Yearning for a Holocaust

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On Monday, May 10, Editor-in-Chief David Horowitz gave a talk at UC San Diego to counter the Muslim Students Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week. (Horowitz made a point to properly describe the event as “Hitler Youth” week.) He was literally giving his speech at the same time as notorious anti-Semite Norman Finkelstein.

During the Question and Answer period Horowitz had a chilling exchange with a member of the MSA in which he prodded her to reveal the depraved depths of her Jew-hatred. What’s shocking is not so much that she holds such views, but rather that she was willing to admit it:

(Watch video here.)


MSA member: Good evening, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to campus tonight and presenting your point of view, its always important to have to sets of, ah, views going on at the same time. Um, very useful.  My name is Jumanah Imad Albahri and I’m a student here at UCSD. Ah I was reading your literature, I found that much more interesting than your talk, and I found some interesting things about the MSA, which is an organization that is very active on campus and is hosting our annual “Hitler Youth” week, you should come out to those events. Um, if you could clarify the connection between the MSA and Jihad terrorist networks, because last time I checked, we had to do our own fundraising, and we never get help from anyone.  So if you could clarify the connection between UCSD’s MSA or if you don’t have such information, if you could connect other MSA’s on UC’s, because the connection wasn’t to clear in the pamphlet, just if you could clarify.

Horowitz: Okay.  Will you condemn Hamas, here and now?

MSA member: I’m sorry, what?

Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas?

MSA member: Would I condemn Hamas?

Horowitz: As a terrorist organization.  Genocidal organization.

MSA member: Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?

Horowitz: So you won’t.  I have actually had this experience many times.  You didn’t actually read the pamphlet, because the pamphlet is chapter and verse. The main connection is that the MSA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood Network as revealed…

MSA member: I don’t think you understood what I meant by that.  I meant if I say something, I am sure that I will be arrested, for reasons of homeland security.  So if you could please just answer my question.

Horowitz: If you condemn Hamas, Homeland Security will arrest you?

MSA member: If I support Hamas, because your question forces me to condemn Hamas.  If I support Hamas, I look really bad.

Horowitz: If you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it.  Case closed.  I have had this experience at UC Santa Barbara, where there were 50 members of the Muslim Students Association sitting right in the rows there.  And throughout my hour talk I kept asking them, will you condemn Hizbollah and Hamas. And none of them would.  And then when the question period came, the president of the Muslim Students Association was the first person to ask a question. And I said, ‘Before you start, will you condemn Hizbollah?’ And he said, ‘Well, that question is too complicated for a yes or no answer.’  So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way.  I am a Jew.  The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally.  For or Against it?

MSA member: For it.

Horowitz: Thank you for coming and showing everybody what’s here.


This is the reality of what we’re facing today. We are in a global struggle with Islamic Nazis who brazenly, openly advocate a second holocaust. We are at war with a totalitarian enemy that seeks world domination.

There is really only one question that’s relevant after you’ve watched this video: What are you going to do about this? How are you going to participate in the fight against Nazism? What are you going to do so that “Never Again” really means Never Again?

Update: Thanks to Pamela Geller who linked and who has more on the truth about the “Palestinian Cause” at Atlas Shrugs.

  • Gary Rumain

    Given that the koran is steeped in anti-semitism, is it any wonder?

    • Guest

      DIckless loser – why don;t you use your real name?

      • Gary Rumain

        Unlike you, I do. And you've overstayed your welcome. Go back to Muzziestan.

  • Andy Lewis

    Typical Islamist, spewing death threats out of his rotten psyche.

    Agent Mike, please pick this guy up and send him home.

  • S. HaLevi

    I would not worry much. I live in Eretz Israel and I venture to report that the IslamoNazis have achieved what 4000 years of history could not.
    The "koran" is a muderers cult manual and not only anti-Semitic, if one recalls the slaughters of Christians in Churches all over the islamic cesspools, their blowing up Buddhas, etc.
    Israelis are settling into reality and that means that we will cease to try to "negotitate" with the filth and fold them back hard. We have done that a few times before but this time they can expect far worse.
    If those inbread monsters have at least two functioning brain cells, they would carefully crawl back to their maggot holes on their own. Otherwise and regardless of what saetoro obama promised his liege lord, they will be set back to before the stone age which is where they are now.
    Yes they will cause harm but will receive back a hundred fold worse than what happened to them before.
    They will be identified in every location they may be and attended to without consideration.
    It is time to do the job at hand. islamists have begged for places with 72 whatevers and they are about to get their dream come true.

