A Meditation on 9/11

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The truth is that Europe and America are riddled with Muslim advocacy groups, sleeper cells, online radical networks and lone wolves, all sharing the same overriding cause as al-Qaeda and orbiting around the same Koranic center. The potential numbers of decentralized, new wave terrorists “are so great that they must now be seen as the main terrorist threat to the West,” says former CIA officer Marc Sageman (MiamiHerald.com, June 16, 2008). One thing is certain. All these groups, despite their internal differences, are essentially cladistic, that is, they descend from a common ancestor. And we know who that is.

Of course, our public cognoscenti must do everything in their power to bury their heads in the sand dunes. The psychological state of meek subservience to a formidable enemy, masking as an exalted spirit of tolerance and understanding, bears some resemblance to the Stockholm Syndrome before the fact. In The Big Lie, I alluded to the German poet Gottfried Benn’s Gesänge, written on the eve of the First World War.

O dass wir unsere Ururahnen wären.
Ein Klümpchen Schleim in einem warmen Moor.

Leben und Tod, Befruchten und Gebären
glitte aus unseren stummen Säften vor.

(O that we were our primal ancestors.
A little clump of slime in a warm moor.

Then life and death, insemination and birth
would glide out of our dumb lymph.)

The mindset of our media and political appeasers of a conquering and imperial faith approximates the attitude expressed in this poem. It is difficult to disentangle the psychological and historical vectors at work in these orgies of renunciation, but it is also hard to repress the suspicion that, at the barometric levels of the cultural sensibility, almost our entire cultural elite and their millions of followers really do want to submit to their own eclipse and that the Islamists may be right in believing that the West is ripe for the plucking.

This pervasive suicidal impulse, this surrendering of courage, dignity and self-assurance, may explain why our leaders and intelligentsia are unwilling to accept obvious facts, to read the real world for what it is, and to mobilize against the threat to their very existence. They are, as former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert once said, “tired of winning.” They may even be tired of being tired and would prefer to be absorbed by a theocratic ectoplasm than to stand and fight, clear-eyed and Periclean. They would rather be wrong than bestir themselves to defend the world which nurtured them. They would rather be wrong than interrogate their gossamer fantasies and congenial pieties in the face of a menace they are frankly incapable of meeting.

A little attention to Voltaire would not be out of keeping here: Nul n’a le privilège de toujours se tromper. (“No one has the privilege of always being wrong.”) But then, Voltaire did not enjoy the dubious gift of living in the modern and post-modern ages when being wrong in the most reprehensible and conspicuous ways, especially if one happens to be on the left, does not militate against the profession of infallibility but merely reinforces it. The lie is not only triumphant but an ostensible sign of unfailing insight and brave outspokenness when it is really a symptom of a sickness in the soul.

In a time when truth is regarded as a relative concept without basis in reality, one can lie with impunity and be rewarded for it. One can blame America for the bloodletting it suffered and excuse or justify the madmen who attacked it, and never be called to account by one’s peers. One can venerate a profoundly compromised imam who wishes to build a mosque on a site where it has no business being, while dismissing out of hand the evidence that he is not to be trusted. In such a topsy-turvy postmodern world, one can play fast and loose with the truth and be lionized for nobility of character and purpose.

But all may not be lost. Regarding the press blackout of the mammoth Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mosque, numbering in the tens of thousands—the media’s latest attempt to suppress or distort the truth—Robert Spencer observes that “Despite the media’s best efforts, the truth will not be successfully snuffed out. Americans will be heard.” The conviction that “truth will out” was memorably expressed by the nineteenth century English poet Coventry Patmore in his poem, Magna Est Veritas (Truth is Great):

…the world’s course will not fail:
When all its work is done, the lie shall rot;
The truth is great, and shall prevail,
When none cares whether it prevail or not

The irony of the last line, however, sticks in the mind. For it is precisely now, in the present and immediate future, on this last and every future anniversary of 9/11, that the truth must be articulated, heard and made effective, when more and more ordinary people and private citizens, unlike the political, intellectual and media constabulary, are finally learning to care.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen
  • Jaladhi

