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Vince Flynn’s “American Assassin” Part I

Posted By Elise Cooper On October 12, 2010 @ 10:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

American Assassin is a vintage Vince Flynn novel, a prequel to his Rapp-Kennedy series. All of his books deal with terrorism and the methods needed to keep America safe. If you are looking for political correctness this is not the book for you. Mr. Flynn intertwines his fictional plots with real life political situations. Although there is much less political commentary in this novel than in the last two, this book is not completely devoid of politics. Flynn discusses the issue of torture, targeted assassinations, and the need for America to take an aggressive stance in fighting its enemies. NewsRealBlog had the pleasure of interviewing him about American Assassin.

NewsRealBlog: Why did you choose to write the prequel now?

Vince Flynn: I have wanted to write it since 1998 when I finished Transfer of Power, the first Mitch Rapp book. The longer I went on writing more novels the farther I became removed from the beginning. I was drawn to tell the story of how it all got started.

NRB: The main characters of the series are Mitch Rapp, a “grade A” CIA operative, Irene Kennedy, who heads an anti-terrorist secret program, and Thomas Stansfield, head of CIA operations who becomes CIA Director. Did you feel a bond with any of these characters?

Flynn: The characters mean so much to me. I teared up when some of them died. In this book Kennedy and Rapp are both fairly young. He is 23 and she is 28. I wanted to have the characters feel like I did. There is nothing more motivating than when you suffer that personal tragedy. Kennedy was brought into the agency for many of the same reasons Rapp was brought into it. They both lost somebody that they love to terrorism (Kennedy her father in the 1983 US embassy Lebanon bombing and Rapp in the downing of Pan Am Flight 103.) Now they are motivated to go out there and defend America.

NRB: What can you tell us about the newest character, Stan Hurley?

Flynn: He is an old school guy. He is out there on the cutting edge and has no patience for political correctness. He wants to take the fight to the terrorists.

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