Fake “Peace” for Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian “proximity talks” were ostensibly launched this week. U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell is expected to shuttle between Jerusalem and Ramallah, seeking to find a path to “direct” talks whose purported aim would be peace. To say all this is a triumph of hope over experience is a severe understatement.

Many have pointed out why even the “indirect” or proximity talks bear no positive potential, and there is no need to belabor these matters. If Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas couldn’t reach an agreement with former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert—who, at least as far as the PA is concerned, bought totally into the “peace” ideology—how would he reach one with current prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who doesn’t? And what about the fact that the Palestinian Arabs between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea are now bifurcated into distinct entities—the Fatah-run PA and Hamas-led Gaza—that are at loggerheads, with Hamas officially shunned by the U.S. as a terrorist organization?

There’s also the matter of the supposedly more moderate PA’s ongoing “incitement”—or, more accurately, its inculcation of a terror-cult centering on the mass murder of Israeli Jews, as heavily documented by Palestinian Media Watch and others. Seemingly the notion of a peace partner for Israel and the notion of an anti-Israeli terror cult are mutually exclusive. The U.S. State Department has praised Abbas for saying he “will work against incitement of any sort” and Netanyahu for purportedly calling off construction for Jews in a Jerusalem neighborhood. As usual, the moral equivalency between terror and building homes is repugnant, and the chances that Abbas could negate seventeen years of PA hate-indoctrination in a few months, even if he tried to, nil.

If, then, the talks are likely to lead nowhere, are they simply unimportant? Unfortunately not—because they sustain the fiction of the PA’s legitimacy despite its murderous ideology, and the fiction of Israel’s supposed need to reduce itself to the death-trap 1967 borders.

Meanwhile another Arab party with which Israel did sign a peace treaty, Egypt, has been pushing to get Israel’s nuclear-weapons capability (never officially acknowledged but universally believed to exist) on the international agenda—and not without success.

The Obama administration’s reported interest in Egypt’s proposal for a “Middle East nuclear-free zone”—a euphemism for defanging Israel—has already been publicly confirmed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at this month’s nonproliferation conference at UN Headquarters in New York. (In a separate but related development, the International Atomic Energy Agency is reportedly considering subjecting Israel’s nuclear program to “unprecedented scrutiny” next month.) Egypt is calling specifically for negotiations on a nuke-free Middle East to begin in 2011.

All this is anathema to Israelis of all political persuasions. From the days when major figures of Israel’s founding Labor Zionist movement, like its first prime minister David Ben-Gurion and its current president Shimon Peres, first began to build Israel’s nuclear capability in the 1950s, it has been seen as a fundamental deterrent and insurance for Israel’s survival in a Middle East where Israel is drastically outnumbered by Arab and Muslim populations and military forces.

Why, then, would Egypt—not only formally at peace with Israel for three decades but often said to be tacitly in alliance with it against radical actors like Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas—be working to undo this mainstay of Israel’s endurance?

Some might say it’s out of fear. But as Israeli commentator Caroline Glick points out,

Notwithstanding their protestations to the contrary, Israel’s neighbors fully recognize that the purpose of Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal is to guarantee Israel’s survival…. This is why although it is four decades old, Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal has never caused a regional nuclear arms race.

Unlike, that is, Iran’s imminent nuclear capability—which the Middle East does fear and, unlike Israel’s, will undoubtedly spark a nuclear buildup in the region if it comes to fruition.

In other words, there appears to be no explanation for Egypt’s push against Israel’s nukes except malevolence. But if the result of thirty years of formally sanctioned peace, and a degree of pragmatic cooperation against mutual foes, is that Egypt is still working to neutralize, through international pressure, a guarantor of Israel’s existence—that is, to put Israel in acute jeopardy, albeit by diplomatic instead of military means as in 1948, 1967, and 1973—what does that say about the depth of the “peace”?

At the start of “Israeli-Palestinian proximity talks,” such sobering thoughts are, of course, no more welcome than the facts about Palestinian “incitement.” Attending to them would indicate that continuing the pressure on Israel to give up its vital strategic buffer in the West Bank is profoundly dangerous to it in such a hostile environment. Better to hear and see no evil and keep the “process” grinding away.

  • PAthena

    There would be peace instantly if the Arabs ceased to make war against Israel. The only reason there is war, or threat of war, between Arabs and Israel, is that the Arabs want to wage war in order to destroy Israel, and their motive is solely religious – they are Mohammedans against the Jews.

    • America First

      ''if Arabs ceased to make war with israel''? Are you mad, the only killing is being perpetrated in the last 50 years is by israel's mass murder and slaughter of Palestinians and other Arabs. Does the 1.3 million Iraqi come to mind? Scum like you who allow other scum to run down America for pointless foreign wars which only israel is whom benefit. American economy is in precarious situation, we should get out of the ME and let the jews sort it out, Then, and only Then, peace will be achieved, not as long as millions of imbeciles like you around who support war crimes and dubious ''American'' lobbies.
      On a side note, I care the less if israel was destroyed or not, America comes First. If people like you like mass murder of children feel free to go there, we have enough idiots in this country.

