Park51 and the Charge of “Islamophobia”

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It is only fair to note that those chiefly responsible for igniting the pyrotechnical displays and public clashes we are currently witnessing make up the caste of society’s most privileged members. They are the ones who soft-pedal the terrorist phenomenon by arguing that the jihadists are exceptions to the rule and base their extremism on an (errant) interpretation of the Koran. They do not realize that the radical reading of the holy book is not an interpretation but a solid grasp of what is actually there on page after imperious page. Such careless or disingenuous thinking by our fashionable consuls and proctors amounts to a condition of impermeable stupefaction.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the various arguments marshaled by people who see no problem with a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero and denigrate its opponents as unreconstructed bigots are, on the whole, rather flimsy and demeaning, as well as morally revolting and derelict with the truth. Its exponents sit so far back in the bleachers behind left field that they cannot see the play at the plate. They have all given their support to the Cordoba project, but without having done their due diligence and investigated Rauf’s disturbing statements, fund raising activities, salient omissions and various affiliations, in particular his ties to the so-called “9/11 mosque,” the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia sending forth its jihadists to do battle with the infidel.

Nor do they seem to have consulted Rauf’s 2005 book, What’s Right with Islam Is What’s Right With America, originally titled A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post 9/11. Dawa refers to the preaching of Islam, of which Rauf does his share in a book which, inter alia, urges America to transcend its reputation as “the schoolyard bully of the twenty-first century,” deplores the loss of the “deeply intimate kinship” between Jews and Muslims caused by the creation of Israel, and lobbies for the prestige and adoption of shari’a law. Instead of outing Rauf’s sermonizing absurdities and attending to his many tortuous duplicities, the mosqueteers are content to hurl taunts and insults at even the most principled objectors to the scandal of an Islamic monument where thousands of people were incinerated by Islamic terrorists. As Susannah Fleetwood writes, these devious collaborators are trying to “‘otherize’ ” all opponents of the Ground Zero mosque as bigoted, anti-American rednecks,” while stamping Rauf’s passport to legitimacy.

The “masjid affair” has as much to say about a decadent America, at least among its opinion makers and upper echelons, as it does about a vigorous and confident Islam. What the melee has clearly disclosed is the betrayal of America by its own elite, the reckless and unconscionable slandering of America’s most concerned and loyal citizens, and the flouting of both common sense and common decency.

This is how the House of Islam gets built.

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  • 911Infidel

    Scrutinizing a philosophy that seems to be the reason behind the Third Great Jihad seems only reasonable. Calling one a phobic for having done so, is more about sustained invective than fact.

    If one bothered to read about Islamic history rather than make assumptions not based in fact, one might actually come to the conclusion that the author is right. Which he is.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Enough already of intimidation with terms like "Islamophobia", bigotry, racism, invented by the Islamic apologists. If we are to survive, Islamophobia is exactly what we need! Islam is at existential war against us and the rest of the world. You cannot wish it away:
    The 9/11 mosque is the ultimate insult to the decency disregarding who is its imam and whose money. No more mosques anywhere! Wake up America and rid of Islam until Islam did not rid of you.

  • BS1977

    Islamophobia? Sounds rational to most folks. Be afraid, be very afraid!!!!

  • SoundDoc

    I hate a lot of things, poison, garbage, crime, snakes, etc. I guess I have a lot of phobias. TOO bad!

  • kafir4life

    I forgot to mention….

    When (if) islam earns respect instead of demanding, they may receive it. Until then…….

    Allahu Snackbar!

  • Barry Cooper

    We are in challenging times. Perhaps there have been few generations since the birth of the world who did not at some point need to say that, but each challenge differs in its scope and details.

    Our task, today, is to save the world. Step one is the formation of a foundational moral narrative that transcends nation and creed without forcing others into submission to that narrative.

    We need to be clear that the single greatest threat to our freedom is, paradoxically, our freedom. What I have in mind is the radical freedom that naive scientism and the atheism to which it leads bring people, as expressed by many atheistic philosophers over the last century or two, most notably Marx, Nietzche (I count Ayn Rand as standing in his tradition, whether she ever said so or not), and the Existentialists, who infiltrated our Academies starting in the 50's, and provided tacit cover for the very few radicals who were already there that had survived the early 50's.

