Netanyahu to International Community: Stop the Hypocrisy

The IDF has released two more videos from the incident Monday morning on the Mavi Marmara, the largest in the Turkish-organized six-ship flotilla that challenged Israel’s blockade of Gaza, and the only one to prepare a violent ambush. One of these two videos is even more dramatic than the one released on Monday, now viewed by over a million on YouTube, that shows Mavi Marmara “peace activists” among other things beating the soldiers with iron bars.

The relatively less dramatic of the two newly released videos shows the “activists”—actually jihadists seeking “martyrdom”—attacking the soldiers with a stun grenade, a box of plates, and water hoses as they try to board the ship. The other newly released video is actually almost purely audial footage of a frenetic exchange between soldiers on the Mavi Marmara and the nearby IDF ship. The former, in a state of acute panic, shout that they need reinforcements, are being fired at from all directions, and have to be evacuated immediately. For a while the jihadists can be heard chanting something in the background.

The iron-bars video was released only late Monday afternoon after the “Israel kills peace activists” media-storm had already swept through the world for eight or nine hours, and some in Israel have bitterly charged that releasing it a good deal earlier, if not immediately, could have saved Israel much of the media and diplomatic damage. The reason for the delay was a concern for military morale: seeing soldiers of the Naval Commandos—one of the most legendary of all IDF units—being abjectly beaten, and in one case thrown over the side of the boat, is not the sort of imagery the IDF and Israel itself want to project of these fighters.

But if the iron-bars video is problematic in that regard, the new one in which the soldiers shout, in panic, for their lives is even more so. Why, then, was it released now, when the UN Security Council, with President Obama’s acquiescence, has already condemned Israel over the incident, the UN Human Rights Council is preparing another Goldstone-type “investigation,” and Israel has generally been dragged through another worldwide round of condemnation? This new video proves beyond a doubt to any reasonable human being that the soldiers finally opened fired, killing nine of their attackers, solely to save their own lives. But what good could it do at this point?

The answer is that Israel realizes its troubles from this incident are not over and indeed are just beginning. Another ship, the Rachel Corrie (named after the young anti-Israeli activist accidentally killed by an IDF bulldozer in 2003), is already on its way to Gaza from Malta; while carrying only fifteen activists, Irish prime minister Brian Cowen has described it as Irish-owned and is calling on Israel to let it through. A group called the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza claims to be planning a new, much larger flotilla than the one intercepted by Israel this week. Newly elected British prime minister David Cameron is calling on Israel to lift the Gaza blockade altogether.

In other words, the democratic world is now getting into the act too—with a vengeance. It was one thing for increasingly-Islamist, Iran- and Syria-friendly, Hamas-supporting Turkey to send the first flotilla. It is quite another thing—and well beyond the usual, de rigueur, but shameful cooperation with Arab-, Islamic-, and “nonaligned”-bloc calumny against Israel in the UN—for Western governments to start getting on this bandwagon as well.

It was in response to the increasingly alarming situation that Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave a brief, terse statement to the nation Wednesday night in which he said: “The state of Israel faces an attack of international hypocrisy. This is not the first time we have faced this; two years ago we faced a massive attack of missiles fired by Hamas who hid behind civilians. Israel went to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties; but whom did the UN condemn? It condemned Israel.”

Noting that “It is our right according to international law to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza and that is why the naval blockade was put in place,” Netanyahu pointed out that two ships intercepted by the Israeli navy in recent years—the Francop in 2009 and the Karine-A in 2002—were carrying hundreds of tons of Iranian-supplied weapons, and that while the smuggling of Iranian weapons into Gaza through tunnels continues, what can be delivered by sea is incomparably vaster and would result in an Iranian port in Gaza threatening not only Tel Aviv but also “other countries in the region.”

Turning finally to the uproar over the Mavi Marmara, Netanyahu, noting that he had talked personally with the wounded soldiers and heard firsthand accounts of how their lives were endangered, stated:

The soldiers defended their lives with incomparable restraint. What would any other country do?… I ask the international community, what would you do instead? We’ll continue to defend our citizens and assert our right to self-defense, which is my first duty as prime minister.

It is important that we stay united on this issue, which is a matter of life and death.

The questions Netanyahu raised are indeed very much open. It is no longer clear whether the international community, including its democratic component, is prepared to tolerate the soldiers of the Jewish state shooting back when shot at by a mob, and no longer clear whether it is prepared to countenance the Jewish state defending itself, or existing, at all. Israel, meanwhile, is still trying to make its case, hardly confident that it makes a difference.

  • Joe Heathen

    Jonathan Pollard will make the perfect spokesman for Israel in the United States in this time of crisis.

  • Reaganite71

    A simple suggestion for Israel.

    Should Israel end the blockade, which I don't believe they will, it should be followed with this preemptive statement:

    "Any future attack from the Gaza strip will be considered an act of war.

    As such Israel will go to war, retake and fully annex the area into our country, and commence exodus proceedures removing the inhabitants of Gaza by placing them on ships, and sending them to the countries that encouraged their demise.

    If the residents of Gaza wish to remain there, living under their own self rule, it is in their best interests to rid themselves of HAMAS or any entity that might threaten their ability to live there in the future by waging reckless acts of war against the nation of Israel."

    What the heck! The UN and international suck-ups are going to hate the Jewish state regardless of what they do. You may as well get the Muslim Nazi's as far away from you as possible and inside a regular state's border.

    You can't live in peace with Nazi's breathing down your neck.

    • david

      I can't argue with that.

    • Carole

      Brilliant comments!
      Israel is wrong whatever they do but remember God said "those who bless Israel I will bless, those who curse Israel I will curse"

    • ReconRambo

      My suggestion for future blockade running attemps, is to send in teams of Navy Frogmen and blow the props and rudders off of these ships; in effect stopping them dead in their tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Stephen_Brady

        Been listening to Michael Savage?

        Anyway, the notion that divers could get anywhere close to moving props on a ship moving at sea would … frankly … be suicide.

        A better notion: Order the ships to stop. Any ship that refuses to alter course should be torpedoed. Then, send divers to the wreckage to bring up the reasons why the ship wouldn't stop.

        Recon, Israel has an internationally-recognized right to stop merchant ships approaching the coast of a country they are at war with.

  • Shalom Freedman

    This is another first- rate report on the situation by Hornik. What is most alarming in this one is the information that the 'democratic countries are now getting on the bandwagon'. Courage is apparently an even more rare commodity among the leaders of nations than among individuals in general.

