Harlem NY Charter School Triumphs Despite Odds

As a board member with the Opportunity Charter School (OCS) in Harlem, New York, I’m familiar with the challenges facing children in an urban community.

This is especially true for children who have learning disabilities.  At OCS, students are taught with a focus on their individual learning needs.  Parents are grateful that their child is part of a positive learning environment and hopeful for their future.

OCS was recently granted a three-year renewal of its charter, but it was an uphill battle.  Despite its willingness to go against the trend in charter schools by taking in tough cases, the city and state held them to a very high standard.  The fact that they emerged successfully from a government-imposed probation is a testament to the hard work of the staff and the ambition of the parents and students.

Please see the local news clip about the school’s charter renewal.

Please see the renewal recommendation report.

I wrote a commentary about OCS in 2006 you might find of interest.

  • http://www.itecode.com eerie Steve

    I would say it is not more of a “kids need love” phenomenon but more of a “learning only works when the children are properly disciplined.” Priests and Sisters, as jokingly as they are, can friggin’ lay a beat down on a bully. Nothing like seeing the bullies getting disciplined that makes you want to go to school. I would say the closest thing to a true portrayal of a Mohammed would be Ralphie from the Christmas Story. Alexander the Great as a true child killer.