  • Barry Cooper

    If you study modern philosophy, they quite simply reject the notion of meaning. This is done in the abstract, however. Concretely, they embrace politics as their religion. This is something into which they are forced by those around them, and by internal necessity, as a means of combatting the depressing nihilism which for many attends the ideas that death is final, and that nothing we do really matters in the end (those beliefs, by the way, are open to empirical examination, and there is ample cause for hope that death is not indeed final; in any event, that idea cannot be taken as a starting point in the scientific age without better justification than is now given).

    We could perhaps overlay our current political groupings, then, into those for whom politics, alone, constitutes what I call a Meaning system (a meaning system tells you what to do, and gives you a reason to endure the pain of life), and those for whom politics is a means to the end of PROTECTING their actual meaning system. These would include the religious, but not them alone.

  • Barry Cooper

    What needs to be understood is that nihilism is a crumbling edifice. It is the castle in the Gothic novel that once stood tall and proud, and has now fallen into decay and ruin. It is the decrepit building in San Francisco where took up residence, and it is the internal mindset of those who work there. Historically, it is the loss of faith in reason, tradition, and shared notions of right and wrong.

    In addressing what I will term "The Islamic Question", knowing full well the historical antecedants of that phrase, we need to be clear about something: no religion on earth practices what is in its scriptures with exactitude. Everyone fails, to a greater or lesser extent. Jews no longer sacrifice animals. Christians do not always turn the other cheek. And Muslims need not pursue aggressive, physical jihad.

    I know that many argue that the effort to differentiate between moderate and radical Muslims is futile, since their scripture is so patently violent. This is true, but it is also true that there are many suras calling for mercy, generosity, justice, and patience. This I would assume, in any event, not having read the Koran.

  • Barry Cooper

    Unless we are willing to contemplate some sort of Endloesung with respect to the Muslims, our task is to feed what is good in them and do what we can to starve what is bad. This means that we have to make individual distinctions. We need to treat them as sovereign individuals, not with notions of collective guilt.

    The connection between meaning and Islam is this: for those without a sense of purpose, the idea of being submerged into a violently imposed collective order is not without appeal. It frees them from the anxiety of making moral decisions without a moral compass or framework. It would tell them what to do, which would free them from the pain of freedom, and thereby mitigate if not eliminate the problem of pain.

    Islamism is such a doctrine. So is Communism.

    In the end, what we want is a world filled with people who have a sense of purpose, and what I call a "will to qualitative power". This is the end goal. Nothing short of it will do.

  • Barry Cooper

    Towards that end, we need not demonize Muslims en masse. With respect to the 9/11 mosque itself, two points: 1) they chose the anniversary of the attacks to dedicate the mosque. This means THEY THEMSELVES connected the mosque to the attacks. Had they chosen another date, for example the date of the Haj, they would have had some wiggle room. As it is, they have none. The date explicitly confirmed their intentions (even if it has since been changed under pressure).

    2) how many 13 story mosques are there in New York? In the United States? This would be an interesting fact to acquire. Not many, I would suppose. That is a lot of people. Tie the size with the date, and the intention is clear enough, and only a fool would deny it. This is the part of Islam we need to discourage.

  • Barry Cooper

    What we need to encourage is a willingness to:

    1) renounce suicide attacks against civilians as unIslamic, which they are.

    2) accept the right of Israel to exist. Historically, Jerusalem and "Palestine" generally were unimportant to Muslims, until the Kurd Saladin made it so in his efforts to reconquer it.

    3) For prominent American Muslims to accept, publicly, that the laws of our nation–and all non-Islamic nations–derive from the Constitution and the laws enacted by our Congress, and that while they are free to pursue their own private notions of virtue, that they are NOT free to impose their religious laws on anyone else. To accept, in principle, that calls for any source of law that does not derive from the Constitution amounts to de facto sedition.

    • CanadConserv

      It seems, Barry, given all the thumbs down you're being misunderstood. Reagrdless, this is questionable:

      "1) renounce suicide attacks against civilians as unIslamic, which they are."

      The Koran is at theological war with itself. But if the concept of abrogation holds, we know the martial passges defeat the peaceful ones. Even if it doesn't hold, there's a ton of justification for war on infidels using whatever tactics, suicide bombings too.

      • Barry Cooper

        In my understanding, once one enters the House of Peace–once one surrenders to the will of Allah–one is supposed to be safe from fellow members of the House of Peace. The overwhelming majority of the victims of suicide bombings, over the last ten years or so, have been Muslims. This is counter-scriptural.