  • BS1977

    Where were all these leftist morons and phony peace activists when HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS were being slaughtered in Darfur? Not to be found. Where were they last week when over a hundred members of a Muslim sect were slaughtered in Pakistan? No where around. Did they demonstrate when Iran killed scores , tortured and beat countless students in the recent riots in Tehran? No, not a peep. But let tiny Israel dare to defend itself against attack and they go beserk. Funny isn;t it?

    • trickyblain

      In other words, "look over there!"

      Israel is ostensibly a democratic ally. We don't compare them to Iran, Pakistan and Sudan like you like to do because a) we don’t give those nations billions in aid, b) we hold Israel to a higher standard and c) because of a) and b), Israel’s actions reflect on us.

      • xman

        You've given Pakistan more than $40 billion in aid in less than six years alone. And what have you got to show for it? Likewise $80 billion to Egypt with Mohammed Atta to show for it. Of course, making a fool of yourself comes as natural to you as breathing.

      • MixMike

        "we hold Israel to a higher standard"

        Exactly, Israel is held to a different standard than the rest of the world. Israel has acted with more restraint even compared to other Democracies like Britain and the U.S..

        • xman

          Exactly. Holding Israel to a higher standard is what enables Israel's enemies to get away with trying to destroy Israel.

          We didn;'t hold ourselves to a higher standard than Nazi Germany during World War II, and it is just as well we didn't, otherwise we'd have lost that war.

    • Carole

      You`re so right!!

  • Jeff

    For all the selected anti-Semites who like to hold the Israelis to a double standard: the facts are that NATO member warships that have been sailing in the Persian Gulf since 9/11 have been boarding ships in International waters looking for contraband (that's not only weapons but terrorists being smuggled on board ships as well)!

    Uhh..yes–you were saying what again about Maritime Law, International Waters and the right of search & seizure?

    • Liberallyproud

      All Slain Flotilla Victims Suffered Bullet Wounds; 19-Year-Old US Citizen Among Dead
      The bodies of the nine dead activists killed by Israeli troops in the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla have returned to Turkey. Forensic experts have confirmed that all nine were shot with guns. Eight of the victims were Turkish nationals, and one was a US citizen of Turkish origin. The US citizen has been identified as nineteen-year-old Furkan Dogan. He reportedly had four bullet wounds to the head and one to the chest, murdered execution style. This from a first hand report from one of the activists aboard ship. How brave these Israeli terrorists were to kill unarmed civilians. This is horrible and indefensible.

      • Liberallyproud

        UNARMED ACTIVISTS – So don't try telling anyone that a bunch of sticks and a couple hammers and knives constitute weapons needed to wage war on the Israeli Navy, who attacked this ship with full blown assault weapons. This is a disgrace and you can rationalize it anyway you want to, but it's slaughter!!

        • Rifleman

          At least 9 fools learned not to run a blockade or attack IDF boarding parties. I blame Darwin.

          • trickyblain

            Ironically, those nine fools are ultimately going to spell the end of the blockade.

          • Rifleman

            I doubt it. Israel isn't going to let uninspected cargo through, especially with the mad mullahs going nuclear and giving advanced weapons to their proxies, like hezz and hamas. I think the reaction to this incident is showing the Israelis that there is no ridiculous limit (paintball guns?) they can go to that will be enough for 'the world' and it will end up steeling their resolve.

            Most Israelis are conscious of the fact that ‘the world,’ including the UN, did nothing but get out of the combined arab armies’ way the four times they tried to wipe Israel from the map. Most Israelis also realize the arabs can lose forever, but Israel can’t lose once and still exist.

        • Foolster41

          Yes, if you ATTACK a soldier you are going to GET SHOT. You really expect the soldeir to not kill him and let himself be killed (Yes, any of those items yo listed can be lethal) because he had the stronger weapon?

          Don't bring a knife to a gunfight, fool, and stop being so proud of your ignorance.

        • Jeff

          I already posted this link in a different article:

          Ok–so these were professionals embedded with all these Turks and left wing Western nut cases! It wasn't civilians that attacked the IDF, it was professional Muslim agitators–who came without I.D., all had the exact amount of cash (hmmm…I wonder who backed them?) and they are the ones who came aboard the ship with weapons (for just such a confrontation). So go choke on the facts!

        • Stan

          Unarmed Activists? And you saw the videos? Boy, you must really live in an Orwellian world!

        • aspacia

          I would have sunk the boat and not regretted the fact that my enemies drowned. Better them than me.

          What liberals do not seem to understand, is that Sharia Law will condemn you, just as it condemn gays to execution. You are their next target. Why do you believe people whose book condones lying to one's enemy.

      • Stan

        "Murdered execution style" "first hand report from one of the activists aboard the ship!!??" er ahem, pull the other one, it plays jingle bells….

      • MixMike

        "How brave these Israeli terrorists were to kill unarmed civilians."

        The so-called "activists" using steel pipes and knives against the Israeli soldiers in addition to throwing one overboard. Israel has released footage which can be seen on Youtube that shows the soldiers being fired upon and the use of stun grenades by the "activists."

        Would you care to try another lie and see if that sticks instead?

  • stella
  • Joanna

    If a person steps back and logically looks at the situation, it is totally ludicrous. With huge Arab countries surrounding Gaza and the West Bank, why is it that none of them welcomes the Arabs who live in Israel? These people are miserable where they are, they can't get along with Israel and refuse to stop launching rockets into Israel, they've proven over and over again they can't be trusted to maintain any sort of peaceable agreement, and the world wonders why cargo boats MUST be searched for weapons? What a crime it is for Hamas and Hezbollah (Syria and Iran) to hold these poor people hostage for their own gain. The radical Islamists are the ones imprisoning the Arabs in Israel. And why? None of these people cared a thing in the world about Israel until it was finally, rightfully given lawfully to Israel for the Jewish State. They are so darn jealous of the miracle Israel has made out of the country in a short 62 years, without oil money!! The jealousy is blinding and raging and eating them alive. And it is also foolish.

    • antiox

      Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights are not Israel Sweetie. Funny how difficult it is getting that idea out of subliterate heads. Rightfully, lawfully? You don't even know the legitimate borders of the country and are well beneath the task or recounting the convoluted history of Israel's creation. But what the heck why not just give up your land and country and move to another one because your nieghbor needs elbow room? It's only neighborly and they may not need more for several years, then of course it's time to get neighborly again.
      Wait a minute! Why don't you give up your home, someone else undoubtedly wants it and your relatives have plenty of room after all…. Why don't you take up knitting or rose gardening or something hon? There' s enough easy prey around here as it is….

      • Stern

        actually, antiox, your screen name is a misnomer. You are an ox. You have swallowed the Palestinian propaganda whole. You are one of those who buys into their "convoluted history", when the reality is a whole lot simpler. I suggest you read Palestine Betrayed by Efraim Karsh and open your eyes.