    • RI Landau

      yes. you are absolutly correct as this is how it will end for them. The King of Egypt sought to murder all the first born of israel, but it was the first born of Egypt that all perished

    • Kathy

      This Christian, living within a stone's throw of UCSD, loves the way you write and stands with you.

      "Yeah, right" I hear you say. I don't blame you.

      This is a public university, time to act and remove this organization from its campus.

  • solemnman

    The delusional left will be appalled at your aggressive badgering of this cute little girl -who only wants what her religion tells her should happen and what so many others,,both Muslims and infidels,want-the final extinction of the Jewish people.

    • Stephen_Brady

      From the wording of you post, I'm not sure whether you are being sarcastic or you mean what you said. Could you please explain?

  • Raymond942

    … anti-Jew/Christian/non-muslim sentiment isnt a new thing, nor is it a palestinian/Israel territory problem… the Koran (muslim hate/death-manual) & hadiths/sunnah, encourages muslims to wipe out Jews, demends muslims have domination over others, teaches to disrespect the kuffars (non-believers), permits treatment of non-muslims & women as 2nd class citizens (see 'JIZYA') (if they dont convert to islam) , allows lying to save themselves & islam (see 'al-TAQQUIA')… this is nothing short of Evil !!
    Satan must be having a laugh at muslims, his own special creation…

    • Rifleman

      It's pretty obvious it wasn't God whispering in muhamed's ear.

      • Gary Rumain

        No, it was shaitan urinating in it.

  • Peter P

    Why is the MSA not banned in the US? Everyone know it's a supremacist Islamic organisation and is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Isaac

      the Muslim Brotherhood itself is not banned, (see Muslim American Society, Islamic Circle of North America, and last but hopefully least the Council of American-Islamic Relations). I personally had a run in with the MAS when the MSA of my school (Hofstra) invited a speaker from the organization to give a lecture on the "misconceptions of Islam". What followed was an insane series of Muslim supremacist non-sense. The speaker was a young woman, born in the U.S. to Egyptian parents, educated in Fordham University, she is now the Muslim chaplain at Wesleyan, Marwa Aly.

  • logdon

    Plaudits rightly to Horowitz who skewered the little overconfident intellectual shrimp with his final, 'ya don't get to make a speech'.

    If life were always like that?

  • dornagain

    The fact that there are so many folks in the world that want Jews dead should be a concern. We can't always spot these people when they walk down the street or join our place of employment.
    My experience is that it isn't just Moslems either.

    • Gary Rumain

      One way to find out. Wear a kippa and see how many slurs and remarks you get.

  • jbtrevor

    A few points:
    1. What was missed in this transcript/description thereof is this: The woman said (she believed) she would be arrested by homeland security if she said anything. I wonder if the fact that Homeland security didn't show up and arrest her will cause her to rethink all that she has been force-fed by her 'religion' or is her 'hate' of Jews so deep rooted, no peace will come to her until all Jews are dead? Sadly, methinks it's the latter.
    2. I'm surprised the woman didn't simply lie (Al-Takeyyah) for the sake of Allah like most of her Islamist bretheren.
    3. This is yet another wake up to us Westerners to the perils of tolerance of Islamism
    4. Bravo, David Horowitz for bringing forth the REAL Islam

    • taquiyya jw

      Maybe the MSA is feeling confident enough to dispense with the taquiyya. Scary thought, though.

  • Rifleman

    Try growing up instead ahmed. Horowitz isn't blocking muslim views, he's bringing them out into the open. It's not his fault yall are too stupid to know better than to make fools of yourselves. BTW, what's a "Pure Zionist Grandfather?"

    • amit

      quite correct
      when the bad character of an inherently evil person is revealed to the world; he is hurt and fearful that his truth will be known now and people will take proper action.

  • tanstaafl jw

    "Pure Zionist Grandfather"? Is that a movie? Or did you steal it from "Mein Kampf"?

  • David

    Islam has not only killed 300 million people during its shameful life of 1400 years but also has contaminated the mind of more people who have followed this hateful cult. I, as an Iranian citizen, have chosen wisdom instead of Islam (Islam means submission) and I've no intention to submit.

