Solving the Obama Problem

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Regular readers of this site need not be reminded of Barack Obama’s countless gaffes, aberrations, indulgences, prevarications, poor decisions, shady dealings and worrisome patches of biographical obscurity. These blemishes have been rehearsed in article after article to the extent to which we can say that, by this time, the issue of his competence and bona fides should have reached critical mass. Nevertheless, for the fence sitters, the undecideds or those of a different political persuasion who out of curiosity occasionally scan the conservative media, it might be expedient to revisit the Obama problem and set down a brief summary of the president’s track record.

I have argued before that Barack Obama is as close to being a rogue president as can be imagined. There is something troublingly undocumented about him, a cloud of ambiguity hovering over his selective reticence. No one can doubt that his actual résumé, compared to that of any of his predecessors, is strangely bare, like a kind of Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. (Obama’s first memoir in particular, Dreams from My Father, as Jerome Corsi shows in The Obama Nation, is a distinctly unreliable source. Corsi has been viciously attacked as a liar and a “discredited, fringe bigot,” but his defense of his allegations is point-device.)

Some facts are known—where Obama studied, where he taught, his activities as a “community organizer,” his various associates, his attendance at Trinity United Church, his law firm employment, his voting record in the Senate, and now the White House visitors list to which, as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer reveal in The Post-American Presidency, access had been blocked until a legal suit forced him to release it. The problem is that much of genuine importance remains an ongoing mystery.

For example, his college and university transcripts, including his academic papers and financial statements, his senate files and schedules, his professional client lists and other documentation remain sequestered under seal, a fact which should properly distress even his most ardent supporters. There is also the enigma of his faith, for although Obama professes to be a Christian, “we don’t know,” writes Bosch Fawstin, “when he renounced Islam, if he ever truly did.” (Political scientist John Drew who knew Obama at Occidental College is confident that “his basic mental architecture has more links to Islam than Christianity.”) Obama’s informational footprint, unlike his carbon footprint, is scarcely discernible. What does the president have to hide? There should be no reason for such coyness—if that is what it is—any more than, for example, there could be a legitimate reason for the Los Angeles Times to suppress video footage of Obama’s words and actions at former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi’s Chicago farewell party. Something is clearly not kosher here.

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  • poptoy

    Mr. Sowell is correct. Roger Simon is also correct. Obama has done nothing but run this country into the ground. He will continue if he is not stopped. GOD please help us.

  • guest

    NO US Elections in 2010?

    Look at:

    Be sure to look at the Archives

    Is this what the Left is planning?

    Is this what some of the Democratic supporters are
    planning? Are some of these supporters
    putting in a powder they call "Jock Strap"?

    Is their budget about $100,000 to allow sending
    75,000 Puffies to Republicans, their offices, and the
    homes of their supporters?

    Are they trying to give Obama a reason to issue
    a Presidential Order to shut down the 2010 elections
    until the Puffie issue is resolved?

    Are huge numbers of 99ers also playing Puffie to
    force the US Government to take some action?
    Is this Puffie stuff just a low cost US civil war?


  • Cuban Refugee

    Thank you, Mr. Solway, for concisely stating the many valid reasons why the Community Organizer in Chief should be impeached. Let us pray that the 2010 elections take place so that we can start the process legally; otherwise, there will be dark clouds over our sky and patriots' blood shed on our beautiful land through many battles, but Alinsky, Cloward, Piven, Strong, and Soros will not win the war.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    If anything, Mr. Solway is kind. Too kind in this instance. His summary of this disaster in the White House brings to mind how ineffective our whole system is. We license cab drivers and various trades that involve contact with the public. Wouldn't it make sense to have some sort of security measure through which an individual must go before he can run for any office? We voted for a man who cleverly misrepresented himself while we knew next to nothing about him. We are dummies.

  • Wesley69

    Mr. Solway's depiction of this outlaw presidency is right on the money. November elections ARE crucial to the survival of liberty in this country. Should the Republicans get a majority in the House and hopefully the Senate, their major job will be to be a roadblock against Obama's transformation.
    They must INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE, INVESTIGATE this administration, ACORN the SEIU, the Apollo Alliance. They have the power of subpoena. Use it! They must DEFUND all the Czars and then make Obama prove why they are needed. They must block his appointments to the National Judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court. They must DEFUND any of the bills passed by the previous Congress and have public hearings on every page of the Stimulus Bill, the Financial Reform Bill and ObamaCare exposing all the hidden provisions. They must review Obama's Executive Orders making sure they do not infringe upon the law-making abilities of Congress. If they do, then Congress sues the Executive.