        • trickyblain

          The reality can easily be found on a map. Gaza, the Golan Heights and the West Bank are occupied territory and not included in the Israeli country profile by the CIA World Factbook. No government in the world recognizes these areas as part of Israel. That's the reality.

      • bostonian

        What about convoluted history of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Libia,Syria and other 22 states creation?And please never call police when criminals attack your home. be nice to them

      • Rifleman

        She's obviously much smarter than you. Hamas recognizes no border to Israel.

      • Foolster41

        AH! Of course! They were looking for elbow room! I suppose the 7 day war where ARAB neighbors attacked Isreal WITHOUT PROVOCATION never happened!
        Did you go back in time and erase that little part of history? (No, because then Isreal would have no need to take those parts of land). Why didn't you kill Hitler why you were at it? (

        I suppose you think a country has no rights to reperations of land from an agressor nation? You fail at international law.

        • antiox

          "Israel decided to preempt the expected Arab attack. To do this successfully, Israel needed the element of surprise. Had it waited for an Arab invasion, Israel would have been at a catastrophic disadvantage. On June 5, Prime Minister Eshkol gave the order to attack Egypt."

          Verbatim quote from The Jewish Virtual Library on the outbreak of the Six-Day War.

          Oh, but that's right you were talking about the "7 day war", only real scholars, like you, have the straight dope on that one.

          • MixMike

            Playing with selective history eh antiox? Leading up to the war, Egypt had stationed over 1,000 tanks and 100,000 soldiers on the Israeli border. Egypt kicked out the UN peacekeepers in the Sinai and also closed the Straits of Tiran (which has been widely recognized by the international community and legal scholars as a formal act of war). In addition Syria started a troop buildup along Israel's Northern border by the Golan. Jordan signed a defense pact with Egypt. Nasser announced and made very clear his intention of attacking Israel with the other allied Arab nations.

            Only in the face of an impending invasion and annihilation did Israel chose to defend itself against Arab aggression.

          • antiox

            Hey uh, Mixed -Up Mike my post was a response to the guy who said that the Arabs struck first in what he called the "7 day war." There is nothing "selective" it is a correction using a source I thought he would find reliable. Why is it impossible to cite any fact here and receive an intelligent response? Many respondents appear to be Jewish who Abraham spawned so many subliterates.

          • Foolster41

            Yes, Isreal DID strike first, against an UNPROVOKED AGRESSOR who was about to attack. Do you really think Isreal should have wiated until the arabs struck first? It's kind of strange how you admit that arabs were the inst igators, and how Isreal would have been in trouble3 had they waited to be attacked, and yet you blame Isreal saying they have no right to pre-emtopive defend themselves or then gain land from a war that THE OTHER SIDE STARTED. If I knew any better I woud think your a anti-semite who has wet dreams of genoicde of the jews.

            Though exersize: Would poland ha ve a right to premtively attack Germany if Gemrany started showuing signs of an attack? Would Polland have a right to the land of Germany at the end of the wr, since germany started the war?

            (And yes, you are rigjht it was the 6 day war/,.)

      • Jeff

        Hey Botox (because you're poison & there's no antidote for you): Every single Arab country is phony! Gee I guess you flunked basic high school history regarding the French and British dividing up the Ottoman territory in the Middle East region after WW 1. Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and all the tiny kingdoms in the Arabian Peninsula not under Saudi control are all manufactured! Not a single one of those countries and Emirates existed before 1918! They're all made up! The West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights were all part of the so-called British Mandate of Palestine which was promised to the Jews! In the 1948 war, the Golan Heights were taken by the Syrians, the West Bank was taken by the Jordanians and the Gaza Strip was taken by the Egyptians! In the war of 1967 the Israelis won it all back, you're reading Arab & Islamic propaganda where these territories don't belong the Jews! So who is the idiot now–Sweetie?

        • antiox

          Based on that theory Israel is even more phony because they were "made up" in 1947. Everything in the history of statehood is "made up" in one way or another. And if country's "made up" by French and British policies of the post-Ottoman period are illegitimate how do "promises" (that changed constantly toward all parties concerned) made to Zionists have legitimacy? The UN drew up borders that gave 55% of the land to the one third of the population calling itself Jewish in 1946. Those are the rough boundaries of pre-1967 Israel and the only ones ever recognized by Britain or the US.

          I've not met a highschooler yet that is versant in the Sevres or Laussanne Treaties, Churchill's disastrously treacherous administration of Mesopatamia, Sykes-Picot, Gertrude Bell, General Allenby, the King-Crane Commission and numerous other details of the regions development. I don't know what elite Prep you attend either but suggest you return and go round with me when you are a senior and properly sedated.

          • antiox

            One other little thing, if a country fails to have legitimacy because it has only been recognized since 1918 then what of one that only goes back to 1948? Furthermore whatever the UN, the British, Jordan, Egypt or Israel has done in the past in Gaza and the West Bank the respective populations on the ground there oppose rule by Israel. Forgive me if I was unable to elucidate why Israel has a legitimate claim to those places from your hysterical barely relevant post. There is no definitive book on this region's history but even the one's advocated by the government of Israel itself could correct many of your ludicrous notions of erudition on this subject.

          • Stan

            Actually Ox, there is a definitive book on the region's history – we call it The Torah, the Christians call it The Bible, the Muslims – well they made up their own version of history in the 7th century.

          • Erastus CoupeDeVille

            Oh, that book… the great flood, burning bushes, stone tablets and oh yes, the great real estate agent in the sky giving Moses or somebody the deed and title to all the land between the sea and the river(s) but only if the then current inhabitants are slaughtered/driven out. A great book, that old testament.

          • aspacia

            Actually, geologists found an unusual layer throughout the earth's crust and they believe there was a worldwide flood.

            A Deist

          • trickyblain

            It was also a big part of the Epic of Gilgamesh,

            A fellow Deist

          • aspacia

            Muslim oppose Jewish rule, because their book describes Jews as apes and pigs. Muslims are often intolerant because their book tells them to be thus. Hence, this includes you.

            There are no such tenets in either Judaism or Christianity.

          • Jeff

            Another thing that's shows your illiteracy is when you say there is no definitive book….there's plenty! There's been books written about the Paris Peace Treaty and the parties that were there. There's European writers at the time who interviewed the Jewish representatives and the few Arabs that were already jockeying for power. The Arab rejectionists were already there–they didn't want any territory to be ceded for a Jewish State! And for you to say Israel only goes back to 1948, once again–anything you say is invalid! The Arabs come from only one place and that's the Arabian Peninsula; all Arabs living north of that region are illegal invaders! Just as Turks are invaders of biblical Asia Minor, a once Greco-Roman society; Turks are illegal invaders from Central Asia! They already have a country, it's called Turkmenistan!