    >"It makes little difference, really, whether our intellectuals are cynical or Pollyannish by temperament, bigoted or naïve, since the jihadists are given a free pass in either case."<

    It's not just the jihadists who are being given a free pass but its all Muslims who are being given a free pass since all Muslims are jihadists, jihad being the main pillar of Islam and all Muslims are expected to carry out jihad to further Islam!!! Case closed. These so called "intellectuals are total morons and are clueless when it comes to Islam.Another point is "political correctness" disease plays a major role in thoughts and actions of these people.

    People should just disregard what these people say and do what is morally right, moral compass of common people being much better than that of these "intellectuals'!!!

    • tanstaafl

      If you study the history of Islam, you will discover that it is the history of jihad. All muslims are charged with waging jihad against the unbelievers until Islam is the only religion in the entire world. Muslims may wage jihad in a number of ways. Jihad through da'wa, giving money to jihadist movements (this renders all Muslim "charities" suspect), launching cyber attacks and even something as mundane as posted taquiyya in response to columns such as this one.

      But make no mistake, the goal of Islam has always been to make unbelievers submit to Islam. By any means possible, as "Islam is sheltered by the sword".

      • Jaladhi

        Totally in agreement!!! That is why I don't think any Muslim should be given any kind of free pass while discussing their brethren called radicals or jihadis. All Muslims have to be jihadis otherwise Mo/allah will be so mad at them and they won't escape the eternal hell fire- whatever that is – only in Mo/allah's mind, and believed by Muslims superstitiously.

  • David Solway

    Dear Chezwick–

    There's no evasion. I have named names–and the name–unnumbered times in my articles for this site and others. I am using a rhetorical device, inviting the reader to fill in the blank, often a more effective, because interactive, contrivance than straight denotation.


    • Chezwick_Mac

      Fair enough, David. I'm not sufficiently familiar with your work that I could have ascertained as much. For the record, it was a damn good read.

      I liked this…

      "They may even be tired of being tired and would prefer to be absorbed by a theocratic ectoplasm than to stand and fight, clear-eyed and Periclean."

      I once had an extended discourse at the Guardian with a very personable, Westernized Muslim who agreed with me that Europe's future was Islamic, but who tried to put it in terms that mitigated the dark implications."Europe is tired," he wrote, "Islam can infuse her with new energy."

      Far from reassuring me, the words sounded absolutely sinister…a coded message for civilizational euthanasia.

      • Stephen_Brady


        The situation is just like the "astounding recovery" of Germany under Hitler. But at what cost?

    • http://www.facebook.com/michel.richy.7 Michel Richy

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  • sflbib

    May I suggest that the situation described is more like the Mad Hatter's tea party out of Alice in Wonderland?

  • Gil Solnin

    The path of least resistance has always been to appease your enemy and capitulate to their twisted views.

    If any of this sanctimonius individuals were able to spend some time undercover in a madrasah in any of the Middle east countries or in some of mosques here in the U.S. what they would find would not be moderate or peaceful.

    The reasons for September 11th goes much farther back in history than the formation of Al Qaeda and the influence of Bin Laden. This should have been and still should be the apex of a long term conflict of civilizations.

  • dhimminology

    Bravo Mr. Solway! A great article indeed! Hopefully more non-Muslims – Western and non-Western will UNITE to fight this evil tyranny called Islam. The West is under threat from Islam. If the Muslim world does succeed in Islamizing the West(which they will if Westerners don't wake up from their political correctness), the other non-Muslims from non-Western countries will be their next victims. Like the West, we in Asia are also in a state of 'denial'. How devious are these Islam apologists! Islam must exposed as the evil ideology that it is. All non-Muslims must identify it is an enemy and unite, then maybe we can have hope to thwart its sinister ambitions.

  • Israelisarefilth

    Stunningly moronic, even by Frontpage standards.

    • Sam B.

      It was way beyond your cognitive grasp. The filth is from the gutter where your mouth is.

