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Robert Spencer has a recent post highlighting a statement made from someone claiming to be Jumanah Imad Albahri, the UCSD student whose words supporting the extermination of the Jews have been heard by over 300,000 people on YouTube and even more on cable television and talk radio. Albahri herself showed up in the comments to deny authorship and direct readers to her own statement.

It’s been almost a week since David Horowitz’s talk at UCSD and Albahri is all of a sudden finally trying to explain herself at a new blog she has recently created.

I have emailed Albahri. Here is what I said:

Ms. Albahri,

I’ve read your blog post in which you try and explain the remarks you made Monday night at David Horowitz’s talk.

“Towards the end of the exchange, I became emotional. I could no longer hear Mr. Horowitz speaking and so did not even hear his injection of Hezbollah’s credo of ’rounding up’ Jews in his last tangent.  I could no longer contain my anger at being implicitly and improperly labeled a terrorist, an anti-Semite, and a proponent of genocide. The answer I was coerced into giving grossly misrepresented my beliefs and ideologies.”

I have a hard time believing your explanation that all of a sudden you could not hear what he was saying. You seemed to be able to communicate with him perfectly fine and hear what he was saying up until he asked his question. The video speaks for itself.

I have a question: if you oppose anti-Semitism and you oppose Islamists’ quest to instigate a second Holocaust, what have you ever done to challenge these tendencies within the MSA itself and Islam as a whole? If you do not hold such views yourself, why are you a part of an organization who regularly hosts speakers who call for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jews?

  • Rick

    An inherant hate instilled in the muslim mind from birth due to a lack of vitamin D caused by the muslim moms donned in black tents.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/hopetotellyou hopetotellyou

      Makes me smile Good wit.

  • Paardestaart

    She became emotional…! That's nice!
    I would have understood if Horowitz became emotional – I feel my toes curl in embarassment and shame when for the umpteenth time there is some young person triumphantly making the kind of agressive comment this pudgy bully was making to a calm voiced David Horowitz . Maybe these obnoxious kids should read and try to understand somehing first, or listen, and just keep their big insensitive mouths shut?

    • phil galey

      As she presented: she was unable to use her voice in a way which did not leave her marked with haughtiness; a bully, the while, retiring, afraid to admit the very thing which she wished to advocate, she was spineless—it may be that, she had been constrained to pass through the gauntlet which the American public school programing program, is—may be that, the woman is, rather, to be pitied, . . .

  • eerie Steve

    Both Davids:
    She's race baiting and is probably a DNC plant. Abort! Abort!

    The last thing we need in 2010 is a bunch of conservatives picking on a fat little Moslem girl. The MSM would love you for that.

    As long as we don't mess up, we're fine. Focus on the economy and how Barak butchered the opportunity to strengthen the US economy.

    • donnamarie

      Maybe we should get Michelle in on this. Michelle could slim her down in just a short time.

  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    Yes, she's fat. More importantly, however, is the fat that she does support a Jewish genocide. Double-talking in fluent American can't hide that basic fact.

    Someone, somewhere will publish her landmail address, her e-mail address etc.

    ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. This basic fact cannot be grasped by the average Muslim. This is just another example of that.

    • Syd Barrett

      Please you guys, there's no need to insult the way she looks. She's a pretty girl.

      The point here is that she is an idiot girl who supports causes she doesn't understand and doesn't research, and who is potentially violent. You can't reason with idiots like this, since their own argument is not based upon any reasoning or even logic.

      And, given the way she speaks, she's probably from Toledo with a real name like Brenda Johnson.

      • phil galey

        America IS fat, yeah, but, "She's a pretty girl."? c'mon Syd, "Beauty is merely skin deep, but ugliness goes clean through t'the bone."—however, while I think that, she qualifies for that last, upon the causes which I stated in the comment, above, and as a dumb animal with nothing of self-knowledge to have refrained a young heifer from challenging an experienced old bull like Horowitz, it may be that, the woman is, rather, to be pitied, . . .

        • Syd Barrett

          I agree, she is to be pitied. She's an ignorant child who exemplifies the adage that children should be seen and not heard.

          In the Biblical book of James, it is written that the tongue is a "toxic poison" and that sure is the truth.

          I hope she learned a lesson from all this, but I'm sure she didn't. If she had, she still wouldn't be trying to backpedal after being mocked and excoriated by pretty much everyone on the internet.

          One lesson she could learn is that if you do or say something stupid, then admit your mistake and apologize, it is so freeing. It doesn't look like she'll ever admit her mistake, though.

  • Habu

    She's toast .

  • betty boop

    Frankly, you give me a little hope… a little. I only hope our numbers remain great enough to keep after these vermin. It is only with concerted effort and action that this scourge will be stopped. Ridicule and approbation are a start.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

    Yes, Mark Levine sent me her weak excuse. What a joke. Sadly, many actually believe her, the lying sack of $hit.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/hopetotellyou hopetotellyou

    POOH ! You either have character of your own, or you are a pawn for Islam.
    And, once again, when cornered, as with those of your friends, you play the victim:
    "I was coerced." Just an excuse.

