Obama’s Media Stall Out

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The reason for this dramatic peripety, the startling reversal of opinion, is obvious. Pro-Obama columnists and broadcasters will be forced to allow that they were taken in by a smooth and persuasive imposter, a Felix Krull or Melville’s Confidence Man. They must eventually realize that their credibility and sagacity, and in some cases even their careers, will soon be on the line. When a fairy-tale vehicle careens into the wall of reality, it is the wall that emerges intact. If these media types also wish to survive in one piece, they will have to do an about-face, explaining to the public that they were understandably inspired by the president’s apparent eloquence and sweet purr of power, and acted in a manner they judged best for America’s future interests. They really thought he was in the driver’s seat. They considered him a winner—as who would not have. They believed that he merited the “coverage” they lavished upon him. Because they were so deeply concerned for the nation’s future, they tumbled for his Canute-like assurance that his election would check the “rise of the oceans.” They did not see, to quote John Bolton, that he was really the first post-American president.

In other words, they were true patriots miserably deceived, as were so many others, by Obama’s youthful sparkle, redlining campaign energy and ostensible good faith, convinced that he would set the country on the right path, that he would heal the racial divide, that he would solve the financial crisis, that he would seek bi-partisan cooperation, that he would hunt down Osama bin Laden as per his campaign rhetoric, that he would close Gitmo, that he would fight only “good wars” or “wars of necessity,” that he would pacify the Middle East and that he would eventually bring peace and harmony to prevail among belligerents, both at home and abroad. But it didn’t happen that way; in fact, every major issue he has addressed has demonstrably worsened, every touted success has been a fiasco. And so the scribblers and talking heads will scramble to cover their derrières. Unlikely as this many seem at the present moment, expect headlines like We Were Had or We Hoped for Change—and Were Disappointed. And remember, you read it here.

One by one, then, the media dominoes will begin to fall. Naturally, they will not admit to evincing both frugal intelligence and political partiality. Rather, the fourth estate, apologetic and shame-faced, will insist on its bona fides and claim that no one is infallible, to err is human—and every other redemptive platitude it can think of. Like Letterman confessing to an affair, the media will attempt to recoup its public standing by being “refreshingly candid.”

Obama groupie David Brooks aired his doubts back in March 2009; while trashing the Republicans pro forma, he conceded that “Barack Obama is not who we thought he was.” Bloviating pundits like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman have already started to turn. Indeed, even a dinosaur like Frank Rich, roaming the Jurassic Park of the New York Times, is growing uncomfortable, lamenting the White House’s “record of incompletes” and suggesting that Obama should “start running his administration with a 9/11 sense of urgency.” Of course, there is no chance of this happening. Ultimately, the media will put on a great show of confessional humility, honesty and frankness. And then, once more, it will be business as usual. It will be time to attend another race and root for the wrong contestant.

Can one imagine a jalopy like Hillary revving her engine again?

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Yes, The Press will fess up and wake up. The worse is yet to come. The cry for documents will resound!

  • Ken in Mi.

    Just shows how complacent and ignorant Americans have become to believe they were getting something for nothing! These are the one's who elected him. A moral patriot has standards that does not allow them to be overcome by the empty talk of a circus clown, who is caught up in his own mind as being as great as he tells himself he is.
    He's just a little boy who never learned the value of being honest and the pride of actually earning his own way in life. In taking his lessons from fools, he has become a very good student who can ace an exam on uselessness as a leader.
    Woe to the one's who looked to such a person for redemption…!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/AlaskanInfidel AlaskanInfidel

    I never saw him as anything but bad for America…I was right.

    • Carol

      Interesting job..I bet you don't see many Black Panthers up in your neck of the woods.

      In regards to this article..we are all in a heap of trouble. All we can do is arm ourselves, pray and maybe put some food away for emergencies. The next election is not going to help us until we purge our country of the radicals amongst us.