      • Stephen.K

        I'll second that, let the jews and arabs sort out their problems. American economy and other domestic ailments are far more important than an iranian fictional nuke or israeli warmongering dreams. I don't give a shit whether israel blown to hell or iran got the bomb, it's not our problem. We will always get oil from there regardless, provided we have good relations with the gulf states, including oil rich iran. Enough wars for israel. American blood is more important than some scumbag's pipe dream.

      • Katharine

        Why even bother to post. That comment was completely ignorant, you sound like a dumbass. Do you really not know that we ALL live in this world together, and anything that effects Israel and the Arabs effects us all. If oil is all you care about, you have a really sad life.

  • Lawrence Kohn

    Russia's then foreign minister Primakov began pushing for a Mid East zone from of weapons of mass destruction in 1997 (see my article in Nov/Dec 1998-A Mid East Nuclear Free Zone? in Midstream). Obama's romance with Putin's Russia dovetails with his interest in such a zone. Primakov's idea included the creation of a Mid-East security regime. Watch for this along the way with Russia and the US as joint guarantors. Egypt has a long range interest in the Negev and will always take steps to weaken Israel when it can. But a strong US response to Iranian hegemony and/or support for Israel to stop Iran's drive would have lessened Egypt's actions adverse to Israel as the Mubarak regime is more afraid of Iran than it is hostile to Israel. Strategic territory will always be essential to insuring Israel against short term and long term threats be they from permanently ideologically based enemies, former enemies, temporary neutrals or fair weather friends. But remember the last time Russia and the US tried to dictate terms together: when Carter and Brezhnev called for an international conference and Begin and Sadat's representatives began meeting secretly which resulted in Sadat's coming to Jerusalem and Carter dumping Brezhnev to become mediator of the Egypt Israel talks.

    • Turbeaux

      "Watch for this along the way with Russia and the US as joint guarantors."

      With all due respect, Israel would be cutting its own neck if it ever fell for such an absurd scheme.

      "Egypt has a long range interest in the Negev and will always take steps to weaken Israel when it can."

      Egypt will always take steps to weaken Israel whenever it can, but long-range interest in the Negev isn’t the reason I’m afraid. It has more to do with an immutable religious obligation instead.

      In any event, there is no peace possible between Israel and the so-called Palestinians, which are in fact the proxies of the Dar al Islam, as the jihad against Israel, just like all the other many jihads the Dar al Islam is also simultaneously pursuing around the world including the unacknowledged global jihad, is permanent and will continue as long as Israel is able to defend itself or otherwise until the Dar al Islam is rendered unable to pursue jihad.

  • Marty

    How can israel negotiate with people who want to destroy the country and exterminate its people? Should the Israelis speak with hamas, the murderous group that wants to kill all Jews in and outside of Israel? Should Israel negotate with the "moderate" palestiinian authority whose leader's "scholarship" includes a dissertation that "proves" how Zionists and nazis conspired to create the Holocaust to gain world sympathy for the creation of a Jewish state? How about negotiating with iran, a state governed by genocidal sociopaths that have a public goal of wiping Israel off the map?

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    There are and have been countles gouvernements all around the globe
    who like to meddle with the affairs of the state of Israel.They supposedly
    know what exactly is good for us.Would it not be time to first staighten
    their own affairs and stop thinking that they know what is in the best
    interest voor that litle democratic country in the Midle East??

    • Carolina Don

      This son of Judah is right. Can you imagine the anger if any other nation told us what to do? We need to pray for the peace of Israel and help on ly when asked. This goes for the rest of the world also.

  • JAck GLASner

    Unfortunately BiBi is more interested in keeping his job than safeguarding israel, He should resist Obama's pushing. ..and let the chips falls where they may…in the final analysis Obama will have no Middle East power he can trust..he will have the sanme "democratic)" country where week in week out bombs explode….the "littel Satan" is not accepted in the Moslem world…and once elimited…they will take care of the "big SAtan" just as they sslowly do in Europe …where the authorites are afraid to oppose it

  • Jack Glasner

    The Israeli/Palestinian dilemma is a side issue and irrelevant, in the Global power play. It is of substance only to a handful of people. The main player is Islam, and its propagation of Islam world wide, ending with the establishment of the Caliphate. This is nolens volens supported by the West’s addiction to oil. I dare say, the Muslims are on the right track, they have proven it in Europe, Ms. Ayaan Hitsi Ali can attest to it. The archbishop Tom Butler of Southwark, and The arch bishop of Canterbury have somewhat come to conclusion that the Sharia law might be acceptable ………It’s a giant step for Islam. They have achieved a lot in spreading out into the western world. If Israel would disappear tomorrow, Islam’s Drang nach Westen would have problems. Where would they find pronto a minority of people who fight among themselves and plead to be accepted? To keep the Arab street busy, their leaders would have to channel their hate/rage to someone else….Not easy. It takes patience and nurturing to instill new hatred.

