Israel and the West

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In his thought-provoking book The Lucifer Principle, Harold Bloom, relying on years of zoological research, points out how “a strange thing happens when humans and other animals are cornered by the uncontrollable. Their perceptions shut down, their thoughts grow more clouded, and they have a harder time generating new solutions to their problems.” This kind of syncope can manifest itself in a number of different ways: a feigned lack of interest when presented with a threat, as when a once-dominant ape pretends to focus on a banana peel rather than respond to the challenge mounted by a formidable claimant to his throne, or when a rat frustrated by its powerlessness before an intimidating rival will attack a lesser member of the pack.

These are useful concepts and insights that can help us get a bead on the crucial issues of the day. Nature is of a piece. What goes for the ape and the rat, solacing themselves with avoidance mechanisms or the fiction of authority, goes for the individual human being as it does for the nation as a whole, and, indeed, for the very framework of the civilization of which they form a part. When an organism or a “superorganism” senses that it is losing control, that its favored position atop the dominance hierarchy is no longer assured and that it is facing the prospect of imminent dispossession, as if by reflex it turns aside, practices the art of studied indifference or develops an array of subterfuges—what Bloom terms the “endorphin strategy” that makes us feel good while it dulls the senses and cripples the intellect. It almost invariably contents itself by blanking out the menace or mugging its weaker partners and cohabitants.

This description, then, of animal and primate behavior has profound implications for the trajectories of entire societies, cultures and civilizations, that is, “superorganisms.” As they rise to the top of the international or global “pecking order,” they experience a “testosterone surge” of power, confidence and exploratory vitality, which impacts the very psychology of its constituent “cells” or members—individual human beings. They do not feel the need to apologize for their triumphs, expanding economies and higher standards of living. They move into the future with flexed assurance and a proud conviction of their civilizing mission and justified ascendance.

However, when these larger groupings intuit that they are slipping from their privileged position above the common ruck and are beginning to slide inexorably down the scale of power and preference, they proceed to espouse various delusionary measures to evade the shock of recognition. Rather than struggle to preserve or regain their pre-eminence, they concentrate on the banana peel, as it were, pretending that no challenge is being posed to their fading hegemony. Or they turn upon their own, whether individuals, groups or nations, whom they blame for their evident discomfiture and, indeed, for their unadmitted but darkly sensed weakness. They may even begin shilling for the enemy, whom they profess to see as an equal, a potential benefactor, a friend in the making or a collaborator in some noble cultural initiative. As Bloom reminds us, “In a world where some cultures elevate violence to a virtue, the dream of peace can be fatal.” Moreover, so ignominious a surrender tends, ironically, to strut under the banner of “peace, freedom and justice.”

And this, I fear, is precisely what is happening in the contemporary West. “Peace” means that we are no longer willing to fight for the principles and traditions that have raised us to the top of the dominance hierarchy and that we are ready or eager to submit to a clear ideological foe. “Freedom” means that we have accepted the growing likelihood of defeat and comparative servitude. And “justice” means the acknowledgment of the “rights” of our adversaries to game the social, political and legal systems of their host countries to their advantage, in other words, to insinuate their norms of conduct and cultural presuppositions into a way of life we have long taken for granted and are now prepared to surrender piecemeal to the claims of the “other.”

The symptoms of capitulation are unmistakable, not only with regard to the increasingly muscular, secular autocracies, like China and Russia and their allies, which we try desperately to pretend away as they ascend the scale of power and control at our expense. The signs of cultural enervation are also evident in our yielding bit by bit to the relentless march of militant Islam from country to country and into the very entrails of the democratic body politic. As Bat Ye’or has shown, the dhimmification of Europe is well under way and is probably irreversible. And now the pathology of appeasement and submission has begun to infect the collective psyche of America itself, especially its current leadership, the left-liberal media, the majority of public intellectuals who have come to act like cheerleaders for the other team, and far too many of our academics who inhabit the dank mausoleum of the modern university. The moribund walk to their second extinction. As James Lewis remarks, “American liberals and European socialists…happily collude in their own subjection and degradation.” A recent book by Wells Earl Draughon, While America Sleeps, meticulously corroborates the peril we face and reads like a death sentence we have little time to repeal. Its message might awaken us from our dogmatic slumber, alerting us to the avoidance syndrome that guarantees our eventual eclipse.

