The White House War Against Israel

The decision of the Obama White House to pick a public fight with Israel over its interior ministry’s fairly routine announcement of progress towards approval of the construction (some years from now) of apartments in northeast Jerusalem has by now been subjected to sharp and justified criticism for its disproportionality; its bad faith in reneging on signed agreements with Israel; its mean-spirited spitefulness; its dogged attachment to the exploded assumption that “settlements” are the cause of Arab intransigence; its desire to keep intact the possibility of an apartheid state of Palestine that would not accommodate a single Jew; and its entire indifference to the violence that its reckless statements could (and did) incite in Jerusalem.

But there is a more sinister aspect to the relentless expressions of “insult” and “offense” coming from Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and White House advisor David Axelrod. It is the invocation, undoubtedly originating in the Oval Office itself, of a long-recognized trope of anti-Semitism, a lethal mixture of the ancient blood libel and the modern conspiracy libel.

Already in July 2009, long before the current ruckus, President Obama told Jewish leaders at a White House meeting that he wanted to “change the way the Arabs see us” by putting “space” between the U. S. and Israel. More recently Biden, according to several reports, told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that

“What you’re doing here [i.e., building houses for Jews in “settlements”] undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace.”

In other words, Biden was accusing Israel of being responsible for the shedding of American blood, the loss of American lives. And as recently as March 16, General Petraeus testified that

“The conflict [between Israel and the Palestinians] foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U. S. favoritism for Israel. Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U. S. partnerships with regimes in the Arab world….The conflict also gives Iran influence in the Arab world through its clients, Lebanese Hizbollah and Hamas.”

Stripped of its euphemistic diplomatic language Petraeus’s statement, too, echoes the White House’s bold new offensive against Israel and its supporters: American diplomacy is crippled, the religion of perpetual outrage is being outraged, and American soldiers are at greater risk, mortal risk, because Israel is making Arabs angry. The language of Walt and Mearsheimer and the Anti-Israel Lobby now comes from Obama and his diplomats and generals.

Among the critiques of Obama’s new strategy, only that of Martin Peretz in The New Republic has suggested its unsavory provenance: “Someone at breakfast this morning suggested to me that Obama is like Colonel Lindbergh.” But this is far too vague, and Peretz does not amplify it. Lindbergh made very few public statements against Jews, and even his diaries say little more than that “We must limit…the Jewish influence.” Peretz’s breakfast companion would have provided this once ardent Obama supporter a far better precedent for Obama’s view of Israel and American Jewry in Lindbergh’s good friend Henry Ford, who never tired of arguing that Jews manipulate diplomacy to cause wars in which Christians die to enrich Jews. Or perhaps Patrick Buchanan, who in September 1990 began to argue that “there are only two groups…beating the drums for war in the Middle East: the Israeli defense ministry and its amen corner in the U. W.”

Better yet, given the passionate Europhilia of President Obama, might have been to liken the White House’s unsavory new strategy against Israel to that of English anti-Semites who during the Boer War always asked why the British government was fighting a “war of gold” against the Boers on behalf of Jewish magnates, and during World War I declared (in 1916) that “If Lord Kitchener is dead, the Unseen Hand [then shorthand for the Jewish Conspiracy] killed him,” and in 1939 insisted that “the Jews” (in Germany and England) were to blame for the anticipated war.

Those 1939 accusers of the Jews were, of course, the most ardent supporters of Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement towards Adolf Hitler. That policy could not have been far from the minds of Israelis who heard Biden’s ludicrous March 11 boast (as little believed in Jerusalem as in New York) that “The United States is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, period.” Now that the umbrellas are again going up, this time in Washington, the expedient of blaming Jews for the violence that has been and will be unleashed against them has moved from the streets of London into the Oval office.

Edward Alexander’s most recent book is Lionel Trilling and Irving Howe: A Literary Friendship.

  • John

    Yeah Netanyahu! Don't cave in to those trying to deceive you!

