Talking Turkey

Turkey has been at the center of the now infamous flotilla incident involving a Hamas-connected Turkish “NGO” which attempted to run an Israeli naval blockade off the coast of Gaza. The flotilla was supported financially by Hamas and peopled primarily by their Turkish allies. It was purportedly seeking to transport 10,000 tons of humanitarian supplies to Gaza.  But in fact, Israel supplies Gaza with 15,000 tons of food, medicines, and related humanitarian support every week.  There seems to be more here than meets the eye.

Turkey remains a prime transit route for Southwest Asian heroin into Western Europe. International trafficking organizations that operate within the country, from Ankara to Istanbul and beyond, excel at evading narcotics blockades and interdicts. With all the focus on Turks sailing towards the Hamas seas, defying Israel’s determined effort to bar delivery of military weapons and material to the terrorist government that runs Gaza, one wonders how genteel Turkey’s own internal borders have been.  Does her treatment of religious and ethnic minorities model Western humanitarian values? Consider Turkey’s treatment of her Armenian, Catholic, and Kurdish minorities.

Adolf Hitler, a personal friend and ally of Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, the founder of modern-day Palestinian Arab nationalism, said in 1939:  “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Certainly not Istanbul.  For nearly a century, Turkey steadfastly has refused to acknowledge their barbaric genocide between 1915-1918 of 1,500,000 Armenian men, women, and children. Turkey will not apologize or even acknowledge the genocide they perpetrated, assuring that one of the most heinous war crimes of the twentieth century festers unresolved. American President Theodore Roosevelt contemporaneously wrote in 1918: “[T]he Armenian massacre was the greatest crime of the war, and the failure to act against Turkey is to condone it…[T]he failure to deal radically with the Turkish horror means that all talk of guaranteeing the future peace of the world is mischievous nonsense.”  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said: “In 1915 the Turkish Government began and ruthlessly carried out the infamous general massacre and deportation of Armenians in Asia Minor…There is no reasonable doubt that this crime was planned and executed for political reasons.”  In 1981, Ronald Reagan urged in a Presidential proclamation that the lessons of the Nazi Holocaust never be forgotten “like the genocide of the Armenians before it, and the genocide of the Cambodians which followed it.”

Throughout the week, Israel has acknowledged and publicly regretted the loss of human life due to the flotilla incident, even as Israel has explained why she must continue blockading Gaza – namely, because recent experience has evidenced again and again that Hamas supporters will not stop trying to ship rockets, grenades, and anti-tank missiles to Israel’s bordering enemies to launch terror assaults against Jewish civilian communities. Meanwhile, Turkey still denies the Armenian Genocide ever happened.

As for the country’s Catholics, Bishop Luigi Padovese, a Roman Catholic bishop, was stabbed to death in Turkey on Thursday shortly before he was scheduled to depart for nearby Cyprus to meet with Pope Benedict XVI.  Three years ago, three missionaries’ throats were cut out in central Turkey. Their deaths were meant to send a message. The men were disemboweled, and “their intestines sliced up in front of their eyes. They were emasculated and watched as those body parts were destroyed…Fingers were chopped off…Noses and mouths and anuses were sliced open.” One was stabbed 156 times, another 99 times, and their “throats were sliced from ear to ear,” according to International Christian Concern, an American organization based in Washington, D.C.   There is no record of sorrow from Rachel Corrie backers or the IHH.

Under the Turkish Constitution enacted by Kemal Ataturk nearly a century ago, ethnic minorities were barred from expressing cultural distinctiveness in Turkey.  Thus, even as the United States is home to many foreign-language television and radio stations, the Kurdish language was absolutely banned in 1991.  Expressions of Kurdish nationalism continue to be repressed; Kurds in Turkey are restricted from giving their children Kurdish names. Turkey has moved closer to the governments of Syria and Iran in dealing with Kurdish nationalism.  In 1995, Leyla Zana, the first Kurdish woman ever elected to Turkish parliament, was sentenced to fifteen years incarceration for “separatist speech,” and her political party was barred. While she was incarcerated in Turkish prison, the European Parliament awarded her the Sakharov Prize in Human Rights. (By contrast, an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset was aboard the Gaza flotilla and returned safely to Parliament after the it was stopped.)  In the 1990s, the Turkish government was spending some $8 billion annually deploying 300,000 troops in southeastern Turkey to suppress Kurdish nationalism.  For numerical perspective, consider that President Obama announced last week that he is dispatching 1,200 National Guard troops to provide administrative support along the porous American border with Mexico.

