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Rush Limbaugh Takes Defense of Healthcare System a Step too Far

Posted By David Swindle On January 2, 2010 @ 12:32 pm In NewsReal Blog,Uncategorized | No Comments

Over at Alan Colmes’ Liberaland the former Fox News co-host highlights one of Rush Limbaugh’s statements that he made after being released from the hospital:

“Based On What Happened To Me I Don’t Think There’s One Thing Wrong With The American Health Care System”

While I’m sure Limbaugh is elated that he’s in good health after being rushed to the emergency room with chest pains, suggesting that there is not one thing wrong with the American healthcare system is hyperbolic and counterproductive. It brings a strawman argument to life and creates a wide target.

There are plenty of aspects of the health care status quo which are less than ideal in this country.

As the debate about healthcare in this country continues the conservative position should not be, “Everything is fine. There is no problem.”

Instead how about this: “Sure, there are plenty of things about health care and insurance companies which suck.  But the answer to fixing them is not in bigger government. It’s in less government. It’s in creating greater competition within the system we have.”

Further, one does not defend the status quo because everything is fine now. Rather, because the change proposed is far worse than what we have now.

That we live in a flawed world is beyond dispute. And conservatives will get nowhere by giving the Left a monopoly on the cause of trying to make a better world. We should still aggressively pursue our Tikkun Olam, we should just do it with the conservative understanding of the role of government and our human limitations.

That understanding must be applied to health care, just as with every other issue before us.

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