Obama’s “Compromise”

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White House aides are anxious to portray the deal Obama cut with the Republicans over the extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts as a shrewd move to the center. It was nothing of the sort. It was surrender, pure and simple.

It was as much of a “compromise” as that reached between Gens. Grant and Lee at Appomattox and between Emperor Hirohito and Gen. MacArthur on the deck of the Missouri in Tokyo Bay in 1945.

When Bill Clinton triangulated, he never abandoned his personal view or his policy preferences. He had always endorsed welfare reform and embraced both the work requirement and the time limit on the dole. He had vetoed previous Republican welfare reform bills because they included Medicaid and food stamp cuts, which he has always opposed. When he signed an anti-crime bill, he had always supported GOP positions on the death penalty and truth in sentencing. And when he reached his balanced budget deal, he gave away nothing.

Democrats are right to portray Obama’s compromise as a surrender. He desperately wants to raise taxes on wealthy people, not for the revenue as much as to redistribute income. But he couldn’t do it and gave in.

The Obama surrender over the Bush tax cuts tells us something about the man: He has, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt describing President William McKinley, “no more backbone than a chocolate eclair.” He blinked over the tax cuts, and he will blink again and again and again. He will blink over the debt limit extension. He will blink over bailing out the states from their red ink.

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  • USMCSniper

    There was no real deal cut as far as Obama is concerned, other than the thirteen months of unfunded unemployment insurance, a guarantee that the estate (read death) tax will go up to 55% on all estates over $1 million dollars, and at best a temporary extension of the existing tax code (in part or in whole) until 2012, increase medicare and social security taxes. These gutless hen pecked RINOs always cut a deal with Democrats the equivalent of trading their Rolls Royce for a used Yugo.

    • Tanstaafl

      If we are serious about reducing the budget and paying off our debt, this deal sucks.

      • Reason_For_Life

        Yeah, and it's us that are being sucked dry.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Morris is half right, it was a surrender but not by Obama. The Republicans showed the white flag.

    The Republicans said that they would cut taxes and spending. This bill raises both. The death tax rises from 0 to 35% and the unemployment extension is a massive spending bill not to mention the last minute pork with which the bill is laden.

    When you say that you will cut spending it is compromise to not cut it as much as you wanted. It can even be said to be a compromise if spending isn't cut. But when spending increases that is unconditional surrender.

    The three biggest lies are "I can stop drinking any time I want to", "Honey, I have no idea how that lipstick got on my shirt and "I have really learned my lesson and will never do that again". The Republicans have always used the third lie because the brain dead Republican base will believe anything.