  • trickyblain

    If one were to eliminate completely unnecessary verbiage and grossly redundant vocabulary, this article could've been condensed to less than half its current weight. As it is, it reads like an essay from a high school junior who just discovered a thesaurus. Does FPM pay by the word?

    Again, a FPM writes up a long screed trying to tell us about why everyone should live in fear of Islam. Yet the author, typically, lacks the courage to tell us what his solution is to this "menace." If the "constabulary" (lol) wakes up to the threat of goat-herders imposing nonexistent Sharia law on the US, what should they do then?

    Of course, that's not important. What's important is keeping people afraid.

    Slovenly gaggle of cowards.

    • Fiddler

      I guess "tricky" not enough people have died to make an impact on you. You are no doubt one of the ones on 9/11 who worried more about fire engines displaying the American Flag than the berievement of so many, and the outrage of the attack. You sir are an easy target and fodder for those who mean this country harm. Sweet dreams.

  • tagalog

    Was Tariq ibn-Siyad a radical Muslim when he invaded Iberia in the 8th Century? How about old Muhammed himself, when he raised an army to conquer the Saudi Peninsula? How about the various caliphates that raised armies to conquer the Mediterranean, Persia, and the Ottoman Empire for Islam? Were they radical Muslims?

    Let's just face the facts: there are lots of Muslims who don't care if Islam conquers a single square inch of anybody else's ground, but there are also a HELL of a lot of Muslims who believe that Islam is destined to conquer the world through armed conflict, known in THEIR terms as "jihad," and impose Islam on the rest of the world.

    We're in a war with Islam and have been for about 1400 years. Islam was the initial aggressor, and continued to be the initial aggressor for centuries. Wake up and face it. If you don't want to fight but instead surrender, fine, but don't sell Islam as a religion of peace and start saying that Westerners in general, and Americans in particular, suffer from Islamophobia. Whatever phobia we might have about Islam is a well-founded phobia. My view is that it's a rationally-based apprehension.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    "The size matters", i.e. the immense size of the threat makes the apparatchiks to perceive it as though we must live with it and welcome it in.

    As Shaul Rosenfeld put it:

    … often size dictates one’s position, even when it comes to philosophy professors, who on normal days would be horrified by the very thought that their students would seek to apply ethical principles based on considerations of size, power, and effectiveness.

    And so, the greater the Islamic threat becomes, the more we see the Free World growing silent on the moral front. The clear tendency of Hickey and his ilk is to endorse almost any Islamist fanatic just to elicit some moderate tunes; for example, the growing Obama Administration’s tendency to “understand” the Muslims, among other things because “Islam is part of promoting global peace,” because “Jihad is about purifying,” and because “there is no connection between Islam and the murder of innocents.”

  • Wesley69

    To win against these fanatics, we MUST recognize the threat for what it is, both outside and within. You can't compromise with Islamo-fascism, but you will be able to live with it if you are strong in your beliefs. God, family, our culture, our community, our government, its heroes, our freedoms, these are our beliefs which Americans of all races, religions share. What is their message – SUBMISSION. What is ours – CHOICE The individual is nothing – The individual has potential to be something. As for the threat within – realize what they are after, then it must be denied to them. Instead of allowing them to set the terms of the debate, WE THE PEOPLE need to from now on. We can start on November 2, 2010.

  • Wesley69

    During the Civil War, the cause of the Union was to reunited the South with the Union. Not much of a cause to die for. Lincoln changed the dynamic of that struggle with the Emancipation Proclaimation. The Union was now fighting to make men free for slavery. For this moral cause, more men would be willing to fight and die. Our cause must be moral. We must take the high ground! We must commit to a renewal of the American spirit. You could see it on 9/11. We must find, what we have lost.

    By the way, build the mosque, but only after it is covered by the shadow cast by FREEDOM TOWER. St. Nicholas needs to be rebuilt as well, at the same time as the mosque. Symbolism is important to Muslims. We must understand that symbols show our proud and commitment to our values.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

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