This is where a wide-awake Israel comes into the geopolitical equation. It is no secret that Israel is the only legitimate democracy in the Middle East, that it is a loyal compatriot of the United States, that its structural roots are planted in European soil, that it is a vigorous, advanced and technological and scientific leader among the nations, and that it is surrounded by bellicose and regressive Islamic states that wish to erase it from “the page of time,” to cite Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. These are the same Islamic states that have embarked on a virulent offensive against the democratic West through the exercise of terror or the prosecution of “stealth jihad,” or both.

And yet, unable or unwilling to grasp that Israel is perched on the frontier of a world-historical conflict, exemplifying the values and usages of the West and coming under almost daily attack from a common enemy, so-called “freedom loving” nations have turned against the Jewish state, defamed it in the corridors of power, vilified it in the media, acquiesced to the corrupt and slanderous assaults on its moral and physical integrity via the offices of the United Nations, pursued boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns, winked at Israel Apartheid Weeks suppurating on our campuses, imposed coercive measures to restrict building projects and the establishment of secure borders, and both subsidized and glorified the terror-sponsoring cartels that go by the name of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas-ruled Gaza. It is as if Western-oriented Israel and not extremist, Western-hating Islam has come aberrantly to be perceived as the West’s nemesis and scourge.

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  • therealend

    It appears we are not as brilliant as we think we are therefore, let us be as courageous as we ought to be.

  • tarleton

    As the standard of living and quality of life improves in the western democracies , the population tends to become more liberal, more feline and more metrosexual ….IE the feminisation of society ! It's this feminisation and pacifism that is causing the backlash against Israel , who is wrongfully seen as an aggressor and bully by shallow , uninformed folk , who really should know better .It's this sappy , syrupy, sentimental view of human nature , here in the languid West , that is courting disaster.
    You can see something similar in the romanticising of nature and sentimental view of wild animals that bode ill for the future of the West… some ways we are like the foppish , decadent Athenians before the conquest by the Macedonians ,or maybe the privileged Romans of the 5th century ,when confronted by the robust and half savage Goths

  • Andres de Alamaya

    What you say, David Solway, is brilliant and correct. How you say it, Oy, is backbreakingly convoluted. Pretend you have an editor with a gun at your temple who keeps repeating, KISS, KISS, KISS – keep it simple, stupid. When you say it with half the verbiage it gains clarity and impact.

    • Peter Lancz

      On the contrary, what I find so compelling about David's pieces, is his eloquence and articulateness in getting across his point with such poignancy. . His uncanny ability to find the 'bon mot' is what makes for the brilliance, intelligence, and persuasiveness of his writing..

      • To the ignorant

        Yes, David is eloquent but the KISS is the POINT!!!!!!!

        The more KISS it is the more of the stupids that DO NOT GET IT will may be read it and may be some of them will FINALLY get it.

        YES, please KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, it does work, if it is important for you to communicate your ideas to as many people as possible!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Indioviejo

      Andres you are right. KISS should be them order of the day, but it is a great post.

  • Edip Yuksel

    "This is where a wide-awake Israel comes into the geopolitical equation. It is no secret that Israel is the only legitimate democracy in the Middle East, that it is a loyal compatriot of the United States"

    When a lie repeated so many times, even the fabricator might start believing it. Contrary what the Israeli propaganda machine wants us to believe, Israel is an apartheid regime. It is as Democratic as the former South Africa… It is a militarized country. It has blood all over.

    As for loyalty to the USA-Inc and elite. Perhaps. But, Israel has been a great liability to the PEOPLE of the US. Billions of dollars from our tax money goes to Israel. And the global hostility created by our support of its atrocities and aggression in the region have imposed on us two wars that have bankrupted the United States transferring the blood money to the war profiteers.

    So, Israel is no model state, nor a good ally. It is a criminal state that sucks marrow out of the United States while sucking land and blood from Palestinian people. American people, thanks to Internet, are learning this disturbing the fact. Zionism will be condemned by future generations as we are condemning Fascism.

    • Stern

      wow, are you ever off base and in the wrong place. This happens to be a site where people actually know the truth and are not suckered by vile verbiage like yours. There's no hope of ever educating you, no matter how definitive the proof that every assertion of yours is a lie. Instead, I suggest you return to the stinking little hole you emerged from (the Guardian's CIF pages, perhaps?) and resume playing with your smelly like-minded friends. In other words, you and your bigotry are not welcome here.

    • New Yorker

      What nonsense.

      "Contrary what the Israeli propaganda machine wants us to believe, Israel is an apartheid regime. It is as Democratic as the former South Africa… "

      The above statement is as false and libelous as can be for there are facts and there are shameless lies. Yours are the latter.