  • Ludvikus

    I think this criticism of the White House is too harsh. The difference between Bibi and the Clintons on Israel is a repeat performance: As President Clinton allegedly complained during his presiudency, "Who the f**K does he [Bibi} think he is?" That said the issue in historical perspective is much simpler: Israel is not a "Pale of Settlement" to which Jews are to be restricted as they were within the Tsar's Russian Empire, and (2) Jerusalem, East or West, ought not to be maid "Judenfrie" as Hitler had done to Europe during the Third Reich. Why can't there be Jews – not even one – living in a future Palestinian state? It seems that the Clintons fail to appreciate this part of the history of the Jews – but that's an insensitivity that's common to almost all of the world. But it's the fault of the Jewish intelligentsia for failing to make their LIBERAL democratic "goyish" friend understand. In terms of Propaganda, Palestinans, Arabs, and Muslims are doing a better job – certainly better than they have on the battlefield where they invented Suicide missions against the Israelis, Jews, Europeans, Americans, and the West in general. A bit more reading of the great historian of Islam, Bernard Lewis, might be helpful. And if there was a "Mistake" in history – the mistake was Hitler, not Israel. Had Europe not produced and nurtured him as the "Leader" of the Civilized Germans, there probably would not have been the Israel that exist today – perhaps Jews would have settled there at a much slower pace, without the "In your face" here's the West in your midst!

    • aliko

      "In terms of Propaganda, Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims are doing a better job "

      You forgot the most vocal and venomous people – the "liberal" Jews and even more important, the back stabbing, neo-capos financed by the New Israel Fund.

      • Rifleman

        Don't forget us Christian Zionists, we do our part too. Back stabbing? It's yall's fault your *sses are on your shoulders facing forward, not ours.

    • William Smart

      Zionists have been robbing and killing anyone in their way for 130 years now, it's going to be tough to make them stop.

      However, stop they will, because they've run out of people willing to live in these illegal settlements..

      • gama

        You made a mistake. It's William Stupid

      • Rifleman

        If they were as you say, doing like you say there wouldn't be an arab left in the holy land.

        Apparently they aren't out of people, or they wouldn't be buying land and building housing in Jerusalem. What makes them illegal, btw?

  • Ludvikus

    I wound respond to that issue diffrently too, being a Jew born after the Holocaust. It's not malevolence which is a characteristic here, as you put it. Rather, some Jews have learned not to march into gas-chambers peacefully. Sadly, however, there are these misguided do-gooders. These are the Jews who haven't learned their lesson from the experience Nazism. I wouldn't even call them self-hating Jews – but they are, or think of themselves, as the better Jews: "Oh, the poor Palestinians, no wonder they've invented suicide bombing – we've made them suffer so." That, in brief, is their analysis, and mentality.

    • Rhonda

      Suicide bombing is not the product of anything that Jews have done. How simplistically stupid! Suicide bombing is a result of the eternal hatred that Arabs have for Jews. Gazan Palestinians are just an excuse for their hatred, which has been in existence for milennia. They are all the sons of Ishmael….

  • poptoy

    BIBI is twice or 5 times the man the Kenyan Muslim ever thought of being.

  • Visitor

    Obama is a Muslim. His religion when he was in school in Indonesia was listed as "Muslim". If there is any record of his converting to Christianity and being baptized it is sealed along with all his other records. He did not celebrate Christmas at the White House. What he did in Hawaii during Christmas remains secret. I don't believe he ever will celebrate Christmas. He never attends church with his family in Washington, D.C. Strange behavior for a Christian in such a prominent position. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, don't be surprised if you find feathers on it.

    • crystal

      right you are visitor at 9:21am…
      if he denounced his faith from Muslims, do you really think they would let him go? That’s the kind of stuff that starts hate wars….

    • crystal

      The monogram IHS, whose letters spell out the name of Jesus, and which normally perches above the stage in Gaston Hall where the president spoke, was covered over with what appeared to be black wood during the address…

      am appalled that he had the cross covered….does he not know you can't serve two masters?

      • Rifleman

        Whatever hussein says is inconsequential, what he does shows the truth..

    • trickyblain

      So, do you have any evidence of him being a Muslim? I haven't gone to church in decades. You won't find a record of me being babtized because I never was. Does this mean I'm a Muslim?

      "What he did in Hawaii during Christmas remains secret."

      Gee. Maybe because it's none of your f—–g business?

      You people are no less insane than the 9/11 Truthers.

  • Ed

    I firmly believe that BO is not just a Muslim, but a radical Muslim. I think he belongs in the Middle East, but he’s having too much fun and satisfaction destroying the UNITED STATES from the inside.

    • trickyblain

      And if I were to "firmly believe" that my dog can fly at hypersonic speeds, that wouldn't make me right, now, would it?

