Montreal Joins the War against Israel

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Khadir, for his part, cited the authority of Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu, two well-known anti-Semites and members of the doddering Council of Elders, to justify his actions. But Khadir was only acting in character, having participated in a pro-Hamas rally in downtown Montreal in January of last year and, in a reprise of Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaida, throwing a shoe at a likeness of George Bush during an anti-American rally in December 2008. Neither was a photograph of Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, exhibited at a Canadian Forces recruitment center, spared the indignity of Khadir’s fetish. Moreover, Khadir seems perfectly comfortable with the People’s Republic of China, a flagrant totalitarian regime and human rights abuser which is one of Canada’s largest trading partners, and has had nothing to say about the mullocracy’s brutal repression of Green Movement dissidents and young students in Iran.

Khadir was not alone in his campaign to advance the boycott of Israeli merchandise and, while he was at it, to persecute and demoralize a small entrepreneur, ironically enough, a constituent in his own riding. According to a first-hand account of the event, Khadir had friendly company, “about a hundred threatening Arabs with Hezbollah flags shouting anti-Semitic slogans.” My own telephone interview with store personnel—Monsieur Archambault has “gone on vacation”—yielded somewhat different numerical results: perhaps twenty-five picketers at any given time, possibly a hundred over the course of the day. Be that as it may, it’s not a pretty picture.

Of course, as indicated above, most major European cities are kilometers ahead of amiable Montreal in accommodating the belligerent Muslim enclaves in their midst. Anti-Israeli activism and virulent Jew-hatred are flourishing in European centers in ways that we have not yet quite managed to approximate here. But the animus against Israel and Jews is now a metastasizing aspect of common life, as it is everywhere in the culturally debilitated West.

True, we have a great distance to cover before approaching anything like the monstrosity of a Kristallnacht, “the night of broken glass,” that tore apart the civil fabric of Germany and Austria on November 9, 1938 when Jewish homes and shops were ransacked and destroyed. But what we call the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) launched in one Western nation after another against the Jewish state is only another, more genteel version of Kristallnacht, in which punitive market enactments, so to speak, are hurled through the windows of Israeli trade and commerce. In the words of blogger Kathy Shaidle, what happened on Saturday, December 18, 2010, on St. Denis Street in Montreal, on the sidewalk fronting Monsieur Archambault’s Boutique Le Marcheur, is merely a form of “slo-mo Kristallnacht.”

It is to be expected that hypocrites like Khadir will claim that they are not racists but principled objectors. “Just because a business is in my riding, I am not going to abandon my principles,” he pontificates. After all, he did not picket a Jewish-owned shop but one selling Israeli products. This enables Khadir, and those of his degenerate ilk, to pretend they are not anti-Semitic but simply anti-Zionist, thus papering over their real inclinations. Same old same new.

No one, however, should jump to the conclusion that it is exclusively Jewish shops, or shops selling Israeli goods, that will be targeted in the future. That is living in a fool’s paradise. When the extremist and fellow-traveling Muslim minority acquires critical mass, when more and more defenders of terrorists sit in our legislatures and political Parties trawl for the Muslim vote with an ever finer net, when Shari’a law insidiously and relentlessly seeps into our juridical structures and social mores, and as the degree of our cultural invalidism grows ever more alarming, we will discover that no one is safe any longer.

We recall the famous poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller—first “they” came for everyone else and, when he did not speak out, finally they came for him. It is not only a question of Israel or Jews. It is also a question of those who may (or may not) commiserate with the victims of such bigotry and discrimination, but who feel they are not implicated and can walk away from the unpleasantness of it all.

Soon, they may find, the shoe will be on the other foot.

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  • kafir4life

    You really can't blame them. But they arent' going far enough. I'd suggest that they refuse to put that joo filth Salk or Sabin polio vaccines in their chilrdren. These vaccines have been proven by muslim scientists to contain factors that target non-joos for sterilization. Don't any of the faux Israel haters know that!??? We'll know they're pure in your beliefs when we see their children get sick. As an alternative, you can use islamic medical advances. Oh wait…..that will only show you how to properly amputate a hand. Maybe they can use that instead of the vaccines!

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  • muchiboy

    Safe and Merry Christmas to All! Ron Grant and Family.

  • Jean Ouellette

    Good piece but it ignores the fact that the event has been condemned by the mainstream press. See

  • Larry

    One billion four hundred thousand Muslims equals 7 Noble Prizes
    Fourteen million Jews equal 181 Nobel Prizes
    I think this pretty well says it all

    • Neil

      True, but don't forget there's no one group who's better at blowing up things and slaughtering innocents than those who practice radical Islam. This fact is celebrated daily by the Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas, the Taliban, far left loons, etc. They're not really interested in doing anything constructive for the civilized world. This, the low, low percentage of those who receive Noble prizes, and who practice radical Islam, isn't likely to improve.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And a few of these Jewish Nobel Prizes were for inventing vaccines and medicines that allowed that worthless antisemitic troll Naziboy to get older (not grow up) and pollute these boards with his virulent Jew-hating poison.