      "It is a militarized country. It has blood all over."

      Right – blood streaming from the blown up pizzerias and buses, rocketed cities and kindergardens, and so on.

      "Israel has been a great liability to the PEOPLE of the US"

      Why don't you answer for yourself? Have the people of the U.S. invested you with the authority to speak for them?

      "So, Israel is no model state, nor a good ally. It is a criminal state that sucks marrow out of the United States while sucking land and blood from Palestinian people. "

      Man, you need a psychiatric help before the next Nuremberg tribunal has you.

      • Edip Yuksel

        Palestinians started blowing themselves up after the Intifada. They were massacred numerous times before that happened. So, you got the chronology, or the cause-effect tupsy-turvy.

        Yes, my position is the position of the people; but you are mouth-piece for state propaganda.


        • MixMChess

          Palestinians perfected the suicide bomb in the mid 1990's after Israel signed the historic 1993 peace accords with Yassir Arafat and the PLO. So the cause and effect is that if you offer to compromise with the Palestinians you get met with suicide terror and murder. Additionally, lets not forget that Arabs have been terrorizing Jews in the region since the 1920's well before the establishment of Israel. So (as usual) you're chronology is not only topsy-turvey, but completely incorrect.

    • New Yorker

      "American people, thanks to Internet, are learning this disturbing the fact. Zionism will be condemned by future generations as we are condemning Fascism"

      Why is it that too often than not various scum of the earth invoke "American people" or some other "people" to buttress their contemptible demaguguery? Perhaps future generation will condemn Fascism but you are promoting it.

      • Edip Yuksel

        You keep invoking the STATE of ISRAEL, and as an American, I will invoke the "American PEOPLE." You promote wars that transfer our tax money for the industrial military complex and Israel, and I promote peace in the world. That is a great difference.

        • MixMChess

          You promote antisemitism, genocide, hatred, xenophobia and war against non-Muslims. You only accept peace if it is a hudna.

          • Edip

            I cannot change the perception of paranoid bullies. God's system and the justice which is also known karma will teach you. Peace.

          • MixMChess

            "I cannot change the perception of paranoid bullies. "

            Exactly, so you're saying you can't change your own perception because you are a paranoid bully.

    • Don Chapeau

      The U.S. also gives billions of dollars to Egypt. And other countries get a lot of money too. I think the U.S. should cut off the spigot – who is the U.S. fooling when it is in such debt.
      The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not started by scheming Jewish neocons to save Israel, and if you really believe that, I have a rich relative in Nigeria who would like to contact you.
      As far as apartheid goes, – you too would restrict people's movements when they try to blow you up, shoot rockets at you, or even use construction equipment to mow you down at the spur of the moment, etc, etc.
      Israel is a Jewish state. As such, it naturally goes against certain ideals of Democracy. In theory, Democracy says that all people in an area are treated exactly the same, no matter what religion they are. So I can see the problem people have with Israel. On the other hand, the history of the Jews shows that being a minority can (and often does) have fatal consequences. Moreover, the situation is complicated by Arab Jihadist attitudes. Anyway, does Edip Yuksel notice that Moslem Pakistan, for example, has no problem with apartheid for Hindus, Christians, or Zoroastrians or Buddhists, because it has simply got rid of most of them, by persecution.
      If you protest against Israeli "Apartheid" but don't protest against the situation in Saudia Arabia or Pakistan, or if you protest against Israeli suppression of Human Rights in the West Bank but don't protest what Russia or China or North Korea or Sudan does to political dissidents (or even unfavored racial groups like the Tibetans), then you are an extreme hypocrite.

      • Edip Yuksel

        The USA-Inc gave Egypt the money because of Israel and the interest of oil companies and war profiteers. Since then, Egyptian dictators are on the side of the Goliath. Egyptian or Saudi dictators are the enemies of their people, and thus they are supported by the USA-Inc.

        • walt kovacs

          uh, egypt gets aid as a result of the peace treaty signed with israel. it is the carrot…for peace alone and getting back the sinai (which they lost twice) was not enough

          and yes, america supports dictators….has for decades

          states do what is in the best interest of the state

          by the way, are you in the least bit concerned regarding what egypt has been doing to sudanese refugees? or what the turks have been doing to the kurds.

          or will you, like every faux lib that finds a way to support terrorists because they hate the jew so much, find a way to excuse that behavior because everyone knows that the turks and the egyptians are just criminal entities and cant be expected to do better.

