Hot Air Shakeup?

The rumors of a major business announcement at Michelle Malkin’s have been swirling…

What began as a cryptic hint dropped by Allahpundit in a post last evening:

Having said all that, I now feel the odd urge to atone somehow. If only there was some exciting business news to report on, perhaps involving this very website. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day…

…turned into a twitter hashtag game, guessing what the big news was.

Ed Morrisey then responded this morning to a Mediaite article referencing a possible acquisition of HotAir by Salem Communication:

Neither Allahpundit nor I will have any official comment on this until tomorrow, but if you read our Twitter feeds last night, you already knew that a big announcement about Hot Air’s business status was on the way.  What I can tell you now is that Hot Air’s current mission and direction will not change, and that both AP and I will continue being part of Hot Air for the foreseeable future.

Whatever the news, Mediaite was correct in saying that Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit (and the culture they’ve created at HotAir) are invaluable to the site’s continued success.

I, for one, hope nothing changes.  Especially the Humpbot.