Silly, Bristol! Abstinence Pledges are for Lying, Manipulated Kids.

If anyone would want to spin a new narrative and forget her past, it would be Bristol. Every story about her is marred by the taint of professional ne’er-do-well Levi. Who wouldn’t want to start fresh?

Reasonable, no? Compassionate, even.  Given the patronizing approach Double X took in its scintillating exposé of Bristol Palin’s sexual decisions, I have my doubts.

Citing every reason under the sun and in the kitchen sink to explain why and how this pledge will fail, their magnum opus concludes with this predictable morsel:

And then there’s the more cynical read of Bristol’s recent abstinence promotion: It’s all orchestrated by Sarah Palin, who wants a new spin on her daughter’s unfortunate teen pregnancy and failed romance. If Sarah Palin decides to run for president in 2012—which the former governor refuses to affirm or deny—she will be questioned about her daughter’s missteps. If Bristol can pull off a second virginity and an image resurrection, Sarah can point to her daughter’s triumph over adolescent misfortune.  (emphasis mine)

The only cynicism I see is this sniping, condescending, faux-scientific mental vomit I’m reading from Double X.  Here’s a thought: instead of telling Bristol (and girls like her) how she’s likely lying to herself and going to fail in her quest to wait to sleep with someone else until she’s met the man she’s marrying, why not promote her sexual freedom?  Why not laud her new-found self possession?  Why not hail her innate ability to hold out for her best?  You know,  feminist style.   Sometimes a young woman will surprise you and do the right thing.

I did.

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