The Mosque Behind the Mask

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The proposed mosque near to ground zero is not really a religious institution. It would be — as many mosques throughout the nation are — a terrorist recruitment, indoctrination and training center. It is not the worship of Islam that is the problem. It is the efforts to advance Sharia law, with its requirement of jihad and violence, that is the nub of the issue.

There is a global effort to advance Sharia law and make it the legal system of the world. Most major banks and financial institutions offer Sharia compliant funds, which have their investments vetted by the most fundamentalist and reactionary of clerics to assure that they advance Sharia law.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the founder of the proposed mosque, helps to prepare a Sharia index that rates countries on their degree of compliance with Sharia law. In the United Kingdom, many courts have recognized Sharia as the governing law on matters between two Muslims.

Not only is Sharia law a vicious anti-female code that orders death by stoning, promotes child marriage, decriminalizes abuse of women and gives wives no rights in divorce, but it also explicitly recognizes the duty of all Muslims to wage jihad against non-believers and promotes violence to achieve its goals. In this respect, violent jihad is as inherent in Sharia law as revolution is in communist doctrine.

But there are non-Sharia mosques where peaceful and spiritual Muslims worship God in their own way without promoting violence. A soon-to-be published study funded by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy found that 20 percent of the mosques in the United States have no taint of Sharia and simply promote peaceful worship. But 80 percent are filled with violent literature, Sharia teachings, and promotion of jihad and its inevitable concomitant — terrorism.

Which brings us to the ground zero mosque.

There can be no doubt that any mosque organized and run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf will be based on Sharia law and will serve as local branch office of the pan-Islamic terrorist offensive against the west. That such a facility should be located right next to the place where jihad achieved its most hideous triumph is unspeakably inappropriate.

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  • Lorenzo Bouchard

    A Mosque built by a group that is dedicated to perpetual war against our society.

    Our shame for letting this happen.

  • Robert Laity

    "What Obama doesn't grasp"? Obama WANTS the Islamatization of America. He is a radical islamic supremacist,traitor and fraud:

  • The_Inquisitor

    It is incredible how out of touch Obama, congressional leaders, and their sycophants in the press are not just with the American people but with reality. They live in a different world — an Alice in Wonderland world. The Queen of Hearts had it right. "Off with their heads."

  • NoShariaHere

    It is my firm opinion that Obama, having been born in Kenya during the period of time when Kenyans were British subjects, is himself a British subject and not a native-born American. Additionally, since his father was a Muslim, his tribe in Kenya is Muslim, and his step-father was Muslim, there is no getting around the fact that he, too, is Muslim. He attended school in Indonesia having been registered as a Muslim. His wife on at least two occasions has stated that Kenya is "Barrack's home country." She should know. All of his pronouncements which concern Islam's great contributions to the world of science, medicine, math, etc. are typical Muslim obfuscations. Arabic numerals were invented long before their pedophiliac "Prophet" appeared on the scene. The only science which Islam has advanced is the science of violence, beheadings and mistreatment of women. I believe that Barrack Hussein Obama is a sort of "Manchurian Candidate" who was installed by left-wing loons who were too naive to understand that they were destroying a great country. And destroying it he is.

  • NoShariaHere


    Sharia is coming with his complicity unless he is unmasked for the imposter which I believe he is. Is anyone in Congress brave enought to do this? I doubt it. Our only and last hope is in November where we will have an opportunity to unseat his cohorts, unless of course another election is stolen by organizations funded by the US government. If we do not succeed in changing the compliant and ignorant members of Congress, November will likely be our last election.

    • Jim_C

      Ah! More predictions about Obama! Including my favorite: the loss of elections coming soon to America.

      None have come true yet, but we do have 6 more years of Obama to go.

      (When they don't come true, though–you will come back and apologize for being such a numbskull, right?)

      • Andre

        Hopefully, come November, Obama will become a lame duck president and he will not run again in 2012. American and the world cannot take another 6 years of this guy. There will be nothing left to salvage. Let's hope that in 2012, he will go into the sunset and becomes nothing more than a bad nightmare from which America will finally wake up. It will take many years to repair the damage that this guy is doing to the very fabric of America. Hopefully, he is the last America-hater ever elected as President.

  • Gary from Jersey

    There's a glimmer of hope. Union construction workers in NYC are circulating a petition to all members asking them not to work on the mosque. More than 10,000 have signed on to date, and they'll make sure non-union workers can't get near the site.

  • Historyscoper

    Breaking news: Muslim admits to liberals that the GZM is purposely disguised not to look like a mosque, but the real goal they must push later is mosques all over the country, complete with all the bells and whistles:

    • Jim_C

      Wow! Can you imagine a sect of religion whose goal is to be successful enough to spread that religion by building houses of worship?

      Why it's positively unheard of!

      Everybody panic!

  • Andre

    I am always amazed that the people who are against the GZM are being called intolerant or much worse.
    Imagine if the day after 9/11 anyone had said that in less than 10 years, a mosque would be built 2 blocks from the site, in a building which was wrecked by a debris from one of the planes, that the Saudis would be funding it (that is the country from which 15 of the 19 hijackers came from) and that the POTUS with the middle name of Hussein would came out squarely in favor of it.
    I am not sure than any other country in the world would show this level of tolerance towards Islam.