Turkey killed approximately 25,000 Kurds in the mid-1990s, destroying some 3,000 Kurdish villages during the effort to repress Kurdish nationalism and producing more than 2,000,000 Kurdish refugees.  According to Minority Rights Group International, in a report funded by the European Union, as many as 40% of Kurdish women in Turkey are illiterate and nearly half the children of Kurdish refugees receive no education.  In addition, the government obstructs Armenian and Greek minorities’ school educational efforts.  The Turkish war against the Kurds is so visceral that it threatened Turkey’s willingness to join with American troops against Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda in neighboring Iraq. In an official EU 2006 “Progress Report” on Turkey’s fitness for acceptance in the European Union, it was concluded inter alia that “Turkey [still] needs to significantly improve the situation of fundamental rights in a number of areas and address the problems that minorities are facing.”

Now that the world has been talking Israel for the past week, slowly coming to understand more fully why Israel needs to protect her borders from Hamas state-sponsored terrorism in Gaza, it seems it’s time to talk Turkey.

Dov Fischer is a legal affairs consultant and adjunct professor of the law of civil procedure and advanced torts. He was formerly Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review and writes extensively on political, cultural, and religious issues.  He is author of General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine and blogs at

  • William Smart

    The constant attacks on Husseini are pretty silly. Israel tracked down, captured and transported Eichmann to Israel to put him on trial. Husseini could similarly have been prosecuted, he was living openly just up the road in Beirut until his death in 1974.

  • Denver

    Just a small point. Trying to get Turkey to apologize for the Armenian genocide is rather like trying to get Russia to apologize for Stalin or USA to apologize for Confederate Slavery. None of them are the same country, or same government, now as when the atrocities were committed.

    USA is not Confederate States of America
    Russia is not USSR
    Turkey is not Ottoman Empire.

    As an admirer of Ataturk, I do pray the Turkish ARMY will remember the Turkish constitution and come out of the barracks with a Coup.

    • Ara Ohanjanyan

      Current Germany is also not a Nazi-Germany, but contrary to Turkey that state has a decency and dignity to apologize to Jewish people.

  • Ara Ohanjanyan

    What about a 17-year long Turkish blockade of Armenia? There are two main differencies compairing to the situation with Gaza: Armenia is a sovereign state, a member of the UN, and Armenia is not shelling rackets to Turkey, but still Armenia is "enjoing" this unlawful blockade. I would suggest these Euro-hypocrites screaming about Gaza-blockade to screem about the Armenian one imposed by their beloved Turkey – at least Israel allows 15.000 tons to cross the Gaza border weekly.

  • Azad

    The Turks are playing with fire. They have been getting away with many crimes against Armenians, Kurds and Greek Cyprus. But Israel will not tolerate Turkey association with terrorist ruler of Iran and Hamas. The state terrorism of Turkey will be kicked out of NATO sooner or later.

    • Bawermend

      Folks, don't be deceived by this very French sounding name, Jean Marais. He is in fact a racist Kemalist Turk whose real name is Ilyas Botas. He does not believe in human rights and fundamental liberties for the Greeks, the Armenians, the Kurds etc. He is too ashamed of his Turkish name that is why he uses a French name to hide his true identity and increase his credibility!

      Is your mother proud of you Ilyas Botas? Are you proud of your Kemal Ataturk who did not go to his own mother's funeal?

  • Azad

    Does US government deny “Confederate Slavery”,? The answer is NO.
    Why Turkish government denies the Armenian genocide?
    Because they know it is true and their racist mentality is proud of the mass killing of Armenians.

  • USMCSniper

    The current Prime Minister of Turkey is playing the Islamic and nationalist card in order to boost his image. Recep Tayyip Erdogan clearly knows how to garner public attention and Turkish nationalism is very potent in Turkey and others seek Islamization or a more overtly Islamic state. Therefore, Israel is the usual “whipping” nation in the mainly Muslim world and Erdogan is appealing to the most common of all denominators.

