • themunz

          Damn right! Once we have troops on the line it is on! We need to do everything we can to support them – especially from politicians who do more to lose wars with their politicking then anything.
          We would never even have competition on a battlefield if our enemies didn't have the inclination that politicians were not behind our troops. They would never mess with us.

          But when they think that they have political allies in the congress then they continue on, hoping to defeat us with public opinion. ANY politician who makes such statements is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    • ajnn

      yes. mccain was a poor candidate.

  • Jean

    Buy law? I love it. So descriptive.

    What we have here is lawless persons making laws. We also have some segment of the American population — not sure how many of us really — who know the Constitution, are respecters of Law and are frightened out of their wits. It is a severe disadvantage when assaulted by outlaws in high places to be law abiding. What do you do? How can you work within a system that is broken and being dismantled day by day? How do you revolt against a government? We Americans aren't built for it. We may be constitutionally entitled to own a gun in order to protect ourselves against a rogue government, but it is inconceivable to most citizens that they might have to take up arms against their own government. I don't see any other way, but I don't think it will happen.

    • trickyblain

      No, it won't. The reason is that folks like you are a small, small minority, and lack the fortitude.

      As someone who claims to "know the Constitution," tell us specifically which sections of the Constitution are being violated, and specifically how the are being violated.

      As for your frightened state, I suggest you cease watching Glen Beck, listening to Rush (et. al.) and stop reading rightwing propaganda for the duration of one week. Live in reality – not the state of paranoid frnezy these people are cashing in on.

    • kathy

      As to lawless persons making laws…their "law-making" is a joke! 2400 pages, 2300 pages, etc. of stuff no one has read…this is good Keystone Cops material. But a tragedy for the country.

    • kathy

      “If virtue goes, the government fails. Are we choosing paths that are politically expedient and morally questionable? Are we in truth losing our virtue? . . . If so, we may be nearer the dustbin of history than we realize.”–Ronald Reagan

      And he is right.

  • beckncall

    2012? this nation will not stand that long on the current path………
    "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."–Abraham Lincoln

  • voted against carter

    "Bring lawyers Guns and Money" as the song goes. At least while you still can before Kagen gets put in place on the Supreme Court and the 2nd amendment is still valid. Oh and about that song reference, not so much on the lawyers part.

  • Allen

    May God help us-PLEASE!

    • trickyblain


  • Nestor James

    Remember how low (way lower than Obama's) George Bush's approval ratings were, and how unrelenting the cries for his impeachment? Oh yeah, and how unimpeached Mr. Bush remained? Let us steer clear of derangement syndrome, it's just too, terribly boring, and I thought it made and makes the Democrats look bad anyway. If Obama turns out to be a KGB agent or something, then go for it, otherwise, don't think too much about it. He's the guy until at least 2012.

  • Fiddler

    I hope not, but I'm afraid it might come to blows. We have been "polite" and I really hope we can remain that way. The problem is, as the ACORN sting videos pointed out, these people rourtinely game the system. Somehow they are told that they have a "right" to do this because the US is corrupt anyway. SEIU and others are militant and try to intimidate opposers. Look at the Black Panther Party. David Horowitz' friend Mary Van Patter suffered death by these thugs. I'm afraid we might have to be a little more direct in getting our point across. Any real or supposed "acting out" you can bet will get top billing by the LEFT. Being militant is their purview alone, and they will look to justify theirs and villify "appearances" of others. REPUDIATING the Liberal Media is one of the first areas to advance on!

  • max power

    yes you have it right. maybe you need to come out of retirement.

  • Jim Johnson

    An interviewer on FOX cable look disapprovingly at Tancredo as she asked him if he really thought that Obama was the biggest danger that America faces today. She asked him if Al-Qaeda wasn't a bigger threat to America. She used the classic facial expressions the media uses to instruct people about how they should feel about some one or some thing.

    I think neither al qaeda or Obama is the greatest danger to the us. Rather it is the 'half story' reporting by the media;such reporting is calculated information controll. It keeps the public thinking the most dangerous thought of all "It can't happen here".

    • verily

      I agree with you Jim – I was really disappointed by Megyn's dismissal of Tancredo's arguments on Fox today. The "Can He Be Stopped" piece above shows a lengthy but still incomplete laundry list of destructive actions – let's not forget the borders are wide open to Al Qaeda cell members – while Obama sues Arizona, ignores the destruction of the Gulf coast habitats, can't name an enemy, bows to Saudis, etc.

      I'm not so afraid of Al Qaeda or a soft tyranny of Western European design as I am of imploding into a banana republic and racial rioting. It CAN happen here, God forbid, and we can't be polite or PC about saying it anymore.

      I'd like to hear how David Horowitz would answer Tancredo.

