Living With Hamas

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The Israeli army announced this week that on June 22 it had arrested a Hamas cell that, not long before, had ambushed a police van with rifle fire and killed one policeman while injuring two. The van, which was hit at about 7:20 a.m. on June 14, was on the way from the Israeli town of Beersheva to the West Bank town of Hebron. The policeman who was killed, Yehoshua (Shuki) Sofer, 39, was supposed to get married on September 20 and had been serving in the Hebron police subdistrict for 14 years.

A couple of things about this case are notable. One is that, according to information from the IDF spokesperson presented on the Foreign Ministry’s website, some of the arrested terrorists “had been held by Israeli security forces in the past for their involvement with…Hamas….” In other words—all the captured terrorists being in their twenties—they were held for short periods presumably for offenses well short of murder or attempted murder. On the other hand, it was known that they belonged to Hamas, an organization sworn to Israel’s destruction via the mass murder of Israelis—and yet they were set free to live and roam in proximity to Israelis.

It is often said that Israel must “take risks for peace.” In this case, it took risks—not so much for peace, but to uphold presumed Western norms. If the Hamas members, when previously “held,” had, for instance, been expelled to Lebanon or even Gaza, Israel would have been pilloried—as it was in the early 1990s when the Rabin government expelled 415 Hamas terrorists to Lebanon temporarily, for two years, after a wave of murders. In that case, as described by Martin Kramer,

Israel’s action caused an international uproar. The Palestinians claimed that Israel had violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, and the images from south Lebanon, where the deportees camped out in tents in a winter landscape, boomeranged on Israel. Even the United States wouldn’t stand by Rabin. The U.N. Security Council passed a unanimous resolution which “strongly condemns the action taken by Israel, the occupying power, to deport hundreds of Palestinian civilians.” U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger said the deportation would raise “a lot of serious problems for the peace process,” which the [George H. W.] Bush administration wanted to keep “in as a good a shape as we can between now and when Clinton comes in.” Israel soon found itself capitulating—offering to take back some of the deportees, and eventually, within less than a year, all of them. By all reckonings, Israel was defeated politically; Hamas emerged strengthened.

Since then, Israel has never contemplated such measures. The world’s “conscience” is quiet; Hamas and other terrorists arrested for relatively minor offenses, yet known to be lethally dangerous, are routinely freed after short detainments; those such as Shuki Sofer and his loved ones pay the price for the “risk.”

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  • Ageofreason

    U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger said the deportation would raise “a lot of serious problems for the peace process,” which the [George H. W.] Bush administration wanted to keep “in as a good a shape as we can between now and when Clinton comes in.”
    There was no peace process, there is no peace process, and there can never be a peace process because so few of our politicians openly acknowledge the nature of the conflict, and the intractability of the enemy. What will it take for our leaders to understand this when even the murder of nearly 3000 Americans in a single terrorist attack will not convince them? The list of lethal attacks on the United States, Israel, Britain, Spain, Russia, and others is lengthy. They do not decrease in number or virulence, they deplete our resources, murder our people, and what do we do? We let the killers go? The opinion of the United Nations, dominated by the Arab League, is of no importance. In fact, if the UN objects, one can be fairly certain that one is doing the right thing. A pox on it. It is a perversion of its stated goals. Peace in our time? Rubbish.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I agree with you. The jihad against Israel, just like the global jihad, is permanent. The peace process in reality is a faux peace process. It is an insidious ploy used to weaken Israel until the final assault can come.

      The Dar al Islam will never make peace with Israel or any other kafir infidel state, for that matter, because it would be blasphemous to do so. The highest mandate of Islam is not only to make Islam supreme throughout Israel, but to also make Islam supreme throughout the world. In other words, the global jihad is permanent. Now what are we going to do about it?

  • AntiOnan

    The naivety, the stupidity or the dishonesty of western"leaders" to even open their eyes to the crux of the problem here:Islam, makes me fear not only for the west but for mankind.

    If the world becomes truly Dar Al Islam all charity, benevolence, and most of our ingenuity will go down the drain of Islamic incompetence & corruption. there will be no grain excess, no food subsidies & the third world will be allowed to rot in their preWestern influence squalor and starve in their millions or even billions. The rich Islamic western states will show NO Christian charity to refugees and the refugee camps will become extermination camps as no will want them nor have food to feed them.

    That is what awaits man in Dar al Islam, while Shiite murders Sunni who murders … infin. Those who talk about the ":Golden Age of Islam" never read the unwritten books by the 99.99% illiterates who had to survive away from the excess of the palaces.

    Why are politicians so stupid?
    Is it now a prerequisite?

  • morriswise

    The Koran is an impossible to understand text that was composed by hundreds of confused and superstitious zealots, the brightest of the holy cannot honestly agree on its meaning. Wealthy Arabs are causing bloodshed by bribing imams to place hatred into the mouth of Muhammed. Jewish bankers can outbid wealthy Arabs and change those angry words. Muhammed will then say that “Jews are welcome because they are our brothers”, it would result in a Middle East peace.

