Summing Up Obama (So Far)

So much has been said and written about Barack Obama that, barring some shattering revelation, very little remains to be rehearsed. As columnist Barry Rubin bemoaned, “I don’t want to keep writing every day about the Obama Administration’s Middle East policy. There are many other topics I’d prefer, but the problem is that they keep doing things.” I could not agree more, and not  concerning the Middle East alone. Yet the issues continuing to swirl about the president need to be revisited, not only because Obama is arguably the most polarizing figure of our times, but because he is also the most potentially catastrophic.

This statement will be regarded by many as rhetorical overkill, but I would contend that the election of Obama to the most powerful office in the world is  quite possibly the most significant political—and dangerous—event of recent times. By being proactive and making informed decisions, he has the ability to create a slightly safer world. By misreading the historical text, making bad  choices, engaging half-heartedly in certain conflicts (Afghanistan, Iraq), coming down on the wrong side of another (Israeli/Palestinian), and flinching before  yet another challenge of far greater urgency (Iran), he invites retribution. This latter direction is plainly the one he has taken. As such I believe that intense concentration on the man and his compliant administration, and its public reiteration, is both warranted and necessary.

Indeed, the presidential dilemma we are facing is complex and far-ranging. Leaving aside the ongoing “birther” controversy focusing on the vexed issue of the president’s legitimacy, the “Obama problem” really has to do with the conundrum of his political identity. Is he a bone-stock socialist or a far-left radical determined to impose a neo-Marxist regime upon republican America,  or merely a “person of advanced views and reactionary feeling,” as Theodore Dalrymple says of Virginia Woolf? Perhaps, as Jonah Goldberg suggests, coining a phrase, he is a “neo-socialist” who believes “in the power of government to extend its scope and grasp far deeper into society”? Is Obama a closet Islamist, as some have alleged? Is he a media artifact, the digital remastering of an epic hero enacting an ancient fantasy of salvation? Is he a volatile prevaricator, saying one thing, then saying another, making solemn promises and regularly breaking them, whose erratic behavior must leave us bewildered before an ever-widening credibility gap? Or is he a university-educated postmodernist for whom the concept of truth has been relativized beyond recognition? Is he just a political rookie whose lack of executive experience shows up alarmingly in a capricious and anemic foreign policy? An old KGB hand like Vladimir Putin must look at him and think, “What a patsy.” Ditto Hugo Chavez, King Abdullah, Bashir Assad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Castros and a host of other shrewd manipulators and world-wise autocrats.

Who really knows? Perhaps, as Pajamas Media founder Roger Simon proposes, he is frankly deranged, meriting the title of President Weirdo? Children’s author Sarah Durand concurs, diagnosing Obama as suffering from liberalomania,  archly defined as a “degenerative form of dementia” evidenced in his highly skilled capacity as a blame gamer, his extreme narcissism and his delusions of grandeur. Or is he merely an updated version of tall-tale artist and windy opportunist Christy Mahon in John Millington Synge’s comic drama The Playboy of the Western World, “the laughing joke of every woman [read: person] where four baronies meet”—the man who flies Air Force One to dinner, practices his golf swing while a national crisis is unfolding, and throws Budweiser-like parties in the White house, as if to “keep the good times going”? Or is he none of these but, quite the opposite, the “sort of god” whom Newsweek’s Evan Thomas worships, “The One” venerated by Oprah, Louis Farrakhan’s “Messiah”? Who? What? Searching for Obama is like mining for unobtanium.

Iranian-born journalist Amir Taheri is troubled by Obama’s lack of identifiable character. Commenting on Obama’s casting himself as a bridge between America and the Islamic world (Al- Arabiya TV, January 27, 2009), Taheri notes that “Obama appeared unsure of his own identity and confused about the role that America should play in global politics. And that is bad news for those who believe that the United States should use its moral, economic and political clout in support of democratic forces throughout the world.” Obama himself admitted in The Audacity of Hope, “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” Pretty damaging, this confession. And when it comes to Obama’s famous “hope,” among the most antiquated of imaginable pieties whether audacious or sentimental, American poet C.J. Sage has it about right: “Solve for this: where x is hope/and y is your future, what is surely finite?” Something worth keeping in mind when listening to a political mesmerist.

The question remains open. Who is this guy? And what does so enigmatic a figure augur for the United States and, indeed, for the future of us all? No matter what hypothesis or conviction one espouses concerning his definitive DNA, it seems fair to say that a shadow of the clandestine—or if one prefers, the inscrutable—envelops this president.

