Commentary: George Will Knocks it Out of the Park

by Peter Wehner

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) gathering this weekend included some odd moments, some odd speakers, and some odd outcomes. But it also included some fine moments and impressive speeches — especially one fantastic address by columnist George Will.

In his remarks, Will laid out the fundamental difference between conservatism and modern-day liberalism on the issue of equality of opportunity (which conservatives tend to support) vs. equality of outcomes (which liberals tend to support). This difference has led liberals to actively favor creating dependency on the state. Much of Will’s speech demonstrates why he believes this proposition is true.

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  • Don

    Yes, friends, The highways and bridges, the beautiful public buildings of the new deal era, They just grew there. If all those american citizens who labor and spent their money in our country would just leave, we the upper 10% would be far more prosperous than we already are. Who needs beauticians, auto mechanics, cashiers and receptionists anyway. Yes, Will has a great grasp on reality, as do all Conservatives. The little people, the old people, the poor people, they are the problem, and if they had to live in tin shacks at the edge of the city, you could just bet they'd find a 40, 000 dollar a year job, and right quit, too.

  • SenatorMark4

    It's sad to see an American like commenter "Don" get so disturbed by the truth. If only we could take more money from the mechanics, beauticians, and gardeners to give to those with no intention of working we'd all be so much better off. Those of us that sweat get W-2's and if that leaves us anything to invest we get IRS Form 1099-misc. All those dependents get no reporting of our "redistributed" income. You cannot measure the waste if it is not reported! IRS Form 1099-GOV for all!!!

  • Bill


    What the h are you talking about? It would be hard to find a more clueless statement than yours. What are you? Are you one of the overseers in the progressive voter plantations or something? The founders warned us about people like you who try to use promises of other people's money to buy votes and gain power. You love to play little envy games to tuirn Americans against each other so your bankrupt ideology can have some chance of getting votes. Well, more and more Americans are waking up to your kind of tactics and it is my firm hope that before long enough of us will be awake to stop you guys from ever having any political power or influence again.

  • PAthena

    Has President Obama once used the word "liberty"?

    • Larry in Iowa

      I don’t know how often Obama uses the word “Liberty” but it’s pretty obvious he takes “Liberties” with the truth every time he opens his mouth.

  • Tian Li

    All of you who have studied History and Economics outside of the Public School Communes know all too well what "Don's World" is all about. You only have to study how the Chinese Communist Party promised the world to its people. Today, the only promises delivered are to their Cadres. All the hype of the economic success of Communist China is as false as the facades of the USSR and N.Korea. The benevolent poor so often portrayed In Professor Don's World, as in the world of the CCP, means that to become "rich" in his world you must become an athiest and pledge staunch allegiance to the CCP – Do not have any other gods before me.