    After all, anti-Semitism or Israeli bashing, or a combination of both, is a common theme throughout many mainly Muslim nations and in Europe many media outlets are clearly pro-Palestinian

  • M. Bracamonte

    Ataturk is NO one to admire, recently the Turkish Government (again) tried to make policy in the country of Argentina by having a statue erected of this "Idolized" questionable human being. Luckily, the Argentinan government could not be bought and paid for by Turkey's government which is riddled with human rights violations. Turkey has committed crimes to more than just the Armenians. Lets not forget why Europe and the Middle East will never 100% Trust Turkey, they are remants of the Ottoman Empire and really haven't changed much except they use terror with other methods like the worldwide Gulen Movement: 20 million dead don't lie: Assyrians, Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Cypriots, Pontic Greeks, Balkans, Bulgarians, Lebanese Maronites, Arabs, Persians. Turkey likes to pick on those that are smaller than them like the school yard bully.

  • sheenajones25

    I think Turkish Government is trying to avoid this kind of consequences just to have a peace country. We can't say that they are only the one who had committed crimes.

  • Alex

    The Turks are not the only ones who deny the Armenian genocide. For decades the Israeli government has defended its Turkish allies from charges of genocide. Its no secret that Israeli lobby groups such as the ADL have been the most vocal in opposing any resolution condemning the Turkish massacre of Armenians. It is because of pressure from the Israel lobby that the republican congress refused to recognize that the Armenian genocide even happened. It is only under the Obama administration that these historical crimes are finally being acknowledged in the united states.

    • TBone

      Bill Clinton had the chance to address the issue in the mid 90's and sign a bill recognizing the Turkish genocide. He refused to sign the bill.

  • susan

    and when turkey finally goes on its apology tour, how about apologizing to eastern europe and other areas for 500 years of the ottoman empire and the destruction of byzantium. how about restoring istanbul to pre-invasion constantinople and stop desecrating the hagia sophia as a mosque instead of the church it rightfully is.

  • Arius

    The Turks are hypocrites, bastards, liars. Most of my relatives died horrible deaths in the Armenian Genocide. They have blockaded Armenia for over fifteen years. The Israelis are saints compared to the Turks.

  • DonJuan

    It's interesting how these neo-Cons operate: 1. Accuse the country not towing the neocon line of smuggling narcotics. Every "villain" is always involved in drug smuggling on FPM. 2. Inject at least one Hitler reference or comparison, no matter how irrelevant. 3. Avoid any criticism whatsoever of Israel, including the fact that they attacked a NATO flagged ship and killed 9 people. Justifiable? Perhaps, but why discuss the matter, let's just demonize the Turks!

  • Jean Marais

    What about the Barbunians? What about the Souvlakians? What about the Dolmadjians? What about the Gagukians? What about the Aliki Vouyouklakians? What about the Marulyans? What about the Peppitos? What about the Cicciolinas? What about the Ispanakians? What about the innocent people of Banania? What about the civilized inhabitants of the nation of Miasma?

    The dastardly Turks killed 487.3 billion of the above-mentioned people and they got away with it. Where is the justice?

    Let's not forget the people of Mars. Scientists now believe that a vast civilization once flourished on Mars – that is, until them nasty, evil, terrible Turks got there and committed genocide against the civilized Martians.

    How about all of the Greek and Armenian abettors of genocide, the colonizers, the occupiers, the interlopers who sit on the stolen lands of the Native Americans, getting the hell off the lands of the Native Americans? Astoria, Queens is not Greek; it is Native American land. Fresno, Glendale and Watertown are not Armenian; they are Native American lands. How about all the Armeno-Greek usurpers and thieves getting off the stolen lands and returning them to the rightful owners, the Native Americans. And as all these thieves and genociders are leaving, it would behoove them to pony up that 40 acres and a mule which were promised to the emancipated Africans whom they enslaved.

  • Jean Marais

    Israel hijacks a civilian ship in international waters, murders 9 passengers, forces the rest of the passengers at gun point into Israel, then charges them with "illegal entry" into Israel. If that ain't unmitigated chutzpah, then there ain't no such word.

    It won't be the Arabs or anyone else that will be the downfall of Israel. The downfall of Israel will be the arrogance of the Israelis.

