Is Capitalism Natural? (Videos 2 and 3 of NRB Dialogue with Howard Bloom)

Click the image above to purchase Global Brain, the book discussed in today's portion of the interview with author Howard Bloom.

Click here for the video of part 1 of this interview.

Click here for my FrontPage Magazine review of this and the author’s other books.

Today I’m offering parts 2 and 3 of my dialogue with author Howard Bloom. In these clips Howard takes us far back to the origins of life on this planet to show the patterns that still drive us today. As with part 1 of the interview — which I strongly encourage you to watch before diving into these new segments — I’ve illustrated the discussion with a variety of images.

In this first clip we learn about how group competition and cooperation are the forces that drive us to evolve:

Part 3 of the interview is featured on the next page:

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