        Historically, of course, internecine brutality commenced almost immediately upon the death of Muhammad, but that was as unscriptural as, well, the Roman Catholic Church for most of its history. As I understand it, Vatican City is the wealthiest nation on Earth, measured per capita, which is scarcely compatible with "easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle. . ."

        • CanadConserv

          True, far more Muslims than infidels are killed by suicide bombings, and that, on the face of it, seems contrary to teachings that apply to the House of Islam. But:1) That still leaves suicide bombings as perfectly Islamic when aimed at non Muslims, and 2) Given that Islam talks about Muslims betraying the faith as being equivalent to infidels, then, given all the contradictions, it's pretty easy for any one Islamic group to see others as apostate or otherwise undermining “true” Islam. In turn, such people, like infidels, are appropriate targets for suicide bombings or other retribution.

      • Barry Cooper

        Be that as it may, here is my core contention: if we do not want to destroy or militarily contain Muslims the world over, we need to learn how to live with them. I believe, perhaps naively, that we all have within us the potential for goodness, for decency, and for self restraint. These things need to be fed culturally, and the tendencies of childish indulgence, impatient violence, and autocratic cruelty curtained through starvation.

        We make a grave error, in my view, in seeing all Muslims as the enemy, or their religion as incapable of reform. Yes, I know it is violent. Yes, I know the history of the building of their empire. Yes, I know they have a demographic advantage in Europe, and that some wealthy people are working to undermine us in the United States. I know all these things.

      • Barry Cooper

        Yet, what is the end goal? In my view, it is global peace and harmony, the protection of all individual moral orders, and an end to poverty and the creation of sufficient time for people to perfect themselves morally.

        To think in lesser terms than our final end goal is to my mind to be superficial, and while I may agree with those who vehemently oppose Islamic extremism, I still think that to win a war, you need strategy, not just tactics, and strategy presupposes having an end in mind.

        As far as the minuses, I'm used to it, albeit not normally on conservative websites. I fart in their general direction.

        • CanadConserv

          I agree that 1.2 billion Muslims aren't likely to convert, so the answer has to be moderated Islam. Unfortunately, that means the vast Muslim majority must go into denial as to the true message of the faith, in particular regarding non muslims, or Muslims with a different perspective. But how will such moderation (denial) come into being? Only through one way: democratization. Democratic people are reluctant to allow their governments to take them to war. They tend towards secularization. They grant equal rights to women and minorities. Will the Islamic world go democratic? Hope so. it seems Turks will toss out their Islamist leaning government before long. Bush made a good first effort at Arab democracy with Iraq – and hopefully Obama won't now blow it there.

  • Barry Cooper

    Hopefully the foregoing makes sense. I had not intended this to be so long. Mr. Solway, if you have the time, please take a look at the site linked on my name, which goes to a page discussing my views on Goodness. My definition is on that page, and the Otter picture gets you to my chain of reasoning.

    We need to be able to use this word non-ironically again. This will in time get us away from the skull t-shirts, and death metal.

    • gobbin

      Too many words, Barry, and to no great purpose.

      • Barry Cooper

        You yourself have accomplished saying nothing in very few words. Is that the goal towards the attainment of which you feel I ought to exert myself?

        Actually refraining from comment entirely, it seems to me, would accomplish the same thing, and with less work.

        For now I'll content myself with the knowledge that you are not in fact the only person on here capable of reading, and quite obviously not a dominant intellect.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Sadly, Daisy Khan is wrong in calling America Islamophobic. It is not by a long shot. It SHOULD be and the Ground Zero mosque proposal will help it get there. Far too many Americans are still totally uninformed about the fact that fundamental Islam is at war with us. We can rely, however, on Islamists who are programmed to push, push, push, to get us there. Even sleepwalkers reach a point where they wake up and shout, "Enough is enough!"

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    In this world of duality Christianity is the religion of love. Islam is the religion of hate. And God is love.

  • Dan Gray

    Reading T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia), "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," we can predict how American society might change if we open ourselves to Islamic values. The Clash of Civilizations may happen on the Streets of New York.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Will the name of the street in front of the Mosque be
    changed to Imam Obama Drive…………………….William

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The new Mosque will alternately be called
      Bloomberg Cathedrial……………………..