          • antiox

            Okay Whatever you say, this kind of babbling dealing with centuries in half sentences is valid by your lights. You are the one that claimed that Ishmael's progeny have no claim prior to the Ottoman centuries and I responded in kind. So your position, as far as can tell, is that we can make claims to land based on who has the earlieist historical records? No matter how far away in time the claimants are from those lands? I'm willing to go along with the idea and the borders of Israel as internationally agreed to, you are insane and an enemy of a practical solution. You also loath facts.

          • aspacia

            Actually, Israel was to be created during the same period, and the map shows that all Israel would include TransJordan. The European powers gave Transjordan to the defeated Hashmites in a political deal.

          • MixMike

            "Everything in the history of statehood is 'made up' in one way or another. "

            By your logic the Palestinians have no claim to statehood nor do any of the Arab nations.

          • antiox

            But it isn't "logic" it's what happened and Israel exists under identical circumstances. It isn't my "logic" it is a precise response to another poster who wants it two ways. The Arabs escape the Ottomans as some kind of synthetic product of modernism and Israel supposedly teems with legitimacy. I don't propund "logic" like peoples are entitled to a state. No nation is entitled to a fluidity of borders in a region that continues until their avarice is satisfied.

          • aspacia

            They do not have a claim MixMIke.

          • Jeff

            Based on your second paragraph, that explains why I can't even begin to acknowledge any of the crap you write! I'm a Canadian, maybe that explains why I learned Middle East History 101 in high school! By the way, they're started that history lesson earlier, I learned that in grade 11 (decades ago), my teenage nephew studied WW 1 history in grade 10.

            So anything you have to comment is invalid! You look so stupid when you write things such as your first paragraph!

      • aspacia

        And you are also living on occupied land. What land has not been occupied.

        Sure Israel is an artificial state, but so Is Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, etc. The U.S. is also artificial, as is any other country.

        Besides, what about the 650,000 Jews driven from Arab lands? Jews who were absorbed by Israel. Why can't the vast Arab world absorb its brethren.

        Your claim lacks any real substance.

      • Bob Sprinkle

        Oh we all await your ever so arrogant directions……..NOT! Fool

      • Gerald

        That's exactly what the West is doing is doing for the muslims from all over the world. You have permitted uncontrolled legal and illegal muslim immigration. The West has become willing dhimmis and is even permitting sharia law and sharia finance a part of which goes to fund islamic terrorists. So what is the fuss about.

  • Arnold Wolf

    Israel is now being verbally attacked as aggressors in the world media but in reality the nations of the earth are thanking Israel. If Israel waits until the flotilla enters Israel and Gaza waters and they ignore orders to withdraw, Israel has every right to sink them. No one condemns North Korea for sinking South Korean vessel killing more than 40 crewmen.

    Israel has new military technology of which no one is aware to this very day. Those who wish to destroy Israel and asking for their own demise.

    • trickyblain

      "No one condemns North Korea for sinking South Korean vessel killing more than 40 crewmen."


      • xman

        You obviously don't. The Norks sinking a South Korean vessel is perfectly acceptable to you, as there were no Muslims on board.

  • Edog

    Someone should be talking about Turkey's on going fight with the PPK…including cross boarder raids into Iraq. The hypocrisy on Turkey's part is monumental, the silence on the MSM’s part is telling.

  • Mary

    Obama's position toward Israel has always alarmed me. I saw it as a precursor to what may evolve into something far more ominous. Clearly there is a concerted effort to force Israel into war. I have never seen such anti-semitism before. The propaganda that is foisted on the American public favors Palestine and paints Israel as the source of all evil in the region, when in fact that is not the case. Israel is literally surrounded by false, world wide propaganda, hostile forces in and around the region. The result is condemnation from the international community. The Marmara was an incident used to provoke Israel into a situation which, if spun correctly through the propaganda machine, would create an even stronger divide between those who support Israel and those intent on its demise. I sense that this Administration does not support Israel, nor do the British. I have a chilling sense that now more than ever Israel stands alone.

    • Carole

      According to Bible prophecy Israel will stand alone and the nations will be judged on how they treated Israel.
      The Lord Jesus will come back just in time to stop them being annihilated completely!
      I know which side I will be on!
      It`s true though that I do feel Israel is in the right and I know that they have been persecuted down through the centuries, but still they have survived!
      It is a spiritual thing because they are God`s chosen people who were responsible for giving the Oracles of God to the world.

      • ReconRambo

        Brovo! Brovo! The "Truth" and well said Carol.

    • Stan

      Mary, Obama's position toward Israel, acquiescence to Islamic dictatorships and support of leftist thugocracies should alarm the world. The world is always in danger when there is a weak President in the Whitehouse, This President is either the weakest that the US has ever had or the most sneakily malevolent – either way it gives us little cause for comfort.

      • xman

        He's much worse than weak. He's on the side of the enemies of humanity and Western civilization. Obama is almost as much at war with Jews as what Hitler was, and we will see that in full technicolor if he doesn't lose in 2012.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Netanyahu's magnificent speech had the same thrill-up-the-leg effect on me that Chris Matthews used to get with Obama. Still, I can see World War III from my window …

    • Neil

      Chrissy Matthews is still infatuated with his heartthrob. He still has that tingling up and down his leg, "Every time I hear his voice."

      • codetalker

        Cuban Refugee-Great minds think alike.I see russian war ships on the scene soon..

  • tim heekin

    Workers of New York Unite!!……union and non-union………refuse to work on this disgusting mosque (in Arabic mosque is 'mehrab' meaning, "place of battle") near Ground Zero. Out of respect for your city, the victims of 9/11, your troops and Vets and your country. No workers, no mosque……………….(readers: please pass this on and post on any and all websites. We can stop this insult)

    • kid bertha

      Yes that's exactly the attitude all Americans should have regarding that despicable slap in the face! Muslims get out of my country!

    • Carole

      Yes, you are right, and everyone must make a stand against this abomination!!

  • Erastus CoupeDeVille

    In addition to the iron bars, high pressure fire hoses, fire axes, dining hall crockery, slingshots and a large firecracker, other useful items that can be used to repel boarders could be marlinspikes, belaying pins, chipping hammers, deck chairs and perhaps even kitchen/dining-hall cutlery. Just sayin', Bibi.

  • Mae

    For enlightening background on Hamas, check out the Philidelphia meetings from the Holy Land Foundation trial, 2007.