    • Gary Rumain

      Do you have a blog or can you recommend any Iranian blogs in English? One thing I like to do is keep tabs of what the resistors of islam do around the world. I'd like to find one that's not in Persian.

  • Jean

    I just hope that those of us who discern the madness, the derangement of of Islam do not imagine reasonability will be effective in blocking their drive to the end zone. That would be madness and derangement on OUR part.

  • relictele

    "Jimena Imad Musa Ahmal Bahiri" wears a woolen top coat in San Diego?

    She does manage the double-scarf trick. But remember, the checkered scarf should not be construed as support for Palestinian terror and the hijab (head scarf) is all about 'freedom' and 'choice' for Islamic women!

    • BS1977

      what are these vile brainwashed haters doing in the USA in the first place? They are the enemies of our COnstitution, our nation and everything rational, decent and fair…they are the automaton spawn of a sick, dogmatic scourge on planet Earth, a remnant of the Dark Ages that thrives on hatred, lies and torment….but our Govt. sees fit to keep admitting this plague to our shores.

  • AntiFascist18

    First off, Musa has NO right to live in this country, she should be expelled immediately along with the rest of her roach fece friends. Note I didn't say exterminate, but they have no right whatsoever living here after murdering so many of us.

    At the very least she should immediately be expelled from UCSD and I urge all in the San Diego area to write the college Chancellor and demand this and a full investigation of what is obviously a terrorist organization, the MSA. If he demurs or refuses, divest and boycott UCSD.

    McCarthy was right about Academia. They'd let Hitler in just to satisfy their Leftard impulses.

    • aros

      They did let Hitler in – remember Columbia allowing Ahmadinejad to speak on campus and then everyone treating him like a rock star?? Shameful.

  • AntiFascist 18

    Get the hell out of MY Country, you 9/11 accomplice.

    Islam – a gutter religion that murders babies, women, children, pets – and even their own girls.

    Wish that those Zionists would have levelled Gaza instead of behaving humanely. We need real payback for 9/11.

  • dinah lord

    "Jimena Imad Musa Ahmal Bahiri" wears a woolen top coat in San Diego?"

    The better to hide the bomb belt…

  • salty

    Go home, coward.

  • Marty

    The msa is living up to its reputation as a branch of the muslim brotherhood death cult. There are good reasons to explain why no full blown democracy has ever existed in an islamic country and probably won't in the future. The only place in the Middle East where arabs can vote (in higher proportions than Jews) in free elections is Israel. None of the 1.4 million arab citizens in Israel are fleeing the "Zionist oppression" that looney leftists and muslims whine about here. Instead they enjoy the highest standard of living in the region and a comfortable middle class life style.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    If moslim extremism is not stopped now it will be to late they will win.
    Only the tought alone of moslims to want a mosque on or near ground zero
    is an gotspah. Thank G-d Israel has nukes.

  • Duncan Druhl

    If these folks weren't so pitiful, they'd be funny. They are inculcated with this hatred. It warps their ability to have normal human relationships because the focus of their life is hate. Were I Christian, I'd pray for them as Christ asked us to forgive the sinners as we are forgiven.

    What they never figure out is that they are being used for shills in a much larger game that is driven by money (for the controllers) and power (for the politicians). In this day and age, those are the main idols out there and the only ones people without a loving soul can understand or worship effectively.

    If this silly hatred did not exist, it would be invented (actually as it was ignited in the 19th century for just this purpose) so that these folks will buy it and do anything their controllers ask, all in the name of a god that the politicians could care less about because it is his name that moves things, so he is an object of manipulation just like the people they govern.

    The use of focused hatred is such an old con game that one understands why Islam does not fully educate its people. The Muslims, educated and not, with whom I've worked outside the Zone of Hate, have generally been peaceful, quiet people willing to observe their religion and having no exceptional disagreements with anyone because they were not raised to hate, but raised to respect their God. Those two points are mutually exclusive; but that slight bit of rational thinking does not fit within a hate indoctrinating tribal society that needs to manipulate its people to its own ends, disregarding the mental and physical health of its people.

    Conflict like this serves two owners: Satan and the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex because both of them profit wildly by it. It is merely the fools who fail to see the connection that are used as cannon fodder by their supposed leaders. Evil disguises itself in many interesting shades and appearances.