  • Wesley69

    No mosque until Freedom Tower is built. No government funds for the mosque unless St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church received it, for it was destroyed by Tower Two's collapse. No mosque until the church is given the same right to build. No mosque regardless at the current site, not where a landing assembly of one of the doomed jets crashed into the roof. We should be talking about Freedom Tower. Obama should be talking about Freedom Tower Why has it not been rebuilt??????? The political tsunami needs to come in 2010 and in 2012. Freedom Tower needs to be ready by 2012. Freedom Tower will then represent more than a remembrance of the victims of 9/11. It will be our statement to the world that WE THE PEOPLE rule here, that WE AS A PEOPLE believe that our freedom is something worth fight for!!!!!!!!

  • Reneeca

    Liza, what is the point of this website? Is this something you believe? Don't just put a website up without comment. Let us know where YOU stand!

  • Martin K.

    Quote: deplores the loss of the “deeply intimate kinship” between Jews and Muslims caused by the creation of Israel,]

    Yeah is it not funny, Jews have a tiny speck of land as their own and suddenly the “peaceful coexistence” between Jews and Muslims goes out the window! Israel is surrounded by states most of which were created by the infidels after the collapse of the ottoman empire.

  • Lori

    What Can Mere Man Do To You? Build A Mosque? It Is Pathetic! And To Provoke someone to Fear will Anger Them Eventually!

  • Steve Edward

    It is reassuring to see Americans are waking up to the global threat of Islam, especially in their own country. Maybe, just Maybe, America will once again help to liberate Europe from fascists as it has done during WW 2. This time liberate Europe from Islamo-Fasicsm that has infiltrated and is subverting a number of Western European Countries. Perhaps, when the Europeans see that Americans love their freedom enough to violently defend it against these Islamic Saboteurs, the Europeans will finally wake up and drive these religious fascists from their midst.

    • Islamophobic

      Apparently, they love them so much, they are importing another 50 million of them, just to insure that European culture does not survive. Suicidal.

  • Barry Cooper

    Should we then kill them all? Invade all Muslim nations and subjugate them?

    You are being stupid. OUR TROOPS, at this very moment, are fighting NEXT TO Muslims. We are working to build a stable more-or-less democracy in Iraq, and have spent a LOT of American blood and treasure to do it.

    As long as people keep treating all Muslims not just as the enemy, but as incapable of internal reform, we undermine those efforts. There can be and have been relatively moderate, pro-Western regimes in the Middle East. These would include Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran.

    You people need to think long term. "Kill them all, and let God sort them out" is attractive in principle, but little good and lot of harm flows from such beliefs. If we fight, we need to fight intelligently.

  • topperj

    Useful idiots are never out of style for our enemies.

  • gsw

    Just read a article dissecting the roots of the term "paedophile" (child-lover), which began as a benign antonym to paedophobe (child-hater). The article suggesting we stop using it – we should use "child rapist" instead.

    Does this mean that given enough time a word like "islamophile" – currently used by the left-wing dhimmis, could eventually evolve to be an insult? Something we all wish to avoid being accused of?

    So lets get started: Are you a (shudder) islamophile?

  • Roline Yull

    The Rule of Law is a basic concept of western societies, and is a useful way to look at this. Is the proposed building within the laws, federal, state and local, that govern the locus of the proposed site? If it is, then the laws are defective, if you wish to stop such occurrences, and the fault lies there. Fix the laws to reflect what you want for your country, state, city, in such a manner that they will prevent what you don't want, and encourage what you do want. If the building is not within the laws of country, state or city, then case closed, it can't be built. Rule of Law. Works, and works rationally and fairly, without emotionalism, and doesn't expose you to accusations of bias against the religion of Islam.

  • traeh
  • Barry Cooper

    You're right, of course, but my point is that these understandings need not be universal.

    In the end, who is fighting us? By and large, three groups: Islamic rednecks, who are funded by some wealthy sheikhs, and led in many cases by Western educated intellectuals. Their indoctrination is daily reinforced by muezzins calling for death and destruction.

    I have been saying for years that we need to do everything within our power to tease out whatever latent decency and humanity lies within the Umma. It may take a combination of battlefield reverses and PR campaigns, but I think moderation–true, not rhetorical moderation–is possible.

    Beirut was once the "Paris of the Middle East". Why not again, one day?

