Velma Hart’s Obama Remorse

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The MSNBC cameras unwittingly — and probably unwillingly — captured a Joe the Plumber moment during Monday’s town hall meeting called by President Obama to discuss the economy. Expressing the frustration of tens of millions of Americans on a day during which the economists called the recession over, Velma Hart, a self-described CFO, wife, mother and veteran, expressed her “deep disappointment” with Obama’s economic record to his face.

“I’ve been told that I voted for a man who said he’s going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I’m one of those people, and I’m waiting sir. … I’m waiting, but I don’t feel it yet.”

Calling herself “exhausted” by the rigors of the task of defending Obama and his administration, she lamented that she and her husband had thought that the “franks and beans” era in their lives had drawn to a close but said that she hears it “knocking” at the door to return. She concluded with a heart-rending question to President Obama, asking if anxiety is to be her “new reality.”


This cry of distress coming from an African-American supporter of Obama will echo in each of our hearts as the fall elections approach. When we were in the midst of a recession, even the Great Recession, we came to expect high unemployment much like those in the tropics expect a storm during the rainy season. But we are like those who are experiencing daily rain in the dry season now that the recession is over, and unemployment hovers around 10 percent. Is this, indeed, to be our “new reality”?

The Democrats are gleeful over the missteps of Christine O’Donnell. Too many leading Republicans do not realize that all of our fates in the midterm election are tied to her. If the Democrats can discredit her, they can discredit all of those like her and raise lasting doubts about dozens of Republican candidates who would otherwise be victorious.

If the grass-roots tea party is foisting unqualified candidates upon us, and if our very own party leaders think this is true, what a weapon we are handing the Democrats.

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  • davarino

    Exactly, "trickle up poverty"

    : )

  • jacob

    If my RNC had the audacity of choosing a burned-up MC CAIN above ROMNEY or
    HUCKABEE, any of which would have swept the floor at the debates with the present inhabitant of the White House, other gtan the Tea Party people, I don't put too much faith in the November elections to get rid of the DEMOCRAP majority in Congress

  • Steven Laib

    With all due respect to Mr. Morris, whose election analysis I follow closely as a "best information source," I heard two interviews with Velma Hart after her question hit the nets. Her answers to the interviewers indicated that she was, and remains, a kool-aid drinker. She said that she still supports the annointed one, and seems to be more inclined to wonder what is going wrong with his masterful plan, rather than blaming him for biting off more than he was ever qualified to put in his mouth.

    If he runs again in 2012 Ms. Hart will gladly vote for him, firm in the belief that he is the answer to all her prayers, believing that he truly cares about her, regardless of whether she has a job and food on the table. She still doesn't get it.

    • AnimalFarm

      I think you're right, many blacks are dissatisfied with how things are going, they tend to be the ones most screwed, but they seem to be unable to connect the dots, to see the correlation of cause and effect. Some of them, like Velma, will vote for Obama again, seemingly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but many of them simply won't vote.

    • 2maxpower

      you are correct. Velma Hart was in the position to do great things for America and has dropped the ball. I just watched her on FOX with Bill Hemmer. She is NOT a free thinker.

      She will not get beyond the color of her own skin.

      • debarrio

        I think most of you (including Morris) are missing Velma's point. She's disapointed because Obama hasn't stuck it to the (White) man yet, and is wondering when her $2,000 debit cards from Uncle Sam are going to start showing up! Personally, I feel that when folks like her and a large part of Obama's constituents find out that the debit cards aren't showing up, neither will they at the next election. (2012)

        • 2maxpower

          they will still vote for the black man. take a look at how africa messed itself up at every turn…. look how a natural disaster in New Orleans unravels. I will say the mentality that it is "my turn" and entitlement and victimhood. have prevented black people all over the world from moving forward.

          they like to wallow in their collective pity and fail to take responsibility for their lot in life.

          those that are exceptions have moved on and are as prosperous as anyone else.

          so basically the blacks will always vote for a black. obama can (and does) ignore them because he can.