      • Rifleman

        Ralph Hofer's Alsatian could fly, but they didn't have hypersonic aircraft back then;-) Duke was flying a P-47, but I don't think he ever flew a P-51.

        Hofer was often understandably combat grounded for taking off on his own (His squadron commander once said when Hofer saw bogies he was just like his Alsatian when he spotted a rabbit), though he and his gun cameras kept coming back with definites and probables.

        Anyway, when he was combat grounded he would test aircraft repaired from battle damage. A new officer was getting an orientation flight and while demonstrating he could keep formation in clouds another Razorback P-47 eased up on his outside wing. He looked over, and there was an Alsatian sitting in the cockpit looking back. He waved a paw and rolled off into a barrel roll. He later saw it doing aerobatics between the clouds. Cont'd

      • Rifleman

        Riding back from the flight line they passed by the repair shop and Hofer and Duke hitched a ride. As he and Duke were hopping off at the mess hall Hofer remarked in his usual cheer, "Duke's getting pretty good at flying!" The Squadron commander shot back, "He's going to get his fool self killed someday!"

        The new officer was amazed the dog not only went up, but loved flying, and said so, but seeing the disapproval on the Old man's face, finished with, "but I guess you don't approve." The CO explained, "He has to leave his parachute to fit the dog in the cockpit."

        The ground crews knew when he died over 700 miles away in SE Europe at 22, because Duke jumped up suddenly, let out several howls, then walked over and laid in the revetment his human's plane left from.

        Come to think of it, weren't dogs flying hypersonic before humans? The Rooskies sent one into orbit. Good to see you, hope all is well.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Obama's attitude is not in the least surprising. A Muslim father, Muslim schooling in youth, 20 years tutoring by Rev. Wright, on and on. If I were Natanyahu, I wouldn't bother meeting with Obama. I'd send one of my ministers. I'd pick one with the nastiest, rudest disposition.

    • phoebeintheforest

      Excellent idea!

    • trickyblain

      And if he did that, and I were Obama, I'd withdraw all aid to Israel, cease selling them weapons and parts, and wish them the best of luck.

      • Stephen_Brady

        That's what he's going to do, anyway. At its heart, the Left is vehemently and violently anti-Semitic, and Mr. Obama is presiding over a Leftist revolution.

        Besides, what you have suggested would increase the likelihood of an all-out war in the Middle East. The Arab states, and their militant offshoots like Hamas and Hizbollah, would consider such an action a gold-plated invitation to attack Israel. If Israel started to fail in such a war, the result would be unthinkable.

      • cochavi1

        You are living demonstration and proof that Leftists are immoral power-mongers at heart, and nothing else.

    • Rhonda


  • Ze-ev ben Yehudah

    In essence there is notting new here,wether Jews are being accused
    of Christ killers or Mohammad cries out that behind every rock there hides
    a Jew,and that you schould kill him.Or that some imbecil in Iran calls for the
    complete destruction of the Jewish state and his citizens?. In nearly every
    part of history Jews had to fight there own battles to survive.Even the holocaust,
    denied by the antisemites savant of this world,they had to bear it on there own
    shoulders.So the true face of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration
    puppets (on a string) is no suprise,not for me.But;I'm so sorry,I forgot to mention
    the most important fact. Israel and the Jews have nothing to fear fore.
    They own all the capital in the world.They got all gouvernements on Jewish
    lobby strings.There is a fifth collone currently in the white house and behind every
    piece of furniture is a litle Jew who pulls the strings.It all belongs to that big eternal
    plan? I was'nt paying attention but! Tevje is back?.
    No sir,I have you by the tail.It stinks and the smell reaches me,even here in the Netherlands.

    • Rifleman

      As if Christ wasn't a Jew, and those people hate it when you laugh at them for it.

  • Brigitte

    Wonderfully insightful analysis and historical perspective by Professor Alexander! But who will listen? Not the liberal Jews nor the anti-Jewish cabal in Europe and America. This cooked up crisis between Israel and the United States emanated from the occupant of the Oval Office and his minions who never fail to seize an opportunity to advance their leftist agenda. In this case, the agenda is, strange as it may seem, bowing and scraping to the Arabs. The policy of not meddling and not dictating to foreign powers obviously does not apply to Israel. When Hillary was running for the US Senate in New York, she declared Jerusalem to be the eternal, undivided capital of Israel. Now she is doing the bidding of her new master who recognizes no such promise. The once Israel friendly Biden didn't get angry about the announcement of the planned housing construction in the sovereign capital of Israel until he was told to get angry by phone from the White House. It's disgusting to see what people will do to rub shoulders with power even if that power rests in the hands of a dangerous Chavez-type demagogue.