Even Obama’s most avid supporters, if they are honest, must allow that, compared to his POTUS predecessors, unambiguously little is known about his antecedents or, for example, the salient facts of his academic career—many of his records are still under seal, his college and university transcripts have not been released and, broadly speaking, his significant documentation is rather flimsy. There is not much of a paper trail here; for that matter, there is scarcely a Hansel-and-Gretel bread crumb trail. How such a man could be elected to the presidency boasting a curriculum vitae with more blank pages in it than a Danielewski novel remains a riddle for the sphinx. Nor should it surprise us that it is precisely a blank page, like the blank screen Obama mentions, that solicits conjecture or projection, much of it skeptical or unfavorable.

In any event, there can be no doubt that the dossier is scanty and that this is a truly amazing deficiency. We simply do not have a clear portrait or a crisply factual biography of the president. But what we do know about his close affiliates—America-and-Jew bashing Reverend Jeremiah Wright, former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, hysterical and racially divisive Cornel West, unrepentant Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, unscrupulous entrepreneur Tony Rezko—is profoundly unsettling. To adapt Obama’s ringing slogan, borrowed or plagiarized from African-American poet June Jordan, are they the ones we’ve been waiting for? But on the whole, the asymmetric relation between what we know and what we don’t know must distress any rational person curious about so influential an actor on the current political scene.

That Louis Farrakhan, like millions of others, feels that Obama was “selected” for our times should give us further pause. On the contrary, it may not be out of place to suggest that we are now afflicted with the worst possible president at the worst possible time, with Iran darting toward the nuclear finish line, the Palestinians as intransigent as ever, the Russians moving back into the Caucasus region, negotiating with Venezuela and solidifying ties with Iran, Syria and Turkey, terrorism (oops—“man-made disasters”) on the rise and U.S. citizens increasingly at the mercy of the jihadists, China holding massive quantities of American Treasury notes, Obama considering ruinous cap-and-trade legislation at a time when the AGW consensus is collapsing, the American debt estimated to hit 100% of GDP in 2011 and its unfunded entitlement liabilities totaling over $US 100 trillion, leading to the prospect of monetary collapse. None of these critical issues have been substantially addressed by the president, except insofar as his actions in some cases, lack of action in others, have only exacerbated them. The collateral fact that we really have no valid and comprehensive notion of who exactly is leading us at this crucial historical juncture boggles the mind.

It should be added, however, that we do know something about the ideas which govern his policies: the redistribution of wealth, the expansion of state control at the expense of the private sector, extensive regulation of more and more aspects of quotidian life, bureaucratic bloat, a paternal administration accompanied by the leveling of individual initiative to a lowest common denominator—all very old doctrines gussied up with a defensive terminology like “social justice,” “progressivism,” “equality of outcome,” “only the people will save the people”—which have been tried before and failed spectacularly. The best that can be said of Obama is that, in the realm of political theory, he does not believe in granny dumping, though the dogmas and paradigms he embraces should long ago have been put out of their misery.

We might have twigged by now. Each new measure he introduces or intends to introduce is a camel’s nose presaging future debilities. But the president’s youthful vigor, toggle-switch charm and exotic presence seem to apply a veneer of novelty to ideological obsolescence. He is like the word “proverbial” which we insert into a tired simile in order to avoid the skank of platitude, as in “smart as the proverbial whip” or “dumb as the proverbial ox.” America is saddled with a proverbial president, a man whose principal function is to renovate clichès and make them palatable.

This appears to be as far as we can go for now, with more to come to a political theater near us. One thing, however, seems undeniable: so far, not so good.

  • Freedom lover

    Continued (sorry if too long)

    I, for one, am FIRED UP, committed, motivated, enthused, and undeterred to do everything I can do to convince our fellow citizens to WAKE UP! and vote the b*astards out in November. If I may make a humble suggestion: in a brief, conversational fashion, mention to as many as possible to the people that you cross paths with (gas mart clerks, waiters, others standing in line to checkout) a statement or two about your concern about the crushing debt, jihadist attacks in America, the need to turn the country back to Freedom, etc., and continue chatting with and informing them if possible.

    We need to use every opportunity available to help Freedom-loving, small govt candidates win the next election–it's the most important election in our Baby-Brat Generation lifetimes. God Bless America!

    • betty boop

      Semper fi, Freedom lover. This guy is catastrophic, and so many people are still mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors. I like your idea of proselytizing through my day- a subtle way to start opening minds, one at a time… a little risky, but more and more likely to receive a friendly hearing as time goes on. Contrary to the MSM, the Tea-Partiers and Conservatives seem to have the corner on courtesy and decency these days.

      • trickyblain

        Yes. In my area the leaders of the tea party movement had the courtesy of asking supporters to not wear shirts depicting Obama as Hitler. Very decent of them.