  • USMCSniper

    Islam itself is the problem. In the Qur'an, most notably Surah 5:64-65. To be certain, there are many other verses which have special significance for the MSA, but this is central to the discussion and problems elsewhere are epitomized by this passage. 5:64-65 says, in words addressed to the Jews: "do not disavow us.. They whom God has cursed [the Jews], and with whom he has been angry, some of them he changed into apes and pigs." So, it is the religion of Islam teaches Jew hatred.

    The MSA was founded by a group of Muslim students at the University of Illinois in 1963. Each of the founders were members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood started in 1928 strictly as a Muslim organization with an outlook hardly distinguishable from Wahhabism.


    Ahmed, you are EVIL. Horowitz speaks the truth about Islam, the Koran, and what it means to non Muslims. How can you be for a religion that commands Jihad against non Muslims, and treats their own people like dirt? Why should you as a Muslim male be able to have four wives, beat them, and have what words come out of your mouth carry more weight than that of a Muslim woman? Your religion is all about subjugation, oppression, and obliteration. You either get people to forcibly convert, you recruit, or you kill all in the name of Allah. I support Horowitz because he speaks the truth about Islam, and quite frankly, the push by the Muslim Brotherhood to have people think it's "peaceful" (it's piece full from the shrapnel from the bombs) is FAILING. We read your filthy Koran, we read the Surahs, we read the hadiths we know what's in them, and WE WILL NOT SUBMIT. If you are going after Horowitz, you come through me FIRST.

  • Jerry O

    Ahmed, you are the perfect example of the Muslims, which Horrowitz is speaking of. There are normal Muslims and then there are broken ones like you. Human beings whose brains just don't work correctly. Have no fear though, you CAN be fixed but it will take a willingness on your part, to stop plugging your ears and humming so that you can hear the undeniable wisdom of truth. One day the government of this world will be headquartered on Mt. Zion and there's not a darn thing you or I or anyone can do about it. Don't let that make you angry Ahmed, because unless you repent, you won't have to be there anyway. You will be far off swimming in a hot spring somewhere. Repent Ahmed, and accept Jesus' free gift and then you will understand and you will never be confused about it again. Good luck my friend.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Bla bla bla bla. Don't we tire of it all? If America is to survive it has to block any further Muslim immigrants and it needs to pack up the ones who've settled here and ship them back to their Muslim lands. Talk of a Mosque on the site where 9/11 took place is the last straw. Will it take the wild militias to save America?

  • AgentFatwad

    Islam is an evil religion of pig molestors and pederasts. It should be eradicated globally.

  • TopBaxterUSMC

    In the past, Undesirable and Enemy Aliens were denighed entry into this country and deported if already here. Now, in this era of touchy-feely, limp-wristed, political correctness, and empty headed, appeasing, kool-aide drinking, s**t-for-brains liberalism, the "in thing" is empathy for the enemy and apathy for the freedoms we as legitimate citizens of this country have worked, fought, and died for. Any known organization that supports and advocates, either by word or action, the geneocide of a people or nation, should be shut down, its non-citizen members deported, and the home grown hatemongers, carefully watched and proscecuted at the first opportunity. That includes the Klueless Klutz Klowns, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, and any other overtly prejudiced organizations. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

    • To the ignorant


  • NickinVirginia

    Just a minor point.

    They can't support a Second Holocaust, because they don't believe there was a Holocaust to begin with.

    They are indeed useless scum.

    • Carolina Don

      We hear so much about "no racial profiling" today, I wonder what sense there is in such thinking. I mean, America has fought Korea, Japan, VietNam, and others that REQUIRED racial profiling. If I robbed a store and the police were told,"He was about a 60 yr. old male with slightly thinning hair, brown eyes, a southern accent, and a slight limp", would it be racial profiling to add,"and he was (white or black or oriental)?" Sometimes this PC junk is rediculous. Anyone, whether because of color, speech, or dress, should be profiled and especially Muslims who have sworn to destroy America.

  • SwampFox2U

    So what is the real connection between the Marxists in our Government and Islam. Marx was a Jew . While Lenin,Stalin and Mao exterminated their competition and opposing voices it appears the American Progressives(Marxists) will use Islam to replace Christianity and be the foot soldiers in controlling the population. Justification for eliminating opposing voices in Religion is a matter of history and is always found when the State and Religion join hands.

  • john smith

    as muslim american, iam a big supporter of the state of israel and a big supporter of jewish causes, thank you mr horowitz for exposing and standing up to those islamofascists, israel is the last line of defense in the region to protect the civlized world from the dark forces of the islamofascists

    • John Campbell

      Why aren't you simply an American, or at least an AMERICAN who is also a Muslim?