  • Jim Johnson

    An interviewer on FOX cable look disapprovingly at Tancredo as she asked him if he really thought that Obama was the biggest danger that America faces today. She asked him if Al-Qaeda wasn't a bigger threat to America. She used the classic facial expressions the media uses to instruct people about how they should feel about some one or some thing.

    • USMCSniper

      Too many blond bimbos on Fox who imagine themselves to be intellectual giants and that is why Foxnews, despite being vastly superior and more honest that the networks and MSM sometimes deteriorates in something akin to Hollywood gossip.

  • gunner57

    Hugh Hewitt is a disgrace. Tonight he turned his show over to Carol Platly who incessantly bashed Tom Tancredo for calling for Obama's impeachment as if it was lunacy.

    See Hugh later. I'll never support or listen to that clown again.

  • Eric

    The US military is the only insitution left in the USA that has credibility with most on both sides of the political spectrum, although not the far left. The Joint Chiefs need to demand from Obama, in conjunction with Chief Justice Roberts, to see the Birth Cert. and other documents (like how Obama was able to travel to Pakistan in late teens if he was a US citrizen, when no AMericans were getting in; he must have had an Indonesian passport; he was not a US citizen. Then kick his but out and the drunk Biden too. That would install Pelosi, but the Chiefs would have to disqualify her too since she was derilick in her duty to find out the info on Obama in the 1st place…. that lea

  • Khalid Al Mansour

    Yes he can be stopped and every last bit of legislation with his signature undone… The man was never Constitutionally eligibly to run for the presidency. Now… who in the media do you get to speak those words?


    "2010 is the place to start."
    The fact is that Obama is becoming increasingly, acceleratedly, exponentially tyrannical. Openly defying the Constitution on several counts, and he has already indicated in words, AND in action to take up executively any agenda that the congress fails to enact.

    IF Nove 2010 happens, the worst that will happen to Obama is that he will loose The House, and say, even the Senate. But in Senate it is arithmetically impossible for the GOP to gain VETO-PROOF majority.
    That means you can not undo ANYTHING done so far, not can you prevent him from enacting his agenda by fiat of the executive order or of 'regulations' promulgated by his 1200 agencies. If anything is challgenged and struck down in the Court, they will just re-issue it, with a different wording. Like the moratorium on drilling. So folks, even if you take every seat available in the election, in Nov, you can not stop this beast, let alone undo what he has done.
    So, i suggest, that following the present author's advice, "let us stop deluding ourselves" and make it axiomatic that 2010 (elections) is HARDLY any place to start—if your goal is to stop the beast.

    First and foremost they MUST be done is that we, on the Right, specially the observers such as the author of the present article, should STOP beating around the bush and equivocate about what is happening to the country, who is doing it, and WHY. That means we don't have the luxury of hedging by saying, "oh maybe he is doing it on purpose…. but maybe he is not… we have no way of knowing it." YES we DO have a way of knowing it. For that you must understand Obama/ Congress as the striking end of a century old whip—if you look at the history of the Left in america (and globally), put it together with what he and his colleagues have been saying AND doing, against a massiv e populat opposition to their policies, it should be clear more than beyond reasonable doubts, that all this is intentional. Sometimes, a duck is just a duck—specially if he looks like one, talks like one, thinks like one, AND acts like one. The other possibility is so far removed from reality, and taking it on equal footing with the 'intentional' theory is so dangerous for the Republic, that only really delusional Rightist would take it as a serious possibility. Having rendered 2010 useless—and i have doubts even that will happen— he would have two more years to break the back of america. Good luck getting an election in 2012. Look up Peron in Argentina, Hittler in Germany, Indira Gandhi in India —a tyrant NEVER gives up power voluntarily just because the electorate says so. And this one has all the reasons NOT to. If they give up power now, they KNOW that they will never again gain it. THey have shown just too many of their ugly cards.
    THey are cornered. And they know it. A cornered tyrant bunch, who had gotten so much power after 100 years of nonstop working to gain it, and facing a permanent loss of that prize trophy, has only one direction to go in — MORE tyranny. Wait till he uses economic collapse, or a global war (both of which he is brewing with definite calculation), to suspend the elections, and/or Congress, under "National Emergency" of one kind or another.

    This guy has demonstrated that you CAN NOT even effectively fight him, let alone stopping him and reversing the damage, by using DEMOCRATIC processes, nor with the use of Judicial revew of his edicts, nor by protesting, nor by writing to the senators, nor by tweeting and congratulating each other everytime we catch him doing something underhanded and destructive.

    Fortunately enough, we are MORE than a mere democracy. We are REPUBLIC, where the Constitution reigns supreme over any governement—even if it came into power by democratic means. The Constitution had already described, some 235 years ago, a way for the people to directly control a runaway goverment.

