The Disgusting Human Being Max Blumenthal Exposed Once and For All

Via Big Journalism

This is pretty conclusive. Max Blumenthal has been caught with his pants down before but this is just overwhelming.  Henceforth Max Blumenthal is to be regarded as a journalistic pariah. Every mention of him in this publication will be proceeded with the words Journalistic Fraud or Pathological Liar or some other such descriptor proceeding his name. What he does is no different than Stephen Glass, the notorious liar who made up numerous of stories at The New Republic in the ’90s. (See the great movie “Shattered Glass” for a fantastic dramatization of what happened.)

But Blumenthal will get a pass. He’ll still have plenty of work for one reason: the Left does not care if one of their own does anything wrong. Here’s a challenge: try and find a single “progressive” publication anywhere that will really condemn what Blumenthal has done. *crickets*

The new course of action is this: every time a publication prints a story by Serial Slanderer Blumenthal they need to receive emails inquiring why it’s OK to print one of his stories but not the work of Glass or Jayson Blair.