    • Rhonda

      Good stuff Brigitte!

  • Ludvikus

    Again, I must defend President Obama. There are two influential, obviously left-leaning, liberal Jews in the White House. So one cannot blame our first Black president, for what the Liberal wing of the our Jewish establishment is pushing: (1) to make pre-1967 Israel the new "Pale of Settlement," and (2) to create a new Palestinian State "Judenfrie" – 100% free of Jews; it is the World, together with these Liberal Jews (vis a vis the Muslim world) who are practicing Apartheid: "no Jews are to live among Palestinians in their land." Why is this not seen to be what it is, discrimination against Jews. Obama cannot be blamed for listening to his two Jews in his White House who obviously are accepting this situation and advising him. AIPAC is not sufficiently effective, obviously. And how long will it take for the United States to move its Embassy out of Tel Aviv and into Jerusalem, the Capitol of Israel? How about putting said Embassy in East Jerusalem? But maybe that's asking too much, practically speaking. And that's why I'm a Jew who love s "in your face" Bibi. Isn't it obvious why Israelis have re-elected him? The oil producing Muslim world is not ready for Sovereign Western Israel. And most of the other World is too dependent on this oil to do justice by Jews and Israelis, while too many bleeding-hearts Jews are blind to this fact. It's the burden of Jews to convert the world, but also to develop alternate forms of energy. Why did God put so much oil under their deserts? So we Jews wouldn't be spoiled?

    • Rifleman

      He's half black, so I'm still hopeful our first Black President will be a good one. When Jews turn marxist, they become atheist, and I don't consider them Jews anymore. That holds for Christians as well, whatever they claim.

    • Rhonda

      "no Jews are to live among Palestinians in their land." This is not racist or discrimination, it is SURVIVAL. As long as Palestine has suicide bombers killing Jews, they will not be able to survive living with each other. How can you nor anyone NOT understand that?????

  • swathdiver

    The Obama Administration may have jews and muslims in it but they are not religious people, at least they do not follow Islam or Judaism. They follow the religion of Marxist-Leninism or Communism. Some just call it Statism. It doesn't matter.
    Their ideology and agenda runs contrary to the US Constitution and the values of the majority of the American people. They are subversives and should never have been allowed anywhere near the Federal Government for it was not designed to be run by Godless people who believe that the ends justify the means.

    • Ludvikus

      You're correct regrading Original Intent. However, we have evolved so that even Atheists and Communists are permitted to subscribe to their belief. Religion has become a private mater – between a Believer (or non-believer) and God. So you can't do anything to me because you don't agree with me regarding me and God.

      But I'm extremely proud of the United States for having elected as president who's of African and non-white descent. Even though I don't agree with him regarding Israel (he really doesn't see that Muslim countries and most Arabs) have merely changed their tactics: wars and suicide bombing have proven ineffective against the police and military forces of Israel. So here's another weapon made of "Human flesh": the so-called "right of return" and sex too of course. Turn Israel into an Arab majority. But for this blindness I cannot fault Obama, since too many Jews fail to see the true tactics of Israel's adversaries. But you know, Europe has a substantial amount of Muslims in their midst, and it may not wish to be "Islamacized" – is that why they want the Disputed Territories to be free of Jewish Settlers? Otherwise, Palestinian refugees will have to be Settled in Europe – which has so successfully freed itself of its 6,000,000 Jews. You think the Germans are very happy today about their Muslim Turkish population? You know that France does not wish its women to walk in public with their faces covered. I conceived of Blinding Glasses. Let Muslim men walk in the streets blindfolded – so women could dress as they pleased – especially on very hot days. Why should women be burdened with the need to conceal what nature or God had given them? Instead, let religious men cover their eyes, heaven forbid they might see some nude or naked part of a woman's body!