  • Wesley69

    An important thing the Republicans must do is present Americans with a new contract handling the National Debt, Taxes and the Economy, Immigration Reform, Health Care Reform, National Security. Congressman Paul Ryan’s ROADMAP FOR AMERICA can be a place to start. They must reform the politics of corruption and business as usual, that means pork barrel spending. They will encounter Obama's veto pen, but they must show their ideas will help restore this country and get the word out to counter Obama's propaganda to the contrary.

  • Wesley69

    A new Federalism must be reestablished with a balance between the powers of the states and the national government. Unfunded mandates by the National Government need to be restricted. Certain departments within the National Government such as Education need to be abolished. If Obama’s actions stray too far from the “outdated“ constitution, impeachment is a second to last resort. Before that Congress could vote censure, and then ask two-thirds of the states to call for a Constitutional Convention to save the nation from an out of control executive. This was done in the 1860’s producing the 14th and 15th Amendments to get around President Johnson. Neither Congress, nor Obama could stop it. The key is limiting what that convention will address. But amendments could be made to impose severe limits on Obama's power, forcing him to comply with Congress's demands. Naturally, those amendments would have to pass three-fourths of the states. There are methods built into the system to protect our liberties. We must have the resolve and attention-span to carry them through.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Beverley

    There is only one question that needs to be asked of Obama to find out if he is a Christian. "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead". See if he can say that? Ask him if he believes that Jesus is Lord and the only way to God.? That is what true christians believe.

    Bet he can't say that … bet he won't.

    • Marylou

      Right you are, Beveley, and here it is in his own words:
      "I believe that there are many paths to the same place, … I retain from my childhood and my experiences growing up a suspicion of dogma. And I'm not somebody who is always comfortable with language that implies I've got a monopoly on the truth."

    • DavidBenAriel

      No legitimate Christian would refer to the Muslim book as "the holy Koran"!

      • Beverley

        Right on DavidBenAriel

  • SurrenderPity

    You people must love the echo-chamber that you are in. I guess it is unimportant to you that the "Republican" and "Christian" President, George W. Bush, was in office during the financial crisis – when we were on the brink of default. President Obama has saved the economy and passed a health-care bill that will help thousands of Americans who are going bankrupt because of illness and lack of insurance. How does it feel to be filled with such hatred and negativity and call yourself Christian? I guess you don't have to worry – since no one is listening to you but others of your ilk. I won't be again.

    • Richrd0001

      Behold your basic lib. Straight to Critics-of-Obama-"filled with hatred" in only four sentences. Not a new record "Surrender" but definitely edging into honorable mention category.

    • aspacia

      Surrender, I am not a Christian, nor affiliated with any religion or political party, and did not vote for Bush. I held my nose and voted for both Gore and Kerry.

      We needed Health Care Reform, but not in the manner it was done. Bribing senators and representatives for their vote, hiding the law's contents until it was passed, giving insurance companies a pass with no across state competition, allowing insurance companies to still charge exorbitant fees to both doctors (malpractice) and patients, failing to put a cap on pain and suffering settlements, gutting Medicare for the elderly.

      You might want to read what Rham's brother wrote about rationed health care.

      Obama and most of his party are owned by both the insurance companies and malpractice lawyers. Zip, Zero, Zilch was done to rein in these folks.

      • Wesley69

        Obama took care of them, just like he has the unions.

    • Beverley

      SurrenderPity please listen very, very, carefully there are christians and Christians. Do you really believe if someone says they are a christian … that they are? Do you really believe if someone sits in a 'church' that makes them christian? Do you really believe a politician when he says he is a christian?

      Jesus himself said this "And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness". He was talking about/to people who thought they were following Him. Now why would He say that? He knew that it was ALL AN ACT that they were not sincere in their heart and that they were … need I say it following another Jesus, in this case a political Jesus.