  • Sadiiq

    No one is born an anti-Semite; they are molded into one by Jew hating mutants. In time (Inshallah) we will be rid of that cancerous growth of ant-Semites, anti-Muslims, ant–This and anti-That.

  • eerie Steve

    No. The answer to one genocide is not another one.

    Balk the enemy. File this away under her name on DiscoverTheNetwork.org and turn her 15 minutes of fame into 0 minutes. Watch her, and see who provides any funding, and attack that funding like rain water:

    Drip. Drip.

    Forget one person, start shutting down complete organizations due to one person's misspoken word. I would start linking her to Saudi charities and get her sent to Gitmo.

  • tanstaafl

    We have the future on our side.

    It will be a long war, perhaps an eternal one, but you cannot isolate people from modernity forever.

    I feel that talk of genocide merely empowers the enemies of freedom. We have the higher ground, no need to abandon it.

    Never Submit.

  • 5goldencrosses

    What's that I see?? A wisp of dark hair poking out from under her hijab. Wow feel the sexual explosion. I'm getting hot, and hotter. Pity the poor muslim males in the audience, they must be on the verge of sexual immolation. She, of course, is going to Hell.

  • Paul P

    Since the woman has her own blog, why doesn't she post her true sentiments, rather than attempt to explain why she said what she said? That should clarify or cloud her true position.

    • donnamarie

      According to their law, aren't they supposed to try to trick us into believing that they are something that they are not. Maybe she had some non-muslim friends who thought she was nice and tolerant and now that they truth is out she is trying to back peddle.

  • BS1977

    Stop the mosque in the ghost shadows of the WTC towers….Write, e mail, make your voice heard……stop the appeasement, PC liberal insanity, the groveling and submission to this scourge.

    • Richard W.

      I have a better idea. Let the vermin build their mosque, then blow it up.

  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    Jumanah Imad Albahri should be located and bathed in pig's blood a la CARRIE (the movie). The event should be recorded and posted on YouTube. Ji=umanah's Islamic cred would evaporate in a heartbeat PLUS we'd get to learn if witches really do melt…

  • Peterk

    maybe if she took off her hijab she would be able to hear better

  • Sara

    We have permitted the far left to instill murderous racism within a "diversity" of tribes in America since the 1980's. Arizona just passed a law cutting funding to the leauge of world and American race-based hate.

    We can do to the post segregation racists, what we did with the Klan if we would drop the double standard that permits this new and improved "victim" monster. Whites and Christians are protrayed as the most evil race of the earth in need of oppression, hate and violence. The Left has directed the hate at White Americans because we stand between them and communism in the United States. We are attached to constitutional freedom for all, which the left claims, proves we are racists. Instilled race guilt and shame is what the Klan did to Blacks in history. Reject it. Get uppity about it. Make politicians defund it and make them pay for entertaining groups that preach race hate. All of them are as dangerous as are the radical Islamists.

  • nonstopca

    Keep the pressure on her and the SMA, maybe it won't destroy them, but it will hurt them…..and keep them under ground (buried) and out of our faces…….

  • Alex Bensky

    Oh, phooey. The video is clear. She heard the question and she gave an answer. It may be in the heat of the moment that's not the one she would give in more considered circumstances–entirely possible–but not that she didn't understand the question or was coerced into the answer she gave.

    A Jewish student saying he favored the genocide of Muslims would instantly be a national figure, condemned by all right-thinking people everywhere. But genocide against Jews…a lot of people who aren't for it still, well, understand why someone might favor it.

    I go with Meryl Yourish, whose message to anti-Semites everywhere is: "Just die."

  • moshe pupick

    M., 05/17/10 common era

    I wonder how many of her co-religionists share her pro-Holocaust views. So what is the ADL going to do? Try to educate her? Hold candlelight vigils for peace and love!?
    Wake up, Jewish Establishment! The global jihad marches on, and your secular, p.r.-oriented efforts won't stop it. I wonder whether the Golem ever makes housecalls. . . .

  • Davida

    So we are constantly hearing the rhetoric about how we should be tolerant and loving. How can I, as a Jewish women be tolerant to people who wish to see me and mine wiped off the face of the earth? I keep hearing "There are a lot of good muslims, they are not all vicious violent people". Well where the F— are they?

  • badaboo

    "out of the mouth ,comes the abundance of the heart " , otherwise known as "the Fruedian slip " ….she spoke what she believes , and what she believes is part of the ethos of islam . She is no different from the main body of islam , after all , it is written UNMISTAKEABLY in their Q'uran to kill the jew , she simply made the headlines .

  • Emman Chehade

    Jumanah Imad Albarhi is a shoe in for Miss USA next year. She's almost as stunning as Betty "Battle Axe" Molchany and Emma "Enema" Rosenthal. I can hear Dickie "Songbird" Siegel composing a song in her honor now…perhaps it will be called "Chafing Inner Thighs for Jihad"…

  • lee tabin

    Of course she meant what she said. She just thought better of saying it afterwards.
    The administration better wake up to what hostility is growing here.

