Demonizing John Boehner

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Other Democrats jump all over candidates who have endorsed Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s “roadmap” for reforming entitlements, saying that they want to “privatize Social Security.” Presumably they come to that conclusion because Ryan wants to let people under 55 invest one-third of their Social Security taxes in investments of their choice.

One has to be pretty hard up to reach for these negatives, hence, the efforts of Obama et al. to create a target in Boehner.

It is too tall a task and the time is too short to take an unknown politician like Boehner and sell the idea that he is so evil that one should vote Democrat. But, in the longer term, the Democratic strategy poses a key challenge to the Republican Party.

Boehner has been too close for too long to corporate lobbyists. While Republican candidates have not minded living off the campaign donations his ties can generate, they squirm in embarrassment when the relationships are exposed.

For his part, Boehner needs to watch his step. The incoming class of congressmen that will vote on his speakership will likely have 80 to 100 new faces, some replacements for retiring Republicans and others victorious insurgents. These new congressmen, more than a third of the total GOP House caucus, will have been elected pledging reform and purity. It may be hard for them to embrace Boehner, especially if the Democrats have made him radioactive by then. Boehner would be well advised to take bold pre-emptive steps to reform Congress.

In a previous column, we recommended the establishment of a special prosecutor for Congress, appointed by the chief justice, equipped with subpoena power, the ability to convene grand juries and bring indictments, and appropriate investigative staff. A ban on earmarking, on spousal service on corporate boards and on travel paid for by corporations or foundations should also be included. And … get rid of Nancy Pelosi’s plane!

All this may not even be enough to appease the tea party types who will make up an ever larger share of the Republican congressional delegation. To paraphrase the film title, there may be blood.

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  • Mimi

    In my book Boehmer is a piece of trash, he is so far alienated of the working calls poeple in the USA.
    God verbid he would become speaker of the house.

    • Grateful Reader

      Please tell me you're a plant from the Left and your terrible spelling and typing errors are deliberate attempts to make it look like this blog is inhabited by hateful illiterates.

    • AnimalFarm

      Ach du liebe! What a horrid post. First of all, invest in Hooked on Phonics, that would probably improve your atrocious spelling. Next, you need to substantiate your statement with some facts, and no, facts aren't the same as name calling.


    Boehner is not a POT.
    However, I believe that he was a horrible majority leader when he held the job before and, along with Hastert, squandered the slim hold on power that the Republicans had FINALLY managed to acquire.
    I feel that Boehner did not serve GWB well and, therefore, contributed to the extremely non -conservative policies that were done under Bush and which hurt the Republican party and, even worse, the country.
    I hope he has learned his lessons from past mistakes because it looks like he will become the House leader in January.
    It is hoped that he will not sit back and rest on those hard fought for laurels but will continue to out fight those damned democrats who are wrecking our country and trashing the Constitution.

    • AnimalFarm

      Personally I'd like to see Paul Ryan as Speaker. He's very articulated, intelligent, and most of all a real conservative. Hopefully this extraordinary election cycle will have taught Republicans that people aren't interested in "moderates" and RINOs, that the reason why they lost big in 2006 was precisely because they were becoming indistinguishable from demonrats.

    • Jim Johnson

      Boehner like Lindsay Gram,Immelt, Army,McConnel ,McCain,Pence should fade away as just a bad memory who brought the country to it's financial knees. They were slavishly devoted to the Corporations that paid them. They and GWB let the country slide into a Big Business swamp. They were the axis of negligence posing as economic oriented people.

      What is worse they made it possible for the Left wing fringe to gain power. The Republicans played right into the hands of the fringe.
      Is the Tea Party just the Republican with a Human Face? Maybe they will restore democracy but I am not optimistic.

      If the Tea Party can restore sanity the will be in for a long time; else the Democrats will be in for a longer time.

    • tony

      Boehner was not the majority leader when Bush was president. That was Tom Delay. It's really hard to get a handle on Boehner because he's had to deal with a substantial democrat majority. I think he will have a tough time becoming Speaker for reasons cited in the article, specifically the influx of so many new faces with no allegiances.
      Personally, I have nothing against Boehner but believe it's time for some new blood at the top. I've been blown away by Paul Ryan's intellect and his ability to get across complex ideas in an easily understood manner. I suspect he might be better suited to even higher office, but he's the brightest star in the House.

  • cedarhill

    Boehner who? That guy that talked about a "crap" sandwich? Funny.

  • gwiz

    If the choice is between Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton dems and the faceless GOP, that's a no brainer. Don't let the door hit you in the arse President Uniter.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    I don't know much about Boehner except he isn't Nancy Pelosi and that's an improvement hands down.

  • Steven Laib

    I'd prefer Allen West as speaker. At least we know what side he is on, and that he protects his team. Tenure in office should not be the reason for electing a speaker. Other qualifications should be.

  • Reneeca

    Boehner is a 'good ole boy.' Just listening to him on the news this weekend about going along with the Democrats on their tax plan without a fight made my skin crawl. He is too entrenched in the Beltway. Something the public at large is sick of.. Did anyone remember him putting up a good fight with the Democrats at anytime recently? However, that said, I would much rather have him in charge than Nancy Pelosi but Conservatives have to keep his feet to the fire! We will be watching!

  • coyote3

    The only way a liberal, like Boehner, is going to advocate rolling back decades of unconstitutional legislation is if he is more afraid of the conservative voters than he is of the liberals. Even then, it might not work. He would have to have a monitor appointed, and his every move scrutinized. It might just be easier to have someone else. Mr. Clinton said that the direction of the tea party makes Bush looks liberal. Well, my response is that it is that way, because Bush "was" a liberal. I don't know where anyone could get a contrary idea. Bush was a liberal who did a few conservative thngs. Obama is a liberal, who does a lot of liberal things.

  • MKS

    First, vote out all Democrats so that Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House, and John Boehner is.

    Then, we can take actions to shuffle seniorities and get a different Speaker in subsequent elections.

    Right now, vote for ANYONE EXCEPT A DEMOCRAT.

  • votedagainstoby

    HELLO!!??? Any one on this page saying any thing AGAINST Boehner IS a PROGRESSIVE DUMBOCRAT PLANT. Just keep that in mind when you read ALL of these "opinions".

    Sorry kids, the TRUTH HURTS.

  • votedagainstoby

    Oh and you KNOW he will REPEAL the Tanning booth tax. Jus say"n.