      I'm a Catholic Christian, but I don't call myself a "Catholic American"…

      • john smith

        iam an american and my loyality in only toward america, iam a patriot, i love this country, i awe my life to this great country, the reason i said muslim american
        i wanted to say that not all muslim are bigots anti israel, many of us are moderate
        who support the state of israel and oppose the islamofascists

      • Rob McGee

        "I'm a Catholic Christian, but I don't call myself a "Catholic American"…."

        Oh, for realz?!

        You mean you never, EVER, mention your Catholicism in political debates? So even if the conversation is about abortion laws, or whether there should be same-sex marriage in America, or whether Benedict XVI acted inappropriately in dealing with molestation cases before he became Pope, you *never* think it's appropriate to mention that you're not just an American, but a Catholic American?

        If "John Smith" is who he says he is, then it was completely relevant in the context of this discussion for him to mention that he happens to be Muslim, and you're kind of a dick for making a big deal out of it.

    • To the ignorant


      • john smith

        i asked myself this question thousandsof times since 9/11, i cant speak for everybody but i think the reason is many of us afraid if we criticize those evil people
        they will come after us and our families, we are worried about the safety of our families,
        iam a registered republican,i support the war against terror,i support the war in iraq and afghanistan, i was a big supporter of president bush to this day,
        and i will support israeli military action against iran,syria,hamas,and hezbollah

    • hugo carao

      I am a western (Brazilian) and I believe in plurarity and equality of all independent of religion. I do not support the war, but I support the right of Israel to exist. I found your comment honest. These people that want to use Islam as a political tool should be confronted. Democracy, human-rights and equality should be the right of all people. Muslims in the middle-east do not deserve what they go through (Iran, Saudi Arabia…)

    • GOD

      I'm an Israeli American, and I'm a big supporter of Islamic causes. Oh, by the way, did I tell you I'm Jewish? Thank you Nasrallah. Palestine is the last line of defense in the region to protect the American, free, justice, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent from the darker than black forces (I'm talking black bodies here) of the Jewishfacists (still have to come up with a catchy term).

      Yeah, I called you out.

  • Mary

    Islam has one goal: that the world, and all in it, convert to Islam or die… Any attempts to cloud this fact are irrelevant. Islam does not recognize Israel's right to exist. Any attempts to deny this are false. Anyone who does not believe that the Holocaust can occur again is not paying attention.

  • BS1977

    Great posts from the Marines on site….listen, these idiot students wearning the scarfs and all….they are totally brainwashed….and guess what….those who are brainwashed never know it. They are impervious to reasoned argument,historical facts, rationality, moral or ethical standards…..they are automatons, on track to defeat, destroy, annihilate the West….but liberals cannot comprehend this….yet.

  • Bill R.

    It really doesn't add all that much to hear one supporter of Islamic backwardness admit her feelings. For decades we've been hearing about Islmamic incitement and atrocities, terrorism and kidnapping. Yet with many millions of now liberated Muslims living in Europe and America, we never, yes never, hear them speak out and condemn such actions in their original homelands. They never condemn threats and fatwas against writers or cartoonists. They never condemned the celebrations by Muslims in their homeland after 9-11. Their blaring silence is much louder than the words of a meek Jihadi supporter, who's only miming the words ingrained to her by family, siblings, friends, and others. We didn't need to hear her words. The utter silence, and tacit approval of barbarism by their fellow Muslims, says it all. She, like the others, is becoming a member of Islam's willing executioners.

  • Guest

    The Muslim adherents being so clear about their antisemitism and anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-modern civilization views, they are the obvious enemy rising.

    What is more disturbing are the useful idiots who aren't clearly with them, but who support them in what they think is the name of liberty and equality.

  • To the ignorant


  • Hilary

    I think most of us agree here that the problem is breeding hate. Inbred monsters? Roach feces? Pitiful? Useless scum? Idiots? These are your terms to define an entire people. Though I don't doubt that there are certain ones among them that may use these same terms for non-Muslims, how can you criticize them when you're sinking to their level. Chill out and control your rampant hatred, everyone.