  • ATC

    This little boy, Obama, has never been anything to me, other than a low life thug. If you voted for the thug, YOU, were the one asleep at the wheel!

  • Al Barrs

    The so called “mainstream” media has been one of Barack Obama primary enablers during the campaign and during his presidency, and it is they, the “propaganda” “mainstream” media who must shoulder much of the blame for the tyrannical Marxist government and political mess we have today. The “mainstream” media can’t be allowed to now back up and protect their own rear ends by attacking Obama and his thoughtless thug of a political army. It was they who protected him, built him up and broadcast lies. They haven’t changed. They just want to protect their bottom line. We, the people, thankfully still have the opportunity to vote for incumbents and turn them out to pasture for their attempted revolutionary transformation of our Constitutional republican form of government into a communist form of government. And, we can also vote the “mainstream” media out of office too by boycotting their TV, radio, newspapers and magazines and their advertisers.

    Political power was given to the people by our Constitution. We have only to stand up and use it!

  • Paardestaart

    "They considered him a winner.."

    And what do you think they would say now?
    That what they themselves thought and wanted was stupid and childish, or only that he doesn't deliver?
    Thank god he doesn't – but that doesn't change the fact that half of the American electorate wishes he would!
    They wànt him to drop Israel and cuddle up to islamia, they wànt America to fail in Afghanistan, they wànt him to use the BP-spill to change environmental laws, they wànt him to leave the border open and allow everyone into the country, and they really do want him to change America in to a 'socially-just' state by re-allocating other people's riches and killing capitalism
    They are only incensed that it takes longer than they thought..

  • dgene

    Black Marxist liberation theology requires two parties: the stupid unaware and /or oh so feeling guilty "white" person and the venal rude, thieving overly aggressive "black" sadist, which explains a world spectrum from Oprah to Obama, from Farrakon to Wright, from Marx to Webb and Shaw.

    Marxists of the world look around: you have everything to gain with your venality, immorality and boorishness. Except nobody wants you.

    And you smell.

  • Larry D. Crumbley

    Not only did I see him as nothing but bad, but I knew him to be unqualified for the office for which he was selected. I am so sick and tired of people bad mouthing the last President, and I will tell you why. At least he was an American, and he believed in HER. He loved America, and he was in charge when some of the worst things happened to America. Can any of you see this present day President on 09/11/2001. Ladies and gentlemen we now have a man sitting in "OUR" White-House that actually is not even qualified to be a dog-catcher, and that is being nice about it. I continue to see every day examples of lack of leadership ability, and his stupidity. I am so sick, and fed-up with my country for making the biggest mistake since Jimmy Carter that I am so looking to the possibility of leaving this great nation if I had the resources to do so, and then I remember what all the Founding Fathers did. They fought like crazy for FREEDOM, and I will do the same.

  • RD Maynard

    Everything you said about Obama is dead right. He is beyond incompetent. He may very well be extremely competent in his aims; the total distruction of the American way and it's constitution. If the media lets him suceed in that, there will be no room for them to whine about their missunderstandings.

  • Stephen D.

    I think you have it wrong Mr. Solway. I think everything he has done is EXACTLY what he wanted to do. I don't think he merely made mistakes but has purposefully adhered to an agenda as would an enemy of the country to subvert it at every level. This is not possible from a bumbler. This is only possible through planning. Now if that planning is of him or his handlers is another story. I just don't think it wise to underestimate him. It seems there is a sinister plan and he is at least a major part of it.

  • teq

    I always saw him as weak and confused. I never believed any of that stuff about him being a secret Muslim or a Socialist. To be a Muslim or a Socialist, at least he'd have to believe in SOMETHING, however wrong-headed. Bambi, on the other hand, never showed he had the character to stand for anything — not even something bad. He's a moral, physical and intellectual lightweight and his helium-filled balloon of hopey-changey has drifted away, and he will too, pretty soon.
    Bye Bye Bambi.