    Yes the populace will have to take this up DIRECTLY with the government. A massive indefinite-period civil-disobedience drive concentrated in Washington, DC, is the only thing i can think of that has a HIGH probability of bringing this runaway government to knees and heed the demands of the people. The Constitution gaurantees such a right of the people.

    And for that to happen, our leaders in congress, AND in the observers/commentators rank should UNEQUIVOCALLY and openly say the obvious— ******Obama is destroying the Republic deliberately, with malice aforethought, and there is no procedural or democratic way to stop him.********

    You can not fight an enemy until you put his intentions, and his methodlogy, and your own options, in the whole picture. You might be errroneous in that, but that is why militaries are not commanded by popular vote, and that is why milatary leaders are required to make decisions on the best information available and start fighiting the damned war.

    And if you have doubts about it being a war that we are fighting, you might as welll surrender your Republic to the enemy.


    Oh a little P.S. to my above comment.
    NO YOU CAN NOT GAIN ANYTHING BY IMEACHING OBAMA. As i have pointed out before—impeachment is merely a congressional equivalent of "indicting" the president. Even for that you need a (simple) majority in the House. Then it is the Senate who actually carries out the actual "trial" of the president, and to convict, you need 2/3rd majority votes—the same number needed to have a VETO-Proof majority, incidentally—which you can NOT have until 2014, if at all. Because, in 2010, there simply ain't enough seats in the run. Check out the numbers and you will see. So NO— you can't stop the beast by impeaching him, anymore than we stopped Clinton by impeaching him.

  • yves

    Every sitting demorat in leadership in house and senate need to be remembered
    for retribution.

  • Robert Laity

    Obama can be stopped. SHOOT the bastard in front of a firing squad for treason:
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec. 2381

  • Gylippus

    Look to candidates who are willing to tackle the problem head-on. We are rapidly reaching a 'teachable moment'. Many are receptive to the idea that government, and the Democratic Party in particular are working to undermine free markets and democracy in America. Someone needs to come out and make that case clearly at the national level, and I think there are a few preparing to do that. This must go hand in hand with a plan to undo the damage, and set the country back on course to smaller government, fiscal responsibility, energy independance and assertive foreign policy. The process will begin if the GOP regains a measure of power in Congress in November. Republicans will then have a mandate to bear down hard in this administration and take a closer look at what has been going on. Whether they rise to that challenge remains to be seen.


  • Joe Gedderone

    …None of this will matter after May 21, 2011…take heed!!

  • hikerdude

    The greatest danger to America today is the room temp IQ of its voters I believe Stalin called them "Useful Idiots" .The left will insist it is the party of the people even when there are no people. Immunity is granted by inserting a "D" in front of ones name. The insanity becomes obvious when you are driving and still see "Obama" stickers on people's auto bumpers. Also when you see victims being prosecuted and criminals being set free and protected from prosecution. Insanity Rules !
    If we are still America in 2012 ,we must hope the damage this administration has done will not have gone past the point of no return.
    I would be outraged if I were black. Obama , The New Black Panther Party , the NAACP , Shirley Sherrod , the black proffesor in the "cop was stupid incident", Eric Holder as AG and Czarism have set race relations back to pre civil war. No sane Black has a chance of becoming president. Obama ruined it for them.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • Wesley69

    Amen to this article!! Is Obama taking advantage of crises to overload the system? Seems to be. Does his administration have a respect for the Constitution and the rule of law? No. Are we better off economically, diplomatically, security-wise? No. What can we done about a President who is intent on transforming the US into something we don't want? We start by electing Republicans-Conservatives to the House and Senate. A majority in the House and/or Senate ends the rule of Pelosi and/or Reid. It ends Obama getting everything he wants. Winning the Senate is key. Appointment by the President must be approved here. We give him nothing. No Supreme Court nominees, department heads etc. One thing Congress must do is INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE AND INVESTIGATE to expose the lies, the actions, the criminality of the Obama regime for what it is. Congress MUST look at all the rules the EPA, the FCC, the SEC and other agencies and go to court against the Executive as it did under Nixon. We are talking about divided-partisan government. So be it. But this man and his fellow Progressives must be stopped. 2012 is a year, hopefully of redemption and new beginnings.

  • Wesley69

    Amen to this article!!!

  • Wesley69

    Congress needs to INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE. If the Republicans have the House, defund Progressive bills passed to this point. Study rules made by the EPA, FCC and sue the Executive if need be to protect the Constitution. 2012, if the people realize the mistake-in-chief is doing things to harm this country, then 2013 will be a year of redemption and renewel.

  • Lorenzo Bouchard

    For control of the Government, obviously the results of tthe election of 2010 is very important. But for the members of the Senate and Congress who will be voted on in 2012, check the background and votes of these members for possible Recall or through Initiatives and Referenda, and of course Impeachment for Obama. Otherwise think BULLETS.

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