  • Ghostwriter

    guest,you are such an anti-semitic idiot. The Holocaust DID happen! There are still survivors of that tragedy in this country and others. How about their accounts? How about the accounts of the Allied solders who freed them? Or the plans for the death camps that still exist. Trying to deny the existance of the Holocaust is like saying Mt. Everest doesn't exist. There is more evidence for it happening but you don't want to hear it.
    You are like that girl in the above article,a heartless monster. You should be ashamed of yourself for having even written such an idiotic post. Why don't you get a heart or a brain before you type something even more moronic?

  • guest

    According to Prof. Ehuda Bauer there were only four million Jews in Europe in those days. There are many links, see e. g. .

  • mary

    you are a sick person Jumanah Albahri – why don't you go back to your "roots" and see how life is there! Quit abusing this great country's freedom of speech – something I'm sure you do not have in YOUR homeland as a "woman" (and I use that term very loosely!). Hopefully Homeland Security did arrest you!!!

  • guest

    That's what I meant by "not based on logic"

  • Lorben

    David Horowitz is on of my top five hero's that are living today….the things he does to show the world what is really going on makes him a very brave soul in my mind. My prayers are for his safety….

    • Stephen_Brady

      Dittos to that, Lorben …

  • Larry

    I find it amazing someone like this be accepted to a highly credited college when not all applicants get the same opportunity. I find it appalling that the statements of a belief, defined as murder, is acceptable freedom of speech. During law class, freedom of speech is allowable until it implies or creates the initiation of force without cause. While San Diego and Los Angeles boycott Arizona because they want the ability to enforce current law (which still requires Probable Cause), we accept this and do nothing. We are truly changing as a nation. I am concerned for my offspring.

  • JosephWiess

    The world no longer knows the difference between good and evil, as evidenced by the people who are all for murder of innocents, and even call for the death of american citizens, be they jew, christian, or muslim.

    It is for this reason that Islam is a cult, not a religion.

  • Stephen_Brady

    She looks like a prospective Obama candidate for the Supreme Court, to me …

    • trickyblain

      And you were probably one of the folks you screamed the loudest when idiot leftists compared Bush to Hitler…

      • Stephen_Brady

        Aha! So, you admit you did it!! :)

  • crypticguise

    The MSA is an Islamofascist support group here on our campuses. They espouse hatred and extermination of jews and ultimately all infidels (kajirs). Our gutless, politically correct law enforcement groups from Homeland Security to the FBI refuse to declare them a terrorist support group.

    They should immediately be banned from any campus and prosecuted under the RICO statutes as a terrorist conspiracy.

  • mintalaska

    No need to profile in this case! She and here (Club) should be booted to the Mideast! On terror watch list etc….

  • Emman Chehade

    Bravo my dear and beautiful "Palestinian" sister! You are a true daughter of Al-Aqsa! Keep taking that financial aid to go to college from those filty kafirs! Do me one favor though, however, sweetie…please lay off those late night runs to Carls Jr. and Del Taco if you can…

    • pupsik

      She is just talking. You guys, Zionists, are actually killing Palestinians every day, including women and children. They did not participate in the "Holocaust", their only guilt is that they were born in their Motherland..

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Poor enslaved fool. She doesn't read her own Muslim Trilogy. Why is she scared to do so? She probably is. She should listen to liberated Muslim women like Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish.. Islam considers women to be a piece of property to be used as a man sees fit. It considers them to be stupid and good for only two things: making babies and the grave.

    Open your mind stupid woman.

  • steve bronfman

    You should join this facebook group;

    Expel Genocide Apologetic Jumanah Imad Albahri From UC San Diego

    I bet she's related to Imad Albahri who in 2001 was notorious for distributing anti semitic texts on behalf of the MSA;

    • Isaac

      albahri is actually quite common, it means "of the sea". There was a dynasty that ruled egypt called albahri. Knowledge is power, it is important that we know more about them than they know about us. how do you think we Israelis always win? ;)

  • aliko

    If the law was observed, this whole article couldn't have been written. Incitement, libel and death threats should have triggered harsh punishments – expelling from university, jail time and possibly deportation.

    During WW2, Japanese living in the U.S were forced into camps. This was one extreme measure that should not have taken place, another was McCarthyism, but present anarchy is another extreme. If the fashion of ridiculing the constitution will not stop, I can see these students as fair game by the people they target.

  • Thad

    What's even scarier? We've elected one of them president.

