Gas Us Without Fear of Nukes

If any nation wants to attack the United States with chemical, biological or electromagnetic pulse weapons, it need not fear nuclear retaliation as long as it has no nuclear weapons and abides by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Obama has announced.

So, as New Yorkers are coughing their lungs out from mustard gas or .

In effect, Obama has said if you are a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and do not have nuclear weapons, we will not hit you with nuclear bombs even if you unleash poison gas or biological microbes in crowed American cities or cripple our economy by a massive electromagnetic pulse.

His incredible announcement amounts to a green light for anti-American nations to hit our cities with gas or poisons, resting secure in the knowledge that we will not use our nuclear arsenal to reply.

The Nuclear Policy Review, issued by the Pentagon yesterday, said that “the U.S. does not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states party to the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and (who are) meeting their obligations.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates went on to say that “there is a limited range of contingencies in which U.S. nuclear weapons may have a role to stop an attack with conventional or chemical or biological weapons.”

He said that these contingencies only included countries “that possess nuclear weapons or that do not comply with their nonproliferation obligations.” In other words, if Iran, India, Pakistan or North Korea hits us with chemical weapons, we will reply with nuclear retaliation.

But if any other nation (like a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan) does so, we will only use conventional weapons to retaliate.

Republicans should reply by introducing a bill in the Senate committing the United States to a nuclear response should any nation attack us with biological, chemical or electromagnetic pulse weapons. Let the Democrats vote against it. Let them filibuster it. Let them explain why we will not use our strongest weapons to deter an attack that could kill millions of our citizens or immobilize our entire economy!

Obama’s motivations for this absurd policy are plain enough. He wants to up the ante for Iran and make it clear that the Islamic Republic can develop crippling weapons for use against the United States without going nuclear. He wants to invest chemical, biological and electromagnetic pulse weaponry with an impunity that can only be obtained at the price of nuclear virginity.

But think about the consequences of his policy! Are we really going to overlook so horrendous an attack and confine our response to cruise missiles with conventional warheads or a few divisions of American soldiers? Is it really material to our nation whether millions of our fellow citizens die of a nuclear bomb or are slain by chemical or biological weaponry?

Obama has violated the Ronald Reagan rule that a president must “never say never.” He has eliminated the ambiguity that has kept us safe for decades and made it clear that our nation will not use its full resources to defend its citizenry even if millions are obliterated by heinous biological or chemical weaponry.

He has made a big mistake, and the Republicans must pounce on it.

  • BS1977

    In case you didn't know already…be afraid, be very afraid.

  • albertblack

    That really stupid if we do some war using nuclear power. Nuclear can defeat everything.

  • Doggwood

    Obama is treating war like a badminton game, which is played by polite rules. He doesn't seem to understand that the nation really can be overrun; that a war can be lost and you end up capitulating to a supremely evil enemy. This was the attitude that brought France under Nazi control in 1940, and damn near tanked England. I think the supermajority of Americans know Obama is getting everything dangerously wrong, and they're scared; however he remains at the helm. Now it's a question of time: Will America survive long enough to install sane political leadership? We must work for a new regime…and pray too!

  • badaboo

    So now Dick Morris is in the buisiness of misinformation .It seems everyone wants to raise and hue and cry WITHOUT READING THE DOCUMENT _

    White House officials said the new strategy would include the option of reconsidering the use of nuclear retaliation against a biological attack, if the development of such weapons reached a level that made the United States vulnerable to a devastating strike.

    Put on your glasses Morris .

    • M Rob

      Obama made a public statement that he would not use nuclear retaliation against any nation under any circumstances – you tool. Does anybody really believe that this wuss boy would pick up a gun much less deploy a nuclear weapon – NOT! Your boy is what is commonly known as a P _ _ _ Y and a big one at that!

      • trickyblain

        And you have this "public statement" to share with us? A quote in which Obama rules out nukes under any circumstance?

        Obama at least excelled in athletics. Your boy Bush was a cheerleeder, so attacks on Obama's manhood are pretty empty, coinsidering the source.

        • cochavi1

          He was a mediocre high school basketball player. He's learning to play golf. On the manhood front, both are wanting, but Obama is definitely a girly-man.

      • badaboo

        Learn to read M Rob ….there's no substitute for speaking from a standpoint of FACT .READ the proposed treaty ,and then you can do your knee-jerk routine based on fact rather than supposition . Keep listening to fools like Hannity , Gingrich and their ilk and you contract the same ignorance . As for the author of this piece , Dick Morris ?He's either too lazy to read the 72 pages or he's a liar . Take your pick .
        BTW , you're misinformed chum.

  • grog

    Geuss they'll have a 2 day meeting to discuss the level of the threat / attack before taking any action. Better have a good supply of gas masks.