  • seels4truth

    The World is trying to remove Israel's ability to defend itself. How about Israel provide arms to the IRA? Lets see if the Irish Prime Minister allows for that ship to dock in Ireland. And that is where all the so called "humanitarians" are a kilter. While their "aid flotilla" may be arms free and consisting of expired food and medicine it is the NEXT shipment that will be filled with rockets and ammunition. Israel allows for ALL humanitarian supplies to enter Gaza and the Arabs know it. What Hamas does not get is raw material to build bombs and rockets. But the World knows this and still wants Israel to open the waters. The Europeans are WHORES and deserve scorn.

    • Liberallyproud

      Israel has been given more leeway than any other country in the world as far as protecting themselves, but they shot themselves in the foot when they acted as aggressors against unarmed civilians and I don't care WHAT nation they came from. Sorry there is no excuse for their barbaric actions.

      • Rifleman

        More leeway than the chicoms? I think not, just ask a Tibetan.

      • Foolster41

        I wouldn't be so "proud" of your ignorance. I'm not sure where you've been the last 20 or so years. they are contenously being blasted by the UN for fighting back against HAMAS who is firing rockets against them.

        "but they shot themselves in the foot when they acted as aggressors against unarmed civilians and I don't care WHAT nation they came from"
        This is a utter lie. They wern't unarmed. They had sticks and knives. The IDF was using PAINTBALLS, and had to move up to lethal weapons. At least one soldier is seen being tossed off the ship. Either you need to go look at the video (posted on this site) or you are a islamist troll who already knows the truth.

        Yet another liberal who's outraged that the Joos DARE to defend themselves!

        • Liberallyproud

          So a ship being stormed in the middle of the night by highly trained commandos armed with automatic assault weapons means the activists had to submit to their aggression? What ever happened to the law and right of self-defense? But I guess the Jews are the ONLY people allowed to defend themselves? What a bunch of hooey. If this ship were planning on assaulting a country armed to the hilt they'd be bringing a lot more than sticks and knives. Who the HE** do you think believes that other than you fanatics? No one with a conscience believes a WORD of that. Do you think we were born yesterday? Try that rationalization on someone who is illiterate because those are the only ones left that would consider this anything other than a massacre.

          • MixMike

            "So a ship being stormed in the middle of the night by highly trained commandos armed with automatic assault weapons means the activists had to submit to their aggression?"

            5 other ships were boarded and re-routed to Israeli ports without incident. As for your aggression comment, the soldiers initially entered with paintball guns and were beaten with pipes, bats and knives. There is footage showing the soldiers being fired upon by the activists. Only after the soldiers were attacked did they defend themselves.

      • Jeff

        What a bunch of bullshit! How about the regime of Iran brutalizing and killing unarmed protesters? And even more recently in Thailand, just as in Iran many innocent people have been killed and thousands have been brutalized by the government having the "leeway" to protect themselves!

        So this is proof of the selective outrage that global anti-Semites like you possess, you have the luxury of giving brutal regimes the "leeway" to protect themselves and then you save all your energy to condemn every single incident that the Israelis do that make headlines!

        You're a hypocrite!!!!!!

        • Liberallyproud

          As my friends know very well I'm not anti-Semite, but I AM able to discern right from wrong and I have to tell you that my many long time Jewish friends here in my community agree with me and believe this assault was totally and completely WRONG from any angle. No country including Israel, America and Iran have a right to attack innocent people, whether they are protesting or taking supplies tthrough a blockade. The people in Gaza have been held prisoner by the Israelis paranoia long enough. If they want peace then let them sit down and work it out, but the slaughter needs to end now….on BOTH sides.

          • ReconRambo

            My Friend, you have been blinded to the "Truth" by your father Satan and will believe any lie that he puts forth. You are under strong delusion and are deceived and you will be damed with the deceived!!! 2 Th 2:9-12

          • MixMike

            "No country including Israel, America and Iran have a right to attack innocent people, whether they are protesting or taking supplies tthrough a blockade."

            See, that right there is where you are getting confused. You are assuming that the "activists" on the flotilla were innocent. They were not, they were members of IHH, a terrorist group with close links to Hamas and other radical Islamic groups.

            As for Gaza, Hamas is not innocent. They are a bloodthirsty terror group that openly calls for the death of Jews everywhere (not just Israel). Don't believe me? Check their charter. While your at it check the Fatah charter that still calls for the annihilation of Israel.

            "The people in Gaza have been held prisoner by the Israelis paranoia long enough."

            No, Hamas has held them prisoner. Israel provides the equivalent of 1 ton in aid per Gaza resident. The real prisoners are the resident of Sderot and southern towns in Israel that face a constant barrage of missiles from Gaza.

      • Stan

        Liberallyproud you keep chanting the mantra "unarmed civilians". You're obviously either brainwashed or a leftist or muslim troll. Try to get this through your thick scone of a head – they were armed with iron bars, knives, slingshots and guns stolen from mobbed Israeli commandos. The only barbarians were the paid mercenaries who jumped the Israelis boarding the ship to inspect the cargo and tried to beat them to death. It was amazing that the commandos were so restrained that they managed to keep the kill count to less than double figures.

        • Liberallyproud

          Stan – did you even read what you claim to be weapons against automatic assault weapons, held by trained military commandos? Give me a break. What a bunch of hogwash. I could find those same items in a barn, a garage a home, a workshop, but would never claim them as weapons I would use to attack Israel. GD man, give it a rest. The young 19 year old American shot four times in the head with stippling (meaning it was a close up kill) on his skin – tell me…….what weapon was HE carrying?

          • MixMike

            "Stan – did you even read what you claim to be weapons against automatic assault weapons, held by trained military commandos? "

            Look at the facts, Israelis initially entered with paintball guns, PAINTBALL guns! They were BEATEN with crow bars and bats. Ever seen the end of Goodfellas?

            There is evidence of the "activists" using stun grenades and firing on the soldiers. Get a clue man.

      • aspacia

        How about the "unarmed" civilians attacked with axes, knives, etc. Nope, Israel has the right to destroy her enemies. Blow the damn ships from the water.

      • xman

        Antisemitic blockhead! No other country has to protect itself like Israel. I don't notice Qassam rockets being fired from Denmark, Norway and Finland into Sweden, or into the US from Canada and Mexico, or into France from Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. And these citizens aren't unarmed. But then again you want to see what was started by Hitler brought to its final conclusion.

  • WildJew

    There's too much hand-wringing and second guessing going on in Israel's media. Could Israel do a better job of PR? Of course. But the "democratic world" is full of moral cowards.

    "Don't trouble me with the facts. Who cares about the facts?"

    Even the Americans are turning into European-style wimps and moral cowards. What else explains the rise of Barack Hussein Obama?