  • swathdiver

    Religion is not a private matter. Communists through political correctness (bullying) fooled most people into thinking its a private matter. Because secularism (a form of religion) is at the forefront now, we find it more and more common that marxists get elected to destroy American society. As stated earlier, one can believe in Statism all they want, but if I had my way they would be ineligible for elected office of work in the Federal Government as their ideology (religion) is not compatible and seeks the destruction of the Constitution and our values.

    Who cares what color he is? In my liberal days I would have easily voted for Colin Powell, now as a Christian Conservative I would have no problem voting for Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell and am supporting Col Allen West in my district for Congress.

    Islam is not so much a religion as it is a totalitarian political movement with the same goals as communism. Having women cover up has little to do with religion and more to do with control. The faster people realize this, the fewer that will die under their sword.

  • AL.
  • Laura

    The article and most of the comments are such rubbish. They twist the truth in that Isael should never have been planted in the middle of someone else's country in the first place. ETC. Really unbearable to read.

    • Pebbles

      It was and is their country.

    • Rifleman

      Then don't. Jews had a nation there long before muslims even existed, and they're there now. Rubbish is rewarding terrorism.

    • Courtnye’

      then WHY do you read it,,,if you had someone on the left writing anything worth reading,,,WOULD you please go read it!!! It always amazes me that you radical lefts can’t wait to read anything thing written by intelligent conservatives, so you can emit your anger and your ridiculous comments. I really DO enjoy reading them , better than comedy t.v. THANKS GUYS for your ignorance!!

    • Sashland

      Thanks Laura for speaking your "truth".
      "Israel should never have been established"

      to be read by the enemies of Israel: 'Israel should not exist and I support its destruction'

      Just a perfectly reasonable fine person named "Laura" (sic) who has signed on to genocide.

      "Laura" you left off the disclaimer 'now people will accuse me of being anti-semitic just because I criticize Israel and think it should not exist.' Come-on why not just come out full-throttle "kill the jews" and tell us what you really desire.

      Scratch beneath the surface of a "critic" who claims Israel is "illegitimate", "stolen land" "should not be there" and you have an apologist and rationalist for mass murder. Why say that? You have chosen to align yourself with, and parrot the propaganda of, those who are proud of their outright claims to annihilate the people of Israel. Your's is just more cleverly packaged – almost.

      Justifiers of Genocide

    • PAthena

      Whose country was the "someone else's" where Israel was "planted"? The history of the Jews in the land of Israel is almost 4000 years old. The land of Israel is in part of the Palestine Mandate that was supposed to be the homeland of the Jews, administered by Great Britain, (only 20-30 %). It had been part of the Ottoman Empire before that.

  • crystal

    What a wonderfully refreshing discussion we're having here….It's been a long time since I've seen a thread like this one. I elect all of you to be the new counsel for the UN :) Heck, let's put you all in the Congress for the U.S. too!
    Will you consider this on Israel, and tell me why Obama did not go there himself? Why was the first Nation he visited an Arab nation and then the ever nauseating bow he took before "his" King!,,,,,as my mother (rip) would have said, "Trust your first impression of people, they are not lying to you!"

    "The Big Picture." With maps, photos and easy to understand facts, this web-site can be found here;

    Israel is an oasis of Western Democracy and Judeo/Christian morality in the middle of an otherwise totalitarian Arab/Muslim Middle East.

    Did you know that Israel could fit into Florida SEVEN times!

    Surrounded by 22 Arab countries and some very nasty Arab Islamic terrorist organizations; Israel is one of the tiniest nations on the face of the earth and has had no other choice than to fight to protect it's land given as a promise.
    Arab propagandists call Israel "expansionist" and the "aggressor" against all Arab peoples. For those unfamiliar with the Arab interpretation of "aggressor," it means one who dares fight back against Arab aggression!! So even though Israel may have fought only defensive wars, the mere fact that she resisted total destruction is viewed as an "act of aggression." That's a case of wacky logic but, unfortunately, Israel doesn't have the luxury of picking her enemies!
    again, the link is here;

    For over decades, since she became a nation in 1948, Israel has sought peaceful coexistence with neighbors dedicated to her destruction. Any peace-making must be at the negotiating table and not upon an autopsy table!

    The Arab's Islam's Koran, commands Muslims to force the entire planet to submit to literal control by Islam. The Jewish Torah in promises the children of Israel a modest and reasonable allotment of land.