          • Edip

            "and yes, america supports dictators….has for decades "

            And, the same USA-inc supports Israel, which is a militarist state.

          • MixMChess

            Stop with the rhetoric. Israel is not a militarist state, its a free and open society that provides civil rights to all its citizens. Did you know Israel has 5 gay pride parades annually?

    • cubnkira

      I guess that you have your countries mixed up. Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries, do not let you become a citizen unless you are a muslim. In Israel proper, they have over 20% Arabs who are all full citizens. 25% of Haifa Univ. is Arab. They have members of Parliament.
      Israel rescued by costly and dangerous airlifts tens of thousands of Ethiopians (black) who were starving when no other country was. Is that apartheid? Learn what the word means before using it. You can't even bring a bible into Saudi A.

      • Edip Yuksel

        Israel was the last country that cut its relationship with the racist South African government. That alone tells a lot about Israel. As for Ethiopians, why there? Well, a little information may enlighten you. What about Googling: Ethiopian Jews ?

        As for the Arabs in Israel, ask their situation to Israeli Human Rights organizations.

        • MixMChess

          "Israel was the last country that cut its relationship with the racist South African government."

          WRONG, other countries like France and some eastern European nations maintained relations with S. Africa throughout apartheid.

          "As for Ethiopians, why there? Well, a little information may enlighten you. What about Googling: Ethiopian Jews ?"

          Okay… what about the 1,100 Haitian earthquake victims that Israel saved? None were Jews. What about the relief efforts Israel sent to Tsunami victims in SE Asia? What about the Earthquake victims Israel saved in Turkey in 1999? Again no Jews were at risk in these situations except the brave search and rescue and medical crews from Israel.

          "As for the Arabs in Israel, ask their situation to Israeli Human Rights organizations."

          The over 1.5 million Arab citizens in Israel have equal rights under the law, enjoy more civil rights than they would in any Arab/Islamic country and are beneficiaries of special affirmative action programs in Israel. Just ask Khalid Abu Tomeh.

          • Edip

            Interesting, I said Israel was the last supporter of the racist regime in South Africa, and you reject this statement by listing a few other countries that supported the racist regime. Israel should be the first one that cut the relationship, not "one of the last ones." To see how petty is your defense se the following, for example:

            Middle East Reader, Michael Curtis, page. 35

            Former ANC leader Nelson Mandela first visited Israel in 1999. Mandela said: "To the many people who have questioned why I came, I say: Israel worked very closely with the apartheid regime. I say: I've made peace with many men who slaughtered our people like animals. Israel cooperated with the apartheid regime, but it did not participate in any atrocities".[24]

            I am glad that Israel is sending a crew here and there to save some people, but that does not wash the blood on its hand against several million Pals.

            I do not deny that Israel has better human rights record INSIDE Israel compared to the majority of Arab countries. But, the "heaven" created in Israel is maintained by the hell created around Israel.


          • MixMChess

            "Israel should be the first one that cut the relationship, not 'one of the last ones.'"

            I proved that Israel is no different than other Western Nations. You are holding Israel to a double standard and singling it out for condemnation alone among other nations. That reeks of antisemitism.

            BTW, the Wall was built to protect Israeli citizens from being murdered by cowardly suicide bombers. The wall has reduced Palestinian terrorism (suicide bombs and rockets) from the W. Bank by over 95%.

            "But, the "heaven" created in Israel is maintained by the hell created around Israel."

            Israel did not create a "hell" in Gaza or the W. Bank, any "hell" was created solely by Hamas and Fatah. Both have control over their respective territories and are responsible for their people's welfare. It is unfortunate that the Hamas thugs are raping and pillaging innocent Palestinians by stealing supplies and executing those that deviate from religious law. Perhaps if they stopped their xenophobic ways their could be peace?

    • Yetwave

      All citizens of Israel, regardless of race or religion, are permitted to vote. This may be news to you but there ar representatives in the Knesset , the Israeli governing body, who are Arabs, both Christian and Muslim.
      In order to substantiate your point, please give an example of an Arab country where representatives elected to the nation's governing body may be of a religion other than Islam.
      OK, give an example of an Arab country where representatives may be elected to a governing body.
      OK, give an example of an Arab country that is governed by an elective body.
      OK, give an example of an Arab country that is governed by anything other than a dowager autocrat, a corrupt family of indolent royals who dance to the tune of atavistic religious madmen, or members of the lucky sperm club whose fathers or grandfathers pillaged their way to the top of the misogynistic, dung heap of a country that they have come to inherit.

