The New GOP

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No longer does the pro-life/pro-choice debate hold voters in blue states hostage to the Democratic Party, bound and determined to swallow as much in regulation and taxation as their liberal candidates offer if only to protect Roe v. Wade. Nor does it hypnotize Southern or rural conservatives, who grant their Blue Dog congressmen a pass on Election Day as long as they are right on life, guns and gays.

Now these Blue Dogs are paying the price for their betrayal of fiscal conservatism and find that they can no longer assuage their angered base by ads showing them with firearms. While social concerns still exist and are deeply held throughout the country, economic and fiscal issues have gripped the hearts and minds of Republican voters and candidates, pushing the social questions aside.

This preference for economic and fiscal questions over social issues is not a top-down decision of the tea party leadership. There really is no tea party leadership. Those who conduct its affairs are mere coordinators of local groups where the real power lies. The entire affair is a grass-roots-dominated movement.

I was shocked to learn that the umbrella group, to which more than 2,800 local affiliates belong, has a total payroll of $50,000 per month with only seven paid staff members, some of them low level at that.

This group, which embraces more than half of the self-described tea party groups in the U.S., leaves up to each local organization how to proceed and what to do. It is a bottom-up movement.

The determination to focus on fiscal and economic issues, to the exclusion of social questions, wells up from below as individual members vent their concerns over Obamacare, stimulus spending, and cap-and-trade legislation. It is around opposition to Obama’s agenda, not Roe v. Wade, that the movement is organized. It is a new day on the Republican right.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Morris tends to allow his enthusiasm to often get the better of him. Truth is, the media's hatchet job on the Tea Party has successfully precluded many libertarians from supporting it.

    • Jerry

      Good point, but many other libertarians, including me, are looking at reality this time and see the positive side of the Tea Party. The old media does not have the power it once had. We realize the importance of defeating socialism. Many libertarians know we can debate certain issues after the big battle has been won.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Nice to read Jerry. The libertarians I KNOW tend to scoff at the Palins, Odonnells and the Tea Party in general as a bunch of right-wing "nut jobs". I do my best to set them straight, but it's an uphill battle.

  • davarino

    Thanks Hussien, you helped save America : ) Finally, someone that would actually demonstrate what the democrat party is all about.

  • Libertymel

    "GOP grass-roots activists" ?

    Nice co-opt but the GOP merely stands in the way of the real grass roots activists. There would be no need for the historic focus on our constitution if the GOP hadn't defected to the left in the first place.

    • Guest

      The GOP has long been a schizoid entity involving grassroots conservatives and fat cat, blue-blood, country club RINO's who walk both side of the political street. The latter are smaller in number but richer and have been the dominant voice in the RNC and party policies. For possibly the first time in GOP history conservatives have taken charge. The result has been effective opposition to the MarxiCrat's and RinoCrat's leftist domination. But will it last beyond Imamobama's reign? We'll see.

  • Downsizegov

    Social conservatives and libertarians are discovering that the wedges between them are not very significant. The biggest would be abortion. However, it is easy to find common ground in abhorring the supreme courts extra legal dictates and leave the issue with the states. Libertarians would be no friend of federal funding for Planned Parenthood either. Gun control never was a wedge issue (get real Dick unless you think a preference for a Mini-14 vs. an Armalite is a wedge). There are the “sin” issues: gambling, porno, liquor licensing, drug use where common ground is that these are not federal issues. The document that bridges these issues is the US Constitution.

    What is most significant about the Obama inspired awakening is passion that he has evoked for the Constitution. This building wave has no end in sight. It is already making congressmen with solid conservative records sound tepid.

    Go to a Tea Party meeting and the grey haired lady sitting next to you has a copy of the US Constitution and a revolver in her purse. This is a great time to be an American.

  • John

    "Go to a Tea Party meeting and the grey haired lady sitting next to you has a copy of the US Constitution and a revolver in her purse. This is a great time to be an American. "

    Absolutely! Thanks for this post.

  • ckrcsmith

    What has awakened the Tea Party is arrogance. The arrogance of those (Democrat AND Republican) who think they rule us, rather than govern us.

    Fire them all.