  • nomalmohere

    Yet another reason far-leftist, America-hating Canada is off my vacation list.

    • stern

      Hang on a sec, there, nomal. Haven't you heard/seen what our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been doing and saying in favour of Israel, and how he's standing up against anti-Semitism? Canada was the first country to pull out of both Durban II and III and is one of the only countries that still votes pro-Israel at the UN. In fact, Canada recently lost its bid for a temporary Security Council seat because it refused to pander to the Arab/Muslim bloc. As for the America-hating bit, that was also the previous government, the Liberals. Right now, we're blessed with a Conservative government – and long may they rule!

      • Pat Bischoff

        Yes, you are so very right, Stern. G-d bless Harper. We don't have a better friend than him. I just wish he would have more power to stop Muslim immigration into our country.

    • HelgaMarie

      On behalf of Canada,most of us are quite a distance away from being far left or even America hating.Personally,I love the U.S. and am very thankful that we are so close in so many ways.Anyway,there are a lot of America hating Americans….you're not going to cease residing there,are you?

      • nomalmohere

        Of course you love us! We pick up the tab for all your military expenses. We await your begging for our military assistance as Russian encroaches upon your claims in the oil rich Arctic regions which you Canadians claim as yours. Parasites: that is how we see you.

        • USMCSniper

          You are sooo unfair. French Canadians are always willing to dight for their rights; right down to the last American soldier. But, in Western Canada, they are very pro American.

        • HelgaMarie

          Well,I'm very aware that the U.S. covers a huge portion of our military bills and if Russia comes a knockin' I'm really hoping the U.S. will come to our defense because,(a)we likely can't handle it alone (if at all) and (b) if Russia makes any headway up north it could mean a degree of adversity for you as well so it's to your benefit to support us.Why else would the U.S.spend so much up here all these years?If we go down does that solve the problem?
          Thankfully also,I know a great number of Americans that do not feel so sour towards Canada.I realize there is a lot of criticism aimed at the U.S. and it's especially shameful coming from us and I truly hate it.There is no country on earth like America and there never will be again.There is so much there to admire.Faults and problems,sure,but still the best nation of all and I always come to your defense when my fellow Canadians take a swipe at you.I chalk it up to massive jealousy.Everybody hates America because none of us can ever match you…tear her down instead….wrong,very,very wrong.If I had the writing skill I'd do an updated version of Gordon Sinclairs',"The Americans".
          Anyway,Happy New Year to you,nomal,and to all your fellow Americans.

  • Jean Ouellette

    in my previous commnet, i wanted to refer to this link;

  • Alex

    Can you blame a hyena for taking game from a cheetah and killing her cabs? Is it a rat’s fault if your food supply is damaged? Muslims did, do and will be doing the same thing for sentries before and for centuries to come and the only people we should hold responsible are us. We elect whores who care not about their countries and people but for their own pocket & power. It is us who prefer self-gratification to unpleasant search for truth and reality.

    Islam and muslims are Gangrene, as well as a plethora of other forcefully induced social ills, and we are a body refusing to take action towards healing.

    More unionized students’ brainwashing, more government thuggery, eat the “reach”, demand your “fare” cut at any and all cost…!

    Gold is $1,400.00 and going up! Viva Revolution!

  • waterwillows

    I wouldn't expect too much truth or insight in Canada's MSM. Sometimes a passing glance at the facts is about all one can expect from them. They follow the disinformation creed of the lefty media all around the world.
    Quebec has been encouraged, even allowed to grow as a racist province. Shame, that it is always whining, whining and more whining that comes out of Quebec. This pathetic engineering by the lefty media and her elites has cost the province just about everything. It is way more evil and racist than the telling them the truth. But then, don't the lefties everywhere desperately 'need' to have a victim in which to beat up the rest of the population? No matter that their words of vulture dung are all lies that promote a self-serving agenda.
    The full blown lying propaganda imposed on Quebec by her elites and media is a world disgrace and keeps Quebec in a regressed, poverty stricken state. Or is that their intention? The people need to wake up and see who their real enemies are.

  • Dennis

    Joyeux Noel M. Amir Khadir! J'ai un cadeaux pour vous. C'est un MERDE de COCHON parfume pour des hommes…produit de les fermes de North & South Carolinas.

    Really, now, tell the truth. The Israelis KNOW HOW TO MAKE SHOES. I suspect your friends have no knowledge of the process, thus, your protest.

    I used to visit Montreal each year for years during the '60s & '70s. Over the years, my readings have led me to believe what "waterwillows" stated above is more correct than not. I used to argue in French class that Quebec should not be prevented from disassociating from the rest of Canada. The other Provinces were being bled dry by Quebec. Let them go and soon they would become "the Haiti of the North". Why is that probable? Two reasons: 1. Paris is contaminated and disintegrating and spreading that disease to its former satellites. 2. It seems the French have surrendered their culture to one that is stuck in the ancient past and should have dried-up 1,400 years ago. My suggestion for all the "HABS", start reading Bastiat and de Tocqueville, then progress to Ayn Rand, Austrian Economics, and Heinlien's "THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS". If you do not believe what I see, visit the old French town of DETROIT and its near suburb of DEARBORN(ISTAN). I sincerely hope things will change for the best, but I am doubtful.