    • Jim_C

      Are you for rule of law? Or does the law not apply when your feelings are upset?

      • winoceros

        Law is not the same thing as protest. Public protest and pressure is not government. It is the voice of the people. What part of individual liberty don't you get?

      • Andre

        This has never been a matter of law. No one argues that building the mosque there is illegal. Clearly it is not. All I am saying is that Muslim who are always arguing that their sensitivity should be taken into consideration (see the whole Mohamed cartoons controversy) should also show sensitivity when 19 of their co-religionist massacred 2700 innocent people 2 blocks from where they want to build a mosque (where they will praise the very religion that the killers used as their main motivation).
        But perhaps, you are one of these people who, like this Churchill professor, thought that everyone of the Ground Zero victims were"little Eichmans" who deserved to die. Is that how you feel or are you simply so afraid of Muslims that you wouldn't dare take any position that might offend them (even though they keep telling us ad nauseum that it is a "religion of peace")?

  • winoceros

    Breakthrough. My feminism-inculcated mother, after asking questions about Islam of me on a long drive a month ago, finally said to me today "They are going to take over everything."

    Yes, mom. They will try. We are stopping them.

  • Andre

    Totally agree with you. Obama knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He has purpose, an agenda and the resolve to implement it.

    • djv

      O'Bama was a done deal when the BIG MONEY groups got a hold on him. They got a perfectly ambitious politico, with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, who would sell his soul for the position. "You tell me what to do and I will puppet your agenda." Their idea is to separate the rich from the poor, so their power is elevated….and all others are relegated to serfdom. How stupid can we be as a nation, to completely miss what was so obvious from the beginning. The puppet man is perfect for their purpose….Smooth talkin', bait and switch artist with a great gift of speaking. He can sell a bridge to a person who doesn't even live near water. Very shrewd. and I pray America WAKES up!

  • turbantorpedo

    Hello America,

    Our justice system, in conjunction with our legislative system that make law complied with by the White House need to ferrit out that 80% of mosques and their congragants and close them down, either prosecuting or deporting this criminal element that want to destroy or subjugate America with its hellish Sh'aria law. It is truly that simple. November could see a beginning to direction.

  • Alain Picaud

    Whether the mosque will be built or not is not important for muslims : their strategy is much more vicious and proves again and again, what comes out of their snake tongue : their attempt to obtain the right to construct the mosque is no less than another provocation towards the free world : they wanted a debate, they got it, that's their 1st victory; but the real goal, once the right will be denied – and it will be – is to show the world how racist we are, that will be their 2nd victory.

    The mere idea of constructing a mosque 2 blocks away from ground zero is indecent, it is a slap in the face of all Americans, not only the relatives and friends of the 3,000 deads, but also to all Americans and the free world in general.

    Don't get confused, who is the racist ? westerners who are tired of the constant pressure of Islamists against our culture, our traditions, our children, our food, or arabs who never accept reciprocity. Have you ever seen a church or a synagogue in Saudi Arabia ? in Yemen ? in most countries in the arab world ?

  • Alain Picaud

    Islam was born and spreads through violence, murders, pedophilia, hatred of all non-muslims, hatred of women, and brainwashing. It is time to wake up and resist, kick out all islamists and send them back to their rat holes.

    A so-called religion which hangs homosexuals in Iran, which stones men and women accused of "illegal" sex in Afghanistan, which is responsible of an endless list of cut hands, feet, legs, arms, castrations (Saudi Arabia, Sudan) is not a religion, it is a sect of murderers based on threats, prohibition, non-access to culture and education.

    Each mosque will sooner or later be transformed into a training center for terrorists, several imams, accused of "westernization" receive threats or are killed.

    Open your eyes before it's too late.

  • BS77

    Rush LImbaugh was fantastic today….The question was, "Why are the leftist wing nuts now so supportive of "religious freedom"? The greatest ally the jihadists have in forcing the GZmosque upon the USA are the leftist America haters. The leftist wackos, with the ACLU and other assorted "activist" outfits made sure crosses were dismantled, that school prayer was outlawed, that Christmas creches and observances were suppressed, that the Ten Commandments were stricken from the courtroom, that Bible studies or even the Bible as historic literature was prohibited in grade, middle or high school……but along comes a fifteen story mosque….steps from ground zero and the leftist screamers are falling all over themselves to support " freedom of religion"…..slime ball hypocrits….the only reason they support this is because it is a punch in the face to America…and the smelly leftist whistle blowers, the hey hey ho ho crowd love to punch America in the face. I'd love to see these leftist women in their pink hair and tank tops , love to see these wackos go try their stuff in Libya or Saudi Arabia for a few months…..that would be something.

  • TaterSalad

    Is this what we want in America?

    Secret filming video of inside a mosque:

    With the planning and construction of 13 to 15 floors here is what will "The Victory Mosque" will bring to America at gound zero. Cultural center? A joke!

  • Jim Johnson

    Why Bloomberg supports the Jihad Mosque has come out recently. The Mayor has a large business that is conducting major financial business with Islamic Countries through out the world. It intends to deal in Sharia compliant financial products.

    Does he want to offend his business partners and customers.