    • temarch

      Good statement. I have been making statements like that everywhere I go to make it known publicly how I feel and to make it a part of public discussion. I seldom get any negative responses. In fact, I can only remember one.

  • jim

    As so many others are, I too am convinced that Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the USA and should not therefore be allowed to continue as president. What I don't understand is why there is no constant outcry that our elected representatives demand that Obama release his long-form birth certificate to prove his citizenship? Everything I read states that it would be as simple as that, but nowhere do I see anyone demanding that our senators and representatives pursue this to its final conclusion, whatever that may be.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if this same issue had faced George Bush? It would be front-page stuff every day for as long as he was in office, and possibly even after.

    So, where is the demand that Obama prove his natural-born citizenship? I don't see it. Why not?

    • tarleton

      He doesn't have to prove anything to an imbecile like you….Obama's an illegal alien from africa eh ?…you DUMBASS

      • Obamatraitor

        Wow! LOL! How old are you? Does your Mommy know you are playing on her computer again? Get real!

      • kim

        Oh, wait a second there. Wasn't it you libs that forced Mc Cain, Sarah Palin, G.W. Bush to produce their papers?
        What goes around, comes around dude!!!!

        • kim

          Oh, by the way, obama is NOT above the law of Patriot Act!!!!!

          • Jim C.

            I sincerely hope you mount a very public campaign to get Obama to produce satisfactory documents, using every legal outlet available to you.

        • trickyblain

          So, you can point us to copies of all their birth certificates? Are they available for viewing online, as Obama's is? And if they did produce their birth certificates, it's entirely reasonable for me to reject them, call them fakes and demand that they produce thier "real" birth certificates?

          • Sam Deakins

            Obamao birth certificate is not available online..just a COLB. There is a difference. How did Barry travel to Pakistan in 1981 with his "escort" from Occidental College. And just how did Barry enter Occidental? As a foreign student, yes? How come Barry will not reveal his college records? Barry has a lot of 'splainin to do but, folks like you just don't wanna know.

      • tarleton

        I'm tempted to call you a half witt , but that would be much too generous….you're no better than the idiots who voted for Obama

  • 2maxpower

    great essay David..

    …I will go with the ……………….
    …………………………..Perhaps, as Pajamas Media founder Roger Simon proposes, he is frankly deranged, meriting the title of President Weirdo? Children’s author Sarah Durand concurs, diagnosing Obama as suffering from liberalomania, archly defined as a “degenerative form of dementia” evidenced in his highly skilled capacity as a blame gamer, his extreme narcissism and his delusions of grandeur.

    yes I will go with deranged extreme narcissist.

  • Rick

    If Obama was a Republican with the same obscured background investigative reporters would (for political reasons) be all over this man!~

    • Jim C.

      I guess it's too bad no one on the Right has journalistic, investigative, or legal experience, then?


  • betty boop

    But perhaps he is nothing at all but an ephemera run by some cartel somewhere we know nothing about- can someone so inept and self-deluded have come this far on his own? Really? Is this making me delusional, or is this not a possibility as well? BTW- Great article.

    • Syd Barrett

      Can someone so inept and self-deluded have come this far on his own?

      Heck no!

      Think about this: he was born in a time when it wasn't "cool" to be half-black and half-white. There was a word we used then – "mulatto" – and it wasn't usually used in a positive light.

      So in society in those days, this kid has already got one strike against him. Then, he's born to a family of commies. Strike two. Mom is underage and unmarried (as far as we know – POTUS hasn't released any documents to confirm/deny.) Strike three.

      As a result, little Barry was probably more or less an outcast.

      Except amongst his family's commie fellow-travelers. There, I'm sure he was "the toast of the town."

      Little Barry – the King of Diversity and income redistribution! All hail the king!

      This explains why he believes he knows everything and is better able to determine what is best for you than you do.

      Because that's what all his commie associations since birth have taught him to believe.

    • Stephen D.

      Betty, Ever since finding out he traveled to Pahk-i-stahn (his pronounciation) in his school days a number of times and Indonesia. And then realizing he went on to Columbia (big money) then to Harvard (bigger money), he takes a job in Chicago as a $12000 per year Community Organizer and is still able to afford a Million dollar house. Student loans? Fanny Mea Mortgage? Where did all this money come from? He said his grandmother gave up a dress she wanted so he could have a better life. Was it diamond studed? To whom is he obliged. As the saying goes: Nobody rides for free…you gotta pay the Vig. Who will he pay the Vig to? Who is pulling his strings?

      • trickyblain

        I bring relief. No need to be afraid of Pakistani influence. He was there (and India – maybe he's Hindu!), at age 20, for three weeks. He was a community organizer before attending Harvard Law. he lived in a small apartment. He also lived in a small apartment after graduationg from Harvard Law.

