• von Starkermann

    I wih the Jews would forget for a moment the history of the past and concentrate on the history of the future. The issues at stake today is the survival of Israel and the Jewish People, not whether the land was called Palestine, or some other non Judaic name.
    When rockets fly over from one country to another, that is a declaration of war. Instead of giving the enemy food and medical supplies, Israel should lob rockets right back. If these rockets hit civilian areas…so what. Gilad Shalit is still a prisoner in Gaza, before the PM of Israel utters one more word to Obama or anyone else, Shalit should be freed. No pre-conditions, no exchange of prisoners, freed in every sense of the word. If not, then Israel should invade Gaza and free him with force.
    The next time a flotilla sails into Gaza harbor, just torpedo the boats, let the Arab God of war protect these Arabs. Israel should not waste one iota of time trying to board these ships with the use of Commandos.
    Finally, if the President of the USA stands up the PM of Israel by either inviting him through the back door or leaves him standing alone in a room while the President has dinner with his family, the PM of Israel should simply say Fuck You Mr. President and walk out of the room, taking the first flight back to Tel Aviv. I can assure you all that Mr. Abbas was not left waiting for dinner when he visited the President yesterday, nor hustled through the side door prior to the meeting.

    • Rachel

      I love you von Starkermann.

    • fez

      You said it all there.
      I espescially liked 'fuck you Mr president'.
      Next time a 'peace' convoy approaches Israel…torpedo the bastard

  • Cuban Refugee

    Democrats with a conscience, and useful idiots, seek sympathy after voting in an anti-Semitic, radical Marxist, disciple of Saul Alinsky community organizer, Islamo-fascist tool of the New World Order to the Oval Office on the basis of a hypnotizing mantra — hope and change — different part of the world, same regrets. Human nature is funny, isn't it?

  • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Changeling9au Nigel

    I would posit that one of the key agendas being served by the Gaza media bloatilla is to keep people's attention focused on Hamas, and away from the far more deadly Fatah.
    Notice that Dov Fischer doesn't make any suggestions as to who he thinks the Gazans *should* have voted for, though he obviously implies that Fatah are somehow better.
    This is an absurd notion, considering that Fatah was created by the *Co-architect of the Nazi "final solution", Haj Amin Al Husseini* and have murdered far more people – Jew and Arab – than Hamas could ever hope to.
    I discuss this in my video "What Can We LEARN From the Fatah Nazis' Fear of Arab Children?".
    The key Geopolitical function of Hamas is to make the infinitely worse Fatah seem "moderate".

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

      Fatah is a key inciter of violence against Israel. Have you ever watched their children's programming? This is child abuse. Watch Noni Darwish, and numerous other apostates for insight.

  • Kim Bruce

    I think there has been a long-running cloak and dagger conspiracy going on that seeks to rid the world of Israel.
    It's just my opinion but I believe the rcent administrations believe Israel ina thorn in the side of the U.S. government. I could be wrong but, after WWII when the U.S. imported many of the Nazi Gestapo and SS to the US to serve in the CIA and FBI I am sure there has been a trickle-down effect through the government. Now they, and the Bilderbergs have who they want in the office of the U.S. Presidency. I think G.W. Bush was a lead-up to this. He was an equal partner in this conspiracy. Scares me to think of it.
    It's only a theory.

    • fez

      I concur.
      The Reich is alive and well..

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/aspacia aspacia

      We also threw Taiwan under the bus, it looks as if Israel may be next. We still have 3 1/2 years of Obamination.

  • watchful

    We need to get a real president in the office of the U.S. and get rid of these communist monkeys as soon as we can otherwise there won't be anything left to save. Obama is definitely without any doubt aiding and abetting in the destruction of Israel. Muslims know if they can get rid of the U.S. the world is theirs. The easiest way to get rid of us is to keep this banana peeling sometime biped running things for Islam right here. We have been destroyed without any bombs dropping on our heads. That's good. Muslims like strong slaves.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    This is a very tragic subject and an example how Democracy doesn't really work. All Germans didn't vote for Hitler and many who did vote for him had no idea where he would take Germany. All Gazans didn't vote for Hamas, many were coerced or intimidated or simply killed to get out of the way. There are always victims among the champions of an evil movement. In a sense there are over a billion victims of a monstrous idea in this world, Islam. Their brains are washed before they are able to think critically and independently and the quality of their lives is degraded which makes them happy to blow themselves up. Unfortunately, when confronted by a snarling dog whose fault it is not that he contracted rabies, we can't take time to feel sorry for him because it becomes a matter of him or us and we must get rid of him.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

    The people of gaza voted for hamas, they're responsible for the actions of their government. Hamas is no longer a 'stateless' (as if we didn't know they were a tentacle of the mad mullahs) group, they run a country. Hamas launches terror attacks against their Israel, so Israel can give it back in spades, like we did to the Germans who elected hitler, and even the monarch led Japanese.

  • heni weisfogel

    What a great article. As a teacher of History for the past fifteen years, it seems that someone actually sees the unfortunate similarities of the Islamlfascisits and the most hated fascists in the world. These terroists have taken more than one page of history from the Germans. Therir propaganda against Israel could have been written by Goebbels himself.
    When a group of people elect a terrorist organization to lead them , they should expect some reprisals. That Israel has held off wiping Gaza off the map is a credit ot the ethics and moral basis for every act of the Israeli government. Unfortunately, the world has begun to line up against the State, not recognizing that if Israel is allowed to be destroyed, the rest of the free world will follow.