  • Jack Ajzenberg

    Truly difficult to know which is worse: the age of Obama or the zealotry of Soloway. Soloway's hysterical demagoguery and 'look at me ' rhetoric reveals a man who has been asleep at the wheel for a very long time and by the dint of good fortune avoided a major bust up for most of his life. Maybe it was due to the Canadian grants industry or the largesse of the Canada Council or some such body. Hard to know, even less important to ascertain. More important is having realized that driving with eyes closed results in trouble, Soloway wakes up as a born again crusader of liberty, limited government and limited taxes. He speaks and writes with in the creepy intonations of one who has stumbled headlong into the truth and will not rest until it is rammed down every open throat on the continent and if 'you' dont get it, you are a useful idiot, a fellow traveler or the worst of all, a liberal progressive
    Only a man dedicated to the poetry in our lives,from the ranks of artistes, auteurs and the glitteratti could be so overcome and shocked by the ascension of Barry Obama, a president, seventy years in the making and the apotheosis of American progressivism and its encroachment in society. There is no surprise or wonder to Barry after the age of slap happy spend until you bleed Bush the younger. There is no wonder to Obama in a time when adolescent forever is the mantra and Facebook is the codex. Soloway's silly little laundry list of Barry the betrayer's sins, missteps and foibles are about as helpful as a bazooka going off in a nest of wasps. What we teach our children about personal responsibility is the answer to Obama. Believing in limitations, knowing that free choice is only meaningful when validated by responsibilty, and service to family, country and GD will the Obama phenom irrelevant, silly, superfluous. Doing battle with an empty shirt of rhetoric and cliche by hurtling better rhetoric free of cliche is a lilliputian struggle of no magnitude or consequence. It is watching two air bags sound off and is the last thing needed in these perilous times.

    • Richrd0001

      << Doing battle with an empty shirt of rhetoric and cliche by hurtling better rhetoric free of cliche is a lilliputian struggle of no magnitude or consequence. >>

      Good thing you've sworn off cliche.

      • Jack Ajzenberg

        Better thing that you know what i have sworn off and what is still in the wheel house. You clearly divine the sacred and the profane with the fish bone contraption in your hands, used for combing the sands of what other people write and then offering insight, so incisive and placed in parenthesis for emphasis because otherwise we might miss the point. Soldier on and help us understand.

    • stephencuz

      And with your insight you would have us do what exactly? Pretty words I do admit. As useful to us reading them as, as you say, irrelevent, silly and superfluous rhetoric.

  • aspacia

    If Obama, as bad as he is, should be impeached for many of the above offenses, then Wbya should have been impeached too. Wbya was spending like a drunken sailor and did not enforce our border, and attempted to implement amnesty for illegals.

    Try some balance folks.

    • Richrd0001

      A good point, aspacia. I would have been delighted to see Bush censured or impeached for his spending profligacy and adamant refusal to seal the border. Since the Manchurian presidential disaster that is Obama happens to be going on right now, let's all agree that some people got away with the some of the same sins in the past and unite to take care of business NOW. We lost control of the governors a long time before Bush. Forget Bush.

      Let's all act like we give a damn about the fiscal and cultural integrity of the country and ensure that NOW that we force Obama from office or completely frustrate his agenda. What's more important to you? Worrying about consistency or solving a problem that is before us now?

      • aspacia

        If we could not convict Clinton for perjury and remove him, there is no way we can impeach, convict and remove Obama for crimes against the state. Facts are facts. Remember that Congress is controlled by Democrats, his party.

  • Lorenzo Bouchard

    MA’AM / SIR,

    Impeach Obama for TREACHERY, in supporting the Muslim Mosque near 9/11 SITE, where over 3,000 citizens were murdered.

    Has Islam conquered the U.S.A.?


    Obama is violating his Presidential Oath of Office, to defend the U.S.A.. His lack of activity in protecting the borders from Terrorist Infiltrators, plus his stifling of the debate on Islam and Jihadists, is extreme grounds for Impeachment.
    His Treachery must be stopped, as he is undermining the American Constitution, through his appointment of Tsars. He is also weakening Democracies WORLD WIDE, BY DESIGN.





  • shery

    I wholeheartedly agree! This November is our do-or-die time, and if we think that maybe we've not given him enough of a chance, as I am certain the WH and the left is going to whine about, then we really will see the fruits of his policy in our lives very soon, and by that time, if not before, we'll realize that it is too late!

  • mauricemyth

    No one who has nothing to hide would act the way this individual has. There's no telling how long after he is gone it will take to get hands on the information about who he really is but we should never forget that the JournoList is in great part responsible for his having gotten away with this subterfuge.

    He and they must be made to pay.

  • DavidBenAriel

    The president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, the con man from Kenya, Obama/Soetoro/Obama is clearly not kosher and the sooner he is brought to justice the better. Are Americans really so stupid to fail to question everything about him? Have so many sunk so low they just don't care?

  • Wesley69

    Those calling for impeachment need to realize the House and Senate are currently controlled by Democrats. They will not impeach their own Even if the Republicans win in November, impeachment may be possible in the House. It only takes a majority. The trial to convict and remove from office is a different thing. You need a two-thirds vote in the Senate. At the most, the Republicans could have a 51-52 vote majority. With 100 total Senators, removal is impossible.

  • flybynight

    Now I'm 64 but when I was 17 I learned to think in important slogan-talk. It was fun!

