FAIL: 5 Islamists Caught in Plot to Assassinate the Pope

It’s all about making one single statement over and over again to the free world: Islam is stronger and we will defeat you.

The Telegraph reports:

The men were arrested during raids at 5.45am at a rubbish depot in central London based on an intelligence tip off received overnight.

The suspects, aged 26, 27, 36, 40 and 50 were arrested by officers from Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

They are said to be from a variety of nationalities including a number of Algerian origin.

The depot where they worked is less than a mile from Hyde Park where the Pope was due to hold a prayer vigil tomorrow evening.

As street cleaners they would have been able to move relatively freely and inconspicuously through the London crowds.

Read the rest here.

Why would Islamic terrorists want to kill the Pope? For the same reason that Al Qaeda targeted the World Trade Center and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is trying to build a 13-story mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero. These are symbolic acts which will:

A) Energize the Muslim world to believe that it can conquer the West.

B) Emotionally traumatize those living in free societies so they do not have the courage to fight back.

The Pope is a symbol of Western civilization. To kill him is to say in very clear terms that Catholicism and the West can be destroyed and replaced with Islam and Sharia. It is vital that this reality of Islam is understood — and this act is not just dismissed as just another terrorist attack. We cannot grow numb to the radical assault against us.

Hat tip to MB Snow.

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