The Top 10 Ways the Left Sees Obama

If the Left can do anything it can dream. And after eight long years of the “illegitimately-elected,” insanely religious,  Warmonger-In-Chief George W. Bush, the Left was prepared to pour all its dreams into its new champion, and great hope, Barack Obama

And while many “progressives” still hold on tightly to their utopian visions, others have actually started to wake up. No, not to the realities that he’s bankrupting our government and coddling the genocidal enemies who want to destroy us, but to the fact that Obama’s not all they were hoping and changing for.

Last week I featured the Top 10 Ways Conservatives see Obama. This week it’s the Top 10 Ways the Left sees their President.

The first seven are examples of the Left’s delusions about Obama. The last three are visions that conservatives should actually embrace (as many have already.)

Our first leftist delusion should be quite a laugh for regular NewsReal Blog readers…

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