Obama Seeks to Politicize Super Bowl Pre-Show

Of course, there’s the game – THEE game – the Super Bowl. And then there are the commercials, some of the best commercials offered up to television viewers. Now President Obama is getting in on the action.  Is nothing sacred – exempt from the media-saturated messages of the Obama administration?

As if co-opting an important Duke/Georgetown match up wasn’t enough, Barack Obama wants the Super Bowl pre-game slot as well. According to the Chicago Tribune blog The Swamp, CBS is more than happy to oblige:

CBS News is billing the session as “the first broadcast interview since delivering the State of the Union address to Congress last week.”

Evening News anchor Katie Couric will interview Obama live, during CBS’s pre-game program on Sunday. Questions will be taken from viewers across the country, and also on CBSNews.com

Because, you know, he simply hasn’t gotten his message directly to the American people with all these unsympathetic media types in the way like Fox News and…er…Fox News.