Danny Glover


Excerpt from the Danny Glover profile:

Glover supports Not In Our Name, the Revolutionary Communist Party movement which “pledges resistance to [America’s] endless war, detentions and roundups, [and] attacks on civil liberties.”

Glover is a strong backer of the socialist magazine Monthly Review, which he says “challenges us to think, inspires us to action, and makes us realize that the impossible is only difficult, not insurmountable.”

On several occasions, Glover has visited Venezuela and made guest appearances on PresidentHugo Chavez‘s television and radio talk show, Hello, President. Glover is a Board member of Venezuela’s “TeleSUR” news network, which Chavez created in 2005….

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  • BenDejo

    Another waste o' wad.

  • Gale

    Glover is a piece of crap!! What a sell out! He hates America!! I'll never watch another movie with him in it. He's worse than the terrorists with that big mouth of his!