        • Jim C.

          Hmmm…Harvard Law. Why, the very name send shivers down my spine! (Q: Do graduate of Harvard Law go on to make a lot of money?) Something's fishy, and I certainly intend to keep speculating wildly without looking up any facts before I concoct my idiotic "theories!" OK, here's mine:

          George Soros bred a "supermulatto" for world domination, carefully printing false birth announcements in a Hawaiian newspaper–Hawaii being the state closest to Indonesia, where he could be properly raised as a Mulsim radical. However, when this indoctrination proved insufficiently anti-American, Soros pulled strings to get Obama properly steeped in Communism via America's own 'Hotbed of Red'–Harvard University!!

  • Piece Smith

    This guy, President Barack Obama, will go down in history as the worst president in the modern era. He has tried to undo everything that we stand for, and have stood for. To apologize to the world for every thing we did in World War 2 to the present, is absolutely absurd and ridiculous.
    We, the United States of America, have made the world a better place to live, and he, Barack Hussein Obama, is trying to undo all that good.

    • Jim C.

      Well, people always talk about what Obama's done to "undo everything we stand for." Those people are heavy on emotional hysteria, and usually bereft of facts. Give me facts. Spare me your whine.

      It's real simple Piece: in 2012, we, the people, get to decide if we are better off now than we were in 2008.

      • Obamatraitor

        Obama is a Muslim, pure and simple and if you know anything about the "true" workings of Islam you would know beyond doubt, he's bent on destroying the U.S., but in the nicest possible way of course. Watch this:

      • Syd Barrett

        "Give me facts" ??? I'm pretty sure you know the facts already Jim.

        I think we stand for honesty and transparency.

        I was going to list a whole boatload of dishonest and untransparent things BHO has done, starting with the failure to disclose his background, but the list would be way too long for this post. It would be quicker if you named a single honest, transparent thing he HAS done.

        I think we stand for liberty and freedom.

        I was going to list a whole boatload of things BHO has done that are contrary to liberty and freedom, starting with his literal and figurative bowing to leaders of governments that are the biggest human rights violators on the planet. It would be faster if you named one single thing he'd done to advance the cause of liberty and freedom.

        I could go on, but you get the idea.

        Unfortunately Jim, since the will of "we the people" will be diluted by millions upon millions of criminals by 2012 – if not by November, thanks to the Dems and their Chairman – "we the people" are more or less screwed, I figure.

        • trickyblain

          "I could go on, but you get the idea. "

          Syd, love your music, man, but you never really started. Maybe Obama bowed, but that seems better than making out with the Saudi king, as Bush likes to do.

          So please, go on. List some facts. Facts are not speculation ("the will of "we the people" will be diluted by millions upon millions of criminals by 2012"). Facts are not hiding behind mind-numbing cliches ( "I think we stand for liberty and freedom").

          • cochavi1

            Fact: Sanctions on Iran have completely failed. See: Brazil-Turkey-Iran Uranium Hug and US impotence in face of it.

            Fact: Most important legislation voted by Dems with Obama backing including bailouts, 'stimulus' and healthcare were shoved thru without even giving lawmakers adequate chance to read the bills, which were massive. Results of these bills are to make US deficit soon as large as output.

            Fact: Obama pulled missile support from E Europe, announced unilateral nuclear disarmament intent, cooperated with Turkey and Egypt recently in attempting to get rid of Israel's presumed nukes while also having, um, no plan to deal with Russian or Chinese weapons.

            Fact: He has had two security social cards, second of which is apparently obtained by other-than-legal means. His 'natural-born' citizen claim can't be supported, and is overruled by adoption of Indonesia citizenship. His records are all sealed.

            Fact: He was trained by Alinsky school and by Ayers, etc., with 'smoothing out' provided by Axelrod. He was never a 'law professor' and on and on and on.

          • Jim C.

            Opinion: Sanctions have worked and are working now–whether it is a Dem or Repub behind them. You are of a different opinion–that is respectable.

            Fact: Stimulus has worked, bailouts were bipartisan, and Republicans has at least a year to offer suggestions on healthcare. Many of them came up with plans remarkably similar to the democrats'–then were sunk by their own leadership in order to not appear in agreement.

            Healthcare, continued as is, will have had far worse effect on the economy. Continuing as is, was the Republican plan.

          • Jim C.

            Fact: Our nuclear capabilities are not hamstrung.

            The SS# and the "Alinsky School" "Ayers" is all kook talk. However, I invite you to publically call for investigation as loudly as you can. Funny….hasn't happened yet. I guess the Right doesn't have any investigators, lawyers, or journalists.