      • Edip Yuksel

        Of course Israel will have a minority of Arabs that will have no real effect on its policies, as a token to be used for its propaganda, while it commits atrocities against indigenous people who are imprisoned and treated like animals, in order to grab more land for settlers….

        • MixMChess

          "while it commits atrocities against indigenous people who are imprisoned and treated like animals"

          First, the so-called Palestinians are not indegenous to the area, they are actually newer to the area than the Jews, having arrived from surrounding Arab countries like Syria, Egypt and Jordan in the early 20th century AFTER Zionists created economic opportunities and raised the standard of living in the region.

          Second, Israel gives over one ton of aid per Gaza resident. Israel supports and treats the Palestinians great despite the fact that Palestinians try to kill Jews and drink their blood.

        • ziontruth

          The Phakestinians are not the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. In fact, they're not even a people, a nation at all. They're the marketing front-end for the deceptive selling of the patently unjust desire of the Arab nation–possessor of 22 states occupying a huge mass of land–to rob the Jewish nation of their one and only state situated on their indigenous land.

          The Jews are the indigenous of the Land of Israel; the Arabs are settler-colonists everywhere outside the Arabian peninsula. As the indigenous people of the Land of Israel, we Jews have the right to resist Arab imperialist settler-colonialism stealing our land, and we have the right to inhabit our land wherever we like, without asking any other nation's permission.

    • seels4truth

      You are a fool. "When a lie repeated …" reveals your own sickness. You actually believe your own lies. Do you know that a Muslim can pray at the Kotel yet a Jew can't walk up to the I'll-askher mosque without causing a riot? Do you know that it is illegal for a Jew to own a house in Jordan; a country Israel has a peace treaty with? Do you know that Jews are not permitted in Mecca nor is a synagogue allowed in Saudi Arabia? Do you know that Israel is the most permissive country in the Middle East regarding religion? Did you know that there is NO occupation? Did you know there are Arabs in the Knesset? Did you know that Jews were the last people to forcefully evict Jews from their homes? Did you know that the Arabs who moved into the homes in Gush Katif trashed them? Did you know that more Arabs were killed by Arabs in the last few years than in all the wars against Israel?

      • Edip Yuksel

        I equally condemn Saudi theocracy and Egyptian dictatorship. So, you are comparing Israel with the worst and expecting me to be impressed by it?

        • MixMChess

          It highlights your double standards when it comes to Israel.

          • Edip

            No, when I participate in discussion with Salafis and other Arab nationalists, they accuse me of being a Zionist. So, extremists on both sides will never be happy when they hear the truth. Peace

    • Indioviejo

      We have wasted BILLIONS on Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, and the rest of the usual suspects, at least with Israel we have a common civilizational root whereas with Muslims, we have eternal enmity until we destroy them. Hopefully soon enough so that we may still count Israel among the friends who will augment our firepower.

    • To the ignorant

      All that the internet have done is given idiots and ignorants like you a place to lie and spill their hatred and stupidity.

      It also gave the murderers islamofachists a place for their propaganda for imbeciles like you to feed on.

      This is not new just the run of the meal jew hating anti semitisim!

      • Edip Yuksel

        I do not hate Jews, the Nazionists are the haters of themselves, since they turned Jews to their enemies, the fascists.

        Listen to this brave Jew who is standing against the real Jew haters!

        • MixMChess

          Prof. Norman Finkelstein actively colludes with Holocaust deniers and promotes terror organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah who call for the worldwide extermination of Jews. Prof. Finkelstein is not only an antisemite but a fascist.

          • Edip

            Did you listen to his speech at that link? Peace.

          • MixMChess

            Yes, and I have heard my fair share of Finkelstein's garbage and whitewashing of Palestinian crimes against humanity. The Professor has been so discredited that he was denied tenure at DePaul and fired from several other universities. You need to listen to Prof. Alan Dershowitz, he actually has legitimate proposals for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Do you care about the livelihood of Palestinians or do you want to sacrifice them to promote terrorists like Hezbollah and Hamas?

          • Edip Yuksel

            I am not going to judge someone's ideas because of the utterer of such an idea being fired buy an institution, most likely for political reasons.

            As for Dershowitz' proposal, I have not read it. I hope it does have good ideas to establish peace between Israelis and Arabs.

            I want the name of Israel to be associated with peace, justice and progress. I hope that one day we see this long war end and Jews and Arabs help each other in good deeds.


    • MixMChess

      "When a lie repeated so many times, even the fabricator might start believing it."