    How can the 13 plus million Jews in the world (almost 5 million fewer than they were in 1939!) be blamed for the problems of the 300 million Arabs, who have brotherly ties to 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide?

    Land Mass Comparisons'

    20,770 km

    Arab World
    13,486,861 km

    Do we really need another Arab State, and is Israel reallly trying to take over the Middle East?

  • JCL

    American Jews have Alan Dershovitz who is proud of having voted for Obama and “has influence” with the President.

    Some of the most vitriolic, acidic academic anti-Semites–as researched by FrontPage Magazine–are Jews.

    80% of American Jews voted for Obama.

    What are you moaning about?


  • obama's daddy

    you people better wake up. obama has ordered the united states military to begin planning for the outright seizure of the west bank and gaza. the generals have already been instructed to begin the ops planning. IDF will fight. despite all the lies spread by our child molesting media israel considers these territories jewish property and will let no outside nation, including the united states, to occupy them. we have the anti-christ folks and his name is Obama.

    • Stephen_Brady

      You write in English remarkably well, for a Kenyan …

  • Rob M.

    Might I remind people that up until the Balfour Declaration in 1920 the idea of a Palestinian State did not exist. Palestine was a creation of the British as a way to pacify the muslims who lived North and East of the Holy Lands. In fact Jordan and Lebanon ceased to exist until after WWII, and before the UN set up the Jewish homeland.
    The Jewsh people have every right to exist and defend itself by whatever means necessary.

  • Peter E. Coleman

    There is a ring of truth about Israeli actions endangering U.S Forces. In the context of striking Iran. Let there be no doubt. Iran will shoot back at us. Iran will activate their proxies around Israel. If we intervene against Israel anyway, Egypt and Turkey may just join the fray.

    Were getting fundamental change alright. One where America becomes complicit in the next Genocide of the Jews. Grossly misinformed as to the real reason why.

    People may say that Obama is not a Muslim and that may well be true. However he was exposed to Islam at a very tender age. His foreign policy sure seems to reflect the impression it had on him. Some might consider that it wasn't a very good one. Depending of course, what your beliefs are.

  • clyde

    I'm perplexed as to how Rohm Emanuel, born of Jewish ancestry can be so dumb and blind at what his "Prez" is trying to do to God's chosen people of Israel. I don't like Rohm's chances of having a bright future..!

  • zsa zsa

    What a coincidence! We elect a man with the name Hussein and all of a sudden the U.S. and Israel are having problems. Geez, couldn't see that coming!

  • Rick Geiger

    Lets be clear, Obama has a hard history of trafficking with Jew haters. He has Jew haters like Stephaine Powers and Susan Rice on his staff; he is comfortable with Jew haters.. Why are people surprised when his policies treat Jews like they are less than human??? Rick Geiger, Rochester, NY

  • Sassamon

    Someone else elected him while I was yelling my head off about him.
    I was right.
    Hilary is a screaming idiot . Wrote her college thesis on the poor sarc. Palis.
    Joe is ole Joe Blow.
    I am seathing at their behavior. Seathing.
    How dare a Marxist, Muslim sympathizer, with a screaming idiot, Palestinian sympathizer, with a little man who cares and knows nothing about Israel, who all
    disdain Israel even get a flight into the country…………the ground there is too precious
    for them to walk on.. They are vile and have the air of THEIR master.

  • crystal

    no matter if it's Kenya as his grandmother says he was born, or if he was born in a territory of the US…in Hawaii, why has this been swept under the rug?
    If Hawaii was a territory and din't become a state till 1964, does that make him a citizen. Don't say McCain was also born outside the US, because he was born on a US military base, and that makes him a US citizen. If his father was not a citizen nor his mother, what does it make him?

  • Neil

    Don't be surprised if Obama receives even a greater percentage of Jewish votes than he did in 2008, when he runs for re-election in 2012. Why? Because "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder", per Michael (Weiner) Savage.

  • striper

    The free world is in dire straights for sure. The new leader of the free world is Bibi Netenyahu. Yes he is leader of a tiny country dependant on the monetary aid of its "friends". Israel under Netanyahu is not the foremost economic or military leader in the Western World. Israel by default is the moral compass and a lone outpost for freedom in a governing world that has decided that liberty is outdated. Israel has the leader they need. He isn't going to be rolled by Obama, H. Clinton, or Abbas. America will have to find a real leader that loves the country and is willing to navigate the tempestuous waters. Let's face it folks, Obama could not debate Netanyahu…teleprompters or not. Netanyahu is not going to let Israel be sold out like great Western powers intended for Czechoslovakia in the run up to WW 2.