  • E. Paris

    Obama was and is an incompetent, radical leftist and anti-American imposter from the getgo. The longer he remains in the WH, the worse it will be for America, Liberty and the Free World. He should return to his beginnings in Africa and take his Black Panthers with him.

  • Gary from Jersey

    Some pretty tall asumptions here. The MSM is a product of the Long March, indoctrinated in self-evident fantasies and no willingness or ability to confront the core issues (to use a hack leftist phrase) that got them into this fix. They're the product of a lifetime of pc drivel where everyone else is to blame, where simplistic black-and-white responses to serious questions are the norm and where those who disagree deserve scorn.

    The MSM are incapable of fundamental change or reflection and will sink under the weight of its incompetence and delusions.

  • Jim C.

    The way the narrative goes, Obama has either been ineffective, in which case the Right should be happy–or he has been very effective, in which case the criticism that his is impotent is false. But it can't be both.

    Actually, he is just far too deliberate and moderate, too concerned with the political consequences. He should take a page from th Geirge W. Bush book, not care about "political capital," and get bold.

  • Gareth

    I love it – 'verbal torque'.
    Very well written piece.

  • Deborah

    Excellent, almost perfect decription of Osamabama. The only paranoild observation I would make is that what might be perceived and pure incompetence could be deliberate on the part of the Soros/Obama strategy, Especially with Soros on video saying the only way for the world economy to survive is the complete collapse of the American economy.
    God Help Us.

  • ajnn

    This posting does not even touch the surface of the destructiveness of many of Obama's policies.

    During the campaign I said, 'getting elected president is the only way Obama can get into the white House because otherwise, he cannot pass a security check'.

    His handling of the Russian spies (no de-briefing of the spies), Israel (empower the Islamic extremists), the economy / debt (Keynes is dead; governments cannot borrow their way out of a recession) , civil rights (empower the extremists and make the rhetoric more divisive), etc.

    And all of this he has done in only 18 months or so.

  • sgi_nc

    Solway may have a gift with flowery language, but his thinking is as naive as Obama's. Does Solway actually believe that the media will admit they were wrong about the current president? Who is Mr. Solway kidding? When have the media ever "admitted" anything? I agree that Obama is a bad president, that he is slow, full of himself and has done nothing but made us worse off. However, the idea that the media will ever let go of their Messiah is patently absurd. They will find a way to blame conservatives, saying that "racism" is the reason Obama did not succeed. Obviously. No offense, Mr. Solway, but I think you would be better off writing poetry than political soothsaying.

  • george gobel

    The article is wrong on one curcial point.The mainstream media will never admit error.They will continue to spin "Bush's fault' or "do nothing Republicans" until the very end -and then they will write books explaining how the Obama presidency was foiled by the right wing conspiracy.They do not need to fear for their jobs -their bosses and owners have been subsidizing their failures through years of declining sales and ratings -why does Katie Couric still have a job?/ Why does Frank Rich ? Why is collosal money loser MSNBC still on the air?

  • Jack Ajzenberg

    The car business as Obama metaphor works a little bit because he has managed to derail GM, protect autoworkers from their own hubristic doubledealing in labour practices satoking iflaion and unemployment. However it is a much too much and tired. Anyway all this stuff Soloway puts out about his incompetence, Chico way is blubbering because Americans elected exactly the man they wanted and very well might do it again because athough less so, he is still the guy for east-west coast whiners sucking on entitlement, rights and irony. He is the man for many denizens of urban america and forever adolescent suburbanites exurbinites. He is still much loved by special interests, corporate America and most constituent parts of the image making monolithic leviathon. He is the idol the faithless, the me first and the liberationists live to worship. The more fluff, the more plastic, the more fake and duplicitous he is, the more he is the go to guy for the American citizen seeking a new pose, a better air to assume. He is their one and Soloway dont get it

  • voted against carter

    The media. every thing is just fine.