      I am assuming that is what happened to you with all your lies and fabrications about Israel?

      "Israel is an apartheid regime. It is as Democratic as the former South Africa… It is a militarized country. It has blood all over."

      No, Israel is not an apartheid regime. Israel is a SECULAR DEMOCRACY that gives full and equal rights to all of its citizens regardless of race, national origin, gender, creed or sexual orientation. Any Israeli citizen and even Palestinians in Gaza and W. Bank can petition the Israeli Supreme Court to hear grievances against the Israeli government. Israel grants more rights to its citizens than every Arab/Islamic country in the world and provides more civil rights to its citizens than most Western Democracies as well.

      "But, Israel has been a great liability to the PEOPLE of the US. Billions of dollars from our tax money goes to Israel."

      Billions of dollars that Israel reinvests back into the USA providing jobs etc. and also uses to share military, scientific and medical technology with the USA. Israel's medical delegation to Haiti directly saved over 1,100 Haitian lives after the horrible earthquake.

      "And the global hostility created by our support of its atrocities and aggression in the region have imposed on us two wars that have bankrupted the United States transferring the blood money to the war profiteers."

      Idiot, even Osama Bin Laden has admitted that Israel has nothing to do with his grievances against the USA and the West. Israel is merely a minor symptom of a much larger problem Islam has with the West. You know this to be true being an Islamist yourself.

      "It is a criminal state that sucks marrow out of the United States while sucking land and blood from Palestinian people."

      Great use of a blood libel by a Pali-Nazi. Don't forget it is Hamas that wants to drink the blood of global Jewry and has threatened to bleed America dry. Hamas and the Palestinians are disgusting vampires trying to feed off of America and Israel.

      • Edip

        Hamas is Israel's creation. Israel's state terrorism and atrocities created the gang terrorism.

        • MixMChess

          No, Palestinians hatred of Jews that Hamas exhibit goes back to the 1920's and Islamic hatred of Jews goes back to the times of Muhammed. Don't forget the Jewish tribes Muhammed slaughtered and his writings on the awfulness of Jews.

          • Edip

            That is one of the biggest lies against Muhammad, which was created by Jewish propaganda machine and imported by idiot Sunnis, like many other Jewish practices and stories: stoning to death, circumcision, etc.

            The Quran has an account of the event and mentions the punishment of banishment for the tribe that committed treason by betraying the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic Medina city state during war.


          • MixMChess

            No… Muhammed hated Jews and murdered the early tribes of Medina. Muhammed lied about peace only to betray them later in a "hudna."

            This is just one example of some of his quotes about Jews:

            "The Jews are a nation of liars…. The Jews are a treacherous, lying, and evil people." Ishaq:240

          • Edip Yuksel

            That "quote" is one of the biggest lies attributed to Muhammad by racist Arabs. If you trust those books, you have to believe all sorts of nonsense and contradiction. But, if you tell me that you will pick the ones you like and ignore the ones you do not, then I have nothing to say.


  • alex

    See “Selective Outrage” in the Archives for confirmation. Georgians who try to defend themselves from PLO-type terrorists and subsequently savaged by initial provocateurs – Russians, had replaced Israel for a while in 2008. Same happened to Serbians under Clinton, but with actual “rat attack” against a weaker and a victim.

  • PAthena

    The attacks on Israel are caused by antisemitism and Israel's weakness; the "left" follows the Soviet line of antisemitism and the Arabs their Mohammedan prejudices against Jews and other non-Mohammedans.. The people Edip Yuksel calls "Palestinian" are not Palestinian. The Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to "Palestina" in 135 A.D., after defeating the last Jewish rebellion under Bar Kochba. "Palestine" then became synonymous with "land of the Jews" and "Palestinian" with "Jew." That is why the Zionists wanted the Palestine Mandate and Great Britain was awarded, after World War I, the "Palestine Mandate" as "homeland for the Jews."
    The Soviet Union and Gamal Nasser in Cairo in 1964 invented the "Palestine Liberation Organization" (PLO) with all the propaganda about Arabs being "Palestinian" and the phony history about Arabs.
    (The antisemitism of Great Britain against Jews going to the Palestine Mandate started in the 1920s, so that it prevented Jews from going to the Palestine Mandate until 1948.)

  • Yetwave

    Billions of American taxpayer dollars go to support Israel because it is a bulwark against creeping Islamofascism. Israel is the canary in the coal mine. It marks the line separating rational thought, personal freedom, and equality, all of which are qualities that have come into being since the 7th century that comprises the zenith of human acievement as regarded by those whom you would have us believe are the "good guys" in this struggle.

