J Street Under the Searchlight

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Moreover, Colette Avital went on to deny any J Street connection with Goldstone even though the Times has the audio recording where she clearly states otherwise.

All this despite the fact that Goldstone, like George Soros, is considered morally outside the pale among Israelis and Israel-supporters of widely varying views. The Goldstone Report, which Goldstone wrote for the virulently anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, accuses Israel of war crimes in the 2009 Gaza war on the basis of Hamas-approved interviews in Gaza. Israel’s dovish president Shimon Peres said the report “makes a mockery of history” and “gives de facto legitimacy to terrorist initiatives.” The U.S. Congress by a vote of 344 to 36 “call[ed] on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration” of the report.

None of this surprises those who have been sharply critical of J Street since it started gaining traction with the advent of the Obama administration early in 2009. Taking positions on Israel-related matters that are outside the Israeli mainstream—like opposing the campaign against Hamas in Gaza, opposing sanctions on Iran, and even writing approvingly of last May’s Turkish anti-Israel jihadist flotilla—is one thing. Taking such positions while proclaiming ad nauseum one’s devotion to Israel—and pushing the U.S. president to shove “solutions” down Israel’s throat that are opposed by its government and people—is another.

Again, all this makes sense when one considers that, as commentator Isi Leibler notes, J Street has also been

exposed for having received donations and support from Arab and pro-Arab individuals and organizations [including] a former participant of the US Iranian National Council who also serves on the J Street finance committee; …a former registered agent for Saudi Arabia who also serves on the J Street Advisory Council; and…a former attorney for the Saudi Arabian embassy who donates to J Street’s political action committee which finances anti-Israeli congressional candidates.

A certain odor wafts up from J Street, and it’s not one of virtue and probity.

How hard has the organization been hit by what should be decisive blows to its reputation? The Washington Times further reports that, under the impact of the Soros-funding scandal, the Obama administration appears to be distancing itself from J Street. Even liberal journalists have turned critical of the outfit, including liberal Atlantic blogger Jeffrey Goldberg who doubts its continued existence and laments that “what is going on here is inexplicable, and terribly dispiriting to people who thought that J Street was going to make a useful contribution to the debate over the future of Israel.”

Inexplicable, and dispiriting, if J Street’s galling arrogance toward Israel as an autonomous country didn’t particularly disturb you in the first place.

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  • William Smart

    Why do you have it in for Goldstone?

    Israel denied that it had deliberatly bombed the last working flour mill in Gaza. Goldstone visited it and spoke to the owners (well trusted by Israel) who confirmed they'd had 3 warnings it was going to be bombed, twice it didn't happen, on the third occasion it was flattened.

    It's hardly Goldstone's fault that International Law forbids the deliberate destruction of food manufacture!

    • alex

      Don't use your flour mills and hospitals for rocket launchers cover. Than you are not going to be bomb, body.

    • ajnn

      Huh ? I think you need to read up a bit on 'international law'. As opposed as i am to destroying food or food producers, it still is not against international law.

      In this example, Hamas used a food producer to 'shield' or provide cover for offensive weapons. under international law, that makes it a perfectly legitimate and reasonable target. how could it not be a target ? it is always legal to attack the enemy weapons and weapons warehouses in the middle of a war.

      Hamas actions in placing offensive weapons in a civilian area is, clearly and without ambiguity, a real violation of international law and the geneva conventions on warfare.

  • Indioviejo

    Soros the former Concentration Camp Kapo? The J street boys, seen very selective in their friends. It is not surprising at all that they would put out for a notoriously anti-semite such as Judge Goldstone.

  • alex

    I do not like, neither protect Soros, but he is not and never was Capo. He is Jewish and escape Hungary when was a boy. Be objective, he is a socialist and a financial manipulator.

  • Larry

    Answer me this, Does International law forbid terrorism? Hamas A terrorist organization elected into office by the so called peace loving citizens of Gaza want the destruction of Israel more then they want peace. The Arab nations in the Middle East want Gaza to remain a welfare state. Why worry about a bakery, they get all the food they want free.

  • Jacob

    George Soros: once a kapo, always a kapo.

    I wonder if J-Street accepts funding from David Duke, as well?

  • jgreene

    The present DemocRAT Party is composed of progressives, socialists, Marxists, ultra-left liberals and IslamoFascist sympathizers. They are defiantly anti-capitalist and anti-American. What is the only CHOICE available bo the American People in November?

    DESTROY THEM POLITICALLY! And forever, deny them access to political power. America is not a totalitarian, socialist-Marxist state.

  • FBastiat

    “Saying that Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism is, of course, in itself classic anti-Semitism.”


  • cowfy

    i say let generous george grind flower in gaza.in any case i think the old nut job is losing it although he's been lost and confused for a long time anyway.