    • MixMike

      Jean, try getting your facts straight before posting. Israel didn't hijack a ship, the flotilla tried to ILLEGALLY break a LEGAL blockade of Gaza. The "passengers" (who were associated with the terrorist IHH) premeditated an attack on the Israeli soldiers. The "passengers" attacked the Israelis FIRST. The soldiers defended themselves from murder (as they should).

      Its ignorant morons like you that will be the downfall of this world.

      • Jean Marais

        Thanks for parroting Israeli spin, but I've got news for you. No one believes a word that Israel says anymore – and that includes many American Jews. The other day, there was a letter in the New York Times from a Jewish woman. She wrote : "When I was 13, I won an award for raising the most money for Israel. I want my money back".

        I, too, was a friend of Israel. I've had it with their obnoxious arrogance.

      • Bawermend

        Folks, don't be deceived by this very French sounding name, Jean Marais. He is in fact a racist Kemalist Turk whose real name is Ilyas Botas. He does not believe in human rights and fundamental liberties for the Grekks, Armenians, the Kurds etc. He is too ashamed of his Turkish name that is why he uses a French name to hide his true identity and increase his credibility!

        Is your mother proud of you Ilyas Botas? Are you proud of your Kemal Ataturk who did not go to his own mother's funeal?

  • Bawermend

    Folks, don't be deceived by this very French sounding name, Jean Marais. He is in fact a racist Kemalist Turk whose real name is Ilyas Botas. He does not believe in human rights and fundamental liberties for the Grekks, Armenians, the Kurds etc. He is too ashamed of his Turkish name that is why he uses a French name to hide his true identity and increase his credibility!

    Is your mother proud of you Ilyas Botas? Are you proud of your Kemal Ataturk who did not go to his own mother's funeal?

  • Mike Anastos

    Jean Marais, Ilyas Botas, Murad Gumen and Holdwater are all in agreement, it seems. Google it.

  • Sahin Yilmaz

    Bawermend and Paul Deter are pretty much the same user. This Jean Marais guy is just simply stating the facts. The fact is "genocide recognition" crowds are just simply trying to fool the world and play innocent just as a prextext to fully destroy the Turkish Republic. The fact is in the 1900's, fundamentalist Christian Missionaires wanted to provoke Armenians (who by the way lived peacefully under Ottoman Rule and peacefully coexisted with Anatolian Muslims for 1000 years to plot to build a Greater Armenia spanning from Adana Turkey, Trabzon Turkey, Javakh Georgia and all other territories Armenia claims.

    • Sahin Yilmaz

      Also, Armenian supremacists still plotting to create a "Greater Armenia" spanning all the way to Baku Azerbaijan and Armenian Supremacist Fanatics are still plotting this). This Greater Armenia caused a lot of innocent Muslims and Jews (Turks, Kurds, Laz, Georgians, Arabs and Jews) to die (and I am talking about unarmed innocent Muslims who got massacred by supremacist Dashnaks). I do not deny the fact that Armenians were intentionally massacred, but if we label such events as "genocide" it will be intentionally not only phasing out the unarmed innocent Turks, Kurds, Lazes, Cherkezs, Arabs and Jews who were massacred by Dashnak and Hincak Bandits. So the more acceptable label for the events in 1915-1923 would be "Civil War." The people of Turkey have a right to tell Armenia that if they want peaceful relations with Turkey, they have no choice to join a Historical Commision and open the ARF Archives which are sealed shut in Boston and Yerevan. I support a prosperous Armenia, as well as a prosperous Greece, and a prosperous Cyprus and a prosperous Turkey

      • Sahin Yilmaz

        But in order for both Turkey and Armenia to prosper, Armenian Diasporan Fanatics should drop their territorial claims. Because for many centuries, Christians were only 10-20% of Eastern Anatolian Populace, so the claims on East Anatolia is illegitamate, and claiming Eastern Turkey as Western Armenia is as ridiculous as claiming Glendale, Fresno, Watertown, Marsellies, Bourj Hammoud and Isfahan as a part of Armenia. So I think in order for Armenia to become rich, prosperous, and strong, it would be in their best interests to drop their territorial claims.

