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Confronting Nazi-Apologist-In-Chief Glenn Greenwald on Twitter

Posted By David Swindle On June 2, 2010 @ 7:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Right now there’s a contest going on for most shameless defender of Islamic fascism. It’s The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan vs. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald. And Greenwald just took the lead.

A few hours ago, Greenwald linked to Instapundit’s slam of him and tweeted snarkily:

“Useful Idiots” – Can right-wing war-cheerleaders who think in cliches at least invent new ones once every few decades?http://is.gd/czXru

I retweeted Greenwald’s  tweet with my answer to his question:

If it aint’t broke… RT @ggreenwald: “Useful Idiots” – Can right-wing war-cheerleaders who think in cliches at least invent new ones?

The “useful idiots” phrase remains entirely accurate. Why replace it when it still works so well?

I was delighted and surpised to see Greenwald’s response to me:

@DaveSwindle Nothing helps Hamas more than acts like this attack – just like nothing helped AQ more than Iraq War- so who are Useful Idiots?

I replied and linked to John Perazzo’s lead story at FPM today:

@ggreenwald Israel wasn’t the one “attacking.” You’re the apologist for Hamas’ “humanitarian wing” http://tinyurl.com/32tdhz6

I have one question for Greenwald to answer, not that I expect him to have the courage to: Is there a campaign — which these “flotilla peace activists” are a part of — to finish Hitler’s work of exterminating the Jews?

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