    • cochavi1

      Moral cowards and now-'liberated' anti-Semites, apparently. But we knew this.

      Two other points – the rise of Obama is part moral cowardice, part ethnic/demographics changes in the US. Rudely put, Third World immigrants, many of them, are not interested in traditional American values.

      The other point, with which I think you will agree, is that most parts of the political spectrum in Israel, save the 'religious right', all take essentially a defensive stance. That is, they say 'stop picking on us' but also say 'we don't want any part of Judea and Samaria.' This is Feiglin's critique, and it is largely right. We can't expect 'the world' to support us if we constantly describe ourselves as occupiers.

      • WildJew

        "We can't expect 'the world' to support us if we constantly describe ourselves as occupiers….."

        You're right. Support us, much less respect us.

        • cochavi1

          We will see now if Bibi after his nice speech yesterday will stand up and adopt Feiglin's attitude. Of course we know he will not credit Moshe and the rest who agree with him. What counts is if Bibi will move towards the position, or not.

      • trickyblain

        "What else explains the rise of Barack Hussein Obama?"

        Talk about a hanging curveball. That's easy: George Walker Bush.

        • WildJew

          I do NOT disagree. If you've read any of my posts on this site, you would see that I am not popular here; in that I believe G. W. Bush and his supporters are in large part the reason we are in the mess we are now in, with Barack Hussein Obama. I say supporters, though I voted for Bush in 2000. He lost me only days after 911 when he unveiled his vision for a Muslim-terror state in Israel in order to please his Saudi friends.

          I warned of this but to no avail. Even D. Horowitz told me I am a "maximalist." I guess that means — unlike him — I am not willing to compromise. Of course we can compromise, only it depends on what you are being asked to compromise. Shall Israel be willing to compromise land? Shall we give our land to the jihadists? That is what Bush demanded. Should we conservatives have been willing to suffer Bush's repeated lies about Israel and the enemy, because "the Democrats are worse?" I guess, according to the editors of Frontpagemag, the answer is "Yes. We should."

          I don't worry about the political left (the left is the left) near as much as I worry about the political right. This site in particular carried water for George W. Bush seven long years, even as he repeatedly lied about Israel and about Islam, calling it a religion of peace.

          Islam, "whose teachings are good and peaceful." (G. W. Bush: September 20, 2001)

          • cochavi1

            If you remember, I and others, including Doctorow and the ever-colorful SuzieQ were also hard on Bush on the subjects. For all our fights with each other, we all agreed about Bush and the Road Map.

          • trickyblain

            I remember both you and WildJew both being hard on Bush.

            But what is (both of) your solution to the problem? What is the "maximalist" answer? The status quo is not going to lead to peace. And I tepidly agree with you that neither will a Palestinian state (at least in the next few decades). So what are we left with? Is the only answer nuking an entire religion out of existence? Or do you see the problem being potentially addressed by political moderation? Honest questions….I surely don't know the answers.

          • xman

            There will be no peace because Palestinians are brought up from birth to believe that if they murder Jews, they'll go to paradise. And mionsters who think like that cannot be reasoned with. Of course, a twerp like yourself believes that anyone who is sworn to murder you can be reasoned with, right up to the last millisecond before the killers bullet goes smack into your brain.

          • trickyblain

            lol, thanks for telling me what I believe, jackass.

          • xman

            You are the antisemitic jackass whose desire is to see Jews marched into the gas chambers. It is poisonous heathens like you who need locking in a permanent cell with the key throwing away. If you had your way, Judaism and Israel would cease to exist. It must irk you that Hitler didn't succeed in his mission to wipe every Jew out on this planet. you side with evil because you ARE evil.

          • trickyblain

            Aww. Did someone forget his meds the last two days?

          • xman

            Yes they did. And I notice you still haven't found them, eh, raving Hitler-worshipping antisemite.

          • WildJew

            I do not have a ready answer to your question. I am not a religious Jew – not in the least. I do however believe there are principles at play that have been recorded many centuries in the past. I know this view will not be well received if you are a staunch secularist trickyblain.

            The point is, for those who read the ancient Jewish texts, what is happening today is unsurprising. The nations are furious that the stubborn Jews will not give up and just allow themselves to be slaughtered en mass. This infuriates the nations. What did the nations do for the Jews when Hitler was systematically murdering us? Nothing. They were pleased that the Nazis were dealing with a menace. Same holds true today. Israel is an international menace. Israel is the "despised Jew."

          • WildJew

            There will not be peace between Jews (Israel) and Islam. Not until there is a terrible war – maybe a massive nuclear Holocaust – with few people left on the face of the earth. As Obama is resigned to a nuclear Iran and is discouraging Israel from preempting Iran, don't think the Americans will be untouched one day. After Islam has it's bloody day on the Great Satan, then there may be peace; because America will not go down without a fight. Make no mistake about it. That is what this evil, Jew-hating world is headed for if they do not wake up. Mass slaughter on an unprecedented scale.

            So you ask what is the answer? For me, a Jew, it is holding firm. It is keeping our land. All of it. It is not caving in to immoral American pressure to appease our enemies and America's enemies. To quote Churchill: "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty….."

          • trickyblain

            Thanks for answering. I respect your analysis. I may be a "staunch secularist" in terms of religion mixed with politics, but many of the points you make are not based on religion, they are established historical fact.

            I do disagree with your veiw on Iran vis-a-vis American policy. If they develop a nuke, they won't have it long. They won't have the chance to use it.

          • WildJew

            Don't be so sure about Iran vis-a-vis American policy. If or when Iran begins building nuclear bombs, who will be able to monitor where they are stored and to whom or what group they are passed along? To what terror groups? Could Iran use nuclear threat to blackmail the West? Remember, Iran is one of the world's largest and most active state sponsors of international terrorism. The Iranians have cells all over the world, in central and South America; even in the United States. If some kind of nuclear device were detonated in an American city, killing perhaps hundreds of thousands of American citizens, how could the Americans track down the source for certain? Can you envision a weakling like Obama trying to comfort Americans this had nothing to do with Islam or any Islamic nation because Islam is a religion of peace? Obama might say, "It could be any number of regimes that did this." America may not be susceptible to a nuclear assault for many years to come, but come it might one day the way the Americans are behaving.

          • cochavi1

            I seem to recall your referring to the Land of Israel as G-d's assignment or apportioning to the Jewish people. So if you say in an absolute way now that you are not a religious Jew, then I can infer only 1) you are religious, but not Jewish, 2) you are a secular, very nationalist Jew.

            It's your business, but I would be curious to know the answer.

