Just When I’m About to Praise Bernie Goldberg, He Says Something Overwhelmingly Stupid

Bernie just had to go and legitimize the clown that is Marc Lamont Hill, didn’t he?

Last time I live-blogged the O’Reilly Factor I tweaked Bernie Goldberg for his wimpy criticisms of the Right. Bernie didn’t care for this much and attacked me as a “Kool Aid Drinker.” He was unable or unwilling to answer my retort.

Well tonight I’ll give him a pat on the back. Bernie is pointing out how the broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC are dying animals that are becoming increasingly irrelevant. They’re an old model that is not effective at delivering the news. By the time the evening news comes on people already know what the news is. Solid point. (Though perhaps as the managing editor of a new media publication I’m a bit biased on this point.)

Wait… I’m going to have to retract that pat on the back. Bernie just started praising Fox News and he mentioned the network’s use of Marc Lamont Hill as a positive thing. He identified Hill with several substantive commentators at Fox News like Karl Rove, Juan Williams, and Charles Krauthammer as someone who “knows something.” (Go ahead NRB commenters and attack me for respecting Williams. I don’t care. Any leftist who will say a nice thing about a David Horowitz book has proven himself as a decent, thoughtful human being not paralyzed by his ideology.)

And I was so looking forward to praising Bernie for saying something intelligent. And then he has to go and ruin it by giving legitimacy to a neo-communist, cop killer apologist liar.

Better luck next time, Bernie.