  • alexander

    give us the contact with that shoe store – we may buy some to p*ss Amir Khadir, the badly smelling ***hole north of US.

    • Dana

      Boutique Le Marcheur
      4062 St-Denis
      Montreal, QC H2W 2M5, Canada
      (514) 842-3007

    • MixMChess

      Pali-Nazis have tried to boycott and picket stores that sell Israeli merchandise/products or are otherwise sympathetic or support Israel. A great way to counter these fascists is to engage in a "buycott" of Israeli products. There is a website specially for Canadians at

  • Dennis

    In this world, not just in Montreal or the Province of Quebec, there are those people who know how to make shoes and those people who do not know how to make shoes. It appears that M. Amir Khadir is a member of and an agitator for those people who do not know how to make shoes. So, jealousy raises its ugly head. What is more disturbing is the attitude of French Quebec – Montreal – HABS who tolerate Khadir's antics and beliefs.
    Make a decision, mes amis, either grow-up and accept personal responsibilities sans overwhelming government and the rants of a dried-up, 1,400 year old belief system or disappear into the dustbin of history or be reduced to becoming the "HAITI of the NORTH". PS: "WATERWILLOW" speaks truth…I have heard, read, and seen much of it over the past 40 years. Bon Chance, mes amis.

  • Ageofreason

    I would urge anyone who lives in or visits Montreal, and who wants new shoes, to go to Mr. Archambault's shoe store and buy shoes there. Then drop off your old ones (hopefully they reek) at the office of the Islamist scum, Khadir. Perhaps he will understand the insult. Yes, I am embarassed to admit, we have people in Canada who spew forth shameful beliefs, and are not fit to empty the bedpans of men like Mr. Archambault.

  • Jack

    Yeah as usual Israel is always right even when they kill children keep up the good work.

    • MixMChess

      I'm sorry Jack, I think you have Israel confused with the Palestinians. Remember it is the Palestinians that inculcate their children with hate and actively encourage them to become suicide bombers. It is also the Palestinians who specifically target and murder Israeli children. Over 100 Israeli children were murdered during the 2nd intifada alone:….

    • ffoegthehun

      my god your dumb.

    • ziontruth

      Yeah, as usual the Muslims are always right, are always "oppressed people fighting for their freedom" even when they raise their children on the heritage of suicide-murder for the greater glory of the all-pervading Caliphate. Keep up the good work.

  • Spirit_Of_1683

    Jackass, how would you feel if rockets were being rained down on your house? Oh I get it. Because they're Muslims, you'd see their point of view as you buried your kid.

    • ViewPoint

      A recent Palestinian demand was especially stunning and absurd. It was published in a Dec. 23, 2010 article titled, "Palestinians: Israel must not respond to rocket fire… Palestinians say Israeli response to Gaza rockets could ruin peace process."

  • Spirit_Of_1683

    Amir Khadir – sounds like he's in urgent need of a knuckleduster sandwich.

  • dawning

    Islam is a virulent virus…..really it's a perfect description….and must be eradicated. IT has killed and caused ( causes ) more agony than any microscopic disease ever to appear on the planet.

  • bikingdoc

    Why did you delete my message? There wasn't anything obscene or offensive in it?

  • bikingdoc

    What I was trying to say (before it was censored) was that we shouldn't tolerate people like this jerk who comes from one of the most repressive terror-supporting countries on the planet criticizing courageous democratic little Israel. If he doesn't like the way our society is constituted incluing the Jews who have made fantastic contributions (and I'm not Jewish), he can go back to Iran, which should be very appealing to him since there aren't any Jews there, just a madman who's threatening to start WW3!
    I'm sick and tired of these Muslims coming here and importing the kind of hateful intolerant crap they spread everywhere. This kind of bigotry needs to be strongly resisted and exposed. For starters this clown needs to be removed from office for his hate-mongering.

  • Tamera Lisser

    This post was very useful for my research on games, thanks!

  • Jonathan Gagné

    As a French Quebecer living in Montreal (salut aux Québécois qui lisent!), let me state this clearly. Yes, Khadir is currently pretty popular, but this is much more due to the general depressing political context in Quebec (which allows Khadir to play the underdog in a quite effective way since a year and a half) than his idiotic, moronic public appearances related to the Israel issue. In fact, I predict that if Khadir keeps looking like the jackass he revealed himself to be throughout this whole shoestore episode, his personal popularity will decline steadily.

    Now, as for the Muslim issue in Quebec, what the article pointed out is true: since Montreal is primarily French, lots of immigrants from Muslim countries are settling here, and this represents a clear problem. It fuels the antisionist, antisemitic and anti-American insanity already present in Canada, and poses a clear threat to the secular values held dear by most Quebecers. But please, don't think all people around here agree with Khadir. I am proud to say that I consider the U.S. to be the greatest nation on Earth, and I know several people who think the same.