  • John Beatty

    If the fate of the conservative movement are entirely tied to one candidate, it is time for it to fail. No organization can have any power at all if it only depends on one individual.

  • den

    My former step daughter wanted Obama because he was "black" or Hilary because she was a "woman". I wonder if these are qualities worth voting specifically for?

    I thought ability should have been on the list but I am not pollitically correct.

    • tanstaafl

      You would think that trustworthiness might be up there, too.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    After 600 days of blundering through his presidency Barack Obama's first day is still his best. Hopelessly stuck on stupid but thinking that he's wise Obama is struck deaf, dumb and blind by the egalitarian ideal and his imagined superiority and history changing genius. Foolishly believing against the facts that prosperity can be created by growing government and spreading wealth Obama's economy is in a deep morass of high unemployment and painfully low growth unable to recover, flat, anemic, broke.

    Recklessly pursuing the same leftist course that failed for Hoover, FDR, the Greeks and Japanese Obama is bringing to an end in a political catastrophe New Deal/Great Society 1960s Liberalism and the utopian dream of social justice heaven. And to that we say AMEN.

    Click my name to read the rest of this widely posted Townhall top five article

    • 2maxpower

      you are correct ..obama is nothing more then an ignorant opportunist and parasite.

      it was obvious that he was ignoring the military when McCrystal couldn't get a meeting with him or have him respond to his proposal.

      someone who hates the military should never be president.

  • bdouglasaf1980

    Call me what you will it does me no harm, but I feel blacks will again support Obama. They tend to stick together. Just ask a conservative black how it feels when they stray too far from the democratic plantation.

  • BS77

    One of the most obvious reasons for the outcome of the last election….The GOP went with McCain….and McCain ran a terrible campaign…..Many found it difficult to be enthusiastic about voting for him. …so McCain lost….as expected.

  • Draza

    If Velma had not been a black female, and would have been a white male, I assure you she would have had her reputation destroyed and every piece of percieved dirt dug up and on display the same way Joe the Plumber was treated. The Lame Stream Media would have crucified her and Gibbs would have tried to make her a laughing stock.

    I wonder if she still thinks that obama will pay her mortgage and put gas in her car?

    • 2maxpower

      I think Velma is walking it back a bit. …and looking over her shoulder a lot.

  • Nick Shaw

    I have only one question, what did Velma, a wife, mother and chief financial officer who sends her kids to private school, expect Obama or more government, if you will, to do for her, as representative of the middle class? It seems she did pretty well for herself and family during, let me see, '94 to '06, 12 years of Republican control of congress. She doesn't look that old so, this was a significant portion of her life. Does she not see, again, as a CFO, exactly where the problem lies? Nope. Despite getting what she is "entitled to", she expected more from "her kind", that being a black president. I know that may sound racist and God knows I am not, however, it's probably very close to the truth. Though Velma would never admit it.

  • Mach1Duck

    "If the grass-roots tea party is foisting unqualified candidates upon us, and if our very own party leaders think this is true, what a weapon we are handing the Democrats." I think this expression is out of context with the reality of the mood of Americans. We are not only discusted with the Democratics, the Republicans are running a close second. Both parties need to clean up their acts or there will be a new party to recon with.

  • M Rob

    Velma shouldn't be CFO of anything if she supports Obumble. Any one with two brain cells to rub together and especially anyone who pays taxes wouldn't vote for Obumble. She can't look past the color of Obumbles skin long enough to realize that it is her income he is confiscating and redistributing and he will continue to do so. Any black American who is paying taxes is getting reamed just like whitey.

  • Bob

    Maybe Velma needs to get off her fat black ass and support her president instead of "waiting for him to do something for her". Help comes to those who help themselves. "Ask not…… " per JFK.

  • MollyBrand

    Velma Hart is an Obama operative-saw her on Fox this AM-this is Axelrod's PR strategy to a tee. She had a national forum to talk about how she admires and would vote again for the Marxist-come on-in addition, she's a community organizer, started some kids of education org – back in 1990's-wake up- her tone and demeanor this morning was the real Hart-the one at the townhall- a PR act.