  • JC71

    Memo to the hefty wolf woman playing Little Red Riding Hood: Saying you support Hamas, a genocidal organization, will not get you hauled in for Homeland Security interrogation. Getting caught on tape saying you're "For" their genocidal ideas just might.

    Like most radical islamists, she's about 30 cents shy of having a quarter.

  • Heffalump

    Here is the official reaction of the UCSD Chancellor. It is plain disgusting and it only took 7 days.

    As you may know, last week at UC San Diego, a series of lectures, displays and classroom debates touched passionate, heartfelt beliefs for many in the campus and surrounding community. Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian supporters visited UC San Diego at the invitation of our students and faculty. Speakers addressed the politically charged issues that are shaping world news and international policy.

    In a question-and-answer session at one of the events, a student appeared to support a position that can be interpreted as anti-Semitic and a threat to those of the Jewish faith. We repudiate any suggestion that violence – especially genocidal violence – is a legitimate political tool. Although we at UC San Diego uphold the right of all to freedom of speech, consistent with the First Amendment to the US Constitution, we condemn in the strongest terms this position as a blatant disregard of our campus values.

    As stated in our UC San Diego Principles of Community,http://www.ucsd.edu/explore/about/principles.html… we reject acts of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political beliefs, and, we will confront and appropriately respond to such acts.

    We firmly believe that one student’s opinion is not representative of the opinions of the majority of our student body, our collective faculty or the campus administration. We are gratified that the student involved in the edited exchange with speaker David Horowitz that was widely circulated on the internet has issued a clarification and apology for her comments. Her statement:

    “Let me be clear that I condemn genocide, racism, terrorism, and violence in any form, and firmly believe that such things run counter to my faith as a Muslim. I also condemn Mr. Horowitz’s exploitation of my well-intentioned question, and his exploitation of this situation as a whole. I did not hear Mr. Horowitz’s question, specifically his references to genocide. Had I understood the nature of the question, I would never have responded the way that I did by providing an answer that misrepresented my beliefs. I would like to apologize for the remarks I inadvertently made at the forum. It was never my intent to offend anyone.”

    Discourse and debate are the essence of a vital academic institution like UC San Diego. The very foundations of every great university are set upon the rock-solid principles of freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Nevertheless, the University has an obligation to speak out in favor of civil discourse. We urge everyone in our community, regardless of their political points of view, to join us in upholding the Principles of Community.

    I appreciate your message and the opportunity to respond.

    Marye Anne Fox

    • Sadiiq

      Being of Arab descent, I find Marye Anne Fox's response reprehensible but what else can you expect, from her politically correct induced coma. Wake sister, you should know bull when it is flung.

  • john smith

    as arab american, i condemn miss albahri, she is a coward bigot and a liar, iam a big supporter of the state of israel in its struggle against the evil forces of iran,syria,hamas,
    and hezbollah,thank you mr horowits for standing up and exposing the islamofascist,
    and thank you israel for fighting against the islamofascists to protect the civilized world

  • JC71

    You could take little red riding hood's collective smarts, pack it in a box, shove it up an ants rear end and it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar!

    Oh and how nice of the Chancellor to try and rehabilitate the image of that muslim nazi.


  • ratchett

    She is a perfect candidate for Michelle's anti-obesity campaign, also has a fat head.
    What a jerk.

  • Servant of God

    Hi all, You guys are not worth the time – You're all soooo busy labelling and accusing and cry-baby reactions and self glorifying arrogance that you are blinded to how much hate and crap you are filled with. Is it OK for every one else to suffer or be ridiculed or killed as long as its not you?
    Are you seriously stupid or just acting – If Islam WANTED you dead or EXTERMINATED then the Prophet of Yahweh or any of the Prophets from MOSES, DAVID, SOLOMON, JESUS May Peace be on them all would have done so. I dont think if what you believe is true that you would be here today. Meaning that Muhammad Peace be upon him, himself would have wiped out Jews – but he didn't . He encouraged treating them fairly and traded with them etc. In fact how can you hide behind your very own desire to exterminate Muslims??? you can't – you're quite open about it. So stop playing the victim and realise what you really are. Antagonists.

    • Sadiiq


  • Solarcontrol

    Our culture and religion(s) don't teach us to hate and kill them – but even if they did, it would only make us JUST LIKE ISLAM.
    The history of Islam is all one needs to know.
    As Christ said, "know a tree by its fruit".
    While Hitler and Stalin are considered monsters in the West, they are HEROES in Islam.

  • badaboo

    Sadiq&"servant of god " you are muslims , doing what you do best ….lie , defame others , kill others [an yourselves ] then put the blame on your victims . Everyone's got your number by now , except the idiots you convert in the prisons .

  • Tes

    All I got to say is wow! More and more is revealed about the family's background and that probably why the "truth" slipped out. Thanks for the info Steve Bronfman.

    Check out the links from Steve. Currently, it is the last comment on the page. http://discussions.latimes.com/20/lanews/la-oe-go