  • Adriancain93

    Humor inspired by the British & American soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan


    8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

    9. You have nothing against women, if barefoot, pregnant and shrouded, and think every man should own at least two.

    10. You've always had a crush on your neighbors goat, camel and child.

    11. You believe world civilization reached its peak of perfection in 632 CE, and plan to soon bring it back to that level.

    12. You've heard of books besides the Quran, and hope someday to burn some.

    13. You think the Holocaust is a lie told by Jews in their evil plot to take over the world, but you long to make it true, after you succeed in your divine plot to take over the world.

    14. You long, and fight, for a pure Muslim homeland, besides the 57 you already have. But the Jews don't get even one.

  • Adriancain93

    Humor inspired by the British & American soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan


    15. You say "there is no compulsion in religion", but only when all other religions admit your superiority, or when there is only one religion.

    16. You say that a few Jews and Christians (at best) will be saved from Hell, but only those who have who have followed the True Religion, i.e. Islam.

    17. When questioned you always point to the ONE verse in the Quran that recommends peace, and ignore the 500 that recommended war. But not in practice.

    18. Your God is merciful and good, but He spends 50% of His Holy Book drooling over the brutal suffering of non-Muslims in Hell, and the punishment He claims you will give US in this life.

    19. Your God is forgiving and kind, but killing for Islam is the Only Sure Way to AVOID Hell. Like helping Humankind is for Jews (who don't believe in hell), or giving your life to Jesus is for Christians.

  • adriancain93

    Humor inspired by the British & American soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan


    20. "Slavery is Freedom", "War is Peace" and "Backwards is Forwards" make perfect sense to you.

    21. You believe movies, music and unveiled women are snares of Satan, but violence is commanded by Allah for a higher place in Heaven.

    22. You believe the Quran is for all mankind (whether they want it or not) but can only be read in medieval Arabic.

    23. You claim Switzerland's vote to ban new minarets (but not new Mosques) is "racist", but banning all Churches, Synagogues and Hindu/Buddhist/Shinto/Other Temples from even existing in Saudi Arabia, and most other Muslim countries, is the Divine Will of Allah.

    24. You demand that Muslims be allowed unrestricted immigration to all Western Countries, but non-Muslims are forbidden to even enter the City of Mecca.

  • adriancain93

    Humor inspired by the British & American soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan


    25. You know that everything that happens is Predestined by Allah, but that you must learn and follow a million pointless rules for every action of the day to avoid offending Him. And you don't want to offend Him!!

    26. You believe that Muhammad's "Overnight-Flight" from Mecca to Jerusalem on his Magical Flying Horse (I am not making this up) gives you the right to appropriate the 3000 yr. old Jewish Temple for yourselves. (yes, they really believe this).

    27. You can recite from memory the entire Quran in Arabic, and someday hope to read a translation in your own language so you can find out what it says. (Until then you'll take your Imams' word it's all good).

    28. A few satirical Dutch cartoons drive you into a worldwide burning/killing rage, yet many weeks-long Muslim State-produced miniseries of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are "educational". Yet there are no worldwide (or any) Jewish riots over them.

  • adriancain93

    Humor inspired by the British & American soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan


    29. You think the separation of Church and State is a Satanic plot, yet separation of adult men and women is ordained by Allah, and if you disagree you must be killed. (an actual recent Saudi Arabian Religious Authority fatwa). And yet gays are killed too.

    30. You think Adam (but not Eve), Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were all actually Muslims, just like the Mormons know that they were all actually Mormons. And they also kill gays.

    31. You know the Devil is not really hiding under your bed – you're not children! You just believe He is hiding in your bathroom so He can see your pee pee. (A Muslim Imam told me this personally)

    32. To you a central "spiritual" debate by "religious" authorities is whether all men will have permanent erections in Heaven, or whether they will get erect at will. Also whether women will be virgins perpetually or will be re-virgined after each use.

  • adriancain

    Humor inspired by the British & American soldiers fighting for freedom in Afghanistan


    33. You believe that Moses (Jew-liberating, 10 Commandments giving), was a pious dolt, and that Jesus (loving your neighbor as yourself, giving up your life for a friend) was a fraud, who was never actually crucified, was not the Son of God, but gave a sermon immediately after being born. (It's in the Quran)

    34. And yet you believe Muhammad: a mass murdering, woman raping, slave trading, caravan raiding, Jew hating, narcissistic, genocidal, pedophile Warlord is a perfect role model for all time. And Islam is the most peaceful of Religions.

    35. Blowing up two 2000 yr old Buddhist statues is…. I can't even think of a way to make this funny. Muslims.

    An Islamophobe is a non-Muslim who wants to stay that way.

    A Muslim militant is the one killing you, a Muslim extremist is the one issuing the death threats, a muslim moderate is the one explaining why you deserve it.

    • fez

      lol..it's funny because it's true

    • Newsel

      Some very good, some a stretch but overall still very good:

      What happened to 1 thro 7.

  • Marty

    Let the blind still lead the blind and let thoughs who see still see…..
    all religion has been decieved since the begining of creation.
    for we are all herbavours not carnovours.
    Praise be to the creature slain from the begining of creation…..THE LAMB .not a man a dam but as it suggests a sheep a creature so innocent ,that it calls for true wisdom in humame spirit .
    Good people its time to read genisis again and it is high time we stop worshipping Adam for i say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..
    murder is murder four legged or two we are all beast here.. but we as the people in GODS MERCEY CAN THINK FOR OURSELFS,, FEEL AND LOVE, ABOVE ALL THE BEAST OF THIS PLACE..666, but by the power of love, some have raised just a little higher than man and this DAM, 777.