J Street Under the Searchlight

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J Street, the American Jewish advocacy organization that describes itself as “pro-Israel, pro-peace”—clearly implying that other pro-Israel organizations are not pro-peace—is in hot water these days. Washington Times reporter Eli Lake has revealed that J Street has been lying—big-time—about its funding. Then, in a follow-up report, Lake revealed further J Street lies about its connection with Judge Richard Goldstone, author of the infamous Goldstone Report.

Lake’s first story on September 24 disclosed that J Street—in direct contradiction to a longstanding claim on its website—had received generous funding, to the tune of $750,000 over three years, from controversial financier George Soros and his family. Moreover, J Street had received a total sum of $811,697 from a mysterious donor in Hong Kong named Consolacion Esdicul, who in turn was solicited—J Street claims—by a non-Jewish, American horse-race bettor named Bill Benter.

J Street, of course, had good reason to cover-up its support from Soros, whose “views”—if one can dignify them by calling them that—on Jewish and Israeli matters put him outside the discourse of decency. In 2003 Soros, who is of Hungarian Jewish background, said in a speech that:

There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that. It’s not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I’m critical of those policies.

If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish. I can’t see how one could confront it directly.

Saying that Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism is, of course, in itself classic anti-Semitism. Then, in a notorious New York Review of Books article in 2007, Soros blamed the U.S. and Israeli governments as well as the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby for the lack of Israeli-Palestinian peace while asserting that Hamas was a constructive force and the key to attaining peace.

As for Lake’s subsequent September 29 piece on J Street, it’s a veritable riot of disclosures.

Lake begins by quoting Colette Avital, former Israeli left-wing parliamentarian and for a time J Street’s liaison in Israel, saying one of the reasons she resigned from J Street was its connection with Goldstone, including helping him make appointments on Capitol Hill. Lake then quotes J Street’s president, Jeremy Ben-Ami, saying J Street had merely “reached out to a handful of congressional staff to inquire whether members would be interested in seeing Judge Goldstone.”

Yet it turns out that Morton Halperin, longtime Washington insider and a senior officer at J Street, hand-delivered a personal letter from Goldstone to members of Congress, and that J Street cofounder Daniel Levy accompanied Goldstone to several meetings with legislators.

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  • William Smart

    Why do you have it in for Goldstone?

    Israel denied that it had deliberatly bombed the last working flour mill in Gaza. Goldstone visited it and spoke to the owners (well trusted by Israel) who confirmed they'd had 3 warnings it was going to be bombed, twice it didn't happen, on the third occasion it was flattened.

    It's hardly Goldstone's fault that International Law forbids the deliberate destruction of food manufacture!

    • alex

      Don't use your flour mills and hospitals for rocket launchers cover. Than you are not going to be bomb, body.

    • ajnn

      Huh ? I think you need to read up a bit on 'international law'. As opposed as i am to destroying food or food producers, it still is not against international law.

      In this example, Hamas used a food producer to 'shield' or provide cover for offensive weapons. under international law, that makes it a perfectly legitimate and reasonable target. how could it not be a target ? it is always legal to attack the enemy weapons and weapons warehouses in the middle of a war.

      Hamas actions in placing offensive weapons in a civilian area is, clearly and without ambiguity, a real violation of international law and the geneva conventions on warfare.

  • Indioviejo

    Soros the former Concentration Camp Kapo? The J street boys, seen very selective in their friends. It is not surprising at all that they would put out for a notoriously anti-semite such as Judge Goldstone.

  • alex

    I do not like, neither protect Soros, but he is not and never was Capo. He is Jewish and escape Hungary when was a boy. Be objective, he is a socialist and a financial manipulator.

  • Larry

    Answer me this, Does International law forbid terrorism? Hamas A terrorist organization elected into office by the so called peace loving citizens of Gaza want the destruction of Israel more then they want peace. The Arab nations in the Middle East want Gaza to remain a welfare state. Why worry about a bakery, they get all the food they want free.

  • Jacob

    George Soros: once a kapo, always a kapo.

    I wonder if J-Street accepts funding from David Duke, as well?

  • jgreene

    The present DemocRAT Party is composed of progressives, socialists, Marxists, ultra-left liberals and IslamoFascist sympathizers. They are defiantly anti-capitalist and anti-American. What is the only CHOICE available bo the American People in November?

    DESTROY THEM POLITICALLY! And forever, deny them access to political power. America is not a totalitarian, socialist-Marxist state.

  • FBastiat

    “Saying that Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism is, of course, in itself classic anti-Semitism.”


  • cowfy

    i say let generous george grind flower in gaza.in any case i think the old nut job is losing it although he's been lost and confused for a long time anyway.