          • WildJew

            No problem. I say I am not a religious Jew because I do not keep all the commandments. I fall short. Very much so. I agree with religious Zionists in that yes, G-d (or God) apportioned the land of Israel to the Jewish people. I fully support the "settlement" movement in Israel. When I make aliyah, religious Zionists and nationalists will be my allies. I supported Gush Katif and the Friends of Gush Katif before "disengagement," alas to no avail. I have supported groups like Women In Green and other groups that fight for our land. Both my father and more importantly my mother were Jewish (they are both deceased). I guess that make me a Jew.

          • cochavi1

            Of course you are a Jew. Too hard on yourself. It's just life – we do the best we can.

          • ReconRambo

            Yes, my friend, the day, times and events of which you speak are coming and very soon now. You may not be a religious Jew, but you read the Law of Moses and the Prophets and you testify that you are seeing the fulfillment of those Holy scriptures given to man by the unction of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the one, who will in the end, come to the rescue of the one third of the Jews that will remain after the entire world, (the U.N.) comes to battle against them.

          • Stan

            I am with you 100% on this WildJew. I remember thinking in the aftermath of 9/11 how could this President be proclaiming Islam to be a religion of peace after what just happened. I also remember thinking just months after 9/11 when Bush started talking about the Road Map and the two state solution, that this guy is a friend of the Saudis and not Israel.

            I also remember being puzzled as to why Bush was hitting Iraq when Iran was a far greater threat.

            Bush's actions actually paved the way for Obama.

          • cochavi1

            All true – including on Iran policy. From 2006 Bush gave in to the Iranian Bomb.

            Perhaps the 'truthers' are right and 911 was not what we though. Skepticism about the nature of the Naudet brothers video exists, based on the many conveniences in that film. I don't have an answer to it, but it is possible that the 'elites' 'allowed' this event to occur.

          • xman

            Oh dear, it seems as if another troll has been given access to the internet from his padded cell.

          • MixMike

            Not even Noam Chomsky, the intellectual godfather of the left and staunch critic of America and Democracy, believes the nonsense of the truthers!

    • Liberallyproud

      No, it's not the Americans turning into European-sytle wimps and moral cowards, it's Israel turning into terrorists and bullies. The rise of President Obama was based on the votes of the majority of Americans who are sick of war and hate. It seems that is all the Israelis know anymore and treating Palestinians as the Jews were once treated by Hitler at the beginning of the Holocaust.

      • WildJew

        You (and millions of other Americans – if you are an American) may be sick of war and hate but I can assure you, more hate and war is coming your way 'in time', Barack Hussein Obama notwithstanding. Mr. Obama is generating more hatred and more confidence on the part of those who will ultimately do you in. America's enemies are salivating (rejoicing) over their future prospects, in light this weak US president. They see an America which you portray here, that is losing confidence in its "spiritual, cultural and political values."

      • MixMike

        "It seems that is all the Israelis know anymore and treating Palestinians as the Jews were once treated by Hitler at the beginning of the Holocaust."

        Not only is that a false comparison but its offensive as well. Israel provided over 700,000 tons of aid to the Palestinians in Gaza in 2009 alone. Palestinians have full access to the Israeli judicial system to assert claims and rights against Israelis. The Palestinians are allowed to govern themselves in Gaza and they elected Hamas, a Jew-hating terrorist organization. Just face it, the real Nazis are Hamas and like-minded Palestinians terror groups.

  • Terence

    Genesis 12:1
    And God spoke to Abraham saying I will take you out of captivity & lead you to a land that
    I will show you. I will make you a great nation and I will bless those that bless you and
    curse those that curse you………

    I know whose side that I am on & I know who is going to win in the end!

    • WildJew

      How many Christians honor this pledge? What percentage worldwide? How many American Christians honor it? What percentage?

      • codetalker

        Wild Jew-There are quite a few,but the press as you know is communist,anti Israel-This was also foretold.Just get your bags packed by the door,and get prepared to head for the mountains,as was foretold,and wait for those russian tanks to come down,and see what happens to them,as foretold..Best thing to do is watch events foretold to unfold..

        • WildJew

          Quite honestly, I am expecting American tanks to come down, as America is in the forefront of this effort to divide G-d's land. America is also to Israel's north. Russia is a two-bit player. Not so America, the sensual one; who dwells securely, who says in her heart, 'I am, and there is no one besides me. I will not sit as a widow, Nor know loss of children.'

          (America) feels secure in her wickedness. She says, 'No one sees me,' Her wisdom and her knowledge, they have deluded her; For you have said in your heart, 'I am, and there is no one besides me.'

          Codetalker, best to get your bags packed by the door,and get prepared to head for the mountains or better, to your country of origin.

  • antiox

    Where the hell is Orwell's successor? What kind of a boater resists a hostile boarding party.. The IDF is supposed to do all the hitting. How dare they assault the Israeli fist with their faces? It was almost exactly like the hostile way USS Liberty's crew reacted to torpedos, missiles and strafing. Talk about anti-Semitism doesn't the IDF get to kill, torture or kidnap anybody anymore. Whatever happened to the NYT and WP? They went for a quarter century burying details of the occupation and other sordid details of Israeli policy. Now, though, the IDF doesn't even get to poke their caged captives with a stick and someone's telling on them.

    • JC71

      I see the fat Muslim headscarf lady found the site.

    • KRL

      "Boater"??? That's rich…as if they were on some kind of pleasure cruise and were boarded by hostiles. They ran a BLOCKADE (caps are so you can read it slowly antiox…while moving your lips)

      I think the best solution would be for the IDF to issue a verbal warning, followed by a few warning shots, then sink the stupid m**f**kers. It is a BLOCKADE after all…

    • Democracy First

      "Ten official U.S. investigations and three official Israeli investigations have all concluded that the attack was a tragic mistake or that there is no evidence to establish that it was not a tragic mistake. Seven U. S. Presidents, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan, Bush, and Clinton have all accepted the conclusion that the attack was a tragic mistake."

  • Pat

    I stand with Israel!

  • New Yorker

    Perhaps it would do some good for Netaniyahu to make a straightforward loud and clear declaration, just in these words – Do Not Push Us into a Corner for Things Will not Be the Same Afterward.

  • USMCSniper

    From Charles Krauthammer – Obama is a president who bows deeply to the king of Saudi Arabia, who's in a photo-op with the dictator of Venezuela, and will not allow the press in when he has a meeting with the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu of the only democracy in the Middle East and the strongest American ally in the Middle East.

    It's worse than that. Name one other visitor that Obama has treated as shabbily as he treated Netanyahu. The only one I can think of that came close was the Dalai Lama. If I were Netanyahu, I would not go back to the White House again without assurances that I'd be treated as a head of state. Let Obama see how he can have a Middle East policy without dealing with Israel.