  • Reneeca

    The media is not going to abandon Obama. With their ratings in the toilet, they are just waiting for Obama to bail them out. This gift of our taxpayers money to save their behinds, will only allow even more favoritism and bias. Obama will own them. you may as well call the MSM an arm of the government, if it isn't already since this administration is the most media savvy ever. Obama will own own them!

  • http://www.rheller.net robert

    i wouldn't count on the press ever admitting error or demonstrating any level of humility. none. not any time soon. they will continue to hope for a comeback for 2012 and blame past Bush / Republican sins for the failures of their hero.

    hey, my prognostication has as much probability of being correct as yours…

  • Amin

    The media will never stop carrying his water.

  • Jim Golden

    He really is the most incompetent President in my life and I am 56 years old and yes I include Carter in those.

  • http://www.lifeshaven.net Utopian

    As Actors and actresses receive all the glory for their portrayed characters, having wisdom and courage handed to them in the script, so likewise President Obama has received the glory for the weighty words spoken, words that were not his but his speechwriters. The mouth may speak what the heart never knows.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/polipath polipath

    Excellent critique of our feckless Agitator-in-Chief who has never been anything more than a front man for his radical minders. But the Left is metaphysically incapable of admitting error or wrongdoing. So the mantra will remain that it's (a) all Bush's fault and/or (b) Racism. At worst the Left will simply turn off the Obama spot light and otherwise ignore him. That Left has too much invested in Obummer to do otherwise.

  • ChrisC

    Well, he's already got the Nobel Peace prize… what more does he need to do? Mind you, the Nobel committee demonstrated their lack of credibility when they gave Gore his.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

    I am beginning to believe it is his plan to destroy the USA; albeit not at the risk of losing all political power which is about to do.

  • teq

    I always saw him as weak and confused. I never believed any of that stuff about him being a secret Muslim or a Socialist. To be a Muslim or a Socialist, at least he'd have to believe in SOMETHING, however wrong-headed. Bambi, on the other hand, never showed he had the character to stand for anything — not even something bad. He's a moral, physical and intellectual lightweight and his helium-filled balloon of hopey-changey has drifted away, and he will too, pretty soon.

  • keithrage

    The president is a well practiced liar, a deceptive fascist, he surrounds himself with radicals and socialists, and would have full on communists in the white house if he could get away with it. Bring America to its knees and assume total dictatorial power, that is his goal, watch for some "terror" event to enable him to do it.

  • Dennis Menzer

    I pray that this president will do something soon that is so stupid and unacceptable even to a brain dead liberal that he will be impeached. We will never be able to wait until 2012 to get rid of him.

  • RoyW

    Nail, meet hammer.

  • marineseabee

    The old adage "if it's too good to be true, it usually isn't", suits this obumber to a T. I knew as soon as I saw & heard him for the first time, that if anyone voted for obumber, the voter should be immediately committed to an insane asylum.
    The problem is, there are still too many "people" who say "he's just getting started". THAT'S what I'm afraid of.
    IF the "people" don't get their head out of their *ss before November 2, 2010, and vote EVERY demoncrat out of office on November 2, 2010, then America as we knew it WILL be no more.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/HostileLogic HostileLogic

    Barack Hussein Obama is a flaming, white-hating racist; an anti-Semite, a sewer-drenched maggot – and not least of all – a malevolent Marxist cockroach.

    Obama is not simply a radical leftist or a radical socialist. He is a Marxist revolutionary. This puss oozing, malignant illegal alien is spiteful, hateful, destructive and a putrid venom running through the body of this nation.

    I tried my best to sugarcoat this post to keep it civil so as not to upset any malodorous Marxist crapweasels that might be lurking on this forum.

  • Mike88

    HostileLogic, all of your descriptions of Barack Hussain Obama are true and correct, but I also must remind you that you are being way too kind in your description of Obama and all of his minnions.