            And homeboy got elected despite the best efforts to make mountains out of molehills like Ayers and Rev. Wright (the latter of whom is a good man).

        • Jim C.

          "I was going to list a whole boatload of dishonest and untransparent things BHO has done"

          "I was going to list a whole boatload of things BHO has done that are contrary to liberty and freedom"

          but you didn't, because you can't. You know it, I know it. Instead, you'll make your unfounded claims, but then ask ME to prove it. Very poor argument skills. Burden of proof is on you. Put up, or shut up.

  • Al Barrs

    This is the things movies are made of…to astounding to be true. This is indeed the "Perfect Storm". The times in which we live and the caliber of the president and his administration has truly brought all possible bad scenarios together in one place and in one president….

    Obama has set back the political aspirations of blacks at least fifty years. When will voters again trust what a black politician says during a campaign? It is they who should be mad as hell at him and what he has done to their future…

  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    TheKenyan has to go.

  • gailhap

    "When will voters again trust what a black politician says during a campaign?"

    When they hear Allen West speak.

  • Steve

    Excellent article. Very good analysis.
    Thank you very much.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Who is this guy? In order to answer this question, you need not go any further than answering another: Why is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who had a spot in Carter's Cabinet, also in Obama's administration? Because both Carter and Obama were selected by the the elites who pull the strings: the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, and other nefarious characters who wish to enslave us in their diabolical New World Order. Boundaries between parties are blurred — the object is to bring down our economy so that their vision of a secular utopia may be instituted. We may never know the truth about Obama — he is the perfect mole with no paper trail, groomed to effect the destruction of our constitutional republic. He is performing his malevolent assignment with flying colors. May God help us!

  • solemnman

    The American public,for a variety of complex reasons,suspended its disbelief to the borders of insanity and elected someone whose known close associates should have prevented him from holding ANY public office -let alone the office of presidency.Suppose – a right wing equivalent -a member of the kkk for twenty years ,whose mentor for that period was the grand dragon-ran for president.Could anyone ,without a serious mental condition, imagine that such a person could become president?what is truly amazing is that ,in the course of his campaign,he stated quite clearly what he intended to do -AND HE STILL GOT ELECTED!!!

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    It may be a dumb question, but why is het so difficult to get an copy
    of his birth certificate and put an end to all doubt if he is born in the
    U.S.A. or not.? If so many people doubt this is there no way to get
    the truth on the table? When he is born elsewere is there no means
    to see the birth certificates of that country.Mine doughter was born in
    Australia,1962.She died at 20 and for reasons we had to get her birth
    certificate recently and that was no problem.

    • Syd Barrett

      Because this country is full of criminals who will steal your identity if they have access to your birth certificate. You can get one for your kid, I suppose because your own name is on there, too. But you can't get anyone else's UNLESS THEY RELEASE IT.

      And Barry won't release his.

      Because he doesn't have one.

  • Jim C.

    Who is Barack Obama? I have an idea: open a newspaper. Read about what he does every day.

    Oh, I know it's fun to make up shadowy scenarios. I know it thrills you you to make your little predictions. I know conspiracies bring traffic to websites. It's also what rock-dumb morons indulge in instead of using their brains.

    The news is still out there. You might want to check it out. Obama's words and actions, there for everyone–even conspiracy theory dingdongs–to see.

    • cochavi1

      At least half of his supporters are 'conspiracy theory dingdongs' – nearly all 'truthers' are on Obama's side of the aisle, not on the other side. I am one of those who think that questions should be asked about all these matters.

      His 'words and actions' are available? Yes, in a way you are right. They point to someone who puts Carter to shame in the extent of his apologies for the US and its allies, in his eagerness to appease Russia, China and the 'Third World'; in his beating on Israel (and Britain), etc.; in his associations. They are also 'not there' in terms of his college and other records, his two social security numbers, and so on.

      Keep on talking. You prove just how irrational many of his supporters are.

      • Jim C.

        "Truthers," cochavi? Really? How many are there, anyway? Is anyone taking them seriously? Come on, sir.

        You call me "irrational" but then you say Obama is "beating on Israel." A purely emotional exaggeration without basis in fact. Relations between allies can be strained, but Obama has been very clear in his support for Israel. Obama has called for sanctions against Syria and Iran–it is as though you guys don't read the news! With regard to relations toward Islamic nations, no solution short of all-out war is good enough for the Right–but if your leaders said that, they'd be voted out in a heartbeat.

        As for Russia, China–please tell me how Obama's policies differ from Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush.

