Today’s Anti-Semitic Comments From Jeanette Pryor’s Most Recent Article

From Jeanette Pryor’s post from Friday:

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Patriot1965 · 8 hours ago

reading these comments from jews on this thread and the 94 percent jewish owned msm coordinated attempt to destroy obama its easy to see that jews are the biggest threat to america. jewish traitors on one side of the issue along with our aipac blackmailed representatives and american citizens on the other. remember when ehud olmert bragged about making gw bush leave the stage in the middle of a speech to take his phone call?? WE LOVE YOU OBAMA GIVE THOSE SCUM HELL
Then this person commented using a different name and email address (but our commenting system can tell when it’s the same person):

mary todd's avatarmary todd · 8 hours ago

german jews organized a international boycott with their fellow jews around the world to boycott germany who in 1933 was importing 70 percent of its food, german citizens fought back by boycotting jewish owned businesses (thats why the yellow stars you see in the picture above) and kicked jews out of media,banking,and government all of which they controlled despite being a minority and used to further their own interests (sound familliar) when you strip away the lies you see jews were always up to no good while playing the victim after the fact. go obama screw these traitors

People hate Jews because they hate themselves. They hate the part of themselves that is unique and that will not submit to domination. They hate that they must be responsible for creating their own lives and succeeding and failing on their own merits. Thus they concoct the fantasy of the all-powerful Jews who are responsible for keeping them down.

All of these tendencies must be confronted and fought whenever encountered.