  • BS1977

    What a fat ugly stuffed with hatred girl this is….in her obligatory scarf, her heavy wool coat, her smug, arrogant puffy totally non sensual face…her cold, calculating hatred of the United States, of Israel, of Christianity, of the West….yet permitted to live in the US, go to college and spew her toxic, genocidal venom as our politicians stand paralyzed, unable to end the insane immigration policies that allowed the 1993 and 2001 WTC attackers easy entry to our nation. What is a creature like this doing in a US college, living on US soil? PC liberalism has welcomed the Trojan Horse of terror, sharia and all the rest of this scourge …right into our country.

  • Classmate

    I went to school with this girl and I see it as a dirty move by Horowitz to only give her two choices on her stance. Obviously he does not see that everything in the world isn't just 100 percent this or 100 percent that. You can conditionally agree with something without fully supporting it.

    • Isaac

      so you can "conditionally" agree with the Holocaust?

    • Dirk

      please explain how one can conditionally agree to hoping that all Jews come to Israel so they don't have to be hunted down elsewhere and not also support genocide?

    • ami

      maybe not in every situation we can have one of the two choices.
      but the fatso chose one situation out of the two and it was horrible
      i am not a jew neither a christian and perhaps can leave this conversation
      but i am amused and horrified that in its quest for freedom; americans are allowing such venomious snakes to live amidst its citizens.No wonder US citizens hear your heart-thoughts and Iraq suffers the results. Got to hell suckers!

  • Quixotic

    Thought you might like to see what the girl is saying online about the incident:

    She is of course too stupid to realize how evil she is,

    • carmachu

      That thread made my head hurt and made no sense.

  • amit

    islam makes muslims suffer as well. Ruled by dynastic monarchs and dictators; its people live in shambles, terror, fear and uncertainity. There is indeed full blown tribal, feudal structure in islam endorsed religiously.

  • humanamit


    the girl is mindless

  • david levy

    I think that if we win the war against the islamist apologists or the two state solution folks we need to have other tools that simply tax them as anti semites or holocaust deniars. These are too easy and can't be proven and they are also baseless and simply stupid. We need new weapons such as an intelligent argumentation.
    Why don't argue around the idea of how would a 2 states solution be better than ethnic cleasing or does a one state solution really need to be democratic etc…..Or is international law really a source of law for israel etc….
    Find new tools. The old accusations of holocaust denial etc…..are not taken seriously anymore. If we shall prevail in this debate we need to raise ourselves to a new high and
    counter attack with philosophical panache!!!!!

  • RationalGuy

    Hi would very strongly urge you people to fight against ISLAMIC APARTHEID AND ENCOURAGE SECULARISM IN ISLAMIC NATIONS
    In most Muslim countries where Islam is the majority religion it is also the STATE RELIGION.
    In several of these offences against the state religion (blasphemy,conversion etc) are punishable by DEATH
    Women and non Muslims live in a 2nd class existence
    If that is not discrimination and APARTHEID , what is
    Israel is an OECD liberal democracy. Insults to Judaism are not punishable by death. Jews usually form startups, not suicide bomber factories.

  • RationalGuy

    So SECULARISM and DEMOCRACY are the tools that CAN BREAK THE LOOP and we should really focus all our efforts on telling them to make their countries SECULAR.
    Please feel free to paste this or use and repeat the message along similar lines wherever you can. Hopefully we can make this demand go viral.
    As for the young lady – Mark Twain said Education is replacing an empty mind with an open one, in her case the empty mind is replaced with an Islamo flu more dangerous than Swine Flu. It tends to affect many young Muslims and spreads through TV channels like Al Jazeera. May the Lord help us

  • Constantine

    I am a Christian who grew up next to a family of holocaust survivors and developed a strong bond with them. As I learned more about the evil that was perpetrated against the Jews throughout history I became a staunch supporter of Israel.

    Later when I was older I learned that my family had survived the Turkish genocide against Christians in Anatolia during the period of 1894-1923 when millions of Greeks and Amenians were murdered or forced into exile. My grandfather never spoke of what they went through until his last years.

    I have the utmost respect for the Jewish people and see Islam for what it is since we also suffered from the fanaticism inherent in their ideology. My hope is that the Jewish and Christian people can unite in their support for each other against the scourge of Islamic ideology. It would be smart for Israel to reconsider their ties with Turkey and take a moral stance to acknowledge the genocide that was carried out against the Christians in Anatolia.

    • Jesuit

      Since you want to pull things from the past, let me join you in putting on my crusader gear.