      • trickyblain

        Irrational? I guess claiming that Hawaiian newspapers are complicit in a 50 year old plot for the future election of a baby is rational, in some circles, but not mine. These newspapers are microfiched. There are originals – there's no doubting their authenticity. So the 50 year old plot is the only "rationalization" for the birth announcements listing Obama's father's address in Honolulu. Of course, his birth certificate IS online as well, but that must be a "fake." The fact that the Hawaii Dept. of Heath has verified its authenticity is just proof that they are in on the 50 year old plot to elect the infant Obama.

    • kim

      Dude, a conspiracy must have 3 components.
      (1) it includes two or more people.
      (2) it involves a plot to commit an Illegal or imoral act.
      (3) it employs deceit or coercion to accomplish its objective.
      so you have NO basis to even make the comment of conspiracy theory dingdongs!
      For libs like you, keep thinking that there is no such thing as a conspiracy, cause IT WILL BE YOUR DOWN FALL!!!

      • Jim C.

        The basis I have of making a comment on conspiracy theory dingdongs is cold, hard, FACTS. NOTHING has occurred regarding Obama that can be considered a conspiracy. I am not talking about "predictions." I am not talking about "suppositions." I am talking about what HAS occurred.

        You guys are long on speculation, short on FACTS.

    • ViewPoint

      Only a, "dingdong,'" would miss the obvious point that it's not what obam is doing, or has done in the public forum that is in question… it's the legitimate, unanswered questions that he has spent nearly 2 million $ to suppress.

      You really have to be a diehard obam drone to not see that these questions are not only valid, but critical.

      Like all other obam drones, you have invested so much of your very own identity into the obam myth, that to see him with a measure of objectivity, at this point, would be too devastating… you might actually begin to disintegrate and disappear… right?

      • trickyblain

        What, specifically are these "questions" you are talking about?

        Why are they critical?

  • jim

    I thought this blog had some oversight. Since an obvious far left liberal was able to call me an imbecile and a dumbass, I guess it isn't. I care not to be involved with blogs that allow name-calling.

    • tarleton

      Us conservatives can do without your National Enquirer observations , mongo !

  • blotto

    Refugee beat me to what I wanted to say. Just to add though, I suspect, Soros led much of the back-door dealings that allowed the Won to ascend through college and into Chicago politics and into the Il Senate seat. The foreign entities Refugee mentions may have had input into how the press dealt with the O while as a Sen. and presidential contender. But the deal was done long before the election. It was not an election as much as a coronation by fiat.

    I believe we can only hope for a portion of the 51% that voted for him to come to their senses so that we can vote him out in 2012. Even with a majority in the Senate, we will never get an impeachment after the 2010 elections.

    Great article and very good comments especially Refugee.

  • Thunder

    His regggime is talking about forcing every medium to show a link to opposing views…
    GREAT IDEA!!!!
    From now on, all TV2, 5,, 7, 9, 11, etc, liberal Newsweek, NYT, etc. will print this statement:
    "please go and see/read Front Page Mag, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Besk, Michael Savage, etc".
    Will never happen :( Lying bEst tArds

  • Thunder

    Why "B. Hussein O". is censored By FPM? It is his real, full name.

  • twenty12

    Is he or isn't he? That seem's to be the question many are focused on as everything around us is "Changing". Obama's slogans warned us they would bring "Change" if elected. Is he or isn't he, Should Not STILL be the question! A class of 4th graders could tell you the answer!
    The Question we need to ask is… "WILL YOU STOP ELECTING POLITICIANS THAT AGREE WITH OBAMA'S CHANGE?" Yes, this is more than voting party lines. The direction these "changes" are taking our country are extremely serious. We know every party stands with the President if its their "party" that won the election. We know if a few don't agree with their own party it doesn't matter because they will have the majority standing with them on issues. We have to VOTE for those who DO NOT WANT THIS KIND OF CHANGE AND Have the fortitude to stick with it to the end! Stop voting for those who change parties just to keep their job! A side note: I've come to believe the "Independent" party was created for those politicians!

  • PAthena

    President Obama's foreign policy of "reset" means supporting and appeasing every dictatorship, like Iran, and condemning democracies and allies like Great Britain and Israel. Woe to Israel for having a planning committee meeting to consider planning for housing in Jerusalem – but silence about Iran's nuclear developments. His return of the bust of Winston Churchill to the Prime Minister of Great Britain says it all – he would have supported Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany in World War II.
    I still do not understand how he won the election for President in 2008.

    • Guest

      PAthena, the way he won was by reneging on his campaign promis to that pathetic RINO that they would both accept equal public funding of their campaigns, and, using rampant voter and credit card fraud, took in contributions & outspent McClaine about nine to one.