    • ajnn

      "Jewish bankers can outbid wealthy Arabs and change those angry words. Muhammed will then say that “Jews are welcome because they are our brothers”, " – this is a remadkable bit of nonsense.

      So "jewish bankers" can control the Muslim world and holy texts ?

      I apologize to you, Mr. Morriswise, but you have said something that many woul;d understand as classic jew-hatred. The idea that Jews can re-write islamic holy books is delusional and your entertainment of this idea suggests you have some 'counter-factual' ideas about jews and israel.

    • ajnn

      jew hatred

    • MixMChess

      "Jewish bankers can outbid wealthy Arabs and change those angry words."

      This is another example of what Daniel Pipes calls "benign antisemitism," whereby a "person hopes that Jews will use what he imagines to be their power to help him." In this case appealing to Jewish Bankers for help to "outbid" or outspend wealthy Arabs.

  • Jim

    Part of the problem is Israel has no death penalty. Locking them up means they'll be ransomed out in the future. They need a process, capture, fair trial, kill; capture, fair trial, kill.

  • AntiOnan

    Quote:{Jewish bankers can outbid wealthy Arabs and change those angry words. Muhammed will then say that “Jews are welcome because they are our brothers”, it would result in a Middle East peace.}

    You have to be kidding. The one reason why Islam is so blatant is the middle eastern oil lever & the cash that it siphons out of the west on a daily basis. Even if the west was run by the "Elders of Zion" myth there is no way that it can compete with people who have so much money that they own cars made from precious metals.

    The problem with Islam is 1400 years old. The recent upsurge is ONLY becasue they have the money to power it.

    Bring on Cold fusion. It isn't a myth and a "Manhattan" style project would undermine totally the oil lever. But will those western rich who swim in oil profits allow it? THAT is the question. (I am sure someone important said that before :))

  • bpaolucci

    Israel needs to stop worrying about opinions coming from the left in Europe and America which are plentiful and to be counted on. Israel's first duty is to the safety of its citizens and visitors – that means having a mechanism in place to hold enemy combatants – including those who do not wear a uniform but engage in terrorist activities. These people need to be held, permanently, until such time as peace is established and tested for its ability to last or the terrorist is virtually useless to his/her cause. Smart war strategies from Ancient Rome stated that you don't let your enemy live to fight another day. Wars should be fought hard and fast so as to bring about a quick end and a minimal amount of damages, injuries and deaths. These never ending battles we see these days, while too serious to be called a joke, lack a finish – what on earth is the end game and when will it come?

  • lovezion


  • AntiOnan

    The only way is to wage their way: that was what happened on the East Front in WW2.
    Unfortunately we have no one with the necessary guts in power ANYWHERE in the west to implement this sort of action. Hitler & Stalin sneered at the democracies of Europe and the US and well they should as NO ONE COUNTRY there nor ALL of them would have been able to endure the necessary casualties to defeat Stain or Hitler alone. It was a stroke of luck that they were at each other's throats.

    To implement a Total War policy as recommended here, would necessitate turning most western countries into virtual martial law states and with most western politicians having no testicles and both eyes on the next election, can you see this? Even in Israel there is a movement which exudes reality disbelief and actually believes that you can negotiate with islam despite 1400 years of history which disprove this.

    Unless someone arrives in the west WITH the necessary guts we are in as exposed a situation as is Israel which itself is a symbol of western culture and as vulnerable as it.

  • badaboo

    The utter absurdity of "peace with the palestinians , and two states living side by side " , is that Israel must go through the motions of negociating " a peace " with an enemy that is sworn to her destruction , bound by religion and covenant to do all and anything to achieve tat goal ,
    Any treaty , cease-fire , agreement or "peace " process with Israel , is meant only to facilitate another step towards that goal , which is the destruction of the State of Israel . They admit this in public , they preach it in their sermons , teach it to their children , write in their books , and proclaim it in their charters and covenants . Their religion offers paradise to those who murder Jews .
    Yet to the world they claim "Victimhood " . THIS is the ugly truth, from which the world turns it;s head away , and which Israel faces everyday .Indeed , it is the only thing that arabs and muslims agree on worldwide , many of which do not even know where is Israel is .

  • badaboo

    deleted for what ?

  • badaboo

    speaking the truth of the matter ?

  • badaboo

    Does anyone think it is just Hamas that desires Israel's destruction ?

  • badaboo

    Is their "goal " any different than Fatah's , Hezbollah's ,Al Queda 's, Syria, Iran , or Saudi Arabia's ?

  • badaboo

    Does the world admit this , or turn away from it ?

  • badaboo

    Is ISRAEL EVER cionsidered the victim in all of this for the past 50 years ?

  • badaboo

    How does Israel "make peace " with those who are sworn to destroy her ?

    • guest

      By rolling over and dying. Ceasing to exist. That's the only way Israel can ever "make peace" with those who are sworn to destroy her.