Fatwas for Everyone: Celebrating the First Annual “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”

Join Reason (via Dan Savage) and HotAir in the First Annual “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” on May 20. The purpose is threefold: express solidarity with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in their current battle against both Islamic intimidation and corporate censorship, celebrate freedom of speech and artistic expression, and widen the death threat pool to protect those who’ve dared to insult Islam and suffered for it (which, clearly, doesn’t take much).

“Hey, but aren’t all Americans under fatwa anyway?” you ask.  “Haven’t Islamic thugs received ‘permission’ to kill hundreds of thousands of our children already?  Seems…redundant.”  Sure.  But I didn’t write the book on Egregiously Irrational Religious Legalism, so your guess is as good as mine, infidel.  I say treat it as a community art project and urge everyone to get involved.  Art Day at the park, fun for the whole family!  I look forward to seeing my kids’ representations, personally.  A turban-wearing Wonder Pet lobbing bombs from the flyboat?  Genius.