        • Sahin Yilmaz

          Bawermand, as a person born and raised in the USA with a Turkish background (btw, I don't speak much Turkish either), you are wrong to say that Turkish patriots are against human rights for all the people of Anatolia. I support Kurds to speak their language, as if I have 1/2 Kurdish cousins who even go around speaking Kurdish, and they despise bloodthirsty terrorist groups like PKK who claim to fight for human rights, but in reality, the PKK symbol has a Communist Symbol on their flag, where they are no different then those Indian Maoist Rebels who terrorize India frequently, as well as those Red Armys that terrorized Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan during the cold war.

          • Sahin Yilmaz

            Even my 1/2 Kurdish cousins almost got killed by PKK terrorists for outspokenly criticising the PKK. I also support Greeks, Armenians, Jews and Alevis to practice their religions and open their religious structures. I support fundamental human rights for all the races living in the Republic Of Turkey, but I don't think Turkey should surrender it's territorial integrity, because that will destabilse the Mid East, Europe, Balkans and the Caucasus and it won't help to spread fundamental democracy and human rights through the world. So this is how I view PKK terrorists versus honest Kurds who wants human rights and live peacefully under the Republic of Turkey with it's Anatolian Brethren.

          • Sahin Yilmaz


            I guess you hail from Argentina which has a large Armenian Populace and since you have such a large populace, the Armenian community (the fanatical, racist, extremeist kinds mainly, but there are Armenians who will except that they were also guilty in foul play concerning events between 1915-1923, as well as Turks who were also guilty in foul play, as well as Armenians dropping their illigetamate territorial claims, which by dropping territorial claims, it will make Armenia stronger and contribute to the peace in the Mid East/Europe and Caucasus), you unfortunately are fed with bias, bigotry, one-sided myths, and Armenian Supremacist defamation (there are non-supremacist ones)

  • Sahin Yilmaz

    Ataturk is well loved by many Turks, because he courageously ordered his troops to fight against French, British, Italian, ANZAC, Greek, Armenian, and Russian troops and driven them out of Anatolia to form a republic which was formed out of a defunct empire. If Ataturk was such a butcher, why do established scholars who support the genocide thesis concerning the events between 1915-1923 such as Taner Akcam state that not only Ataturk labeled the fact that when Turkish Soldiers who were involved in Foul Play did a "Shameful Act." But also Ataturk held trials to punish Turkish Soldiers who were involved in Foul Play and he vehemently condemed Turkish soldiers who were involved in Foul Play.

    • Sahin Yilmaz

      There is a quote from pro-Genocide thesis websites, check it out:…. He states, "These left overs from the Young Turk Party, who should have made to account for the lives of our Christian subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse, from their homes and massacred, have been restive under Republican rule." So this just proves MKA condemed many of the members of the Young Turk party. Just please do yourself a favor and look at more reputable sources, rather then fundamentalist, Turkophobic, Dashnak bias.

      • Sahin Yilmaz

        I do not deny Turkey had some human rights issues concering the Kurds in ROT, as well as other minorities as well as in the past. But other countries like Armenia or the Armenian diaspora need to look at the mirror and see that their country has problems as well concerning human rights, such as Oligarchs stealing 80-90 percent of the wealth of Armenia to finance their lavish lifestyles in L.A., New York, London, Paris, Beirut and other cities where a massive Armenian Diaspora and live lavish lives while their countrymen suffer. Also, LTP, an Armenian leader who tried to take over Armenia in 2007 gunned down and repressed many opponents to his party

      • Sahin Yilmaz

        Also, Ataturk inspired many leaders with secular reforms and he set up laws which granted women the right to vote, even before many countries in the "Civilized World." Can you believe that a Muslim country set up a pro Womens Rights law well before every country in America and Europe. Also, Ataturk inspired all sorts of famous leaders and even revolutionary leaders like John F. Kennedy and others. He has motivated many of the leaders, even leaders from countries who once fought the Ottoman Empire as well. The only people who insult him are Armenian Extremeists/Racists, as well as Greek and Kurdish Extremeists/Racists.