    "If it feels good do it. Don't trust anybody over 30. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Make love, not war. Keep the faith. Up against the wall This is a holdup If you don't give it to us we're gonna take it away! Stick it to the man. Eat more bacon. Kill a pig. The revolution will not be televised."

    Now that I am older, the Sixties Slogan worth remembering to me is: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

    Mr. Obama's elevation to the highest office is what the 60's were ALL about. It is not the color of Mr. Obama's skin that matters most (except to exploit the white man's guilit); it is the Leftist content of Mr. Obama's carefully indoctrinated character. That's what matters. The tyrant Leftists have what they want now. It took them 50 years to get it. Our national institutions are in ruins.The buildings housing our institutions are shiny and clean but the Leftist bosses inside are a legion of filthy ravening monsters. Too lurid, you say? Think again. The cynical Leftist tyrant believes the masses are too corrupt and too stupid to stand against their tyranny. If We The People don't stop them the Leftists will drive us like cattle and grind our bones to powder.

    We The People have been corrupted just as Dr. Benjamin Franklin predicted we would be. Will we stay that way? I was 40 years old before I began to see through the delusional fantasy of the Sexy Political Sixties. Now I read the Bible (the Scripture of Western Civilization) and see that people haven't really changed very much in nearly 6000 years of recorded history (Judges 21):

    "In those days there was no king [i.e. "justice"] in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes." In those days the people clamored for a King and G-d gave them Saul. Barack Obama is the American version of corrupt King Saul. Hillary Clinton is the witch of Endor. Will G-d send us another David or is this waning Age coming to a speedy end? Time always tells. These are great, terrible days. Stay tuned. Mr. Obama's pitch is not perfect.

  • John Lee

    Obama is clearly not an American man as we think of American manliness. To wit: watch video of his throwing (throwing being used generously) out the first pitch at a Nat's game. At my place of employment we have decided that the name Obama is Kenyan for 'throws like girl.'

  • Jay Davis

    The problem is not only Obama, it's Congress also – Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Congress is complicit in Obama's destruction of America, and must be held accountable. These three have a lot to answer for, let's hope the purge will begin in November.

  • verily1

    This is one of the best pieces I've read as a summary on our circumstances with Obama at the helm. Thank you so much Mr. Solway. Keep up the great work and get this message out as far and wide as you can.

  • 080

    I wouldn't overlook the analysis of Walter Russell Mead. He contends that Obama is another Woodrow Wilson. He seeks a global union something like the European Union perhaps or a resurrected United Nations. He does this because he wants to avoid a world-wide nuclear war which he sees as inevitable if we continue on the present course. Now if Iran should get the bomb his most cherished ideas will go down the drain. Obviously nuclear arms will spread all over the Middle East only to erupt eventually in a nuclear war. Mead therefore guesses that there will be an American intervention before long or Obama's dream will go up in smoke. There may be something to this./ We'll soon see.

  • Sue Manci

    Obama is part of the problem, but the mindset of the left is also the problem. Its not just Obama who spends us into a hole we cannot climb out of. Look what Labor did in Britain. And the of the debt incurred by the leftists in Australia, in their brief recent rule. a commentator had this to say: "Gross debt has risen from $126.183 billion two weeks ago to $127.982 billion today. In two weeks the debt has risen by $1.8 billion. Easy to throw these figures about, but remember, just this increase is enough to seal 9000 kilometres of 6 metre wide road in country Queensland. This would take us from Sydney to Perth and back again and still have money left over."
    In America, you can see this on the local level too – the Democrats had power in Texas, incurred a lot of debt, and then the Repubs were voted in, and did not have any good choices.
    It is an odd mindset – whatever your ideology, why spend vastly more than you take in?

  • Danielle Gleason

    Finally, I'm seeing agreement with what I have suspected all along – his actions have clearly been deliberate, calculated and well planned. His intention is to destroy this country from within. He is not a Christian. He is not an American. I cannot forget the expression on his face when he was declared winner in the presidential election 19 months ago – he was not happy, elated, grateful, nothing. There was grim determination on his face. He attained what he had worked for – control of this country. We MUST be sure that he doesn't get a second term.

  • TaterSalad

    This Bozo is going to be history come 2012 and the rest of his elk! Case closed! Problem solved and then the repeal and rebuild of the country he has destroyed!

    He is still blaming Bush #43:

  • Fernando Valle

    You guys are just a bunch of racists that hate that "your white house" is married now to an african AMERICAN leader when in fact this president has made history. REMEMBER this, he's trying to fix all the mess the clown Bush did

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