    Know why Arabs don't like dogs? Because they don't want to keep them in better surroundings than they have kept their fellow Arabs for the last 60 years. The sad, suffering plight of the 'Palestinians' is the best propaganda the Arabs have against the Israelis.

    • ajnn

      Israel provides political and military intelligence that the US cannot manage on its own. It also enables the US to project power without endangering American troops and without raising the level of a conflict.

      In addition, Israel provides the US with reliable logistical support that would make the Iraq war impossible if not available. Turkey and other American 'friends' have proven unreliable and not supported the American efforts there. In fact, these 'friends' have aided the enemy and made the insurgency possible.

      PS: can we not see a culture that hates dogs (man's best friend) as sick and destructive ?

  • Rich P.

    Bloom was only looking at one side of the coin when he wrote that:

    ". . . when humans and other animals are cornered by the uncontrollable. Their perceptions shut down, their thoughts grow more clouded, and they have a harder time generating new solutions to their problems.”

    We can see the exact same intellect-numbness everywhere: the earphoned kids standing on streetcorners, mindlessly drifting with the flow of music; the cellphoned youth and adults staring at their cigaret-card size cell phone, reading messages and tweeting to each other like canaries (in our coalmine?); or those same groups at home anxious to read their Facebook messages about significant world events, such as which toothpaste their online invisible "friends" have just used. In fact, our new definition of "friends" is similar to an earlier fad of pet lovers who expressed their love by buying a "Pet Rock," or watching a "Friends" TV show glorifying neurotic singledom in our quaint Metropolis.

    Success in the West has resulted in spoiling kids and the population in general. Maybe Richard Alpert (aka, Baba Ram Das) was our own canary when he suggested we "Be Here Now!" We took his advice. The average person's vision of history is yesterday's headline, or news show (if they forgot how to read.) It will take more crises to wake our zombified generation up, but by then it could be too late.

    As for Islam as a new subject, actually its beliefs have never changed. It's just that some of us are now importing and ingesting those empty calories.

  • Peter Lancz

    Edip Yuksel, I won't even dignify your vile, disgusting antisemtic bile with a reply..
    Suffice it to quote Mark Twain, " Anti-israel Jew hatred is nothing other thatn the SWOLLEN ENVY OF PYGMIE MINDS. A MORE EXECRABLE EXAMPLE OF 'PYGMIE MINDLESSNESS 'WOULD BE HARD TO COME BY.

  • DAVE

    This was a magnificent article. THANK YOU, MR. SOLOWAY!

  • Neil

    Perhaps, if the USA had dynamic, smart leadership, who understood world events and didn't make a move until far left loons gave the okay, Israel's existence wouldn't be in jeopardy, nor would anyone question its motives for its survival. The rest of the free world pretty much takes its actions based upon what the USA says and does.

  • philgee

    Well, I gotta say–except for just a few mechanical errors, and very little beside, and which, for my own copy, I'll correct–this has been one of the finest articles I've ever read–or at least, in a lo-o-o-ng time, . . . fully amazing, . . . and except that, Islam is of better recognition in logic, not in the first place a religion, but a regressive cult, and criminalistic, in mere masquerade, . . .

  • jacob

    If the Israeli leaderships, instead of foolishy doing the impossible to stay in good terms with GOD and the Devil at the same time wold have handled matters from the standpoint of power, peoples would respect it instead of having it for their doormats.

    8 years of systematic bombing of South Israel, specially SDEROT which HAMAS, swore to turn in to a ghost town, responded with pinpoint air attacks that earned these shameless condemnations from the UN and the EU for "DISPROPORTIONATE MEANS" , instead of bombing back GAZA with the same disregard for human life shown
    by HAMAS, surely would have earned respect, as well as rendering dead on the sea the
    flotilla ships by disabling their propulsion and steering system, would have had a more sobering effect than boarding an enemy ship from a helicopter….

    That is why people say that he who si made out of sugar, ends up eaten by the ants…
    which in other words and in my concept is why ISRAEL with its stupid policy is harvesting what it has been planting and the reason why it has become world's whipping boy

    • Don Chapeau

      Israel can't treat Gaza the way Russia treats Chechniya. But it is true that the outrage addressed at Israel in Western Media far outweighs the outrage toward the Russians. Even the Moslem states want Russian aid. You don't see Iran complaining about the Russian aircraft shooting into apartment buildings in the Chechniyan city of Grozny – somehow all those dead Moslem fighters don't bother Iran. Perhaps the reason is that Russia is a country that spans 9 time zones, has a formidable nuclear and other forces, and is willing to give nuclear technology to Iran.

