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I would like to introduce everyone to a dear friend of mine. This is Feminist Hawk. She’s a new associate editor at NewsReal Blog. She’s in charge of editing our new Feminist Hawks’ Nest sub-blog.

Feminist Hawk was created by my friend, the extraordinary artist Bosch Fawstin, creator of Pigman and author of such works as Table for One, Propiganda, and the forthcoming series The Infidel. He and I collaborated on the basics of her look and design but most of the credit for the success of her belongs to Bosch. There are several images of Feminist Hawk that Bosch has created that we’ll be unveiling and using for different purposes. (And maybe if Feminist Hawk really starts to take flight then we’ll be able to get Bosch to create some more.)

One of the most important Feminist Hawk books by the single most important Feminist Hawk author.

What does it mean to be a Feminist Hawk? Why do we use that term? The meme originates in a single issue: Islamofascist misogyny. This New York Times article identified David Horowitz and FrontPage Magazine as examples of Feminist Hawks. According to the Times‘ piece to be a Feminist Hawk was to take a hard line on Islamist regimes because of the Muslim world’s mistreatment of women. The Godmother of Feminist Hawkdom, Dr. Phyllis Chesler, was unfortunately not mentioned — an unacceptable injustice akin to ignoring Albert Einstein were one talking about physics — though she wrote about it here in a must-read essay which further defined the term. Robert Spencer, another crucial figure in this developing movement, also blogged about it here and listed numerous articles he’d written on the subject.

At NewsReal Blog we want this to only be the starting point for what it means to be a Feminist Hawk. To be a Femininst Hawk is not only to champion this vital cause but also to adopt a style and an attitude. Feminist Hawks are confident, aggressive, and confrontational. They fight and will not be bullied. And our Feminist Hawk superheroine is meant to both symbolize and inspire these sentiments.

And just as NewsRealBlog’s big brother Discover The Networks seeks to reclaim the word “liberal” from the leftists who have hijacked it, The Feminist Hawks’ Nest seeks to take back “feminist” from the Marxists who have stolen it. Who are the real liberals today? Who are the real feminists? Those on the Right who stand up for the rights of all persons, not just those of an “oppressed” political constituency.

The Feminist Hawks’ Nest is NewsReal Blog‘s sub-blog devoted to exploring these themes. Posts relating to Islamic misgoyny, feminism, and conservative women will appear here. It features every NRB commentary — no matter the subject — by some of our bloggers who most embody this spirit: Jeanette Pryor, Lori Ziganto, Cynthia Yockey, Jenn Q. Public, J.E. Tabler, and Kathy Shaidle. But men can be Feminist Hawks as well. FrontPage Magazine‘s managing editor Jamie Glazov has been a continual advocate of these issues and his rhetorical style certainly fits with the Feminist Hawk mentality.

So please make a point to visit The Feminist Hawks’ Nest. And prepare as Feminist Hawk emerges with her talons ready.

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  • http://www.itecode.com eerie Steve

    eh. Not evil enough. Give me something more stoic and Praetorian, yet capable of causing immense harm at genocidal levels. A true fire starter. Forget sex liberation. How about killing people. Something like:


    • http://www.itecode.com eerie Steve

      sorry, the link got cut:

      just paste these two lines together and you'll get my vision. Strong, but filled with estrogen:


      • http://intensedebate.com/people/FeministHawk FeministHawk

        Dah. Unimpressed. I'm tougher.

  • USMCSniper

    In approving Violence Against Women Act by a 100% vote, every Senator in Congress has become part of a system of organized robbery that uses fear and hate of men to steal. Whether this was done wittingly or unwittingly is not an issue. Congress either knows or should know what it is voting on. The Senate cannot plead ignorance, because it refused to allow Dr. Murray Straus, who is perhaps the preeminent scientist on domestic violence, to testify about what is wrong with VAWA, along with many others objecting to the bill.

    Here is the reason why. Congress is already bought and paid for – with allegations. Every Congressman and male staffer knows that it only takes one allegation of a sexual impropriety to end a career. NOW collects sex dirt on all male members of Congress just for this purpose. How many Congressmen and male aides are so chaste as to feel secure opposing VAWA? And in an era where false allegations are so commonplace, could a chaste Senator even feel safe? The Senate record reflects that none of them do..

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/LawhawkSF LawHawkSF

    I've been a fan of Bosch Fawstin (and Pigman) since first encountering him at Big Hollywood. Something tells me I'll be an even bigger fan of Feminist Hawk (some reasons obvious, some not so obvious, LOL). I've spent most of my life working with, and occasionally living with, strong women. They all were highly capable of competing with men without becoming men. To me, that's a true feminist, and I think that's what we're going to be seeing from Feminist Hawk.

  • guest

    firstly, the feminist hawk idea is not too bad, fighting for womens wellbeing under the slavery and abuse of this religion. thats a great goal and a much needed one where the usual so called feminists lost their shrill voices.
    my second comment is to change the ugly hair covered (as in hijab) cartoon hero look. it is firstly disgusting secondly unfeminine thirdly islamic like in covering hais and hence i suggest a beautiful superhero look like Supergirl or Wonder Woman of the famous comic series. the one depicted here is disgustingly ugly and lets keep the batman look for bruce wayne and let our women heroes show their hair in a rightful defiance of the ugly and dehumanizing hijab that all real women and reasonable and balanced men see as a sign of slavery dehumanization and desexualization, as if genital mutilation were not savage enough.

    • http://www.itecode.com eerie Steve

      Bou-Di-Ca !!!
      Bou-Di-Ca !!!
      Bou-Di-Ca !!!


    • http://intensedebate.com/people/FeministHawk FeministHawk

      I do not appreciate your disrespectful comments one bit. "Ugly"? Are you blind?! Sounds like projection, I imagine. I see you don't even bother to come up with a clever name, and forget showing YOUR face.

  • guest

    i fully agree with the commentator above mentioning the intimidation of innocent males by the hullabaloo of alleged harrasment that can ruin the best career without much investigation or showing proof.
    when there is real harrasment then let the law rule, but in a significant ratio of cases it is simply cry wolf and the male is automatically terminated from a job or career and this is a shameful wicked blemish on the american system and society. it is as hurtful and damaging towards innocent male victims of these allegations as the above mentioned religion is towards innocent women though definitely less bloody but almost just as permanent.
    it is imperative when defending womens wellbeing to be extra careful not to destroy innocent males in the process. it is best to attack any ideology that supports real misogyny than to go after individual cases.. the misogyny of this religion is very brutal and very real. the misogyny of a co worker at the office or garage who hangs a semi nude pinup of some model or actress is not only hallucinatory and non existent, it is a mark of a confused culture brainwashed to the hilt to fire a guy for such a non offense.
    even higher education institutes are going stupid on dictating step by step how to conduct a non harassing conversation between male and female classmates!!! my god have we become foolish!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Underzog Underzog

    WE need more heroines like this.

  • Daner

    I beleive a great tool against islam will be women. Since women are oppressed, voluntarily or not, we can seriously undermine our enemy by using our womens empowerment as a means to empower women in islam. Once women in islam see the light, its then a matter of strength in numbers.
    Ive never been to a middle eastern country but with regards to oppressed women in theislamic world, you hear alot of women endorsing the oppresion, saying it is there choice and they want to be under the veil. However, it's like the slave who is blissfuly unaware of his/her own enslavment……