Joel Rogers: Original Mastermind of the “Green Economy”

In 1992, Joel Rogers co-founded the New Party, a Marxist coalition that endorsed and helped elect left-wing political candidates; one of its most noteworthy members in the mid-1990s was Barack Obama. After the New Party closed its doors in 1997, it was reinvented the following year by Joel Rogers’ partner, Daniel Cantor, as the Working Families Party, which became a powerful front group for ACORN.

Rogers has been lauded by Van JonesPresident Obama’s disgraced “green czar” and now a member of the Center for American Progress. Jones has praised Rogers’ “extraordinary set of achievements,” including the creation of “an economic model” that is “now reflected in the White House”; a “new politics” — based upon the New Party and the Working Families Party — that represent “the basic framework for what just took over the White House [when Obama was elected]”; and “a new energy paradigm” as outlined by the Apollo Alliance, an organization Rogers helped create, and on whose board Van Jones sat.

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