      You add the widespread bias in the reporting of ALL of the major Newspapers and all of the TV networks except FOX, and it's astonishing that Obama won the public vote by only 4%.

  • Paul P

    Maybe he is he Anti-Christ, or his mentor, George Soros is the Anti-Christ and Obama is merely the Rider on the White Horse.

    • trickyblain

      Maybe you're the anit-christ. Or maybe Horowitz is the anti-christ and you are merely the rider of the white horse (heroin?) Ever think about that?

      • Paul P

        No, you are! … No, you are!
        I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?
        I'm made of rubber…

    • ViewPoint

      Unlike obam, the antichrist would certainly have known the correct number of North American states. In addition, one of the antichrist's many names is, "The Assyrian." Assyria is the ancient name for modern day Syria. So, unless obam birth certificate is finally exposed, and he is not Kenyan, but Syrian, he is not the antichrist. Another of the antichrist's names is, "King of Fierce Countenance." obam is many things, but one thing he is not is, "Fierce." He has been more often recognized as a, "Wimp."
      Some do fit, however… such as; another of the antichrist's names,, "Master of Intrigue." It is fair to say that no one has been the source of more intrigue than obam.
      Also, the antichrist is to be a minister of change… in Daniel 7:25, "he shall change laws and times." Also, there is Biblical indication that the antichrist is gay… Daniel 11:37… "Neither shall he regard nor desire women." There if far more proof that obam is gay than straight.

      • Jim C.

        I'm glad there's under-educated nutjobs like you out there, who have no idea what a "fact" is or how to derive resonable conclusions from facts. Keeps things in perspective.

  • Alexander Gofen

    "Leaving aside the ongoing "birther" controversy focusing on the vexed issue of the president’s legitimacy…" Living aside basic civic adn civility?!!


    3) Obama's authentic birth certificate at best can only prove him to be an ordinary U.S. citizen according to §1401(a): definitely not a natural born U.S. citizen. (Fixation on his hidden birth certificate is misguiding, just like a pejorative "birther", invented by those who want to deflect attention from the real issues lying on the very surface).

    4) On the top of it, Obama is a plain fraudster who had obtained an invalid Social Security number 042-68-4425, that he currently uses. It was issued in the state of CT to an individual born in 1890. Obama illegally assumed this number, as Dr. Taitz and her collaborators have discovered.

    • badaboo

      Dr Taitz is a moron . Say what you will about Obama , but atleast stick to the truth , there is no doubt regarding his natural citizenship , And I challeng anyone to prove this ridiculous jibberish about his SS# .
      Criticize his politics , vote him out of office , but please dont insult the intelligence of everyone who can read .
      Some people need to just GROW-UP .

      • tarleton

        I agree ….these redneck morons are an embarressment to us conservatives….national enquirer halfwits

  • Chris

    The more people know about our POS-POTUS the less they like. That is why his true autobiography is a closely guarded secret. But the truth comes out eventually. On the bright side, America now gets a chance to see the 'benefits' of full blown leftist policies, and like Mr. Obama, the more people see, the less they like. The simple fact is this: liberal policies, foreign, domestic, economic and social, do not work. They don't and they never will. America is slowly realizing that we've been conned by a cheesy little thug from the bowels of Chicago. And we won't forget in 2010 and 2012.

  • Peachey

    Excellent article. I believe that G_d allowed Obama to be elected. Remember that G_d uses His children and HIS ENEMIES to accomplish His will. Americans will be forced to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, the moral or immoral. We see in Obama the worst. The plans of the Obama administration are not in lines with the Constitution, Bible, or interests of the American citizens.Nothing good will come from this man or his supporters. This will force Americans to either wake up and change our leaders or lie down and accept the coming Marxist regime and the horrors it will bring.

  • Eric Roth

    Solid primer on the mystery around the man who somehow won the most voters ever to become our President during a very turbulent time.

    While I always want to give the benefit of doubt to our elected leaders, it does seem quite odd that neither the President nor his closest cabinet members can even utter the words Islamic terrorist or acknowledge the Islamic fascist enemies that we face. Why is that?

    And amidst the intense media focus on Kagan's thesis and educational record, why are so few mainstream journalists even curious about President Obama's college and law school transcripts and early writings? What are we to make of this strange lack of interest in our celebrity in chief? How much more do we know about his core beliefs today than in 2004 when he first gave an eloquent plea for national unity as a State Senator?

    Perhaps if we knew more we would worry less. Perhaps not.

    • Jim C.

      I think the Democrats took a big chance and picked the right one to win the election in 2008–that is, the one person who had the best chance to win. Republicans were so sure they'd have Hillary to kick around–they built their whole game plan around it.