  • Turbeaux

    How can the Obama administration be entertaining the idea for a Nuclear Free Middle East at the same time it is cowering in the face of Iran while it seeks nuclear weapons with complete impunity and in your face audacity?

    Meanwhile, while Obama signs nuclear reduction agreements with Russia and expresses his goal of a nuclear free world, the Iranians are working furiously to acquire them. What does he believe, that the ruling Mullahs of Iran, who are inculcated to love death more than they love life, will arbitrarily somehow decide on their own to disarm themselves by osmosis are something?

    Never in my life have I ever witnessed such gross incompetence and many people are wondering why the USA has been going straight down hill! Between GWB and Obama I’m surprised we even still have an America left at this point because we don’t deserve it.

    Our national elections have become contest between two mental retards and the American people are forced to choose the least retarded from the most retarded at the same time they are both lying through their rotten teeth to deceive us.

  • William Smart

    Nobody will be surprised to see Israel going the same way as South Africa.

    The only real alternative was a shoah on the Palestinians as Matan Vilnai, Israel's deputy defence minister told us. They were up for it, we aren't.

    • Joe

      So, you support the genocide of the Palestinians, then? One would confidently say Hitler should have finished the job, don't you think? At least the world will be a better place. Jews have taken us for a long ride, and it's about time….According to Muslim holy book, the Jews are being punished every 100 years or so, the last time was 1940s, the coming punishment is due around 2020-35, interestingly, it was confirmed by the CIA that Israel will cease to exist in around 2030-2040….Time will tell.

  • Bill R.

    The question below implies its own answer, and shows why "peace" talks with the Palestinians are pointless:

    "Why, then, would Egypt—not only formally at peace with Israel for three decades but often said to be tacitly in alliance with it against radical actors like Iran . . .?"

    The answer is that peace with Egypt was a charade and a sham, paid by the U.S., to keep Egypt from its hostile nature. Their economic, social, and cultural contacts were minimal and blocked by Egypt's ministers. Egypt has never sided with Israel against Pal agression, or even by Hezbollah or Iran. They even produced a 7-hour anti-semitic TV show. Egypt's war machine merely had duct tape over it.

    The same, but even worse, reasons explain what would result with a Pal "Peace Treaty." It will quickly dissolve and become exposed for being another sham and thin charade. And people will later ask "why, if the Pals agreed to "peace," do they still do everything possible to undermine Israel?" How many examples do we need? IMO, from here on, the Pals should be the ones to make the first, if not most, overtures.

    • Carolina Don

      I will never forget the news picture of Clinton literally forcing the prime minister of Israel, Begin, and the president of Egypt, Sadat, to shake hands. I thought of this when I read Bills third paragraph…he is right!

  • To the ignorant

    There will never be peace between Israel and the Arabs no matter were they are in the West bank or Egypt, the peace talks are a farce and the only reason they still go on is so the arabs can continue with their incitement and uni Semitic propaganda until they get ready to strike with nuclear weapons!

    The incitement has been going on for hundred years from the beginning of the 20th century and it is worse no then ever before with the help of the Tv and the internet.

    This president either does not understand or does not care which really makes no different!

    He is PUSHING for the next Holocaust!!!!!!!! This will be his legacy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • courtnye

    Israel is going to blow their enemies off the face of the map, all of them. An agreement will be made, and the Arabs aren't going to comply with the treaty, and then BOOM, Israel is gonna blow them away

    • phil galey

      Although a tough way t'go, sounds like it'll work, . . . one prophesy says: "Syria shall be a ruinous heap."—"ruinous", infection spreading to whatever comes in proximity, appears to be nuclear, . . .

    • Regulator

      They were trying to do that in the last 60 plus years, but all this time showed is that jews are the most useless scum when it comes to fighting, (unless killing women and children is included); kikes are no more fighting race as a sewer rat is a pet. Boom? is just a pipe dream, these kikes and their supporters are the most pathetic life form on the planet, the only thing israel will blow is an arab dick, get a grip you moron. A ''country'' use foreign tax $$$ to be sustained is no country, that's the reason the kikes nerve achieved their strategic stability for almost 65 years, israel will always be an outsider and rejected; that's why it will Fail with miserable results for the kikes and their like. You, on the other hand, moron, assuming you're american better watch for your border with mexico, american border down-low is like a whore's legs wide open. Fucking dumb zionist's servile vermin.

  • An Outsider

    Israel is just a roach, if the kikes were smart they would have picked some place else other than Palestine. The pro-kike posts on this site is just pathetic. Fucking heeb lovers.