Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day From a Chomsky True Believer

A comment from someone named Peter Smillie on Alexander Levkovsky’s post on Israel and Iran:

you are all mental. you move you families from the safety of america into a war zone, and blame it on ‘insane neigbours’ If i want my children to grow up safe i wouldnt take them to a patch of barren land that a book written 2000 years ago says is mine, and then wonder what all the fuss is about when i kick out the people that live there, you are all out of your minds. what about the hypocrisy re israel and its bombs? why isnt israel called to the UN to discuss its nuclear programme? utter hypocrisy, Isreal MUST be strong? if israel wants to stop the anger towards t maybe it should stop holding millions of people hostage in a slum called Gaza/ are you guys out of your fekking miinds? War War War your a bunch of blood hungry animals. You jews are responsible for this hell, you need to shoulder the blame, its unbelievable, in disgust.

Then Peter had this follow up:

Bloody hell, reagan? carter? responsible for millions of deaths across the globe, check your history, read chomsky, see the truth, you guys are ALL blind