JEWSREAL: Another Anti-Semitic Comment from a Ron Paul Supporter

Let me guess… Ron Paul supporters will see nothing even remotely anti-Semitic about this comment here which was left on Mike Rulle’s critique of Their Master’s economics:

Sean Sailor's avatar

Sean Sailor

I dont even know this Horowitz off hand, but all I need is one quick glance at his site and its obvious its the JEWSREAL— nothing but pure propaganda and lies designed to get Americans behind bombing Iran etc behind the policies of the Likud party in other words— to sacrifice America for ISRAEL.
Isnt that right Horowitz?
Thats why the hit piece here… thats why all the lies you dish out. You are a dual citizen at heart( at best)— how about in practice? (like so much scum in the media, the gov etc etc– moles and operatives)
In any case if you are so fond of it go move there(!) and stop puking your propaganda to Americans.

Visit Sean Sailor’s blog and twitter page and you can see that he’s also a conspiracy nutjob too. (Anti-Semitism and conspiracy thinking are peas in a pod.) What’s up with his displaying his “SS” initials like that too? That’s a bit odd and creepy.

But of course this stuff is all meaningless. I’m just being intellectually dishonest and “smearing” America’s only noble politician. And I’m doing that because I love Israel more than America. I’ve been bought by the Likud Party. And I’m on the corporations’ payroll too. And I’m “in on the great work of ages.” I’m part of the Zog Conspiracy. While we’re having confessions I might as well admit it too: I’m a blood-drinking lizard humanoid from the fifth dimension. And Jeanette Pryor is just crazy when she blogs about the strange anti-Semitism that seems to swirl around Paul. She’s just pulling stuff out of nowhere because she’s a rabid Jewess who wants to enslave you in a police state. (Actually she’s Catholic.) It’s not like she and her husband are experts in Anti-Semitism or anything…

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