    • New Yorker

      Obama does not seem to have a clear coherent Middle East policy with or without Israel. It appears that he has no coherent policy in general. Anything that he touches turns to shambles. At this point it rather seems that his foreign "policies" brought the situation to the brink and out of control. He is being despised by the allies, both those ones that he betrayed and the ones that he had not managed to betray yet. He is being ignored and despised by the enemies which now include a newly fascistic state of Turkey. Cowardly and treacherous Western Europeans are useless and helpless. The Israelis may soon realize (unless they have realized it by now) that the noose is tightening around their neck and that they must act sooner rather than later before it's too late for them and another catastrophe sets in. Winston Churchill, where are you when we need you?

      • xman

        I think O's Middle East policy is clear enough – he doesn't want Israel to exist.

  • al Kidya

    'Rachel Corrie' has no right to crash the naval blockade of Gaza.
    They are welcome to enter Ashdod and then the goods will be taransported by over-land convoy to Gaza. The protestors are welcome to observe the transportation of goods if they do not trust Israel. The ship replied with "negative, we are sailing to Gaza".
    There is no reason for this. The western people are being duped into believing that the people of Gaza are in dire need. I have seen the pictures of Gaza markets and they are bustling places with fresh meats and fruits and vegetables. The pople don't look like that are oppressed and starving.

    • Erastus CoupeDeVille

      Those smuggler tunnels between Gaza and Egypt seem to be very efficient.

  • Jeff Perren

    Israel should nuke Iran today. In fact, they should have done that 30 years ago when America refused to put down the Mullahs uprising. Someone with cohones needs to finally put an end to the cockroaches infesting the Middle East.

  • Sue

    I want to see the international community doing the same thing to China if they have the guts. They are just big bullies. No matter what Israel does, it will never be "right" to them.

  • Rifleman

    Nope, he's locked up for life, because he refused to cooprerate.

  • Moll

    What country's/nation's waters/port does Israel have a blockade on? Why is it illegal to to board a ship in international waters? How come the Mav Marin was "cruising" in international water? It's regulated course is to ferry passengers from Istanbul to the Maran island. Who licensed it to sail into the Mediterranean Sea? Where is this passenger ferry registered that it can "cruise" international waters? Who owns the Rachel Corrie? Where is it registered? Has anybody asked the jewish Corrie family whether they gave permission to call a ship after their daughter? Wasn't "blockading" the IDF bulldozer exactly what she was manipulated by hamas into doing?

    The North Koreans sank a South Korean military ship. Not a word from the UN, and only fluffy blather from the U.S.

    The muslim terrorists have been boarding ships and planes for much more nefarious purposes for the last 4 decades. There has not been a public "peep" out of the UN about this! Not once!

  • 080

    Mr.Netanyahu has an answer to his question: What nation in the world would forbid its own soldiers from protecting their own lives? Try the United States of America. Start with the rules of engagement. Then turn to the web-site: Let them Fight or Bring Them Home.t

  • Georgia Girl

    Could someone please explain to me why Jon Stewart hates Israel? I watched his show last night and he said that the people of Gaza are starving and basically said Israel was the bully here. Michael Savage said he thought that Israel sent these guys in as martyrs.
    I just don't understand how Jewish people are helping in the destruction of a Jewish nation.
    If the Jewish people won't stand up for their own people I don't see how they are going to survive.

    • xman

      Its because he's an antisemite, nothing less. And the 'antisemitic Jew' does exist – Chomsky and Finkielstein being the worst of the bunch.

      • MixMike

        Honestly, I don't think he is an anti-semite, or at least he doesn't mean to be. I think he is just poorly poorly educated about Israel and Judaism in general.

  • Ron

    What nation in the world would forbid its soldiers to protect their own lives?…

    What about the United States under Sheik Obama??? The rules of engagement in Afghanistan have been causing the deaths of American and allied soldiers everyday since Obama's been in charge; and, stories have surfaced about the military discussing medals for restraining yourselves!! That, coupled with brutal attacks by the Obama administration and the Press who suck at his well, against the soldiers who fight over there, including frivolous prosecutions base, in some cases, only on the word of our enemies; and, it amounts to the same thing.

    Sheik Obama's on their side!


  • jpchristiansen

    Fed Up.

    We love the Jewish people!
    Get it, Muslims?

    You have a long way to go –
    about 1400 years,
    by our counting,
    so get your minds together,
    stop acting-out like children,
    and get your democratic act going!

    The civilized world is just about fed up
    with your juvenile antics and temper-tantrums,
    so grow the hell up,
    and get back on your ADHD medication!

  • jpchristiansen

    Democracy Calling Islam.

    If you prefer freedom for thought, word, and deed,
    of the kind not physically destructive to others,
    and not silencing or intimidating to mind,
    you must be concise, and to the point,
    of not allowing the theistic thugs of Islam their way,

    and you must be the thinker not afraid to show
    your displeasure and condemnation of a ‘holy book’,
    i.e., their all-revered Koran of hate and infamy;

    you must argue that their theistic impulse
    is nothing less, or more, than mind’s bankruptcy,
    and you must bear witness to the facts,
    and then on to religion, in general, as it goes.

    Those of contemporary European culture
    who believe this is a debate for armchair philosophers,
    wishing to leave bad enough alone,
    likewise display a bankruptcy of mind.

    They come across as intellectual cowards,
    forgetting what we owe those who down through centuries
    were tyrannized, tortured, burned, and killed,
    directly as a result of religion and its thug-popes,
    thug-prophets, and their henchmen thugs.

    What do we owe them for their suffering,
    which today ensures that we are free in mind and body?

    How dare the apologists distance themselves from, e.g.,
    an artist and his cartoon depicting a mentally disturbed man,
    whose followers today are challenging our European values?

    These theorists argue that the debate must move on,
    and that accommodation must be found
    for the inanities of the religion of Islam.

    No ~
    those who must move on are the Muslims,
    the adherents of a belief-system incompatible with freedom,
    and freedom is what this is all about preserving,
    in honor and memory of those whose lives were taken.

    No ~
    compromise on the part of Western culture isn’t required;
    only a clear and unequivocal “No, to yours!”,
    and if it takes the re-printing, again and again,
    of a cartoon of a mentally imbalanced individual
    with a lit bomb in his turban, let it be so,
    until finally his head is blown off.

    dear sisters and brothers of Islam,
    it isn’t easy to shed an identity
    fed on the offal of a doctrine 1400 years old,
    but you must grow up, and fast;

    as the children of Aristotle,
    and still in your juvenile years,
    the civilized world is waiting,
    and Democracy is calling!