When the Refs Take Over the Game

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As for the issue of moral probity, it is equally clear that an administration which does not enforce its own laws, whether with regard to illegal immigration or voting improprieties, which enjoys close ties with crooked organizations such as ACORN, which does not disclose many of the sources of its campaign funding, which violates the protocols of investment activity (as in the Chrysler fiasco), which does not respect the rulebook (i.e., the Constitution) as definitive, which does not bother to read its own bills, and which bribes senators with various kinds of payoff to secure the passing of health care “reform” is the collective incarnation of Tim Donaghy and as perfidious as they come.

But it is in the third instance of interventionary trespass, a state of affairs which can exist only in the realm of fantasy—or so we thought—that the Obama administration has utterly subverted that character and anatomy of the political game as it is meant to be played. In recruiting a veritable army of “czars” who can determine policy without congressional oversight, and by seizing diverse industries and institutions, the referees are no longer managing the game but have fielded their own team, and in so doing mutilated the process by which a free nation is governed.

The auto industry furnishes a most salient example. GM, aka Government Motors, is now in competition against Ford and every other car manufacturer, with all the advantages on its side. Theoretically, it need not sell a single vehicle and can still emerge intact, and even win the game, thanks to government control of the money supply as well as the option to legislate stringent directives in its favor, or at severe cost to its competitors. Which is to say that government has perverted the free market by entering the economy at large, not as a neutral regulator to guarantee that the rules are respected but as an unlimited company engaging in what amounts to oligopoly business practices. In short, the referees have taken over the game.

And there we have Team Obama in its very essence: incompetent, corrupt and, quite frankly, hegemonic. That’s how the game is now being played and it is up to the paying customers in the stands to decide whether the refs are going to be cashiered, a new set of officials put in place, and the game restored to its original structure and intent.

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  • watchful

    Many people I know are saying they will never buy another car from them. I wonder if team Obama will just continue to throw our money at them.

    • http://www.wiiconverter.com dfdf

      we need justice!

  • John Beatty

    Welcome to the 2tst century, where the whiners who detest the sucessful are called "columnists."

    Wake up! The only "rule" in the "game" called "governance" is "WIN!" The Bobblehead emperor and his acolytes are better at it than your sniveling "players" will ever be because they do not grap the simple truth that "rules" are used to justify behavior, not control it. The Ten Commandments make punishment of their violation OK as long as its done by the strongest bully with the most convincing interpretation.

    There's no "winning" or "losing" here, only survival. If you want to survive grab your rivals by the throat, throw them to the floor and kick their guts out, then explain to bystanders that it was a matter of "him or me."

    Then wait until the next strongman comes for you. It will not end in November, nor ever. Cain slew Abel for a reason, and Obama slays his enemies for the same one.

    • Deborah

      Cain slew Abel for a reason, and Obama slays his enemies for the same one.
      Oh I like that!

  • dgene

    Outstanding powerful metaphor.

    Every even half decent Democrat must be ashamed of theirself – or at least they are hiding and afraid to run as the rats they are – their only hope is to pretend they are conservative – why even republicans ! They are even trying to siddle up to the decent G.W. Bush – who is not a conservative, in any event.

    Scum. Liars. Corrupt.

    • Deborah

      Mostly, politicians are bottom feeders of America's hard working people. They wanted it all. With the populace one one side and their greed on the other, they sold themselves and now they want the rest of us to go with them.
      America is being described as post America to the world. I do hope they are wrong. I don't want to be a slave or dead because of our corrupt government.
      Steady as she goes….election coming up. Hope we make it.

    • SECREV

      no, not a single democrat i found who is even remotely ashamed of themselves or their blatantly anti-constitutional regime. Forget about half-decent, even otherwise thoroughly decent Democrat individuals that i know have not even flinched at the thousand transgressions of this 'democratically elected' governement. And most have actually claimed that they are 100% behind Obama and his goons, regardless of what they do, and mosty *because* of what they do. We must understand one thing, Democrats of today are anti-reason, anti-truth, anti-Constitution, and anti-America. And they are all that by virtue of a fanatical religious belief directly in contradistinction to truth—historical, political, military, social, and economic. There are evil ones who perpetuate this religion, and then there are automatons who follow. I have yet to come accross a single *honest* intellectual with whom you can discuss anything using facts and reason. Even truly marvelous minds in every respect other than Leftism show immediate derangement when faced with someone challenging their cherished beliefs, even in a 'civil discourse'. It is very very very similar to the case of Islam. I have several extremely good friends who are also extremely good human beings, and exceptionally gifted minds. However, the first word, even if unspoken, they hear which can be remotely construed to be a criticism of Islam, its history, its progenitor, or anything even remotely related to islam, and they immediately loose their minds. After that, there is no appeal to reason and facts that can bring them back to reality. So a brief answer is—no Dems are NOT ashamed.
      They never will be. Even when we try them for treason on the National Mall and consequently look for the nearest wall, they will still be in their religious fervor, staring at everybody in disbelief, and total self-righteous indignation.

  • stephencuz

    In C.S. Lewis' "The Abolition of Man", he refers to those that seemingly step out from behind the rules in order that they may manage the game. The emphasis being to overcome what thus far has been seen as nature until the final conflict is to overcome man himself. I fear this group has jumped right to the final phase as Lewis saw it. They see themselves as the authors of the rules and therefore, apart and above them. They know best and any sacrifice to their desired ends is worth it. They approach like an amoral God of Greek Mythology. Woe unto us that must endure them. They are fools calling themselves gods.

  • Guest

    What Solway has done with this article is to provide us with a superb definition of FASCISM. Obama might well be the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini.

  • PAthena

    Note that Benito Mussolini founded the Fascist Party in Italy as a nationalist socialist party. Fascism is a form of undemocratic socialism.

  • http://www.mocconverterformac.org mvoconverter

    I surpport obama

    • hardroad1999


  • hijinx60

    MVOCONVERTER……………..I support his impeachment for treason.

    It seems to me that the next step would be just to call a winner and not even bother with a game. It is happening now through his czars who create rulesthat we "must obey". Obama rules through Executive Fiat and Congress has no say. He fires ceo's and literally takes companies, money, etc. and began by stealing the election with illegal voters and campaign donations.

  • StlMom

    Speaking of stealing elections, go to http://www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com (if it is still available) to see how BO beat Hillary in the primaries. Hard to believe this stuff goes on in the USA; I used to think it was only those "corrupt foreign" governments that do that! Ha!

    • hijinx60

      The first video stops working after about 2 1/2 min and the other has been taken down. Many posts that show the facts on Obama either will not run or quit after barely getting started(?). I've got my opinion, you can draw your own.