      No, Obama is not spouting off about Islamic terrorism to quell the Right's bloodlust, that is true. That doesn't mean he doesn't believe Islamic terrorism is a big security threat; obviously, he has committed more troops to the region and killed a lot of bad guys already. But it does mean he wants to put the damper on the same forces that forced Bush into Iraq–something I'm certain Bush would never had done if it weren't for Cheney and Rumsfeld and their backers pushing him to it. These folks want perpetual war because it profits them, and Eisenhower warned us about them.

  • badaboo

    to the author , who states himself that ," this may be rhetorical overkill " …yup you're right , it is .

  • Peter E. Coleman

    Obama is whoever the MSM says he is. He will just never be George Bush.

    What Obama may be is the last US President.

  • Insomniac

    Good article. I strongly suggest reading the "President Weirdo" piece as well. If you're not deeply disturbed by these two columns, then you've been chugging the Kool-Aid™.

  • guestspeaker

    I have been very concerned about the 'solution' of electing Republicans to solve our Obama problems.

    The agenda is global and it was George H. W. Bush (Sr.-Bush 41) who sold the US down the Nafta hole and George H. W. Bush that first announced the nwo to 'We the People' in one of his State of the Union messages. Search youtube videos for it.

    I just want to remind people that it was George Sr. who announced the NWO opportunity. He also made a spooky (no CIA pun) statement when he completed his little NWO introduction. As his eyes twinkled, he almost whispered "and we will!"

    I think Jeb or another hand-picked republican candidate will be installed to complete the global agenda. Like good cop/bad cop. It's possible that the nwo has used these narcissistic Liberals to press forward and take the arrows first. The Republicans can
    sweep in and rescue us……Not!
    Where is Bush Jr.? Aren't we completely surprised that Laira supports Abortion? Things aren't always as they seem.

    One more thing. I'm afraid Rush will fall for the Jeb solution. In that case, Rush could be used by the nwo just as easily as PBS is used by the liberals and the nwo!

    Great article. I have to say to (all) author[s] though. If you would like more of your audience to understand and Read what you write, please keep the audience in mind. I am an avid reader and sometimes I just can't understand why some authors must use so many 'big' words. Remember the lesson of 'writing to your audience'. Or, offer your articles in 'Collegial' AND in an easy read version. Just saying.

  • Armando

    Forget his birth certificate. I want to see his curriculum vitae. Why wasn't it released when he first ran as senator? Certainly when he ran for the presidency. If you apply for a job one of the first things the potential employer wants to see is one's school records.

  • jes

    There is obviously something on Obama's long-form birth certificate that he wants to keep hidden. My guess is that his birth certificate reveals that his biological father is someone other than Obama Snr. and knowledge of who that father was would have seriously affected his chances of getting elected.

    Obama's been in thick with the Nation of Islam for the last 20 years. Farrakhan refers to him as the new Messiah and said in that TV interview on Saturday that Obama was “selected” and groomed long ago during his early days as a community organizer in Chicago.

    Why was Obama selected? What made him so special? Could it be that Obama is an illegitimate son of Eijah Muhammad? During the 60s the former Nation of Islam leader who Farrakhan also called the Messiah, from 1960 to 1967, sired 13 (known) illegitimate children – all with teenage mothers. Obama was born during this period. It appears that Elijah Muhammad was siring these children in an attempt to produce a son who would follow in his footsteps and become the next Messiah. Maybe Elijah Muhammad is Obama's biological father – perhaps that's what made him so special and it would explain why Farrakhan calls him the new 'Messiah' and why Obama himself also seems to think he is the Messiah.

  • Paul Revere II

    He might implode, as befits an egomaniacal narcissist. However, better to impeach/indict/ remove him right now– started by someone not afraid of blackmail.
    Even BHO himself might be being blackmailed – implicitly by foreign leaders, explicitly by US powers who know of his tendency to apparently inappropriate personal behavior. (See Intellifetch.)

  • daim

    TheKenyan has to go.

  • Buy Domain Name

    The Question we need to ask is… "WILL YOU STOP ELECTING POLITICIANS THAT AGREE WITH OBAMA'S CHANGE?" Yes, this is more than voting party lines. The direction these "changes" are taking our country are extremely serious. We know every party stands with the President if its their "party" that won the election. We know if a few don't agree with their own party it doesn't matter because they will have the majority standing with them on issues. We have to VOTE for those who DO NOT WANT THIS KIND OF CHANGE AND Have the fortitude to stick with it to the end! Stop voting for those who change parties just to keep their job! A side note: I've come to believe the "Independent" party was created for those politicians!

  • james

    "please go and see/read Front Page Mag, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Besk, Michael Savage, etc".