  • Wesley69

    An excellent article that sums up the situation of the United States and Europe. We, our society, our values, our power and determination are in decline. Our leadership is no friend of its own people or the ideas that made America great. Obama apologizes to the world for our perceived mistakes, including our view of our own exceptionalism. His policies deliberatlly continue us down paths which will lead to our extinction as a free people.

  • Wesley69

    Israel is on the front line in this global war on terrorism, or should I say, Obama's overseas contingency operations. There is no doubt in my mind, that Obama hates Israel and would love to see it disappear. Should that happen, the forces of Islamofascism, with Russian and Chinese, backing will take over Europe. The United States will fall because our cultural heart has been weakened by Obama and his fellow radical leftist appeasers and defeatists. What is there to fight for in the face of an enemy determined to either convert us or kill us. Sharia Law for the masses, but the elite?
    However, there are stirring within this country directed toward saving it from Obama's transformation. Many see in Israel the determination to survive against unbelievalble odds. They respect Israel's right to exist as a free people. On that one thing alone, we share a common bond.

  • Carole63

    How true this article is!
    God will protect Israel as it has done before since it became a nation, winning all those miraculous wars against all odds!
    I still don`t really understand why Israel is villified, how the people believe the lies and deceptions of the muslim arabs, especially in Gaza and Hamas, Hezbollah etc.
    The media have a lot to answer for in their bias against Israel!
    The devil is very sly and a taskmaster at deception and lies, so I suppose this is the reason why people can`t see the truth!
    I pray their eyes will be opened.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    America has been diminished by leftist influence in every aspect
    of our society, in all actions of life expressed by our people.
    In all and everything the left simply wants to make life
    in America impossible for its citizens, they want us dead.
    I do not think the left will winn, I think that Americans once
    awake to the results of inattention as is happening
    now will change our way of doing business politically.

    America sadly for the left is not prepared to substitute
    the American Eagle for Big Bird and it is time to push
    back against progressives, leftists, socialists, communists,
    and nihilism, Islam and any other subversive influence.
    Historically Nations have bloody purges and very many
    people will die in purging America and that is life as it
    has been and will be, I have no problem with hanging
    traitors and subversives, if civil war is what it takes to
    protect America from Islamist tyranny and Leftist
    decadence, let it be and the sooner the better, November
    is a good start, if votes don't work then something stronger

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Who ate my comment? I believe I wrote it out in
    English, a well known language on planet Earth.
    It should not take so long to find and interpreter
    or seer for understanding, I wait………………William

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Nine hours and counting, closed for the weekend
    maybe? Comments get eaten and time is lost……….William

  • AL__


  • Try Honesty

    Tolerance delivered by government guns. Reactionary views in the guise of progress.

  • Torri Biber

    It’s a 22 IP sample, though, so there’s not much to be made of the sample. However, he’s not the end all, be all for that rotation spot. They still have Andrew Oliver (though admittedly, he doesn’t appear ready), Duane Below is pitching well in AAA and of course the upcoming trade deadline. Finding a low-cost 5th starter shouldn’t be all that difficult even if the number of sellers in the market is lower than normal.

  • MixMChess

    "You mean that the land that millions of Jews from Europe and Russia immigrated to was an empty land?"

    Yes, the land was empty. Turkish and Arab statistics and figures prove that fact. Don't believe them, just ask Mark Twain who wrote about how the region was desolate. The only continual presence in the land was that of Jews who have always been a majority in places like Jerusalem.

    The early Zionists LEGALLY purchased VACANT and TENANT-FREE land from the Arabs. They specifically chose TENANT-FREE land in order to avoid in upsetting any of the local Arab sensibilities.

    BTW, only about 650,000 Jews initially immigrated from Europe, the next wave was almost exclusively from Arab Nations after they were expelled (800,000 + expelled) by xenophobic Arab governments.

    "Many more Palestinians, mostly young and teenagers were killed by Israel."

    The facts on the ground are much more complicated. Statistics show that mostly teenagers and young men engage in murdereous terrorism against Israel at the behest of groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Not to mention Hamas's brave rule of using children as human shields. Palestinians need to make peace and stop sending their youth on suicide missions. Then the Palestinian children can actually have hope. Do you want Palestinian children to be manipulated and murdered by Hamas?