NewsReal’s Hacker Attack Fits Common Radical Method: Destroy and Demonize Opponents

Hackers work in the dark to disrupt the free exchange of ideas.

Fighting for conservative principles does have consequences.  Tuesday’s attack of caused significant problems for the blog’s staff and inconvenience for its loyal visitors after hackers posted profanities on the site and affected its performance.

Not only does this assault on show that the enemies of liberty will do anything to stifle free expression, it is yet another example of how low the Left’s intimidation and vitriol can go.

As a black female conservative, I’ve been personally targeted because my views don’t square with liberal ideology.  I’ve been called a “sell-out,” “Auntie Tom” and “house nigger.”

The cyber attackers are cowards – anonymously sabotaging a vehicle for open discussion and debate instead of engaging in that debate.  This incident, and my personal experiences, once again highlight the meaning of the saying “Freedom isn’t Free.”

Editor’s Note: Be sure and check out Deneen Borelli’s recent appearance on Fox News’ Great American Panel:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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