  • sam
    This is a statement from Jumannah AlBahri. I think this issue is blown out of proportion, and everyone should consider the fact that Horowitz is an extremely narrow minded individual with a gift in provoking people. Please read this and hear what she is saying…

  • Amani


    fortruthforjustice. wordpress . com
    this is not spam. read it. stop being ignorant

  • Amani Albahri


    fortruthforjustice. wordpress . com

  • Amani Albahri


    fortruthforjustice. wordpress . com

  • Abdul
    • carmachu

      Read it. DOnt believe it.

  • Reason

    I think we should hear from the woman herself:
    I understand where she is coming from, especially when put in such a tight situation. What I was getting from her that she was not in total support of Hamas or Hezbollah, but she did not want to condemn them because they are fighting for the peace of her people. Horowitz puts her in a position to choose one or the other: basically, admit that her people's defense (her opinion) against Israeli occupation is what America labels "terrorism," effectively making the war and the death of her people in vain, or, what she said, claiming to be a genocidal herself and anti-semitic. I think if I were put in this situation, it would be tough, because it's a "you" or "them" question. I think this question could be asked to pro-Israel people too, by switching Hezbollah with Israel and Jews with Muslims. You can say that the Israeli's don't aim to exterminate Muslims, but from reading these comments, it's pretty obvious what is the consensus, it's just not explicitly stated. That's probably one thing that I can admire about the Hezbollah, their honesty. What Horowitz did seemed carefully planned out, because it incriminates the woman regardless of her answer, and doesn't seem to advance an intellectual argument, but merely set it two steps. Horowitz takes advantage as the U.S. defining Hamas and Hezbollah: the woman doesn't think that Hamas is terrorist, but by answering Horowitz question differently, would be succumbing to the opponents view (if only verbally). Honestly, this is a disgusting tactic. You don't have to be Muslim to see what an attack and trap this was for the woman. It's funny, that media protrays Israel as democratic, free, AMERICAN, but it's things that these that me me reconsider. Horowitz might have won all the shallow minded people who take things for face value, but for those who are not so biased and reasoned, this is clearly just a question asking "Are you a terrorist, or is your cause terrorism?" Please don't give me the, "I'm not discriminate," this is clearly a hate sight. You can show me videos of Muslims hating and terrorizing and doing all sorts of things, and I will wholeheartedly agree with you that stoning a woman who was raped to death is inhumane and totally unjustified, but I will not stand for ignorance. And here I was just trying to get a little bit more information on what happened…

  • bob

    i am a wahabi ahlusunna and i hate Jews and do not condemn anything, i my self don't do anything but go hamas kill them Jews wahooo

  • Sarina Lemkus Kopinsky

    1) It seems this campus hosts student clubs whose goal is to murder other students! Other colleges also or this college only?

    2) “Two points of view .. very useful” = “You want to live; I want to murder you.”

    3) This terrorist publicly stated her support for Hamas’s craving to kill the Jew she was talking to and every Jew in the world. She predicted this opinion would get her “crucified” by Homeland Security. Did she in fact get in trouble with Homeland Security – does anyone know?

    4) Watch her blame the Jew she hates for the predicted trouble. ‘You, Mr. Jew, want me dead (as proved by you asking me the provocative question whether I
    support Hamas), therefore you, Mr. Jew, are a terrorist.’

    5) She asks Mr. Jew to please guide her in her fundraising efforts for Hitler Youth Week!

    6) She invites the audience to attend Hitler Youth Week events – is this like inviting the turkey to be a guest at Thanksgiving dinner?

    7) Watch her employ a pseudo-academic style (“Will you please answer my question”) to command Mr. Jew to calmly, fluently and dispassionately debate with her, just seconds after she has expressed her wish to exterminate him. She does not grant him even a moment of panic attack or terror at being targeted.

    8) He points out that her kafiya neck scarf is a symbol of terrorism and she acknowledges this to be so. Equivalent, then, to wearing a swastika to a Jewish event, as opposed to the headscarf, which I suppose could in theory be for religious modesty. (TSA, please take note: No profiling of head scarves, only kafiyas and swastikas.)

    9) She lacks etiquette by attending this meeting where he is the featured speaker at the podium; she rudely tells him his speech was less interesting than the literature materials handed out.

    10) In the world of PC-ness, which is a greater crime: bad manners to your host or planning to genocidally murder him and his entire demographic group?