  • Teq

    Remember Genesis 12:3
    Obama has just cooked his goose.

  • Marty

    It's rather interesting to note that Israel's citizenry contains 1.4 million non-Jews, mostly palestinian arabs, who seem fine living in a "Jewish state." Yet no Jews are allowed to purchase property or live in palestinian areas. And Israel took in nearly a million Jewish refugees abruptly expelled from arab states during 1949-1952 where their families had lived for generations. And still 350 million arabs can't find the compassion or resources to take in 4 million palestinians who daily suffer under the rule of medieval tyrants who steal their money, rape their women, and turn their children into terrorists.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Marty, the reason that the Arab states can't find the compassion to take in the Palestinians is because the Palestinians, themselves, make a useful tool to hammer Israel with, in international circles. They are the primary reason why the propaganda war is going in the Palestinians' direction …

  • Proud Ilsamophobe

    Why should Hussein Obama hate Jews and Israel less than any other Muslim?

  • jewdog

    How can Patraeus witness the sectarian bloodshed in Muslim countries and think that there isn't something deeply wrong in those countries that has nothing to do with Israel? If Muslims can hate their fellow Muslims so much, he should hardly be surprised that they hate an infidel state even more.
    Patraeus is trying to do Mission Impossible. The flowering of moderation and peace attendant on installing a democratic infrastructure has not happened and will not happen. The Christian minority is persecuted worse than ever in Iraq.. In Afghanistan, the government is a corrupt Taliban-lite mess.
    If you want to win, you've got to get the oil, because that's where the money comes from.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Illegitimate Obama's government implements Islamic agenda and is an enemy of Israel! The best Israel's weapon against Obama is to acknowledge illegitimacy of Obama and help to end his illegal governance.

    Obama/Soetoro's presidency violates the US Constitution for the following reasons.

    1) With only one parent American citizen (the mother), he is definitely not natural born citizen.

    2) He has never produced any valid proof even of his ordinary citizenship.

    3) His Indonesian citizenship relinquishes his natural born citizenship even if it were valid at his birth.

    4) He is a felon, a social security fraud. His social security number belonged to a dead person and starts with digits 042 assigned to the state of CT where he never resided, as discovered by a Dr. Taitz collaborator.

    Therefore he has to be prosecuted as a felon – if America is still a nation of laws…

  • Alexander Gofen

    A department of foreign affairs of any nation of the world can file Quo Warranto, which then goes directly to the US Supreme Court and must be heard expeditiously. In this case, all that is necessary for the triumph of justice is that any court of the land order the discovery – and the impostor is finished.

    Learned people in Israeli government must know that. Do they have the guts to follow this way – this is another story. Yet they do have this opportunity to bury Obama, or at least blackmail him and to force him to shut up and never even think about infringing Israel's interests. Yes, Israel is literally sitting on the opportunity to topple our impostor and usurper – and to deliver herself from very possible terrible destruction.

  • crystal

    I LOVE YOU STRIPER! Couldn't have said it better myself……As I said before, there are many folks here on this thread that are better able to debate, present the truth as it truly is and stand up for their beliefs than we have in our government. It's time to rally-round and wrap yourselves around that pole people…November's poll that is!

  • ludvikus

    Het, STRIPER

  • ludvikus

    Hey, STRIPER,
    You’ve made the best observation I could find above, which I didn’t think about. Your example of Czechoslovakia on the eve of World War II is an excellent analogy. Here were the great Western powers, facing Hitler’s Nazi Germany. And so they appeased Hitler by letting him take a substantial portion of it – hoping it would be enought. So, I’m not at all convinced that the West is not simply repeating that kind of strategy here. “If we only divide up Jerusalem, maybe Gaza, and the rest of the Arab, and Muslim world, will be satisfied.” Oh, yeh? Remember that the Twin Towers were taken down by Bin Laden’s 19 Muslims because he, and they, believed that the West is weak. So I don’t think sacrificying Israel’s interests will appease the Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims world wide.

  • mapquest

    obama will probably receive a great percentage from them

  • Jon

    So…you’re saying they were wrong about the Boer war?