  • MrHotel

    Turkey does not need United States' mediation to solve a long-lasting crisis with Israel over the 2010 Gaza Freedom Flotilla attack, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Saturday. What a joke isn''t it? This is harming the turkish tourist branche too much, really not good! Hotel Nürnberg

  • design

    where did you gather that information that Jean Marais is a racist Kemalist Turk whose real name is Ilyas Botas and he does not believe in human rights and fundamental liberties for the Grekks, Armenians, the Kurds etc.? would be nice if you share your quotes. design berlin

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  • Bill

    Another great article from Dov.
    The Turks have been getting away with atrocities like this for decades. Its about time someone stepped in and sorted them out,


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    Is he being compared to Adolf Hitler? Turkey is in a tough time right now.

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    Turkish Government is trying to avoid this and have peace instead!

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  • Sahin Yilmaz

    Also, the PKK, who claims to be fighting for freedom and fundamental rights are notorious for all the rampant corruption in Anatolia. Here is the facts about PKK and drug trafficing:….….
    This will expose the real FACTS about PKK "so-called" freedom fighters.
    PKK propagandists will try to make stories saying that the Turkish government is the ones who bombs Turkish Resorts, Turkish Cities, Turkish Towns and even terrorizes Turkish Schools as well. That is as ridiculous as claiming that 9-11 was is an inside job or Jews were behind 9-11.

  • Sahin Yilmaz

    By the way, most people who are vehemently pro-Turkey and strongly supportive of Turkey defending it's territorial integrity, even if it is breaking the rules of "political correctness". Also, most pro-Turkey activists and nationalist believe ties with Israel should be restored and pro-Turkey activists are vehemently against the Islamist rooted AKP, which is succumbing to the interests to powers who want to undermine the territorial integrity of the Republic of Turkey and makes matters worse for the Turkish Republic. Also, AKP is very much against women's rights and does nothing about the "Honor Killings" pheonemena, which is growing in the Southeastern part of Turkey. I support a democratic Turkish republic and rights of all peoples in the borders of the Republic of Turkey, without surrendering the territorial integrity of Turkey. Because the current borders of the Republic of Turkey was righteously won between 1915-1923 when Turkish troops drove Greek and Armenian troops righteously via eastern and western fronts.

  • Sahin Yilmaz

    . Armenian Diasporan fanatics can object all they want, but the fact it, just because there are some Christian churches operating in Anatolia, doesn't mean it is so-called West Armenia, because for many centuries, the majority of population was Muslim and the Christian population was only 10-15%, so the claims are totally illegitamate. So the Republic of Turkey has a right to defend all their territories. Also Armenia claims that the Republic of Turkey profited and built their economy on Christian massacred and dead. FALSE. If that was true, then why did Turkey start with zero/nada/zilch, and now is one the same page of rising economies like China, India, Brazil or Indonesia. Because the Turkish economy was built by Turkish businesspeople and outside sources and 0% profits from Christian dead.

  • Sahin Yilmaz

    I can debunk each and every Turkohpobic myth about Turkey, Turks and Turkish culture from left to right and I can do so with the FACTS. Btw, I did not curse, or swear, or spread hate. Like I said, I love all human beings and I believe all human beings are entitled to their own human rights and dignity. Turkophobes love to see pro-Turkey activists act hysterical, curse and swear. But I have done none of the above. Turkophobes fear people like me, who can debunk every Dashnak, Megali and PKK argument with facts, elequence and articulation. So I do beileve that if people refuse to post my comment, that will go against the ideas of human rights, democracy, and freedom of speech. I believe I have a right to express my concerns about one sided bias, myths and Turkophobic defamation and expose more balanced facts about the issues concerning politics relating to Turkey. If you throw me an argument, I will throw another argument back then and I will do it with FACTS and NON-BIASED sources as well.

  • Sahin Yilmaz

    One last note, I believe Armenia has no choice to join the historical commision and open ARF Archives in Boston. I believe Greece and South Cyprus needs to recognize TRNC and respect the human and civil rights of Turkish speaking Cypriots. I believe PKK should be destroyed as it is threatening the peace in the Middle East and threatening the human rights of Kurds. I also believe in Secular Turkey, rather then Radical Sharia Law Al-Qaida Islamists like Erdogan and Gul and their mafia. I support Turkey protecting it's territorial integrity at all costs whatsoever. Turkey and all the residents of the Turkish Republic will prevail and win against fanatical, supremacist, anti-democratic, Greek, Armenian and PKK terrorists and will win at all costs.