NewsReal Crashing? Here’s How to Fix It

Do not use this crappy browser.

I’ve been getting more complaints that NewsReal is not compatible with the newest version of Internet Explorer. One of NewsReal’s most loyal readers, Cas Balicki, found the solution, confirmed by our IT, Daniel Ashton:

When last I wrote we discussed problems that I was having with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and the NewsReal site. As a result I switched to Google Chrome and Apple’s browsers which did not crash when viewing NewsReal. Since then I have managed to do some research into IE8. It turns out that any compatibility problems can be resolved by launching the NewsReal site and them right-clicking on the IE8 compatibility button immediately to the left of the address bar. Clicking the compatibility button, which only has to be done once as IE8 remembers the preference, reverts IE8 to Internet Explorer 7 functionality and the crash problem is resolved. I write because I think you should know for future reference.

Honestly, though? You guys should not be using Internet Explorer to begin with. Use Firefox or Google Chrome to surf the web.


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