  • CloseObserver

    Americans should have elected an American with deep roots, to hold office. Obama was born in American soil, holds an American passport, however he wears an inferiority complex of not having been raised or treated as American. He know the American myth, he denies it and acts like a foreigner. These psychological traumas associated to very talented speakers has let to monumental disasters, as history tells us. The hypnose syndrome that is currently being seen in America demands for a strong “click!”. Wake up you all and give an end to this somnambule state. Defense is just part of the self-destruction that is under way.

  • USMCSniper

    Mr Obama should have learned from Saul Alinsky who learned from Frank Nitti, Al Capone's enforcer that if the other guy (any thug) brings a knofe, bring a gun, if he sends you to the hospital, retatliate and send home to the morgue, and if they gas or germ warfare you, nuke until they glow, shoot 'em in the dark and use their asses for runway lights when you occupy their country.

  • TopBaxterUSMC

    Can we get rid of this "FOOL",……. Please?! Hopefully when we're hit, this" Idiot-inChief" will be among the first casualties.

  • Ray in Seattle

    Work hard for conservative candidates? How about the Republicans find a real conservative to run. This liberal would gladly vote for a strong pro-Israel anti Islamist candidate. The problem is I'd no doubt have to go along with an anti-abortion, anti-science anti-immigrant, anti-health-care-reform, anti-finance-regulation, pro-pollution, pro-corporatist, pro-insurance agenda to do it. I and a few others might even get past all that because of Obama's idiotic and dangerous attacks on Israel's (and ultimately our) security – but many US citizens don't give a damn about Israel or are outright hostile, on both the right and left – probably enough to give O a second term. Please, conservatives, find a real conservative leader and get rid of the RW heavy-breather neo-confederate ideologues and such. Give us someone we can vote for and I'm all in.

    • M Rob

      There are plenty of conservatives that are pro-isreal, in fact most conservatives are pro isreal. However, if you are looking for anyone to endorse cap and tax and free amnesty for all illegals to plunder our social security, etc. you would be correct in assuming you will be having a hard time finding one – and thank God for that! I have worked hard all of my life and I am damn sick and tired of the government handing over my hard earned cash to people that did not earn it. NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO THE MONEY I HAVE EARNED!

      • trickyblain

        Don't you need to be able to spell "Israel" in order to be "pro Israel"?

  • D.K.

    Obama's war philosophy for self-defense can be summed up in one word: NOT. What can the country expect from a commander-in-chief who at the same time that he announces a "surge," also announces a predefined date of "retreat?" Maybe we can call the new U.S. military war philosophy "Surge and Run." And the Democrats now may have unwillingly adopted a new emblem: the white flag. In any case, I agree that the Republicans have a new opportunity to reassume leadership. All they have to do, sorry to say, is find a leader.

  • Syd Barrett

    Obama signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty happily, because he knows that nukes are obsolete and we have much, much worse weapons than nukes already. So do the Russians. Neither country wants to pay to maintain obsolete weapons, so voila – "nuclear non-proliferation" time! Ingenious, really.

  • cochavi1

    Syd has a point. EMP weapons are pretty deadly. I believe the Russians have used them.

    Actually, was it Col. Bearden who claimed that Russia may have tried such weapons in the 1980s, or at least threatened their use.

    Apparently several countries have these weapons. I wouldn't want to name them all. I'll bet that Ahmedinejad can name them, though.

  • BS1977

    Work hard for conservative candidates in 2010 and 2012….

  • persikas

    That proves he's not a muslim -he's a Christian – ' turn the other cheek '

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Agent Zero was raised by people who believed that the US is an imperialistic, jingoistic country who is the biggest threat to world peace. No doubt his slum lord advisor also believes as he does. This foolish move is just another proof that the dumba$$-in-chief is in a job that is over his head. And any of the Joint Chiefs or any Sec Def that signs on to this inanity should be treated like a traitor. Broadcasting our strategy before a crisis
    develops is a little like letting the Gestapo in on our D-Day plans and hoping that they don't tell anyone. Slum lords and community organizers have no business being involved with policy decisions that should be made by warriors and statesmen. Obambi, Axelgrease and Jarrett are none of the above.

  • badaboo

    Yea , no less dangerous than a dumb warrior , like Bush and his neo-cons who attacked the wrong country , tied up 130,000 troops in the middle of a muslim-cesspool-civil war , which was there before vwe arrived and will be there after we leave .
    "Mission Accomplished " …my arse !

  • badaboo

    The facts remain , most muslims cannot read the Q'uran , they dont read arabic , those who memorize it , do not understand the words they have committed to memory . Most if not all muslims are admonished NOT to interpret for themselves the Q'uran , but to depend on their clerics to provide translation and interpretation . What you read today in the Q'uran is the same that jihadis , terrorists and the main body of isalm reads.

  • Chin Lafuente

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