    • CanadConserv

      But consider what happened to Beirut: the Christian population declined, the Islamic population increased, and Muslims incited a civil war. But I agree that `these understandings need not be universal,` which is a way of saying I think Islam can moderate. But only, as I posted elsewhere to you, through democratization – opposition to which was one reason for the Islamic led Lebanese civil war. Even now the political and near martial battle lines in lebanon are between pro-democratic Christians and some Sunnis, versus the Islamist, iran inspired, Hezbollah led Islamists.

  • RabidAgainstIslam

    I admit to being Islamophobic. They are like spiders. Some are poisonous, some are not, but I hate them all because they're so creepy. Islam is creepy.

    As if any God would tell his creation to go kill off others of his creation. I truly believe that Islam is the religion of Satan. Everything that is wrong with mankind is exaggerated in Islam. It's as if they took all the goodness and tossed it aside and all that was left was the depravity.

    Islam is going to become the state religion of Europe, no doubt. If America can survive we will forever be up against a religion that uses it's women as breeding machines to make more suicide bombers and the rest of the world will be against us as they become taken over. It is going to take us "radically meaning business" against this scourge of man if we are to survive.

    Their vision of what the world should be is diametrically opposed to what the U.S. is. They believe that mankind cannot do the right thing, that they must be forced to do it and they do believe in a collective religion rather than an individual relationship with God. In their religion, if they are not forcing people to surrender to Islam, then they are guilty in the eyes of Allah.

    So, as a woman, this scares me more than anything. it's like every woman's worst nightmares all rolled into one. Rape, mutilation, hatred, isolation, ignorance, beatings, servitude, poverty, slavery, etc., etc., etc.

  • Globalseek

    I feel some important issues have been grossly neglected in this uproar.

    First, Imam Rauf has been reported to have been giving extremism-oriented speeches and his finances are not in order (please see the website of Investigative Project on Terrorism).

    Besides, he has ignored the fact that the 3 Abrahamic religions are not the only ones existing in the US. There are non-Abrahamic religions as well as many shades of non-religious ideologies in the US.

    A proposal to build inter-community dialogue is most welcome and protecting the rights of the minority groups in a democracy is fine. But the responsibility for inter-community dialogue should not be given to an extremist person. Nor should the rights of the minorities be determined by the extremist sections in that group, when a large number of democratic Muslims have clearly opposed Park51.

    The US Govt is not doing a favour to the Muslim population of the US by giving right of passage to the extremist voices amongst them. It will do well to protect the right of the democratic Muslims who don't want Park51 and should not allow the project to go on.

    Treating this as the personal religious freedom of a private individual on his personal property is also grossly wrong.

    Imam Rauf never said he was building a private residence or a place for his private religious activity. He said he wanted a community centre for engaging the community. And the community – the democratic Muslims and the non-Muslims – doesn't want it. In this event, his project should not be allowed to go on.

    Those who support the project in the name of religious freedom of the minorities have actually attempted to suppress the voices of the democratic Muslims. They don't realise that the Muslim community is not homogeneous. There are different shades of Muslims around.

    It only shows their own ignorance of Muslim society.

    Instead of indulging in populist politics and supporting an extremist Imam, they should support the democratic Muslims who are against Park51, if they truly cherish the American democratic values.

  • Barry Cooper

    Democratization, in the end, is a moral process. It is accepting, in principle, that the views of your government may not be the same as your own. Given that, I think it must necessarily proceed pari pasu with moderation.

    Iraq will be a very interesting experiment. We will see there if true democracy and Islam can go together. In the end, in a democracy, all moral order must be personal, and not collective. This is a key distinction. We must atomize, so that we can re-form/self organize in varying and flexible ways.

  • chiquelets

    Every time a Muslim speaks of peace and 'bridge building', show him the photo of the young woman w/ her nose cut off, or of the women buried to their necks and stoned by their 'neighbors, or how about the honor killings? Time to wake up America! Parisians are fed up w/ several blocks in their city being cordoned off so these morons can pray in the middle of the street, so they're having a "Swine and Wine Fest" today in the same place…good for you Paris! Bring a slab of bacon to the 9/11 protest America…better yet, roast a pig in front of the proposed Mosque.

  • bpaolucci

    I have a feeling you will be seeing pigs being walked back and forth along the Burlington Bldg soon. Those who do it will bring a bottle of booze with them too.

    I can't wait to see it.