Beyoncé’s Dirty Dancing for Sons of Tyrants Now

Looks like Beyoncé isn’t just Crazy in Love for Jay Z, but also enjoys gyrating for Muatsim Gaddafi, the son of Libyan dictator, Muammar-al Gaddafi.  According to the Daily Mail, the private New Year’s bash on Nikki Island in the Caribbean compensated Beyoncé a cool $2 million for her…er… services:

The sparkly leotard slashed to reveal sections of her tummy and cleavage is so very Beyoncé, but it’s hard to envisage Hollywood’s highest-earner plying her trade in a tawdry setting resembling a cheap lapdancing club [...] Gaddafi smokes cigarettes, knocks back drinks and laughs with guests including Jon Bon Jovi, Usher and pretty, young female guests. [...] Beyoncé, 28, is believed to have been paid $2m fee for her performance at his private party at Nikki Beach on the Caribbean island – although that amount was not even required to help  them top the Forbes magazine list.

Tell me what’s more offensive, that she (not mentioning the other guests reportedly in attendance) appears to be reduced to trashy strip joints for money?  Or that she’s one step away from the pole in front of the progeny of Col. Gaddafi, the despot who gave a hero’s welcome to the man responsible for 270 deaths on December 21, 1988?

Perhaps this should come as no surprise at all.  Hollywood’s contempt for decency in the service of mammon is as legendary as tenured Congressmen with a key to the Treasury.  Which, sadly, we are all quite familiar with.

Beyoncé’s representatives were unavailable to comment.  They’re probably busily negotiating with Bin Laden for his son’s surprise birthday party at the Palm Islands in Dubai…or something.  Neat.


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