Apocalypse Now?

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On Saturday, after thirty-six years of on-and-off development, Iran’s nuclear power plant at Bushehr finally went online. Iranian and Russian engineers loaded its first dose of Russian-supplied nuclear fuel. The plant is supposed to start producing electricity in another two months.

Iranian officials were jubilant. Conservative lawmaker Javad Karimi said Friday that “The startup operations will be a big success for Iran. It also shows Iran’s resolve and capability in pursuing its nuclear activities.” Hard-line leader Hamid Reza Taraqi said the launch would “show the failure of all sanctions” against Iran.

Used fuel from the reactor could be used to make atom bombs. Russia, however, has avowed that it will remove all the used fuel and transfer it to Russia for reprocessing. Many in the West, including Israel, are reassured by this.

Yossi Melman, an Israeli author and journalist on security issues, writes that “experts and military officials in Israel, the United States and Western Europe say the prospect the reactor will be used in Iran’s military nuclear program is extremely small.” Ephraim Asculai of Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies claimed that “even if the Iranians wanted to use that waste to develop a weapon, it won’t be simple to deceive the Russians.”

Asculai explained: “Even when the fuel is outside the reactor, you need a big separation plant. It’s a long, complicated and dirty chemical activity, and at the moment there are no signs that Iran is building such a plant.”

The Jerusalem Post, however, was less confident, saying “it is not entirely clear to what extent the large quantities of [used fuel] set to be produced can be tracked. Nor is it clear that Russia can be trusted to dispose of that spent fuel. And what happens if Iran cuts ties with Russia in the middle of the deal and remains in possession of the fissile material?”

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  • jim

    Ahmadinejad, the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • WildJew

    Both the Bush administration and more so the Obama administration have invested much political capital discouraging Israel from destroying (or attempting to destroy) Iran's nuclear sites. This could come back to bite us.

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    We better do what Russia wants or plutonium rods will mysteriously disappear from Bushehr.

  • Kim Bruce

    "what happens if Iran cuts ties with Russia in the middle of the deal and remains in possession of the fissile material?”

    The fissile material can be processed in Canada to ensure that Iran is not using it for ofensive purposes.
    The only problems are transportation of the material from as distand a state as Iran.
    Russia is much more practical.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Pfeeew! I am much more reassured now… No nuclear bombs will be produced using spent rods rich in plutonium. GREAT NUS!
    But I have a little question… What would happen if by mere chance two or three rods go missing and the maniacs pulverize them, load them into standard bombs and spread that over lets say, Tel Aviv or Haifa or the water supply here? I know I am just being difficult talking as we are about wholy trustable Russians and maniacal islamics.
    They will never do that… right.

  • USMCSniper

    Because they view Obama as a weak US President, Iran and Syria are planning a sneak attack on Israel and Israel knows that it cannot count on the US with Obama and the Democrats in charge,

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Not just Obama as a weak President but they've seen the West do nothing in retaliation throughout almost 32 years of state sponsored terrorism from Iran. We had the US Embassy bombing killing 63 and the slaughter of 241 US peacekeepers, and what happened? Nothing. 31 years of US flagburning, threats against Israel and the supplying of bombs and rocketrs to Hamas and Hezbollah and again – no consequences for Iran. They've spent more than eight years supplying terrorists who have killed more than 5,000 US and another 1,000 NATO troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and again nothing. 32 years of being too scared to bring down the hammer on Iran has made them think Osama bin Laden is right when he calls the US and the West a paper tiger, and what has the West done to convince them otherwise? Yep, nothing again. We're weak and cowardly and we and the Iranians know it. Winston Churchill would be so ashamed were he alive today.

  • PAthena

    Why does oil-rich Iran need any nuclear power plants?

  • watchful

    Answer: Nukes

  • http://norrinsblog.blogspot.com Norrin

    We sat by while North Korea made nuclear missiles, so I don't know why we won't watch Iran make one. At the end of the day, it's probably better they waste all their money building something that they'll never be able to use. Even if they had a nuclear missile, as soon as they tried to get it to the launching pad we put one on them.

  • Wesley69

    With the continued nuclear development in Iran, Israel's existence is at stake. Ahmadinejad and the radical Mullahs want to start World War III in order to bring about the return of the twelfth Imam. If they are killed in the process, they become martyrs and get those virgins. Israel can not trust its survival to Obama and the West

    If Russia completes the sale of S-300 surface to air missiles. This air defense system,
    if installed in Iran, it could rebuff an Israeli aircraft attack targeting Iran's enrichment facilities in Natanz, Qom, Tehran and other cities. This, I believe, will be the point of no return.

    Does Obama think he can trust the Iranians to act rationally? Ahmadinejad could blackmail the West by threatening the oil that flowing through the Straits of Hormuz. Then again, maybe he is hoping for this. Maybe he is hoping that both Iran and Israel will wipe out each other in a nuclear exchange. Israel, I would not put any faith in this President.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    There is no nice outcome with the players in Iran having
    genocidal intentions and gaining the capability of making
    nuclear weapons. The Russians are no bargain and are
    complicit with Iran in what they do. When the Israelis
    defeated the Egyptians in the "73 war, it shamed the
    Russian advisors who swore revenge, it may be payback
    time on the horizon. I hope for a smart act by Israel but
    believe they are waiting until after America installs a new
    Congress before making their move…………….William

  • http://myhealthbreakthrough.com/ luciousbenrys

    Why this must be a problem just getting peace to each other is the way.

  • Jacob

    I wonder what Ahmadinejad supposes the progressive Left (a.k.a. the "useful idiots") will interpret the phrase "enemies of humanity" to mean. To those of us who have IQs higher than room temperature, it's quite obvious who he is referring to.

    It will be interesting to see how the so-called "liberals" will try to explain away, rationalize, and justify this latest candid remark from the present day Hitler (who, unlike the original Hitler, does not conceal his intentions).