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From the Writings of David Horowitz: February 14, 2010

Posted By David Swindle On February 14, 2010 @ 6:45 am In David's Blog,NewsReal Blog | No Comments

“It is the ideological adversaries of the Left who float on the wave of a future that is free.”

Radical Son

This quote was submitted by Nichole Hungerford. She had this to say about it:

“The poignancy of this quote lies in the fact that throughout the course of human events, only some have been on the side of liberty. ¬†Leftist elements in America have, for too long, obfuscated their enmity toward human freedom by decades of lies and revisionist history. ¬†If there is any hope that this hard-won gift will not disappear into the night, it is up to the independently thinking people of this world to expose the truth — that the desire to control human behavior is as old as humanity itself and the only radical movement that has been or ever will be in opposition to it is the so-called ‘conservative’ campaign.”


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